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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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14 June 2024 (New datasheets):

M38C36M8AXXXFS CA1524F UC2727DWP DLO32F-2A2 SNJ54ALS10AW AGM1212C-NCGBW-T M38022E1-XXXFS SN8P0212P 273004 R4430PC-F10-MCM MAX6325EPA AM29LV008BB-90FC CY74FCT240CTSOC TC74VHCT367AFN PAL16R8-D/2PC PT2272-L5 UC3572D LC75821E G902CO-DC5-12 EDI88512LP85NB TS4041DILT-1.2 MSFC12-85-026K1 BM-41657MD RN5RT45AC MBR1050CT USD245CR SM704 269-B-220-D-14xx-A CAT93C5723JA-30TE13 NE5204AD R3112Q10C-TR APT2012HC ISP1122ANB TFMBJ9.0 HPR110V/H IDT54FCT574DTPYB XC95288XV-10TQ144C LMC6061IMX 28C256TRPFI12 AME8500AEFTBE29 AT93C56W-10SI-2.5 EM638165TS-7 269-A-150-F1480-A 1N4946 L4008D6 BL-T4131-T WS128K32N-35G2TMA IS61NP25632-5BI MAX220EJE G8343-21 MA4BPS301 TC54VN4501ECBTR M38250M4MXXXHP 74ABT541CMSA RS1B DSA2-12F ZXRD100APQ16TC APR3011-39BC-TR HA12002 BCP69 P89C58UFAA SN74AHCT00DGVR SR3010 MT4418-O DS1233A-10 SN74AS163N DDTC123JCA GTLP16612MEAX LM431BIM3 QL16x24B-1CG144M 3N251 V62C18164096L-85BI 181RKI100 AMS3102AS-3.5 AZ764-1CH-18DE BZX55C33 BZX84-B27 MPSA42 LPC662AIN M38220M5MXXXFS TMS320LC57RBKA80 IC62VV5128L-70BI AT28LV256-25JI R1112N29A-TR R1221N46XF-TR PBYR10100 T15N1M16A-70J M38259E8MFP 1N5232 CD5545B IXDF409CI AMS4041BM L-593HD G940T21B MC10H159P P4KE20A RS1D SNJ54ALS10AFK CAT93C5733PI-42TE13 IS80C51-12PQI ZMM5229D MK3235-01S RN5VS44AA-TL PA26 S24022PI-2.7T CL1K50QC208-2 APR3102-23BI-TR

13 June 2024 (New datasheets):

SB140 LC4102C GC89SNCE15FS OP282 U6264AS1K10L SAB-C517A-LM 5962-8769101EA ISD33150S BU2616F BSP135 RH5VL37AA-T2 F12C10A DDTC124EE M5-512/256-20AI A-5582Y M38190M9-XXXFS IS61LV3216L-20KI SN74ABT16373ADL UC3842AD MLL4121-1 SNJ54LS75W A1750A49FFSC08 APL5332-KAC-TRL M38253MFDXXXGP DS1811-10 LDA200STR RN5VD49AA-TL IDT74FCT16500CTE IDT74FCT162H501ETEB P87C54SBPN MX7534KEWP 15KPA75A LM4863M PJ2960 HA2879 M38865E6AFS H1563P P6KE120 70IMX7-24-24-9 AM29LV010BT-70FC RP40-480512TG L4949ED 15KP28 1N4127-1 SPA25JAN S-29L294A-FS FR604-T3 SMBJ7.5 MI-RC62RPX-XXXX ZPSD312V-B-20J BTB08-700A 1N4002 L7812CP B4251CK-2.9 PFKC03-12S05 ML4790ES A3054KU-02 BC858B WMS512K8L-35DJC 1N5417 WMS256K16-20FGMA MI-RC60JX-XXXX CD3022B STGY50NB60HD GC70BR12016003FS BC856W STP5N30L AME8501BEFTAD26 GC89SRBD15RD ST730C18L2L WS512K32L-45H1MA WE128K32P-140G2TCA SA13 MC74HCT244ADWR2 BAL99 N74ALS253DB 1N3155-1 WS128K32L-17G2TQ PC849 SDS60UT03C 1N4913 L293DDWPTR TL431ACLPU CD74HCT14M96 LTC1098LACS8 FM93C46TLZM8 NJM2255D 1N4003ID MC10EP105FA HYB3118160BST-70 OM4411ST TOP201YAI 3.0SMCJ75A PIC12C671-04I/P AT49F001NT-55PC AD7858AR IDT74FCT240CTL TXD2000MFKFLLNH TXD2000MFJFLLNH MAR9264T70CB MI-25XMV RE5RE22AA-RF SBT6045 AME8510AEEVAFE23 M29F160BB90N6 HYB5116405BJ-700 CAT93C57KI-TE13 CAT25C322U14I-25TE13

