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5 February 2023 (New datasheets):

MB404 X24012P-2,7 MM1492AF PSB54/08 SBE001 5962-9654701VXX 1N2845B UFB7.5 NDS9925A UT69R00012FCXF M38226E2MFP M38504MAH-XXXSP RL207-T3 V62C1161024LL-100T 5962-9322604QXC AD9884A TDA8708A MM1196XF K6L0908C2A-TB70 EL1511CL-T7 TSC80C31-12IE CDLL4694 SN74LS688DWR XR73-20U RN5RZ54AC IDT74FCT374CTPY M38225M5HXXXFP 2082-6194-16 M38224M4HXXXHP RE5VL54AA-RF P4KE47CA SMBJ90CA M27C512-15XC6TR INA104SM MB358 REC3-4105DRWZ GS880E36AT-150 MG63PB32 2N3740A M38867MCA-XXXFS REC8-6515DRWL RSZ-1603P M67798LRA WS512K32N-20G1UM 1.5KE400A CAT93C5633KA-30TE13 ISPLSI2128E-135LT176 SN74LVC1G80DBVR SMZ200 CL-201PG-C-TU SNJ54ABT2244W UPD6604GS-XXX-E2 M38251EDDFS 2N6487 76002012A BY2000 HPR107V FS7VS-18A 2SC4390 IDT54FCT648CTL M38253MFMXXXGP S-81224SGUP-DQX-T2 30KW144 SP211ECA 1N3617 5962H9653201VCC MA4M3100 MAX5253BEPP CAT93C8634J-30TE13 MC33035P G90NilAD-AC48-Nil2 G901BO-AC110-NilNil SAP10P M38023M6DXXXFP MB2505 SMLJ45A PSD301R-B-90JI LL55A7V5 ST700C20L0L ER2G-T3 Si5600-BC FK18SM-12 G72SA-DC24 LV549 2SD2138A CN610816A SD300N20MC G17CNilS-DC6 AM29LV104BT-55RJCB DDU66F-200 TDA4657 RFD8P06E TIR1000PS MX27C4000API-10 X24320V14I LD1585CV15 CL7128AETC144-5 SMDB24C BZW04-342B P8TG-1205Z2:1M MX29F002TPC-12 KM4211 WMS512K8-25CC MC145740F IDT74FCT841CTSO RE5VT29AA-RF GS882Z36BB-133I PSD313-B-15J

4 February 2023 (New datasheets):

GMS81004 P4SMAJ48CA-T3 UPA1813GR-9JG-E2 AD8038AKS-REEL KIA78R05PI SN75110ADR FBI6M1M1 KTD2061 93LC66XT-/SN KA2803B IDT74FCT2827CTEB S6004F1 SMCJ28CA 1N4002G RT9169-32CZT SB2080FCT J210 TLC252CDR MX23L1610MC-10 SDS60UT09 GBU4A DG201C/D P4SMAJ58CA-T1 SNJ54LVC573AFK PSD36C MI-RC2P1X-XXXX M38224EAHHP KHQ04048S2V5BH MS2C-P-AC24-LB GTLP18T612MTD A-1804E PDU18F-10M IP120AR-12 74VHC175SJX NTE5615 RV-1215S 5962F-0153401QXA NTE475 269-D-160-M-14xx-B AD630SD/883B K4S281632M-TL10 TLC4502AID IDT7132LA100J SA28 DM74LS151CW TSLW1401R EF5 WF2M32-120G2UM5 M38024M5DXXXSS M38223E8DGP GP101BG-DC110-LB 5429FCT521CTPB MC6850S VI-LJ74-XX XCV50-4TQ144C XC3142A-4PC84I HAL560UA-K AZ942-1CH-3D CD0.5A30 OP955 FRS230D AGM1212C-REYBS-T FDB6644S P4FMAJ16A SW-121 G10S1B-DC24 SN75LVDS31D MSM5117405B-60TS-L NM24C16UFN CD74HC366M AM29LV010BB-120FE 54F373DC L25S150 MDE-14D560K TLE2061ACP CAT93C6632SI-25TE13 SMAJ6.5 SEOK PWR5904H CY29FCT52CTSOC PWR1123 5962H9652701QXC A150 SN54LS132J 74F162ASC MC74VHCT00AML2 QL3004E-2PL68C RD5.6E-T2 THS4021EVM 1N4751A OPB483P11 AD7572AAQ03 M66290AGP MAX806TCSA WS512K32NBV-15H2ME HY-3202 V9MLA0603H AP431AA LT1077ACJ8 ST173S12PFK1L PA28F200B5-B60 74HC221DB AZ10EL11TR1 UPD17012GF-071-3BE CP3508 SU40-48-2.5S S0304F1

