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28 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

ST72C124J2 SA170 SMC180C S87C654-5B44 EM83100Q HUF75337G3 7MBI40N-120 MSM51V18165DSL-70TS-K SA36C IDT7134SA55FB RT9161-36CV W055G RD-153.3D TSOP1736SB1 GMS81524BLQ HI-8586PDI CAT93C4621PA-30TE13 MC74VHC1G00DTT1 CY74FCT162373CTPAC RD9.1JS-T4 IDT72245LB20G TK71628SCL 2SC2540 AT49F002NT-12TI C65SC02-AXS-1 M38181E6-FS EL2001CN 74HC4016PW AM27C020-255JI Q4006L4 IDT71256L25TD MG75PB26 NEZ5964-RR AP1117D26 P4KE400 5962G9684502QXC DS21372TN PIC16C554AT-20I/SS MIC706N FST1090 M38227E6DGP BL-R4522 AV9108-05CS14 TDE1798DP A29800UM-70 nRF402 CAT93C5634JI-25TE13 SA25C1024HEMN AME8501AEFTCE21 M38B73F8H-FP R7003403XXUA GS880E36AT-250 AM29LV400T80ECB R3131N33EC-TR CDB8952T-CQ 269-D-210-F1480-B 1N4730 IS61S6432-166TQ CM530820 IDT7164L25P MX27C1024TC-10 AGM1212B-FEGTS-T UT22VP10T-15WCC MBM29DL324BD90PBT 5962R-9865103QYX MBM29DL321TE12TN CAT93C8631JI-25TE13 SN74LS32D CAT93C86KA-TE13 CDLL3825 BUK9520-55 CAT25C042S16-17TE13 TC54VC5101ECBTR M38222E4-HP DR204G LP2975IMMX-5.0 VI-PUJX-XXX AM27C256-120DCB MAX1113MJE TSOP1740SB1 MAX6318LHUK49BZ-T LNM334AA01 MAX6321HPUK40AY-T VSC8061FC NC4D-DC24V MI-QC6YY-XXX S0512L M38861EDA-FS SN74CBTLV3125DR AZ948-1AT-48D AGM1264B-RLGBW-T HYS72V4200GU-8 MBM29DL162BD12PBT AM28F010A-120PEB TPS2311IPWR ADS7818E/250 6A05 M38072M7-XXXFS CAT93C4621K-25TE13 74HC107PW IDT54FCT2240DTSOB OP07CN MMBTA93LT1 PD200HB120 ED306T TC427MJA MAX895LESA MX29F002NTTI-70

27 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

APW3007-13KC-TU LM337BT IP1844J PC900V AM29LV400T90WAIB TL16C550CIFN 74ACTQ373SC IDT54FCT166245CTPFB 74AC175SCX A45L9332AF-6 SLA5002 ATF1500AL-25AC M-FIAM3MN3 REC15-5615SRWBZ R1210N261A-TL 5962R9655701VXX IDT54FCT2244ATL HZS18-1 SN74LS132MR1 FM810T AME8500BEFTAF42 MI-QC6NY-XXX HUF76131SK8 SA56614-45GW UNR1214 IDT54FCT244CE DMC40457N MAX6312UK49D3-T RN5RK391B-TL AP432IQA IDT74FCT162646CTPVB CMPZ4627 R12M3.3 PT2128A-M23S P6KE440CA-TB OM1915NMM E603 A1750A38RRSC08 AGM1212E-NLFBS-T AM29F100B-90FIB ZMM55-B16 TPS75233QPWP AM29SL800BB-200ECB SFH618A-2 PRC221330/251M SMLJ85 MI-PC2Y3-XXX IDT54FCT533TP CD74FCT541M AD712KR MT8814AC M38182E5-FS RH5RH522B-T2 MS7200-25NC MCM72JG64SG66 FOD2712 CMR1S-01 CAT93C5634SI-42TE13 IDT74FCT521BTSOB MAX521ACWG FIN1022 M38049MC-XXXFP AGM3224E-FL-GTD-T HB01U24D05YH MC33171ID M38226M4HXXXFS TN83C251SP16 DSSK80-006B 20IMX4-1515-9 MI-RC61MX-XXXX ACM1602M-NEYD-T 1.5SMCJ16C DS75161AN EL5196CS 1.5SMCJ33A MC1489AN M38866MAA-XXXHP 2SJ596 FAR-C3SB-11000-M11-T APL5509-32VC-TR D170/12 MT5C6405C-25L/IT CS8120YTVA5 M38250M6-XXXFP M29KW016E DCP010512P-U 2MBI25F-120 MAR28139FC M38025E2DXXXSS PFR850S TSOP1338TB1 R1112N49B-TR SM6T36A MM74HCT14M 74LCX16652MEAX REC15-2312SRWBZ HEC50-48S3P3-L 2SC4057 MC74HC4046AD BV-M325RE EPM7160SQC160-6 IDT74FCT299P M38B50ED-XXXFS R12B12 74F241SC HI1396Y APL5308-19BC-TR

