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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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16 April 2024 (New datasheets):

M27C512-25XF3 X24128S14I-2,5 2SD1251A M38504M8H-XXXSP ZY62GP MC-4532CD647EF-A75 MC100LVEL01D M38033F1-XXXHP MAX6321HPUK29BW-T 7429FCT521DTSO PBYR3035WT SMAJ5942 AGM1264E-NNGBH-T 11DQ10 CAT93C4633P-45TE13 NTE0503M X9313TM3 AME8501BEETCF26 BS-C856RD M40Z300MH1 1SMB16A IDT74FCT162240ETPFB M38255MA-XXXHP 420LB60 TC1054-3.6VCT IXTH1N100 KX500-F5CBNHHN 1N6857-1 PBYR1045D M38503FFH-XXXSS BWS0512 28C256APC-2 TC7117ACPL TSOP1736CB1 A-363Y FAR-C4CN-09830-M12-R M38027E3-XXXFP LS6U2M-1SD SFR102-TB RE5VL50CA-RR SMCG6055 M50945-XXXFP 5822SMG HV209FG BFS20 2N6497 AS273G5LPT TPS76715QPWP MAX819LEPA MC44007P L493YC MDE-25S112K BZT03D220 NM27LV010BT300 NTE2307 RA-151.8S LCE33A UT62V25616MC-70LLI PT2128A-C83S M38C33MCMXXXFS UC5607DWPTR EP2S-3L2 1N6109AUS SN7408N 27C010TRPE20 P4KE47 SA30CA PBYR2040CTX SD603C14S15C 0662.400HXSL RT9543BCE IDT74FCT16652TPA TP3061 CS8221YDPR3 ACM1602Y-NLYH-T P6DU-2405Z TSH113IPT NTE6027 R1221N19XE-TR HI3306 6MBI8k-120 MAX6307UK39D3-T ATF22V10BQL-25XC SAA5231 ESAD25-C GC89BNCC20RD REC5-2605SRWLZ GS840H32B-150I G17WDNil-DC12 BZX84C15W CAT93C5722J-25TE13 AM29LV200T-90RECB LV1702 DSP1629 DS1250AB-100 FXE-24 M38222EAMHP MLL746A 1N5270 TSMB1022 IC61LV2568-8TI AD7851KR P6KE13CA-TB PCE84C487 M38067EA-XXXFP SFR153-T3 G90NilAD-AC24-Nil2 5KP18

15 April 2024 (New datasheets):

AM29F010B-70ECB RHRD460 P89C51RC2HFP M38195M3-XXXFS K1V5 ISD4002-240X PMKC03-48S05 TCM129C23DW GMS34004TM SA25F010LEMLFF 5429FCT2052DTQ AM29F040-70EE 3EZ75 ST6265BB6 MT4C4001JC-10/XT HCT7000M STPRF1620CT C430B AS1117R-3V P4SMAJ28CA-T1 FM93C46TLZMT8 BAS40-04 FQP5N20L FU-68SDF-810M17B MAX6307UK46D4-T LH28F400BGHE-TL12 BZX84-B9V1 TZX3V3B NTE1744 NTE5164A UG3007M SN74AHCT32D MC68B40P IDT74FCT2645TPYB KM416V1000BT-5 MAX6314US46D2-T V29C31004B-90T AS7C256A-15TC RN5VT32AA-TR IS61LV6464-8TQI SC1453-15ISKTR 1N4617UR-1 MH32S72PHB-10 CAT93C8611J-28TE13 LM3352-3.3EVAL 3.0SMCJ13CA IS61LV5128-15K P0720SD 1N6106US GCA200AA120 1SMA180Z HI-8482DT SMP1321-074 ADS7807PB WS512K32L-15G2TMA ZMM5228 TLV2464AIDR CD6297CA SD203N14S10PC M38507M7H-XXXSP R1200 OPB360N51 1.5KE6.8A FA3629AV M38B79MDH-XXXFP S-80738AL-A2-T1 28LV010RT4DI25 MRF10502 L70S450 PIC18C658-I/L UT54ACS373 UPD4715ACY M38255EAMFS IDT74FCT2374TPB P6SMBJ5.0CA ZMM5245 EGF20M M38033M6-XXXHP AD744KN KBL04 MSK5040-5E 1N6127 HS281A UT62L2568LC-70LL SA45 MSM5116165D-50TS-K P4SMAJ60C-T1 P87C52-1 NFV10D180K IN74AC74N NTE3311 1.5KE13 UPC4093G2-T1 AME41AEHA WS512K32N-20G4TQA LL46 MX29F002NBQI-12 LC110 AV0932B A1750A24FFFC06 LQ080T5GG01 FR154-TB 74VHC240MTC 78602/1 ACE1202N 5962R9654801QEC SML4754

