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21 September 2023 (New datasheets):

SST89C554-33-I-PI Z86C8316SSC 3EZ11D5 LH28F160S3HT-L100 OP07 ER2B VI-PUMN-XXX WF512K32F-60G4M5A MI-RC23ZPX-XXXX MXD1000C/D35 FR205GP 2SK1448 TPS2022P M5LV-320/160-10HC 1.5SMCJ7.5C LC5873 DSP1a-DC9V E2502H42 TSC80C51XXX-20MH/883 SN74ACT14PWR M38507ED-XXXFP 49101 UPC1458G2 1N6349 A1750A27FFSC10 LM78L09Z P6KE51 AV9158-05M TLC25M2CPW SST39VF040-55-4C-B3K MXD1005PA150 L29C525PC20 CAT24C641PA-42TE13 MAX6321HPUK42BW-T TIP29B CDLL4773 MIC2525-1BN IDT7133SA70PFB IDT54FCT541TE IDT54FCT16H245ETPF SNJ55121FK UPA1721G-E1 SEL4926A RN5RY431C U06C40 NMS1212 TLC2254AQDR AM29F016B-150E4C R1223N212E-TR IC61LV6416-12B AP1117D28A 1504-75D PCB80C51BH-3H AAT3236IGV-2.7-T1 LNR314701 CH1817LM P4KE15CA IDT74FCT245TPB LM120AR-05 ER3G M38202M6DXXXFS UF1D SMV1400-114 OPA137U ICS2002V LB-402FP BC858CWT1 DFC25E24T5/15 BZX97/C7V5 SC56-11GWA 3.0SMCJ120 MN39571PT AIC1727-30CZL 1N3288AR ARF463B 28C011TRPFI20 P4C198-35LMB NDS9933A AT28C64X-12SI GC102SN7013012FS SAA5541PS B160B SJA1440 AM29F010-45ECB CY62256LL-55SNC TS27L2BIDT HYM322160S-70 TLC2274MJB 5KP9.0A G901BO-DC5-NilNil X28C010RI-25 ZMM55-C43 SN74LVC257ADR 1.5KE110A LX8585-33CDD MTP805V FR1603G SA40 ACM1602L-REFD-T FAR-C1SB-12000-G01-T M27C801-150K6X R1160N221B-TR GC89SNBB08F MAX4275BLEUA QL6600-5PS484I AM1010 AM29F010B-70FIB

20 September 2023 (New datasheets):

J271 PI90LVB050W AS58C1001DCJ-25/IT HEF4526BT SN74ABT646ADBLE V62C31864LL-70T M38865E3AGP HSC3953S GAL22V10B-10LP 74FR2244SCX XCV50-5PQ240I TS3704CN SFH601-5 LD7005 10BSB 1N5249B APL5302-33BI-TR TK11223BMCL RMWP38001 GC102SR5013012R 2SJ460-T/JM MAX6322HPUK27C-T SA6.0 R1221N47AD-TR MI-P61X-XXX LT4082E WMS512K8V-20CMA ST2600C20R0L SA78 1N4703 1N829-1 SMBJ28A MEM8129VMB-20 HUF76633P3 HM514400ATZ-6 QL4058-0PQ240C AT49BV512-15VC LTC1322CS MT5C1005ECW-40L/IT DTC363EK 74LVT244ADB MI-QC2VM-XXX APL5301-49D5I-TR SMAJ7.0A UNR521T SN74ABT16623DL K4F661612C-TC45 NE56632-19D SPX2815R-1.5 HMC170C8 ACT-SF512K32N-37P1T DM74LS266MX MIT-5A117 UA9638CD SRF-1016 HJ2955 LP62S2048AX-70LLI MC74HC4060AN MI-RC6Y0X-XXXX LM2647LQ PN4118 UG2004M IDT79RV308133J GS4981-CKA SR2J Z86E0412PSC1866 74HCT75N M38198E5-XXXFP SN74CBTLV3861DGVR 5962F9475404QXA IDT74FCT166H245TPAB BSX63 SD1893F M38201E2-XXXGP UNR212X MAS28151CD LM339AMX MX23L4000MI-15 WMS512K8-55DJM AD7672UE05 BXY44P-FPS CL7192SQC160-10 NTE5909 EDI88130CS55L32C R1221N18XF-TR LM7909CT LH28F800BGHB-BL12 MSAFX75N10A XCV50E-6FG256I DS1013S-25/T&R PIC16LF83A-10I/P LT1307 S1B-T3 M37531M4-XXXGP M38C37ECAFP MV64539.MP5 IDT54FCT151ATL BZX55 - C8V2 CD5350B SMAJ14 2N6770 IP1526J-BSS2 A-244CY XC6204A28AMR SST39VF400A-90-4E-UK XC6204A492ML LPC660IM AD7537TQ

