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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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5 June 2023 (New datasheets):

R1223N172E-TR HB289032C4 VUO62-06NO7 W78LE52P-24 PT2128A-B31S SD1489 W78C33BF-24 HY62256ALP-I-70 X24165SM IDT74FST16163212PF P4FMAJ24 A1750A27RRSC08 P6KE8.2A SMAJ10A 5962-9211803QZA AZ942-1CH-6D UF1003 S93WD463SBT AM29F002NB-120EIB U6264AS1C07LL ZXMN10A07FTC XPC860PCZP50nn IRFR9024 5962R9651601QXC BUK455-100A MM74C154WM MAS31755AD M38500E8-XXXFP TSC2672 KRA109S SN74AHC138DR AGM1232G-RLFD-T AGM1264F-RLBH-T DS36C200MX GS71116AU-10 M38250MEDXXXGP R1111N341A-TL SAA152A CXP5050 TC621XHCPA MC33206P JWC00605S1V5-L MAX802MESA SN54S195J HUL200-23 7809LPRPFK RT9172F-22CM5 SP682CN COM20020IP3V IC62LV1024AL-45H AS432A1DB LM385CZB-2.5 XC4085XL-1BG560C PS1010R IDT74FCT244CTSO 2N4401 MMSZ5248BS HYB5116400BT-70 M38C23FE-FP CL10K30AQC208-2 DA0944-10 IDT54FCT273CLB GB301Y-AC120-SF-L M708B1 CH-137 IDT74FCT3245SOB C-573Y BZV55-C8V2 1A7 APL5506-B32XC-TR BA3890F SW-224 IDT72245LB50GB PSR152.5-7 VG36128401BT-7H MC74HC240ADT IDT72245LB50JB 5KP64 1.5KE200C MP973 P4SMAJ110-T3 C65SC02-API-5 CS4121ENF16 BD-F405ND-A A-5880EG CD6296CA 338 FM93C46TLMT8 FQP4N90 5962-9655301QXX M38507F8H-XXXSS CY74FCT827ATSOC MRF10031 AGM2464C-NL-BTS-T MAX496CSE RN5VD60AC CK1001-7R PDTC114TE MAX6309UK46D2-T MAZS082 RE5VL51AC LC865516B TSC80C31-25MH/883 AQF125U-15S PT2128A-C24S R3112Q41A-TR P6KE130 ICS2572M-SD

4 June 2023 (New datasheets):

DDU66C-200 M95640 MAX6316MUK36BX-T SN74ALVCHR16269AVR HSMY-C650 1N3912R GAL16LV8D-5LJ MRB48D SCN68652AC2A44 MM1301AW GLT6200L16LLI-85TC P4KE400CA-TB REC15-4224SRWB ACM1602A-NLFW-T AT22LV10-20JC M29W160BB70N1 WM8144-10CFT/V TQ4H-L2-6V P4KA11 74LV165PW AM28F020-90FIB M38060MBAXXXFS 269-A-190-M-14xx-C 1PMT5925BT3 AME8500CEETDA40 TPA0102EVM KBP210 IDT74FCT821AEB 20KW64 HEF4068BPB HFA3096 GM76C8128CLE-85 M38032FB-HP SD103C 24HS TPA711EVM DMS-40PC-2-RS TM130EZ-2H WS128K32N-45H1MA C400-MB290-E400 FA7616CV S16S35 RKZ-1212S G696H263T1 HCPL-2530 TA82380 ST93C57M6TR FAN6550 HCPL-5530 MC100E431FNR2 XR72-39S MAX6332UR19D3-T 3KP100 XCV100-6BG256I CD4099BCN IDT70V24L25GI P6KE12 SA90A CY74FCT273TQC NM24C05ULN RT9169-32CX XN04604 SN75ALS192DR LP3985IBP-3.1EV 8551 UC2854AN HD6305Y2P MAX20-7.0C PSD68/14 BZX399-C12 LP62S2048V-10LLI AGM3224E-FC-GBS-T B4251CK-2.2 74LVC244AM A-1201Y AGM1264B-FLYBW-T TIP42C TLC2552ID ST62P03CB1 PI74ALVCH16823V MX580LCSA AM26C32CDR WS512K32L-55G2TQA AT27BV256-15RI PIC17LC42A-25/PQ FU-68SDF-802M85B MT4093-UR PDTC114TE 1N4737B U08A90 XN04213 GMS97C54HQ TLE2061MFKB ESP75-12S ARD10012C G901T24D FJX4013R PSD412A0 S822TRW CAT93C4623U-30TE13 S-8054HN TEA1P5-48S12 SA5416 74LV244N KA5S0765C-YDTU P4KE11 H22B3