3 February 2023 (New datasheets):

DCR1575SY38 MC68230G8 UTR50 MAX452C/D APT3216SGD REC5-1315DRWL MK45H01N50 P6KE13 PPG312F-10C5 ADSP-2103BS-40 IXDD414YI IDT54FCT640CTEB VI-2T2EX FQD3P20 TLC27M9MJ OPA337UA/2K5 TC55RP4702EZB MAX860ESA E28F002BX-T120 CAT25C322U14A-17TE13 R3112Q38C-TR ST2100C42R3 PI74ALVC162836K RH5RH542B-T1 15KP64 FC108 MC14532BD SD203N04S20MSC L601E6 MAS28155CD MMDT4403 MPE-29G LC66566A 272.200 PT2129A-T52S SNJ54LS593W MC10H104FN 5962R9658901QRC MJE4343 SR240-T3 AGM2412C-REBBH-T RN5RF19BC DSEP2X31-12A RBM-0505D AS432BR25VSA AM27C010-120DC SD200R12MC OQ8868 SC2128A-D93S AZ832-2C-3DME AME8500CEETDA24 3EZ91D2 IDT6116SA45Y AT49BV512-12PC IRFN250 M38040M8-XXXSP 28LV64TI-6 93LCS66T-I/SN 3KP15A AD815AYS M38039F2-HP GAL16V8Z-15QJ 14KESD24 1.5KE300A CAT93C4611UI-42TE13 CAT93C5731S-42TE13 S4010VS2 74HC646DB L4931ABZ60 TXD20008FFFLLDH P6KE10A AME8500BEETBE27 E28F004SC-120 A29001U-55 SMCJ70(C)A QL3025-0PB256C M38501ED-XXXSS AT49BV4096AT-12RI RH5RI633B-T1 1N4583A-1 MBM29DL163BE-12PBT FAR-C4CN-06000-L00-R BUK554-200B L-4F3YD M38256M6MXXXFS ST230S08M2 2SK1167 A29001U-90 SPX1587T-3.3 BA-2Y2UW ADS7844N HVP125N2000 MSP3452G MIC2536-2BM P4SMAJ8.0A MRF158 REC15-4305SRWBZ IXCP01N90E A3976KLB M38039FB-HP IRFP32N50K LD422243 IDT54157DTPB HER305G IDT6168LA20P M38861F2AFS N28F001BN-B120 PIC16C72-20/JW