19 September 2023 (New datasheets):

LM2672MX-5.0 EDI88512LPA15TM RD27EB R3112Q26A-TR MI-QC60W-XXX GP102B-AC12-B SM4935 5962-9652801VCC X28C010K-12 RGP25A SJ391 PT2128A-L32S 5962P9960704QXC CL-260TD ACT-SF128K32N-37P1Q 1DI200Z-120 LP62S1664CV-55LLI 1N5240B M38183E1-FP 15KP36 74ABT241CSJX AT49BV001N-12TI STUB0G0 IDT74FCT640ATEB MC34063AMEL CO4558A HFA3135 MB3510 UVT-561G MAX167BCWG OP299 SG2540M ESAC85M-009 M38506E4-XXXFP MT5C1005C-70L/883C LME0512D SLA5054 P6KE91 AGM1212C-NCFBW-T MAX6317HUK27BY-T G9203-256S M38026E7DXXXSP MLL5235B WMS128K8V-20FRIA CAT93C4633U-45TE13 28C17A-15/L CD40174BMJ/883 TL317CLP TSTS7102 AS2431AR5DB MJD122-1 SMF05TC 1N5945A IXFH12N100 3.0SMCJ11A B4250CK3-5.6 GMS81608TPL M38506M2-XXXSS HMBTH10 MC74ACT125M IDT74FCT533TQ MC74HC138ADTEL M5M5255DP-70HL HC3HP-DC24V LA4140 PST594JM AM29F200AT-90FI UF810 SNJ54AHCT245W LM120AK-12 PBYR745D 5962-9657101QRC M38250M4MXXXFP GS88237AB-166I CPT50240 RBM-153.3S AM27C128-55JI M74HC14M1R MAX6317HUK35DZ-T GBU406 MC74LCX04M FST10130 G65SC02-AD-6 IDT74257ATQ AD1861R-J M38B54E1-XXXFP VI-J0BEX STP80NF03L GS8160E36T-200 TK71548SCL MXD1013SA010 VN2406L UCN5890A ADS824E/1K AD7943BRS S5N8944B GBPC1502W PT2128A-L52 CD54HCT373F3A P83C552EHA 74HC08PW GBPC1502G 20CJQ045 AM28F010-120FCB TSC80C31-44AC APW7037KC-TU 74ACT299PC

