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30 January 2023 (New datasheets):

RN5VS09CA-TR MAX322CUA ISD4002-150P RBM-243.3S MPX4100AS IDT54FCT374ASO 1N5375B UZ8750 PIT-1301 OR3T20-6BA256 SF16 SNJ55454BFK 1N4738A 1.5KE75A RP40-2415DE M38206E4-XXXFS HL2H-AC48V AHK432IGV-.5-T1 PIC16CE623T-04/JW 5962-8863404UX MMBZ4625 L1413ITL 1.5KE350C LT1963EQ MP03/280-14 RP40-123.305DE BF820 STU7NA90 MC68HC11E9CPB2 ST-40 HS2801 FQP6N80 0662.125HXSL M38062E8DXXXFS GS74104AJ-8I MAX1630EAI ACM1602M-FEGS-T THS4062CD MX-18G IDT49C460CGB IDT72420L20TCB HER507 A1750A34FFFC08 IDT7143SA35PF UVC-5723G TMS320C51PQ100 IRF236 MCM67B618AFN10 RP03-0505DS MTV112MV32 LH28F008SC-20 CCLHM150 MAX6321HPUK29AX-T 74VCX162827MEA 5962H3829436SNX ISR2805DHDRH 1N4735A 30R110 MCM40L200SG80 M38502E5-SS MB158 JPS250PQ48C AGQ21012 TEA1118AM TSOP1837SA1 1V5KE30A LT685MJ NI20-12-2.1S 54ACQ244DMX GS88136BD-200 E28F010-65 TSC6054 IDT54FCT2240ATD N83L51FA-1 ACM2402B-NLYD-T DTA114TRLRM BAV99W 0663.315HXLL NC7WZ02 M38221E4-GP 1.5KE170CA LNG409YKX SZ5516 IP337K VRE3041LD M38221E8DFP 74LVX373MX 3KP8.5 R1112N19A-TR SN74ALS541N SP8530BS PDM31096SA15SOTY P83C654FFB 1N4001G LX8117-28CST VI-252MX CY7C1380CV25-225AI MB84VB2001-10 MC68000R16 EDI88130LPS25FB 1N4728A STP11NK50ZFP DF005S NDL7401P 14KESD36 P4KE160 MX28F2100BTC-70

29 January 2023 (New datasheets):

2SC4176 HS1371 TIP32A R1122N411A-TL AME8500BEETDF28 SG25AA60 STGW20NB60KD 70UFR120APD 1N5236A IDT74FCT645ASOB REC10-2015DRWL MIC5245-2.5BM5 AMS1510CT-3.0 RH5VT11AA-T2 APT10030L2VFR P4KE62A PT2129A-T43S P4KE91 RT9163-33CGL IC61SF25636D-7.5B MAX6316LUK34DY-T MLL5253B BFR280W SG2524N 89266AKB3T KD1084D2M15 CAT93C6621JI-30TE13 3KP17A UC2524AL KRC417 B4500CN-4.5 AM29F010-70PEB HPR113 MLL5933B ACS4110 CD4025BPW KD1084AD2T36 AZ10EL57DR1 MBM29LV800TA-90PBT-SF2 MSK5205ZS P80C652IFBB 6MBP150RA120 S87C652-7K44 KM48V2000BS-6 PT2128A-L41S M38254EBDFS AT24C02-10PI-2.7 ESAC92M-03 AM29LV400B70RSI MBM29LV160B-12PBT FCX1053A MAX642AEJA BCR8PM-14 PI74FCT16841TA LNG473YKX FR155G SB530 MI-RC23WX-XXXX BL-C2435 LTC1275 DS2433S/T&R MC74HC4051AN RN5RT24AA-TL SNJ54S169W 1.5KE47A RY-0924D TDA8571J WS128K32NV-15G2TC AM29LV001BT-90EI MX23L1610TC-12 M52057FP BD5004 74ABT841DB NTE1359 SST29LE010-200-4I-UN SIM2-0512S-SIL7 RE5VT09AA-RR ADG441BR FAR-C1CA-04194-M00-R 1N6471 M38254EE-HP SG7824AK/DESC 74V2G32CTR L70S20 NJM2375V/AV MLL1.4KESD13 PH1617-2 VI-PUVH-XXX ADJ21105 AME8501BEFTDA29 FJU1615 MC14067BDW UPD17235MC-XXX-5A4-E1 V53C16258HK50 T15M256B-70NI XC6204B382MR 2SC3365 TSC80C51CXXX-30MI/883 2MBI100NE-120 SF23 N74F269DB L4901A MC33275DT-2.5RK MAS9264T95NL CM1a-12V TEA2261 M38259MF-XXXHP

