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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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14 July 2024 (New datasheets):

ADM222 IDT54FCT573ATL RUZ-052424 MTAN4180-CHR LM285BEZB-1.2 M5M5V208AKV-70LI SNJ54HC04FK M29W160BT70N1 SNJ54LVTH162245WD LNJ408K84RA P3504UC MSM54V12222A-30JS RE5VL47CA-RR HMC326MS8G S-80722AL-AK-T1 OHS3151U TIP141 VI-P6ZX-XXX IS62U6416LL-20K PDU17F-4M AGM1212C-RCYTS-T REC3-1712SRW P6KE56CA M38038FA-FP P2010 74HCT154N3 JM38510/30005SC FS2A PDU14F-100B4 74ABT374CSC FU-68SDF-V810M177B REC3-2015SRWZ AA280-25 S10VTA60 AZ977-1C-24DS VI-LC1K-XX UPA573T LM2931M-90 ZXCL300H5 M2V56S30ATP-5 1G4 MAX642ACPA SMA39C X28HC256K-90 FU-68PDF-V510M161B KSH07048S5V0BH UZ7806 M57704EL IDT7005L35PF GI510 93LCS56T-/P SNJ54AS885W TDA6111Q H24-1 BZG04-33 2SK2665 FQB6N80 PS381CPE MT4C4001JDJ-8IT BZW03-C430 30KW54 EN27C02070J MMUN2131LT1 RE5VT17CC SA1521 SAA5564PS NSB8DT NM27C128VE150 M38C24F5-HP PHX1N60E SN74LS20NSR WE128K8-200CM GS8170DW72C-250I AD7112CR AQW217AX SD203N20S15PSC L73JT/SRDA KSE5020 UPC1093J LA6358S M38250E2-FS CAT93C6634JI-25TE13 MV6354A 2SK546 MACH110-14JI MAX805RCPA TL1300M M5M5256DKP-45XL-W 84098012A RP05-1215SA SA22C MCM36L200SG10 SPLPL85 X20C04J-20 MX019TN PIC16C771/JW XSD310 ML4428CS RD25400C BYX83 KM684000LTI-7L CT2512 269-D-150-D-14xx-B PZM18N EGP50B AM28F256A-90JEB HV300LG

13 July 2024 (New datasheets):

2V420 IRG4BC30 MX27C256QC-70 LS3955 AD781SQ SN74CBTLV16210DL EM78803AH 5962-0051101NXD T820109004DH S-4620A AGM1212E-NLBTH-T PIC16C558A-20E/SSP DTC123EE P6SMBJ43 37LV65-/P LM120H-12 BAQ806 SN65LVDS116DGG M38B53E3-XXXFS IS61LV12824-9B AGM1232E-FEGH-T VI-J1ZCX CL-150FG RGP15D MOCD223-M MYB49TA PMBF4391 BAV70LT1 AM29LV102BT-70JIB AGM2464D-NE-GBH-T ST90158M9T1 CAT93C4612S-28TE13 BYW86 PDU53-200MC3 BULD25D B500C3200-2200 M5M51008BRV-12VLL OPA277P BL-B2434-1 BL-B5134N-1-L IDT54FCT151TLB EI16LC05C BYT87-1000 BAW56W HEF4068BT LSB480-G B4151CK5-2.9 PBU1007 MLL751A-1 MGRB2025CT M38259E5MFS UCC3941N-3 PT2128A-M24 SME901-13 HV9308PJ RKBPC801 KTX301E AM29F002B-70PE P4KE22 AGM3224G-MC-GTW-T WMS512K8V-15CIA SG7912AT B4300CR-5.6 TDA8505/N2 TK11238AUBX IRF840AS LMX5080MX UPD784035GC(A)-XXX-3B9 NTE2502 DS2490X SMBJ85C PT2127A-M93 3KP10A ispLSI1032EA-170LT100 CAT24C162PI-45TE13 WPS512K8LB-70RI APL5501-26U5C-TR SJ1451 MT5C6408C-35L/XT 1N5928B DA05CN OPA128JM DM74LS139N MC74HC161AD GS8160E32T-200I 2SA1978-T1B GP1S50 L8933-61 TC54VN4101ECB P6KE120A M38063MC-XXXFS 5962-8769701SRA X20C16DI-45 SN74LVC240APWLE WS128K32N-45G2TCA K4S643232F-TC55 GC79BNDF20RS EN1CS3 PIC16LCR72T-04E/SS MMBZ5239BT KSF30A20E L60S6 2SC2053 AT27C010L-70JC MC74HC4053D V62C2801024L-100B RT9169-24CZT GL1HS211