26 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

272.800 AGM2464C-RE-YTH-T 74V1T08CTR VI-MW3-XX CAT93C4613SA-45TE13 REC5-6412SRW D2525P49 74F373MSA SST29EE512-250-4I-PN IDT72200L12TC X28C64JI-25 RMBA19500-58 NTE101 1N4113D PCB80C31BH2-12WP Z0103NA MHW903 SA28A DS2003TN UPD750068GT(A)-XXX-E1 5KP6.0A THS4052IDGNR UC2950T 1.5SMCJ78C MCM69L820AZP8.5 TIP140 IA4803D AT49BV008-12TC SIE503.3LT MM5452V PS206R TSC3790 ISL9N304AS3ST ZCD6H15M IDT71256L45TDB STK7563A 5962-9657901QRC UAA2077CM/C1 IDT54257DTSOB STP9NC60FP REF03GP IDT74FCT2541CTDB TPS77127DGKR VSC6511RC SK100E445PJ COPEK984N IDT72225LB20TF SL22 AT89C55WD-33JC L4931CPT50 BZX384-C43 MB91133PMT2-XXX GC70BN7012005FS CXL1512M S-81227SGUP-DQZ-S 1517-300G M27C512-25F1 M38041MF-XXXHP TPA2000D2EVM 40IMX4-1515-9 2025-6004-20 APL5508R-33DC-TR NT68F62U SD1563 MB89P899PF ACM4004C-NEFTD-T KBPC808 TC551001CP-85 PM100CSD060 ST2600C30R1L ST72P623F2B1 MX674AKCWI ACE1101EMT8X GS88436B-133I SST39VF016-90-4I-B3I AD7862AN-3 MAX4274BNEUA 7429FCT521CTL LL55C27 74FCT162652CTPVCT TLC2274AIN 2SC2581 ZXRE125FR AS431AR25LP13 MX7224TD X25040SI-2,7 HA12160 E82 PDM31532LA15SOATY UNR1212 CMSZ5256B R3130N16EA-TR M38060M9DXXXFP TEA1066T M38508E3-XXXSP M38B78M2H-XXXFP KBU1008G TE104RS GLT6200L08SL-85ST MX7541AKCWN 74ACT16657DLR G19CO-DC12-8 SD203R12S15MC SB160 SNJ54LS10FK K4E160412D-F M38063M7-XXXFS BYP300