14 April 2024 (New datasheets):

HM514400BZ-8 VPC3230D SVC363 5962-89956013A PIC17C752-16I/P DG304AA LX8584B-00CP DDU66F-250D4 LST676-NR SC2128A-C80B FC119 XN05601 BD5004 CGS3318MX FQB10N20L 5KP100A SN74LS193MEL APL5507-B16OI-TR BZW06-9V4 M38199EF-XXXFP 1.5FMCJ350A CY7C42510AC 2SC5584 RS5RJXXXXB-T2 M38064M6-XXXFS 54F244FMQB APT60D100LCT M38025M4-XXXSP 2SA1012 KTC3503 AQW227N ULN2069B 20KW192 2SD1621 24LC025-/ST MMFT107T1 APL5301-27D5C-TR M5H9 MS4C-S-DC24-TF-B 1N4695 SPX1581T PIC7535 AGM2464C-FE-GBS-T MAX6318MHUK36DX-T GP1S29 MPC2605ZP66 RF2126PCBA M58CR064D SN74HCT08N SKA290B GL2EG6 ZMM55F4V7 SF14 TMX320VC5420PGE200 GS81032AQ-5 SR150 VRE125CA M5M51016BTRRT-12VL-I ML6460CS COP8SAC728N9 SMBG20CA BZW04P188 KDV804DM IC61SF6432-10TQ PDTC144EU MAX6321HPUK43BY-T M38B52E7-XXXFP IDT54FCT244CTPY 74V1G00CTR PT6502C GS882Z18AB-200 SN75159N UC2847DWTR REC10-2224SRWL SMAJ11A PFW3510 AGM3224E-FL-YBS-T IDT74FCT2240DTE AM28F020-200FIB JM54AC377S2A-RH AD8073 RHRP1560 L53BT22.86/GD FR3A SL74HC393N HP3-M-DC12V AM29LV002T-90REC 2SC4908 SN74ABT646ADW MT093AP HD6805U1 HAT1043M MP04TT1550-17 MPS6652RLRA 2N4237 MAX6316LUK35CW-T UF308G RF2668PCBA-DO HLMP-DJ15 3.0SMCJ33CA W78E516B-24 SA160A 74LVC14AD MH8S64FFC-10L UC3845AD8TR RD18ES-T4 74LV4060N

