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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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24 July 2024 (New datasheets):

AD7237AAN M5LV-128/104-10VC LTC1402 5KP7.0CA TG1.8.220J LM2597N-5.0 IRF9Z34L MI-RC6WYX-XXXX MP506 MAX4275ALEUA AD7869 GC89BNCE15RS TSC80C51TXXX-20CI MT5C2568DJC-45L/883C 1.5SMC6.8CA IF9030 SN74ABT241APWR APR3021-26BC-TR 1N4062A BAV21WS S10S70 SN74ABT373PWLE GMS90C52Q24 AD8058 TRB6542 XMT5360B-155-ST HC2HPL-DC48V 3.0SMCJ100CA LM118MW8 K3413-02 TS83L51FB-20 MAX6316MUK49DW-T SMAJ12 TC74A3-3.3VAT APL5505-B19KC-TR GM-233P-85 5962H9656601QXA 48IMP6-1212-7 WF101U 74ABT899CMSA 2SC4461 CY7C42540VC 2SC4695 S-80729AL FQD5N30 FDH333 BZV55-B47 TC4405COA BC184 1N6302A LT1011AMH NDL7605PX 7429FCT521DTP UT8Q1024K8-UWC M38047FD-SP P4SMAJ75CA CS8427-IZ MAX531AESD 74VHC161284CM TDA8005G/C107 M38250M1MXXXGP MAX6315US50D1-T SMBG17 AEP15012 PWB60A40 1.5KE68 IW4518BN EL6253CU SB1050 UZ4111 2N4398 XP131A1235SR L79L15ABZ CY7C1382CV25-167BGI MF-2500DS-T12-211 STD5NM50-1 P6SMBJ54C HD74LV165A SST39VF020-70-4C-B3H MVL-534BV 74ACT245SJX KSP75 LNG324GKG BL-S4132 GC118BR9516024R SMA72 RL154G DDU66C-10ME7 TEN4-2412 MCM69P618CTQ4.5R PDTA124ET M306V2EE-FS 5962H9652001VCX LTC2902-1CGN PSD312-B-15J AME8510AEEVIFE29 74ACT153CW SMBJ18 IS61S6432-117TQI IDT74FCT245DTQB RF2945PCBA-H LP2951ACN LS6U3M-2R/Y-T VI-J3XMX PIC14000T-20/SS WM0831LIP SN74ACT14PWLE SF61-TB

23 July 2024 (New datasheets):

G902BD-DC18-1Nil M37920FCCHP TS27M2AIPT SA10-48-5S M74HC7245 UT63M-125DVA AD7731 TK65418MTL MT2233-G IDT74FCT652TPG 1N6292A LC875016A QSD723 M4A3-128/64-7VC MAX275BEPP BTA208SseriesD M38027E8-XXXFS IXFM13N50 MT5C2565EC-70L/XT CAT93C8624PI-42TE13 X25169V14I PPG36F-2M AGM1212B-NEYTS-T M38220E3DGP AIC1722-37CX TPIC2701N P4KE11CA HI-200 AD7579AQ AME8500AEFTBF24 TIBPAL16R4-12MJB X28C256SI-25 UC2914N AM29LV400B80SCB RN5RZ42BA-TR MT5C1008JOP-35L/IT FM503 TN87L54-1 2SK1272/JD IC61C632A-5TQ APL5507-A14KI-TR MC74F534N RH5RL60AC TXD20008LLFLLNH COP87L88FHN-XE ATF1500A-15JI LX8385A-33CP R1223N502E-TL 5KP40CA ZXT14P40DXTC 1N6331US QEC112 CH1786 RN5VS37CA-TR SA6.0A D372-21SS M38227M8MXXXFP MX604P SHV-24 IDT742157CTSO KBPC1006G BYD37G A1751A29FFFC06 2N7002LT1 MV5453 QL4036-4PQ208C BZX55B18 2SC4169 CDLL5287 MG1401C S40D50 TSC80C51XXX-40ID MK1574-01SI FAR-C3CN-10000-G01-R 2SC5077 GS8161E18T-200I BSH103 SNC112 KBPC5002W MTN7156M-11C AM29LV004BT-80EE DSEK60-02AR GS840H36AT-166 LQ181E1DG11 MC100EL38DW SMLJ11 MC74ACT259N AME8501CEFTBE29 SL2418D PT2128A-M93 MB89628PR-SH KBPC2504P IDT54FCT162245TE P4SMAJ16A-T3 SK22 KK25F40 A8205SLH-4.0 VI-20JEX CAT25C05P-TE13 IS62LV12816L-70B BD679A HYM322030GS-70 ACT-SF41632N-37F2C NTE2406 QLA764B-3I REC8-0912DRWL TME2405S