28 January 2023 (New datasheets):

KS58555B 1SMB5930BT3 SN74ABTH16260DL BUK552-100B EMDC-17-5-75 AD7542JN FQD2N100 MBM29F080A-70PFTN MTD15N06V MA2X334 CAT93C5632JI-42TE13 BSS123A E03-21M AMP04GBC 1N5285 TC1054-2.5VCT HDB106G M38864MCA-XXXGP BTA216X-600F DMC16230NYU-LY-AZE-EA S24022S2.7T NSC800D-1I 2SC4519 S1BB MC68020RC16 CS5321-BL1 MI-PC6TJ-XXX SNJ54AS161J IS62LV25616LL-70M FSTJ9055R LM4880N M38257M6DXXXHP CD4518BPWR MCD250-14IO1 161X MT46V8M16TG-8 VR61 UPC4558G2-T2 LDP24A KM416V1200CT-5 S3C8249 P6SMBJ12C 1N5934A 1.4KESD13 74VHC00M C10T20F MC78T15BT 28LV64A-F-20I/P M5M5256DVP-45LL-I UC1834LQMLV M38223M5DXXXFP 5962R9211803QZC 1N5290 X84129S14I-2,5 AZ948-1AT-6DE MCH3209 QED123 AS2431CR4S7 AT89C52-24JC P87C51FA-24 L7852CD2T P5KE30C PHD32UDA AD7714ARS-3 SP6660CU SMAJ14C MB40178 IDT49FCT806SOB M38023E1-XXXFS MV54123 LTC1164-8 CY7C47040LMB CAT93C5721J-28TE13 MMBR947AT1 P6SMBJ48C XC40110XV-07HQ240C S80L58-1 DR1P5-24S12 M38221M1MXXXGP BZW04-70 L98SI M37902FJCHP XC4008E-1PQ160C HS161 MC10E137FNR2 2SD1752 MC3423P1 GL-180B-85-2.2 M38060M5AXXXFS PIP440 IDT54FCT521CTE MLL1.4KESD75 MX23C3211MC-12 RH5RI661B-T1 MAX6316MUK40CW-T P4KE16 SG2821J/883B L6574D MA02107AF-R7 MC74HC02AFR1 SN75LVDS86ADGGR REC3-3515SRW MC74AC02MEL TCA440 U06C30 AGM3224E-ME-YTD-T 74AC11471N QL8025-8PQ208C