13 April 2024 (New datasheets):

SST89E564-40-C-NI SM5009AL1S 30KW30 PCO-7110 PG16032-B-P2 HCS515T-/SM D371-20N R1210N462D-TR MX7574AG MI-PJ2MX-XXX DDU66F-35B2 SS15 5962H9657201QRX M38060E3DXXXFP 1.5KE16CA KS88C01624 AM28F512A-120PI Am29LV160DB-90EC P6KE200 3.0SMCJ10CA TSMBJ0507C RS1G MF1037S-1 SMCJ12A A1751A26RRSC10 M38224M1HXXXFP M38225MAHXXXFS uPD780058BYGK-xxx-9EU FU-68PDF-520M82B REC5-5905SRWLZ ADG201HSAQ AT59C11-10PI-2.7 ML6415 OPA2353UA SN74LS367AMR1 TLIU04C1 2SJ504 GP101B-AC24-LB TSH72CPT AD7863AR-2 MAX5152BMJE SMDJ5.0A GMS90L54 RS605 SA43A BF623 KM48V2000BSL-5 VI-25LIX TZX30A RY-0505D UPC4570G2(5)-E2 EL4581CN 2SK2890-01 TMS416409ADJ-50 AT80F51-20PI LH28F004SCHB-L85 PPG312F-1M MBM29LV004TC-12PTN MC141541P 1N751 M38060M6-XXXFS V62C2804096L-85TI CR3PM ST183C04CHK2L 2SK1151(L) 5KP8.0 02DZ3.6-X 24IMS7-12-12-9 BC846B RE5VT34CA-RF FDG6323L AME8501AEFTAA28 AM29F200AT-90FC T700063004BY IDT74FCT2540ATSOB P6KE27C 1N4935 SN74LS247DR2 WF128K32N-70H1M5 ABT22V10A5A SR340 TDA8722T/C3 TIP31A GC102SR7011022FS NTE5069A S21MA01 WF2M16W-120DAC5A SN74LS242N PI74ALVCH16952A BC548BZL1 M38066M3AXXXGP 28C256TRT2DI12 VI-RUKKX-XXXX CHA2063a99F/00 MAX4259ESD P4KE350 NTE630 TL081ACP PDM41256LA10TTR PT2127A-M43 BYV10-40 COM140T SMCJ90CA MSM51V16805A-60TS-K DS90CR216MTDX SMJ1000-17A P6KE7.5C QM15TD-HB

12 April 2024 (New datasheets):

VP2206N2 CP602 PSB105/12 SNJ54LS37J Z84C3008VEC AZ723-2A-12A TC54VC2501ECB MAX199BEAI ZR285Y03 A29L400TV-90U SMAJ48 M38220MCDXXXHP M38508M7-XXXSS VI-MC3M-XX 7336 LM124F RH5VL54CA-T1 M38505ECH-FP EDI88130CS20TC P6KE120CA KID65004AP MAX208EENG MD1373 L-4F3ED SN74AC573DBLE KBPC4001 FS7SM-14A M5M5V408BFP-10L T700123004BY GC79BNCC15RD TK11342BMIL 74ACTQ574SC HD74LS645 REC15-2315SRWB AGM1212C-NLYBS-T PMLL5251B BZX85B5V6 LTC1290BCN 28LV010RPDB20 1N5399 V800ME05 KD70F40 P6KE10CA SST29LE010-200-4C-UN 1N2997B TL061M HT7150-1 HCPL-2201#300 TIP33C IDT7203L35D ST62T25LM3 AN4506 BU9761FS TS372C MAX3480ACPI MAX4113ESA GC70BR9513010F 28C16AF-25I/L PIC16F873-10/SP J202 XCV300E-8FG256I BZX84C20T G9207-256W MT8806AP M38043M7-XXXSP OPB822SD MAX153EPP MSM14Q0340 PA28F008SC-85 PT5024S ZMM5243A P2300EB HP2-AC115V MAX690SESA DCR1278/20 MT5C6405EC-45L/XT KA22069BN SVFD1D226M 74ACTQ373SCX AGM2412B-RCYTS-T 74AC573SJ RF2162PCBA MJE340 M38079E9-XXXFS XC3130A-4PQ100C AZ10EP16T PI6C991-5J SE370C686AFZT 2SK1460 MOB31W LM313H TMP8039PI-6 UPD17149GT(A1)-XXX AD588KQ PEEL22LV10AZJ-25 HEF4043BPB GS881E36BT-166 KM681000BLR-7 ST303C10CHK0L M38501EFH-SS IDT7205L30DB SF23 IRFR430B NC7SP86 IDT74FCT162H244ETPF 74F283SCX LM1117DT-2.5

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