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3 October 2023 (New datasheets):

TV3010M MR5000.MP2 NM93C86AEM8 CL-260PG-CD MM58274CN KRA759E EM73C63 XC4020XL-09PQ160C MLL1.4KESD100A UT62S12816MC-70LI 74ALVCH245 TC55RP4902ECB KA75420Z VI-N52-XX Z86C8316SEC Am186ER40KIW XCV600E-6FG680I A2106UA3 NTE3117 NTE7074 UC3823AQ 100328FMQB P4C1981-25LM MC145166P WSF128K32-22H2MA X24640V20-1,8 SC1016 ISP1581BD MUN5111T1 LF48410JC30 XC5202-6VQ64I 5KP24A K4E640412D-TC/L LM2593HV3.3MDC IFC350-12B SN74LVTH16373DLR MSK5275-12E AQV453AX PCF8591P R1223N212H-TR STUP043 AGM1232F-RLGBD-T 393 1N4708 MIC5250-2.7BMM SMJ4C1024-10HJ C390MX555 SNA-200 TC7117CKW CY7C199C20ZI SMV1400-11 QK016RH6 BZX84-C8V2 APL5506-A13KI-TR TEA1521P OR4E4-1BM680 CD74HCT670M BGY212A DG301ACJ M5M5V408BTP-10LW V62C5181024LL-70T M3K5 GC89SRBB15F REC15-1712SRWBZ P4KE15CA-TB DW03-24B OM75N06SC 2N1798 QM100HY-2H KMZ11B1 SST39LF040-70-4I-NH TDA8511J/N1 DL5254 REC3-7015DRW STL35NF3LL MSK5042E MC74HC174AFR1 QL16x24B-1PL84M 1N5937B Z0409SF1AA2 PHP440 G902CO-DC110-1Nil RP03-2415DG UC2866N M38C29F2DHP AM29LV400T90FEB XC95288XV-5CS280C MAX335CWG 1.5KE91CA 5962R9684503QXA AME8500BEETDE45 5962R9675301QXC ZCA6C07PGL SNJ54HCT14W M38204M1DXXXFP UPC2533GS-02 PTB20206 UPC1694GR-E2 GS840E36AB-150I HMBZ5243B BC846BLT1 MMBZ5234BW MC14053BFL1 CGS2534VX EDI88512CA20F32C P4SMAJ10A-T3 SN74LV139ADR ZXM66P02N8TC

2 October 2023 (New datasheets):

CD4538BCWMX 1N5233A APL1087R-25DC-TU BGD704 KF2008-GK11A RV-1209S ESP75-15S MF0030M-03AT XC5204-4PQ100C M38060M9-XXXGP BZG04-43 M38205E8-XXXGP ACX306AK CS8156YT5 TDA4452 HC2HTM-DC48V 74ACT14SCX HPR104W 2SK1307 HSA1877 INA121U NTE451 SA5459 NMV0515SA SN74CBT3253D ADS7835P 5962G9583402VXX uPD65650 CY7C1041BV33-25VI JW1aFSN-DC24V MSM5259 M38067M5-XXXFP RS1005 ZPD2.7 MC10H116D PIC16F873-20E/P SA9109BFA AM27C020-200PC Z86E4016FEC PDM34088SA10QI M38047M1-XXXHP FEPB6DT TCN75-5.0MOA SST29VF010-55-4I-WH L79L15ACU 74HC595U ST700C16L3 H12C2 QL16x24B-0PF100C P6SMBJ17CA PIC17C43-25I/SP AGM2464D-MC-BBS-T MAS31751FB VI-2N0MX M5M51008BKV-12VL MC10125FNR2 AM29DL800BT70EE MSM51V4400L-60SJ BD801 SMCJ17CA 74ACT125CW KBL404 NJM2166E MC74ACT138MR2 UCC5614DPTR 1N4761 U6264ADC07L KMZ52 74LV161N CD4572 K4S160822DT-G/F7 M5-512/160-10YI RN5VT48CA-TL PI6C3Q993-IQ TU24C01BS3I CAT28C512HPI-12T MT5C6404C-45L/IT ILC6370BP-33 M38224E7DFS H11C2 GC102SR5013012RD VI-LNY-XX EPM7128AETC144-10 SMBJ15 P6KE91 SA5534AN MAX6348XR33-T Z8036DE MC74AC139ML2 ISPGDX80VA-7T100I UC3832DWTR N80C51BHP-24 APW38HC44AJI-TR NM24C08LEN MLL969B-1 LFCL250A3 TSOP4840 UC2845BN GC89BNBB12RS SG7905.2AT/883B SN74LVC139ADBLE SJA281B AT17LV128-10PI STV9379A AM29LV001BB-55JI SNA-286-TR2 ACM1602L-REYW-T