12 June 2024 (New datasheets):

FM24C16ULN R1223N352E-TR MAX981CUA MC74VHC244N UZ7790 BTS307 SP234ACT MCR218-2FP MIC2951-03BM M38220E5-FP VI-J5TEX UT54LVDS031LV-UPC CAT93C4631SA-28TE13 SD203N14S15PBC 54F2645DMX ACM4004D-FEFD-T ESAC33-D PRC289560J680M 1N4370A M38509E8H-SS P4KE100A HYB3164805T-50 QL24x32B-0CF208M WEDPS512K32-17BI LS6U2M-5SD/PG LTC1660 TSC80C51TXXX-25ME/883 PT2272 MAD1108 G90NilBD-AC110-12 2SJ549(L) DG442DK 2SD1263A PIC16LC62X-20/SS QL8025-7PV100M 5962-9218401MRA SA26CA REC5-173.3SRWLZ 1N1200R ZMY16 OPB871P55TX TPA100 FR151 STL34NF06 MC5616 TLC0831CP Z86C6420PSC TC54VC3101ECB PIC17C43-08I/SP ZDC833ATA STK792-210 3D7303G-100 CDLL944 MAX1482CSD P6SMBJ5.0CA SST39LF800A-90-4C-EN AT49HF010-12TC ST333C08CHK1L 7210 DLO32F-3.5MD4 EDI8L32256V15AC IDT72235LB25J AM29DL400BT-70FI AT49F002T-90PI CAT28F010TR-90T NMAR31750FB AME8500BEFTCA27 LB1813M PDM41256SA15TITY BLV99 PIC16CE624T-20E/JW DL4759A NTE1870 AT49BV001N-12TC NM93C86ALVN PST7035 D2526G913 IDT74FCT240DTD 1.5SMCJ78CA 5962-9654301QCA GP60J MAX454CSD SA22 I74F50728N NMS0505 M38030F9-SP X25646S14-2,7 2025-6003-16 3.0SMCJ11CA SD107WS M38251EB-FP NEZ7177-3AM(1) RD38F1010C0ZTL0 MCM6209CJ20 M38C37MCAXXXFS BZY97 - C100 GC102BN9515020F PFC375-4005 Am29SL800CT120FC SST39SF512-70-4C-WH BZG04-200 MPY634AM VUO22-16NO1 L9822E PRC211330/470M Am29LV400B150WAIB SM16LC36