22 July 2024 (New datasheets):

PWR4022 XC6201P222TH SR105 XC17S30AVO8C G52CS-DC3 RT9163-50CGF ESAD83-004 74LVX161284MTDX XRT7288 ACM0802C-TLBS-T A8255 TE28F008B3TA110 TLC25L2CD Z2082 2023-6135-20 NJM2769AM 2SJ448(JM) QT9701B-IS LM2940CT-15MDC BAV21W-T1 1514-60A AT28C256-25LM/883 62017-103 MT5C6401C-70L/IT MX29F002NTQI-70 RH-3.324D 2SC3855 GC79SNBB12RD NTE5492 APL5509R-45DC-TR SPT7861 FDB5680 SMCJ64A RE5RL46AC PT2129A-T31S 1N957C BZX79C6V2RL CY2309ZI-1H MAX1093AEEG GS88136BD-200I AM29F200AT-120SCB IDT74FCT2573DTL IDT74FCT2645TE 74AVCH16245DGG SN74ABT273DBR M38046M9-XXXSP PT2127A-M51 S3C8075 TC54VC2601EMBTR GI250-1 PIC16F874T-04/L CS8412-CS AGM2464C-FL-BTH-T M5M27C202K-12 DLZ7.5B LP3985IBP-2.8 M38C81M5-XXXFP XC4013XL-09HT144C IDT74FCT645DTE SD306-A SN74HC623DW REC5-6705DRWL MSK5175-00ZU 74VHC125N MB15G000 P2N2907AZL1 IDT54FCT2646TP NE555D IDT7132LA25C MBR40020CT MAX507BENG CD4025BPW TMS370C756ANMT M38223E6-FS CDC337DW AME8501CEETAD42 VI-N3M-XX APR3002-43BI-TR ISD1420PI PDM4M4060S15M LT1256 XC95288XV-10CS280C GS840H36AT-150I US1B S-80720SL-AH-T1 AM29F800BB-90DPE1 SI-8020 1.5SMCJ13C CAT24C643J-25TE13 AM29F400AT-90SIB FM380 FAR-C4CN-11059-L20-R VG36648041DT-6 HD74HC299 BA17810FP GB301XG-AC24-SF-B PFKC03-24S12 BA159-T3 TK71628ASIL S1D DM74ALS30ASJX D370-10F OM60N05SA CY7C68013-56LFC SN74ACT7803-20DLR PCM1720E MAX358CJE ILC811J