2 February 2023 (New datasheets):

H21B5 ST110S08P0L IDT74FCT162373CTPA ML2712 5KP48CA TISP4160LP NJL5196K-F20 LP2951ACMM-3.0 S3C7538 PIC17C43T-25I/P TS4851IJT MM1506 MX7672KP10 BWD0515 1N5362B SA6.5 SD2961 MAX248C/D IRFP133 PT2127A-L90S 1.5KE56A REC5-1105SRWLZ TLV2461AMJGB 2SA1965 2SJ413 P4C147-15DMB LH521028AU-17 BZX55/C7V5 LM108AH-MLS SN74HCT14DGVR VSP3000Y/2K M38046MD-XXXHP TIS75-112 XC2V4000-5FF1517I MAX6318MHUK48CW-T RH5RH351A-T1 SMBJ6.0CA HT48CA0 SB8100D MT5C1001C-70L/IT M38193E4-XXXFP 2SK3305-S MAX2671EUT-T ZRB500R02 BC857CW XCV100-5BG256C REC10-5205DRWL MC68SEC000CPB10 P4KE300A PIC16LF84AT-10/SO LP3872ES-5.0 RN5VD11AA-TR VI-RN4XX-XXXX SST29EE010-200-4C-NN IDT74FCT16601CTPF MSM51V17405A-80SJ TMA1212S 1SMB3EZ19 BL-B5131A NTE6887 M38223M9MXXXHP STH8NA80FI PIC16C55A-04I/SS ACM1602M-NLFW-T WS512K32L-35G2TQA M38045F1-HP FM93C46LM8 STP6N25 HTL294I UPC2713T-E3 UNR6119 5962-9221403M2A PDM41024LA10TTR R1221N22XF-TR M38250MEMXXXFS SMV1212-079 UL200-23 AS5C1008DJ-25/XT MCM69R820AZP5 K9F5608Q0B-DIB0 MM74HC4053MTCX 1.5KE8.2A P6KE24C-T3 SMCJ160A APL158118F5C-TU 5429FCT2521BTDB 3.0SMCJ7.0CA 74FR543SCX DS90CF581MTDX MAX6309UK37D2-T NM24C02MT8X RTH22ES500K UT69151CLXE12WCC AME8500AEFTBD27 IN74HCT126AD PHP33N10 GC118BR9516022R 1.5KA36A 5KP70CA IDT54FCT2652DTDB 62000-104 ADP3335ARM-5 SDB55N03L MAX758ACPA AGM2412C-MLGTH-T PIC16C54-RC/P SML80J44

1 February 2023 (New datasheets):

5962-9861201QXA L78L05ACUTR BT258S-600R CD420890 5KP15C UT6264BPC-70LL 1.5SMCJ100CA QVB11133 XC2V4000-6FF1152I APL5506-B13OI-TR MI-NC2N-XX 8.2HCC MX636JH CAT93C4632J-45TE13 BZX79-F16 R1223N202G-TR BA6267F N74ALS11AD KTA1505 IDT54FCT166245ETPFB MSM27C1602CZ TC1047AVNBTR QL8325-7PT280I LB1241 FS14SM-16A BUZ900 MT5C2568DJC-45L/IT CM150DU-12F DLSF13 AT28C256E-15PI V33MLA1206T M38067MFDXXXFP MAX636AEJA FA43-11HWA SMCG30 S-806F-T SN74LS645DW SMBJ28A 15KP28 2SK0664 MLL964B PT2129A-T33S M38C24MF-XXXFP MC74ACT11MR2 FAR-C3SA-04915-J10-U MSB556DA P6KE130A HV5122DJ LP2975AIMMX-5.0 AM29LV004B-120EC MX29F002NBPI-70 S3C9434 UC2842BN 74LVTH2245WM 25LC640T-I/SN PST3133 BZV55-F7V5 IDT54FCT574ATPB M38251M9-XXXGP IS61C1024-25JI ATF22V10BQL-25XI TC7116ACPL MAX1171CBH OL5497N-3 IDT54FCT2244CTP KSH07048S1V8AH DS-323 1N5242 74HC4049U TSC80C31-30MF/833 UPC78L07J P4KE22CA GSP9108-03CS14 PXAS30KBBE WMS512K8-45CCA SB10-015C DB101 LME0515D VI-NW2-XX SAB-C509-LM MUN2213T1 S83C196KB16 1N5701 P6SMBJ13A P4KE170A DDU222C-125M XC3190A-3PQ208C KM48V8004CSL-45 2SJ503 UFT15140 AGM3224G-FC-YTS-T 5429FCT52CTSOB LLZJ39A REC5-263.3SRWL MBM29LV400BC-90PF MBR20045CT TMPD4148 IP120AK-15 EDI88512LPA20B32C XCR3512XL-12FT324I G41802C-DC6-Nil PDM41028LA10SOTR TDA7309D PDU15F-0.5MC4 74LVX125M AM93LC66GS8 15KP48 MGP11N60E

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