12 July 2024 (New datasheets):

U631H256BD1C35 AD558JP DDU12H-10 XC17S15APD8C U631H16D1K45 U632H64BSK35 1.5SMC47C TLC27L4MJB DS26LS33MJ/883 RT9261A-47CB UCC1580J-2 RT9169-14CX SA14A 1N4117 MI7MIX REC15-4615DRWBZ APL5302-13AI-TR GI858 UPR10 KSC5305D CAT93C8612UI-28TE13 TL0900M AS7C31025A-15TI MSM51V16800B-60JS LS9J3M-1R-T GC89BNBC12RS ZXSC100X8 IA8251-PLC28I PLD08UBB MAX114CNG HSSR-8400#300 SC50-11SRWA BQ2204ASN-NTR R1122N501A-TL M5M4V4265TP-7S REC5-1305DRWZ LS21BB-3YT RSD-1.812DH HLB122T MASWSS0024SMB EPM7032TI44-15 PIC16F874T-20I/P MAX233EPP ES3C P4KE18A HC3H-AC48V GS88118BT-166 SMV1406-09 BZX84-B2V4 MAC320A4 AD8031AR-REEL7 CLL4625 V62C3801024LL-70B M57789 SN74ALVTH16240DLR SN74LVTH16374DL OM5216RC VI-JN3MX KDZ6.2EV SN54HC109J DDTA143XCA SD103R12S20PSC IC61SF25636T-8.5TQ BZX79-C9V1 SE1K BA243A M38037M6-XXXHP 112RKI80S90 DFM400NXM33-A000 VI-JT2MX PST3259 WF512K32F-120G2UC5A BZX85/C3V3 M38C35M7AXXXFS P83C654IBP L-813YD MF-2500DS-T12-210 N74ALS00AD 3.0SMCJ78A R3130N26AC3-TR SC26C562C1N P6KE56 MI-RC2MPX-XXXX SMDA15C-5 BS-CB43RD 66099-105 ST280C04C0 DS1023-200 MB3863 MV8104 1N4752A SNJ54107J W27C020P-90 NTE931 CD74HC4514EN PCF2119VU/2 TU24C01BP CAT93C5734JA-25TE13 SNJ54AC86FK MAX242CWN 7309 ZCD6C09PHI MSM80C50-xxxGS-2K M37702M2LXXXHP SM5009AN5S IDT7202LA30PB BCW65A