18 September 2023 (New datasheets):

M145028B1 MAX40-14.0CA 301UR160 TL072BCDR UC5181CQ SY100S321 SP702 MIP705 CY7C1362A-150AC R1120N311A-TR 74VCX16245MTD TSOP4856ON1 A1750A50FFFC08 AMS317CM-3.3 SN74AHC00D MAX875BEPA MTD3055VL1 MX636JQ AM80610-030 5962-8605303KA NDL5551PC WS512K32L-15G2TI UPD70208HGF-20-3B9 MC74HC237N M38863E7AHP IRHF7310SE IXTH30N25 74ACT2708PC CXP80720B U642BFP MSQ6411C M38B51MF-XXXFS ADM811-3TART-REEL-7 WM2618CD MSB52T BZX84-C33 VUO121-16NO1 LM1207N REC8-3005DRWL REC3-5109SRW LL101C TLC2272CPS SMCJ6070A M38195EA-XXXFS R1250V221A-E2 TLC073CDGQR SN74AS245DWR 5962F9475403VXA LR8K4 S80C42 LSA676-P SAA142A PCF2104LU/2 MH202 GP102B-AC120-LB APL5153-32BI-TR 5962R9655601VXX RT9172F-33CM IS61LV12816-10K NM93C66ALEM8X ID82C54-12 MMUN2212LT1 LM4130AIM5-4.1 PIC16C61-20E/SO MZPY13RL DDU8F-5030MD4 Am188ER50VCW PIC16C55-RC/SO CD431290A REC3-4612DRW TK11280BMCL AZ942-1CT-24D M24C04-RMN6 FMB-G16L 1W04 DCR1476/30 IDT7130LA100L48B X25320S 2SC2613 NDS8839H IS657D MC74AC14M BV-N325RE IP120AG-05 AS2431B1ST PIC16LCR72-04I/JW PIC16C554AT-04E/SO GC102BR7014020RS R1221N28AD-TR SB660DC DS1775R-TR2 SMAJ12CA SN74ALS2541N 1.5KE12CA MLL4370A-1 OM7671NK KM416C256DT-7 LM2597HVM-5.0 IC61SP12836-133B EL7513IWT-T7 ICS9112M-44 MS62256H-15RC G83CDC-DC3-K TLE2084IDW SPAKMC332AVFC20 SSD1881Z 1N5231A P4KE30C

17 September 2023 (New datasheets):

R12P12D SL1914 THF45US15 SN65LVDS96DGG PD45128841G5-A10LT-9JF HC1E-PL-DC6V AM26LS33AMJB APR3101-26BI-TR GB4550-CSA CEM9939 MK1442-02S IDT7164L70TDB PT2128A-M50S GC102BR7011012F EDI88130LPS45NI A370-11F AM29F400BT-60FCB CLC404AJM5X LMX2320TM SMBJ9.0CA 1N938B MT48LC32M4A2TG-8E PDU1016H-15MC4 CDLL979B LH5164AH M38251EB-GP KBPC1501GS A3515EUA-TL OPF397D 2N1893 3EZ68D5 WMS512K8BV-15FECEA AT17C010A-10JC XE1401I PI6C2308-2W W04M LF353D DF05122 TL081ACP TLE2064ACD AT93C46R-10SC-2.5 DM74ALS244ASJX SG7915AR 1N5297 KD1084AD2T25R CR6CM TM55EZ-2H IS62C1024L-45T L6571BD VI-LC6H-XX SM15 BA159 TL062VD WMS128K8L-25FIA FST16233CW G901BO-DC24-NilNil BZX55B7V5 UF106S E2505H31 X24C02PI-2,7 GNR40D361K LS6U2M-1R/T AC2626 GMS90L31 UC1904J MV8342 B4300CR-2.3 AD671SD-500 M5M51008BFP-10VL QK008VH3 78602/9 U30D60D SST39VF200A-45-4E-EK M38256E9-HP 5429FCT520BTE KBU6D DM5474W-MLS TIC256S FAR-C3SB-12000-J01-U 1.5KCD39CA TMS4257-15NS OM7602ST 27C512A-15I/P MDE-25S561K M38225M7DXXXFP TN80C51BHP-2 UCC2913D PDM41028SA12TSO BAT54A 5KP10 SIM5-0505S MC34071AD MN2020 M38227E1-FS HYB3117400BT-70 PM4351 PT6211D M38C29M1DXXXHP CAT93C8631U-30TE13 QL82SD-4PB516I MAX328C/D REC5-2505SRWLZ NTE297 AM29F040-150PI TLC226T M38C22M2DXXXHP DGT408BRP4540

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