27 January 2023 (New datasheets):

ST103S08PFN1L KBPC1510 1N5263B AS1004-2.5LP ACT4463 LH28F016SCHB-L100 R1210N582C-TL SMDA12C-4 MC74HC574AFL1 LT1578 15KP60A CD4066BCSJ ST72101G2 STPS20100CT PT2271A-M2-S18 FMC7G10US60 74AC574PC FAR-C4SB-06000-M02-T LA7566 UPC2906HB IXTH75N10 W91340N CD4069UBF DM74ALS257SJX UTCLM317 TLC2202AMJG FR107 P4C116-25LM BAV19W BZW03C30 IRF132 2N6667 CAT28F512N-15T M5LV-320/160-20YI 2EZ47D5 MC74AC138DTR2 SMCJ8.5A BSS192 AS432A2LP13 3EZ8.2D5 LM2940IMPX-5.0 CNY17F-4 303UA80P5 WMF128K8-150FEQ5 5962R3829437SNA S-8436DF-X7-T2 5962-9220001MLA TLC27L4MJ UT62257CPC-70L DTA143ESA 1N5420 74AC32SJX STA013B MAX6045AEUR-T ZY30 C65SC21PI-2 TC54VN4501ECTTR IP117MAH MX7534AQ AM29LV400BB70RWAC FS3KM-10 M38027M7-XXXSP SST29LE512-90-4C-PH IDT54FCT521CTEB P4SMAJ60CA-T3 TSC80C51TXXX-30MC/883 PTB20170 AN3371SB CD74FCT564E MSB35DK-1 MAX908MJD GMF71020 FAR-F1DA-6M3120-G201 ST700C18L2L HMPSA44 MC74VHC74ML2 DS2181A KBJ2M GC89SRDE20FS PT6673B ADC0838BCJ HB28C048A6 JW2aSN-DC9V FRD515 SMBJ40A PM200-13B FN1A4M-T2B PGR20302 ER501 XC4052XLA-09BG352C MB258 AH11PP900-PCB UFS350G 1N5519B M38256M4-XXXFS LP3965EMP-5.0 VI-RUX1X-XXXX FM27C512V150 SA13 74ACT161MTCX WS1M8V-100CCA M38048F4-SP M38205M3-XXXFP TPA1517DWPR 2SJ302-Z TC7660EOA DMC20261

26 January 2023 (New datasheets):

M38039FE-FP MPSA14 R1223N492F-TL 1N6140AUS M38030F7-XXXSP DL4151 BT136-500E IDT74FCT139CTP STK15C68-W25 SMAJ26A WF128K32N-150H1Q5A NEZ4450-4D ADSP-2111BS-66 MM3093E ST16CF54_LEVEL_B AM29LL800BT-150ECB SD1080CS SN54LS165AJ VI-N2M-XX ADADC72BD MSM5118165DSL-60TS-L WT8072 APM4542KC-TRL DCR1575SY34 EVAL-AD7854CB ASX210A03 PIP24 SN74HC373DWR U62H824PA35 EM520 1N5226B PP75T120 XC4062XL-2HQ240C TEA1098TV/C2 1.5SMCJ28A 1.5KE250CA BQ2002GSN TPS3828-50DBVT VIPER20SP MM3035F GC89SNCD08F M38223M8HXXXFS DCR1596SW47 LP2980AIM5X-2.8 C65SC02-ACI-3 R1210N511C-TL GBJ20005 GM71C17403CJ-6 BZV86-1V4 2SK2076 MDU14-2.5M MC33078P AM29LV116BT-90EE WS512K32-15G2TMA TDA8395P/N2 M5M51016BRT-70LL XCV100-6FG256I A1751A33RRSC10 L7404A M27W202-200K6TR IDT54FCT2533ATE PS323EUAX 74LVT2241PW SMCJ22 N74F835D CAT93C5633J-25TE13 M38C30E9MXXXFP L584 HD74ACT240 MC74VHCU04ML2 HC55180 XC5215-3BG225C CC611416A LS6U3M-2R/PG-T 5962R9652401QXA CAT93C8613U-30TE13 DDU11H-5MC3 OPB461L11 MC145421P 1.5KE24 STK12C68-S45 1EZ150D5 S42WD42SA ZSR285G SC26C92C1B MU9C3480L-12DC M66257FP SN74LS138DR2 K3413-01 DHC2805SH MT4LC4M16R6TG-6IT TL074ACNS LTC1290DIN DSB0.2A20 JVN1a-12V 5962H9659001QXC SMLJ160CA MJ10001 TPS5210EVM-126 MGFC45V5964A 5962-9652801VCX SF4006 AM29LV004BT-120EC 5962-0151101TXC RB-1205SH JM38510/16303BEA ANCC-154A AS432BR5LP13

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