1 October 2023 (New datasheets):

BTA208B-600B V61C5181024-10T APL5309-35AC-TR 5962F9684504QYX XC2V3000-4BF957C 1N4129-1 K4S643232F-TP60 X28VC256EMB-45 EP2F-B3G3S HLB123D KSA1013 R3111Q291C-TR BZW03-C33 UC39432DTR IDT29FCT520AD SST29VE020-120-4I-WH MM1320CN MAX775CPA SN55452BJG EI82C684 AM27C010-200DCB UPD17147GT-XXX-T1 24BS PT78HT265H SMDA05C FE3B STK15C88-S35I uPD65676 R1210N551C-TL TXS2SS-9V TML10105 M4LV-96/48-15VC SD600R12MC 1N4001-TB AM28F512-200PI MVL-354B M38253MA-XXXFP FU-68PDF-V510M208B OM9371 WSE128K16-73G2TM X28VC256JI-55 MC14002BD SNJ54HC541J APL5302-29DI-TR PSC156-7iR SST29VE020-200-4I-UN P87C51UBAA AP1117D16A MX7548JCWP 5962H9655401VEC AGM1212B-NLYTD-T LC8214 M38256E3MGP 11ES4 8155H RC-2412DH RN5VT49AC LP2985AIM5-3.0 SMLG10C MAX6312UK33D1-T WS1M8L-45DJC MSAFR12N50A AIC1723-50CF M38220MA-XXXGP 1N5418 300UF160APD MAX6310UK29D4-T LH5164AN-10L BZX84-C10 LP2950ACZ-5.0RA AD7524KN MAX2641EUT-T ATV2500H-35DI M38C27F3-FP 1.5SMCJ7.5C AT28LV64B-20TI SC80C51BCPN40 MAX8867EUK30-T P6KE56C BB644 RD50400A IDT74FCT16H952ATPV WS512K32L-15G4TM 1AZ270-Z R1122N491B-TR 2W02G KM416V1000BJL-6 SK010V GP101C-DC48-B SML50L47 ASM2506C TK11325BMIL VI-NU2-XX LT1055CN8 TDA8927TH M38225EXHFS AN77L09M FR103 BF-C326RD MBD54DWT1 1SMB90CA BTB08-200S SMLG28 MM3Z47T1 SN74ACT7807-15FN TGL41-24 RN5RK401B-TR 24LC65T-/P