25 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

LP3984IBPX-3.1 NTE5676 SNJ54ALS37AJ RC206 CN25A OP293C US1K-T1 1N6280 AT49LV001-70PC BS-C526RD RN5VT49CA-TL VI-J2XIX GS71116U-10I GBU6A M38066EE-XXXFS YM3436D TC1262-33VEBTR E03-43B FR107GP UC2825DWTR SAA-311200 IDT72200L15TC P80C528EFA/02 KF85BD WMF128K8-150FEQ5A SR5045C IDT54FCT521TEB LS845 MK4801AJ-4 GL4610 IDT54FCT533ATDB HC2HP-DC6V 5KP7.5 IDT74FCT16260ATPAB M38505E4-XXXFP SPX1117S-3.0 2SJ539 SPX3940R-5.0 NTE5018A RF2155PCBA ACM4004C-NEBBD-T IRFP264 KM44C4000CK-5 U210B-FP SA26 MAX6318LHUK46AZ-T KM416V4004CS-50 EPM7064LC44-15 74ACT11245PWLE 1N5767 CDLL4120 SBO50 TR2.5-800-14 ACM1602E-FLTS-T REC15-1915DRWB UCC387DP KSD240AC8 M38862MBA-XXXFS BL-HGA37A MAX6316MUK38AZ-T MIC5801BWM AGM3224H-NC-YBH-T 28LV64PI-5 MAX533ACPE CAT93C4622KA-42TE13 LM108AJ-8/883 TS87L52-16 IS61C64AH-25J PF3504 LM2931AD-5.0 Z86317 MAX1170CDJ MAX4619ESE GP102CG-DC48-B SNJ54S280J LP2992ILDX-2.5 LH6V4256D-10 APT3216SYCK U6264ADK10 NM27C128N120 HT654 W48S111-14G CAT93C5711UA-45TE13 VRE117MA AD813ACHIPS 93C86-/SN MAX457CSA U6264ASC10LL UA7805QKTE 5962R9659101QRA SKO7 UNR1213 M5M51008BFP-55L WMS256K16-35FGM WMS256K16L-20FGCA 5962R9654201VXA GMS81508BLQ BUH51 REC8-4912DRWL 1U1G MC33204VP SFR603-T3 GBP206 TPSMC24A XC6203E512LH AT49F002N-70JI GP102BG-DC6-B

24 Marth 2023 (New datasheets):

74ALVC164245DL FM811S 5962R9475408QLA 74FCT162646ATPVCT 1N5255 KU82374SB REC10-1815SRWLZ LM2936MPX-3.0 SMBJ14A IFC200-45B SN74ACT10D NTE349 1N5541 KRA321 MC100EL51DR2 AM29LV017B-80RWCI IDT7016S25PF MC80C86 MAX6326UR27-T P4SMAJ90-T1 CD74HC4050E HPR118V/H PAL16R4-7DC SN74LVC823ADW M38503EAH-SP SN74LS194AN TLE2021MFKB TC1263-50VET QL6600-5PT280M M2S56D40ATP M68731N RD27EB2 TSOP1240SM1 APR3001-43DC-TR ICX058ALB SD253R04S15PBV 1N4570A 1.5KE43A TSC80C51XXX-L20MD/883 1N4117 WS512K32N-120G4TCEA SMBJ85C BL-HJB36A GS88219AB-225I REC15-4712DRWB AQV257M KTD998 PH1214-25M 1N4759 IDT7130LA35C G65SC21XW-3 RB-3.315DH UC3527AL KBU610 SN75LVDS82DGG MG114P22 3EZ16 PT2271A-L6 CF5009AL4 MC10176FNR2 SN74LVT245BPWR CAT25C256PA-TE13 TDA8847 74VCX00MTC UPD78214GC(A)-XXX-AB8 M38041F7-SP UT553B-RTIGCX 74VCX162244MTDX SN75976A2DL 1N4683 IDT54FCT2645ATQ ST72F623 BT304 HV4630X IRF1010ES MX27C4000APC-12 UNR5219 GS8322Z36C-133 74V1G00 PJ2931CS-5.0V 66013-003 IDT74FCT162374ETPV MC68EC000FN10 COPEG984N V602ME04 IDT74FCT244L IDT72201L15L SL74HC14N P83C652FBP P4C164-15JC SMDJ12A 681-4D,4N,4P TX2SA-L2-1.5V-Z M38203E7DXXXGP UPD72107GC-3B9 SN74S04DR VI-P1LX-XXX UA2-12NU IDT74FCT244DTLB MH88620BR UPD70208HGK-20-9EU VI-J61CX MBM29F002TC-90PFTR A29010V-55 GS816236B-225 SST29VE512-70-4I-PN TIP42A TZX5V6E

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