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Mosel Vitelic

Mosel Vitelic logo

3910 North First Street,
San Jose,
CA 95134, US
tel: 1-408-433-6000
fax: 1-408-433-0952

    Mosel Vitelic designs, manufactures, and markets dynamic RAMs (DRAMs), Flash and high-speed static RAMs (SRAMs) for world-wide markets. The Company provides DRAMs for specific applications, such as PC graphics, with unique performance attributes, including fast access time and memory organizations that are optimized for graphic acceleration applications.

    Mosel Vitelic was created by the merger of two private companies: Mosel (an SRAM and advanced logic product manufacturer) and Vitelic (a DRAM and Video RAM manufacturer), in December 1991. Both Mosel and Vitelic were founded in 1983, and the combined Company's revenue has been growing steadily, to $615M in 1999.

    Mosel Vitelic headquarters are in Hsinchu Science Based Park, Taiwan, with subsidiaries in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.

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