30 September 2023 (New datasheets):

MX23L8000TC-20 MAX442EPA OPB472P51 C983P X24C02S8-2,7 MC74AC823N WMS128K8V-25CC AD7506KQ M1K1 1N5395 M38C29M1-XXXHP MAN6080 MOB51TBS-3 AM-160PIN 05WS11B SM5839AV GC79BRCF10RS YKC03-24D15 2EZ110 AGM1212E-NLGTW-T SD103N08S15PSC 5962H9563801VYC CHF1.5KE16A JM38510/01404BE VI-PCNXX-XX GS84032T-100 5082-2810 MAX907EPA SN74HC157NSR NTE16006-ECG A3121EU HM62256ALR-15SL PH1617-60 5429FCT521BTE M38060M3-XXXGP AGM1232F-NLBTS-T CAT93C6634JA-42TE13 SA6.5A MAX20-20.0CA BST15 24C00-/ST 1SMA4745 TMS4257-15SDL P6KE47C M37510M8XXXFP MAS17501FL M27C256B-10F3 PMBZ5229B AGM1532A-FLFBS-T MAX6320PUK34AZ-T EHS8Z1 54QHSCT630CE AS7C1026A-15JI 78604/1 D44T4 M38193M6-XXXFS REC5-6312SRWL TG-173 HER604 2SB1420 M38195E1-XXXFS 5962R9651401QCA DSSK28-006B TL071IP MPSW01ARLRP TC55RP6001ECBTR TC2117-2.5VEBTR CEM8933 M38039MA-XXXHP TPS76515D TM1.8.120J BSH102 CD4028BPW ACM0802C-FLYW-T BU1706AB TC54VN6002EZB WS512K16-20DLCA WT204 MG63PB26 CDLL5239B MBR2535 DG306BWE PI74ALVCH16841V M38256ECMFS S2K LM35CAH M38039M8-XXXSP LP3982ILDX-3.0 KA431LZ BL-R1136A TLC2254QD BC516 DS4E-ML2-DC1.5V HER308 DSSK40-0015B KF458S 1N5535B 24AA16-I/SN SNJ54F374J SM401 S-8321BIMP-DTI-T2 HC-5502B1 BZV55C16 BZA408B OPF396B LB1860 74HCT563D

29 September 2023 (New datasheets):

SC016-4 BA-4D7UW VI-24ZIX PJ1084CZ-2.5 PZ8GG-0512EH30 SML100C4 KIA78D06F DCR1673SZ26 IDT54FCT240TPY 5962R9687302VYC BZW06-44B MM74HC174MX T50/04 SNJ54AHC240W SNJ54ALS157AFK SC2092-400-15 HC1E-HP-DC12V 74ACQ245SJ 5KP8.0CA PSD301-B-70U AQW210EHAX TC54VN2802ECB DG306ACK TLC27L7CDR 1.5KE39C LC8766B2A ST52F514 TSC80C51TXXX-L20AA MM1313AD G72DA-DC6C RH5VL27AA-T2 TK11249BMCL 12IMR3-12-2 BD-E316RD UT22VP10E-20PCX M38250EF-FP D1018UK TZM5227B MC74F195D PIC16LC558-20/P 1.5KCD160A MAX40-75.0CA TR2009SF45 STB9NK60Z RC-093.3D JM38510/75702B2 DCP021212P M38862F3AFS RY-1215SCL ZCD6H02NANDM IS62LV2568LL-70TI FU-68SDF-810M73B SLE24C01-S 3D7408G-3 CAT93C4623K-45TE13 P4KE160 MN7150-16H/BCH MAX997EUA CAT28LV64T13I-30T VND10N06 VRE402CD SB1680DC-T3 BA17805T LST2827-B-SC REG103GA-2.5/2K5 HVR-2X0620A WS512K32L-45G4TC CMZ5388B RP1-24V VAC54 SST30VR023-500-C-UN-R MC79L12ACPRA ACM4001A-FLGW-T EM91420DK 28C010TRT2FS12 IDT54FCT521ATD AS4LC4M4E1-50JI THS7002EVM OM5255SM 1N4747 MX019P TSOP2240 M38062ECDXXXFP U635H256BD1K25 SN74AHC138DBR CM600HA-24H PIC16C923T-04I/SP IP3R18AK-12 HD64F3026FP MI-QC6PR-XXX SN74AHC74DGVR IDT54841CLB 74ACTQ373SJ M38259E9DFP VI-PUNY-XXX CY7C1019CV33-15VC P6KE150 SMAJ8.5(C)A M38509E8H-SP SMCJ64 GLT6100L08LL-100ST IS61C6416-20KI PD110-10MB R1110N271ATL MAX6318LHUK28AX-T IS61LV3216-10T SD233N30S50PC

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