11 June 2024 (New datasheets):

SA1457 SN74ABTH32316PN TMS370C742ANT SVFD21V475M T620042004DN PD65-14LA 1F2 M61301E ULC0406FC05C 5962H9657001VXA PDM41258LA8SOATR MG75PB20 1.5KE6.8CA SD500N40PC OPB380L15 LT1080CJ EMIF01-150 P6KE68CA-TB KA3511 M38196M6-XXXFS 1F2 uPD65672 1N5364B DDU66F-25MD4 TMS370C356AFNT CAT93C8614SI-30TE13 TESVSP0J685M8R CAT24C021PI-30TE13 WS512K32L-17G2TCA HB04U05S12Q MJH11019 SST29VF020-70-4C-WH P6SMB82CA HYB3166160AT-40 ER3C-T1 TCM320AC36CN MC74HC27N AT28HC256-12TI SN74LVC04AD DKX2-48S TLC081IDR SA9102HSA MC-4532DA727PF-A75 FST6045 CAT93C5733K-25TE13 SN74ACT7803-15DL MCH5804 HB04U12D05Q S2B 2SC3664 AN77L04M FEC30-48S1P8 H7680 SC80C51BACB44 MC74LCX02DR2 PIC17LC42A-25I/PQ G90NilAO-AC220-Nil2 2SC4618 AIC1680N16CU AS432B2D13 CD74HC4016M96 TC1262-30VDB C1353P P4KE18A 2N4036 BAT82S AS431B2DB DM74LS181N GC89SRDE15F AGM1264B-FEFBW-T HSH2001NIEO TZX5V1 1N4935GP SPX2701AT3-3.3 1.5KE8.2A 74ABT574ADB IXGH12N100U1 TIP42B CXK58257AM-70L M27C256B-15B1 CL-155D/PG-D-T R3111E161C-TZ MDE-7D561M RD13UJ P4KE7.5A GP102B-DC6-LB HD14014B CAT93C5723PI-30TE13 OPA4134UA/2K5 TN3440A BYV42F-200 OP295 GC89BNDE20FS S1M TX1000MCASLPLDH 1N6133AUS XC4044XL-2PG411C M38063E8DXXXGP 74LVTH374MTCX ACM1602S-FLGH-T MC14017BCP X25645S8I GM72V66841CLT-10K KBU806G RE5VL58CA-RR LTC1177CSW-5 SP204EP NM93C66LM8

10 June 2024 (New datasheets):

DP0881 AZ850-4.5 MC74ACT11MEL RG2-5V LM149J/883 AD9200JSTRL TEL3-1212 MAX6356LSUT-T BR88 P4KE100 DD302 XC17128EVO8C BYW95C/40 STK22C48-N45I HYM368025S-50 LX8587-15CDD AM29F040B-120FIB XC6204D382DL 74ABT640N G17CDNil-DC12 WS512K32NBV-17H2IEA AM29F016B-90E4EB 5962R9651301QXC FQA6N90 AM29F080B-90SCB CAT93C5612PI-30TE13 CAT93C8623J-42TE13 TC9256F PI5A100 BZV85/C3V9 MSM65524 MAX6315US45D4-T 74HC670U SMCJ48CA FM120L P6KE180A SN54S86J AZ763-1C-48D SG7820R XC3130A-3PQ100C AMS1501CT-3.3 74HC161DB P5KE13 AQV259 93LC66B-/SM CAT93C8613KI-25TE13 TZX2V4B MSC23232C-80DS16 RD24MW DM74LS299N SAA4990H AM29F040-120EE 27HSA SB87C196KD20 PH2226-50M TPS77715PWP GB301X-DC6-TF-L LM8364BALMF20 SPC-1205P-221 PT2128A-L82 LPC662MWC SF15-T3 FDS4070N7 DS4802X AME8520AEEVAFE44 74LVX32M LM2586SX-5.0 NMV2409DA RSBL-24 MSM66G207VS PT2128A-B34 PT2127A-L84 5962-9218901MSA SB3508W 1.5KE350C PIC16LF74-E/L F8006N SM8702AM RN5VT36CA-TR SN74HC373PWR AM28F010-200FE AGM3224D-NC-BTW-T QL5064-66APB484C Z0844404 CAT93C6621SI-25TE13 P6KE120C 2SC2776 M2V28S20TP-8 AM29F400BT-75DPC1 RE5VL36AA-RR RE5VT29CC MLS9204-01745 M38064EDAXXXFP SST29VE020-150-4C-UH ACM1602S-FLFH-T RT9167/A-26CB RN5RZ26AC EP1-B3L1S ST280C06C1 M38045F1-FP GS840E32AB-166I 1SMB5947A FAR-C4CB-11059-M12-R AME8520AEEVHFE46 DDU12H-400 TSC80C31-12MB/833 RS2D/DA

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