11 July 2024 (New datasheets):

CS1880-IQ TC55RP2702EMB SMLG90CA DM7417M 1N6117 IRG4PC30FD M38079EB-XXXFS SN74ACT10N IDT54FCT3245APB HZS9A2 MBRF2540CT CPH6201 X24F064S 1N5232 3D7408G-5 1.5KE47A P4KE7.5A IDT72205LB35PFB 5962-9654801VEA M38040FF-HP RF2514PCBA MAX907CPA IDT54FCT162500ATEB SN74LS85M REC8-5205SRWL A1112PC FDS7064A TIP42 CAT93C4614JA-42TE13 MM3Z3V0T1 2SD2167 IDT54FCT534P KBU810 M38258EA-GP REC5-5009SRW AP1117E24 LM360M CAT93C8614PA-30TE13 SV1516FM STK15C68-P45I PZ5LU-1505Z XC3195A-1PP175C BL-HY034C LCE8.5 NJM2538BV 74VHC4053WMX CAT24C01BR-1.8TE13 SN74HC03N ICL8013 KM41V4000DLJ-6 CAT93C4614PI-45TE13 GC70BN7011020RD XCV100E-8BG352C AD9200KSTRL NDL5421PD X28C64SI-15 2SC3705 MOC8030 BR66 A1751A37FFSC06 HL02U24D15Z AGM1212B-NCYBD-T RBV406G M37531E8SP Bt8375EPF UCC3813D-0 93LC56A-/SN SP6200EM5-ADJ 2SC2497 1.5SMC27C GB301YG-DC110-SF-B TPS77027DBVR P5KE78C PBU1001 HT7580 PE1000DF REC5-3905SRW 5962-9091001M2A LP62S2048M-70LT WMS128K8V-35FRCA S40D40C CD74HC299E MAX6317HUK47AY-T HD74LVC14 LQ6BW506 RE5VL21AA-RF SFH618A-4SM RD30E-T1 HI-8583CJI-10 74HC283NB MN67603NS MBM29LV200TC-90-PFTR HCPL-263N#020 UCC3626DW NTE61 C-5570EG MU9C8K64-70TDI M38507E8H-FP DM54LS283J-MLS MYB51DA RH5RI592B-T1 2SB0767 TXD2000MFCFLLNH HCPL-2219/060 GBPC3501 CY74FCT138ATSOCT R12T0505 BS-A305RE-A

10 July 2024 (New datasheets):

74F113PC APL5302-14KI-TR IRFL110 DL4740A LNJ308G8LRA RE5VT34AA-RF CAT93C6633UI-25TE13 BYM36G BUL53A EL5293CS-T13 1N4003L AD734BQ CAT93C8631UI-45TE13 HWB3163-EVAL 100302PC BAL99W STPS745D MSP3457G FR203 MAX792RESE TXS2-L-H-6V PT79SR115V UPD17231MC-XXX-5A4-E1 MA4EX370H-1225T M38B50E4-XXXFP 2SK2051-S DS90CP22M-8 TC4428AEPA SPX3819T5 M38251EF-GP BU426 SN74ALS233BDW 2N3866 1.5KE250CA TLE2082CDR 7MBP300RA060 AT89C2051-12PI SFH6186-3 302UF120YPD LM2575HVS-ADJ BT852 ML4826IP-2 UT62L12816MC-55LI CAT93C4631KA-28TE13 M38500M5-XXXSS M38223E9HHP AM50-0015SMB TMS427409ADGA-50 MJ10005 MG75PB32 MAX5132BEEE N74ALS652-1D MI-PJ5PX-XXX GC70BR5012015RS VW2X60-16IO1 STP7NB40 STB7101 ISPLSI5512VA-110LB272 RF2048 WMS512K8L-85CCE MPSA14 HZS18-1 SP8904MP1T XC4036XL-1HQ304C TLV2771IDBVT HFA3761 SG7908AR/DESC HFBR-1424TA MAX755ESA TPS2206IDB SM1431 BYG60G GC89BRBA10FS TC7660SEOA LTC4210-2CS6 SD203N16S10MSV KM44C4103CSL-5 EPS24 AME8501CEETBD27 CY7C1021BV33-8ZC CD4056BE IDT74825CTEB FT1216DH SE1020W SDA2980 TS831-5 MC100EL57D BA6402F REC15-3915DRWB RGP10JA SAA7283ZP M38064M5DXXXGP PT2129A-S93S P4SMAJ17A P4SMAJ64C 1506FA M38067E4-XXXFP M37736MHLXXXHP TM1.4.680K BM-10EG58MD SMCG6.0C G903CO-DC6-2 L4342 RE5VT49CA-TZ TL7757ILPR AQV210EH 380

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