21 July 2024 (New datasheets):

CAT93C8622UA-42TE13 BZX84-C15 TLE2062CD PRC207500K/181M WE300M VI-JTNIX RHRU10060 3EZ51D10 EL7564CRE-T13 CL-260TR1 SA24C1024LZMFF R6201440 2N6071B L4931ABPT12 SMBJ9.0C RA507 2SD1830 MPSH10 UPD78P324GJ(A)-XXX-5BJ SA90CA RH5VL34AA-T2 GS881E36T-100 ZXRE4041ER CAT24C641PI-30TE13 MAX6317HUK47BW-T TC4469EJD TC1185-2.7VCT HC-55536 1N5398G 5962R9657601VEC MC74AC11ML1 2SA1880 TLV571IPW MAAM26100 DE3L40 JM38510/75302BD HLMP-1790 IHB60T480512 M38227MCHXXXGP ADC0803LCN BZV55-C13 RS801M BC848A WMF512K8-150CLI5A M38250E2-FP SPX2810R-2.5 MAX246EPL M-FIAM3M21 MA4P282ST-287T TLE2161ACP 1N6020D R1210N561D-TR TG-249 IDT54FCT2574CTSO SN74AHCT240N CH1787ET AM29LV004T-80FC 1920CD35 PCD3310AT 2SD1788 IS61LV6432-5PQ FK16UM-6 S3A P6KE440A BWR-5/3-3.3/4.25-D24AN FS0809MD 25AA040-/SN LM2623LDX TDA8752H/8 RH5RI353B-T2 FAR-F6CE-2G4500-L2WA-W BDX54C FST3244QSCX LB1862M CL3256ATC144-10 XC18V512VQ44I RD22EB1 LM2575HVMX-5.0 M38C21FEDHP IDT70V24L55GI SD153R12S10MV PIC16C55A-04/SS L-151YW-TR R5322N381A-TR MT4C4001JECN-8/IT BZX79-B6V2 RUZ-242424 PI5A385AQ LM2595S-5.0 HB288448A5 QL6325-E-7PQ208M IDT54FCT2645DTE IH1209D STP20NM50 MT62901D9A M38C34M9MXXXFP WD300 TXD20008GAFLLNH FDU7030BL IDT74FCT807BTP X40015V8-A 2SC4482 SMBJ5913D CS4360-BZ GS88236AB-250 M38035MB-XXXSP LC374100ST

20 July 2024 (New datasheets):

CY7C1041B-17VI M38037MD-XXXHP UB2-6NU-L GC70BR5011022RS P80C652FFA/03 RT9808-33CX TK71632SCL CL-PS7500FE KBPC2510P MMBT2222A LDS7011 SMPJ231 B140 AD8011 REF01CS PHB45NQ10T DS34LV87TM PHP14NQ20T CY74FCT240TSOC AD7837SQ G901CS-AC220-NilNil AT49F040-90JC HPR704H BR64 M38037MB-XXXSP UWR-12/830-D12A P4C422-35LM QSE157 CLV1015E GC89SNCE10FS NM93CS66LZM8X XC4006E-2PQ208I IP3844D CAT93C5733SA-25TE13 ZMM5221B SS2A AZ10LVEL11DR2 SMV1401-98 U630H04BD1K45 LD3504 U632H64BD1K35 MSK5115-3.3TD CAT93C6624JA-45TE13 MAX5351AEPA UPD754302GS(A)-XXX-E1 GS820E32AQ-133I BZW04P7V8B IDT74FCT166244ETPVB FC132 H08A15 ST303S08MFN1L MAX4193EJA RI-0907 SMBJ48A IDT54FCT821CL VI-J6LCX 5962H9657501QEC TLV2444IPW SP241ACT P4KE33C STUB024 BD-E521RD IDT71V35761S200BQ 27C210I20FA TLE2062AMD SMCJ60CA MX574ASD OPB830L15 74LV4066N NJG1307R MAX6318LHUK36CZ-T 1A3 AS4LC4M4E1-60JC MTAN6314A-AHRG SMAJ170C FM18L08-70-P BS62LV1023STI ST6220L APL3015SGD CAT93C66S-1.8TE13 TSOP4836TE1 SFR106 LD29300D2T90 1.5KE160A 74AC251MTC SMDJ85A APL5509R-33AC-TR 74LVC241APW B1580T-2.5 TL072ACD SN68016 AT24C01-10TC-1.8 SS2C AD7805BN 24C00-I/ST M38221E8MFS D2587P41 S-80810ALNP-E50-T2 IDT54FCT2652CTP IDT74FCT16501ETPVB SDS60UT06 DL5272 PH1819-45A SU20-48-12D GS8170LW36C-333 28C256AJM-1 M38193E3-XXXFP KBPC1514F/W

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