3 June 2023 (New datasheets):

W005G LT1058IS LS6U2M-4UR/Y 5962R9653001VXC MAX166CCWP GC118SR9516032RS AM27PS191DC REC10-2912DRWLZ 78C36 NE83Q92N LM158AWGLQML V62C518256LL-35PI IC61LV12816-8BI AT1382B SMCJ5V0A-TR SD1080T XA-C3 DS1007S-2 3EZ200D5 VI-J72MX H11A2 SN74HCT04N SMA13CA 2SK2160 LM340AT-15 X24C04S14M CN8M BCW67C CAT93C5614K-28TE13 SD1534-08 PIC16C642-20E/P BD-F503RD-A HYB314405BJL-60 UPD75218CW-XXX M51955BL M38869M5A-XXXGP ACT4808DFI PIC16LC72-04I/SO TS80C186XL20 TIP42C HI-15530CDM RH5VL47AA-T1 FR302G IDT7134LA70L48B FS70KMJ-2 74HC1G04GW A3968SLB 2SA1702 DDTA113ZE SCN2652AC2F40 SMV20425-07 MSM54V16283-60TS-K OM6006SC D2570H891 LM120AG-05 TCMT1106 FMB5551 MAAM37000 PIC16LF877-20E/SP AS5C4008EC-45L/IT MB89P915P-102-SH HCPL-261A#300 ZM4760 VKA100LS02F-6 DMV56/F5 UT54ACS273PCA PZM8.2NB2A GNR20D511K MAX6309UK27D4-T TPS76325DBVR SN54S182J IS62LV12816BLL-70T G901CO-AC24-12 RA355 UPD178018AGC-XXX-3B9 MMDT4413 PS7522L-2A LND5203-2.5 ALE13B24 GBPC1202 GP02-40 MB89637RPFM AME8510AEEVJFX29 MC33264D-4.75R2 DM74LS174SJX BAT15-050R CAT93C8611U-28TE13 ULN2803A H11AG3 MAC229-4FP GC70SN5012020RD RD10ESAB1 APR3013-30BC-TR IDT7024L55JB SST39VF040-45-4I-NK CLINK5V28BT-66 2SC4270 GC70BR5012022RS FR1020GP VSC7923CA NJM2076M MM74HC597M 74HCT86DB SR830 MC88915TFN133 DS1721U UPC79L05J(HS) SM5006ANFS

2 June 2023 (New datasheets):

PNP12N10E ED602CS-T3 MM74HC573SJX R1110N211BTR VI-PC3PX-XX EL2125CS AD8804 BZX79-B22 PIC16LCR72-10E/SP VI-QC6PX-XX PCM90PT04 A1750A27RRSC10 TLC2274CDR DBL5009B 74ALS645A-1N 2SK2221 TC211 AGM1532A-NLBBH-T TMS46400DJ-80 AME8802CEEV HYS64V32200GU-8 IDT74FCT2652CTPYB KDZ16V 1N5301 UT54ACTS253UCX SMBJ11 IWS2448 IDT54FCT533CTPB 74AC373PC MAX6307UK35D1-T DF06M MAX561CWI M38022M4-XXXFP UC3860QTR STW10NC70Z 74ABT2240CSJ GTLP16T1655MTDX M38254EEMGP AA3022SGT-4.5S M38C29M5DXXXHP REC2.2-2412SU SP5730A XCR3256XL-10PQ208I TL084BCN LS22AA-2SD/G CAT93C5613K-28TE13 MC14599BCL VI-QU24-XXX NJM2082V SST29LE010-150-4I-UN C30T06Q MAX531ACSD AGM1212E-REYBD-T BZV37 GC102SR7011012FS HM5225405BLTT-75 REC5-3515SRW TK11231AUBX M38064MBAXXXFS X76F640YE-2,7 CIM-50M5-T M38869MEA-XXXGP ICS554G-01T CMI8738/PCI-6CH MAX6315US43D1-T MSM5299A CY7C1351-66AC LWE2010S MUN5331DW1T1 CAT93C5613KA-45TE13 BC320 X9313WPM3 TN2425ND TPV8200B CAT28C257P-15T M38039F4-SP QL6500-5PS672C 28C010TRPFI15 PIC16CR72T-10I/SS BZX84-B33 M29W800AB90N1 CAT24C322JI-25TE13 PM40-10AL LP3986BLX-3133 VI-RJ1YXX-XXXX NNCD6.2E MC33304P 74HC4316DB CS3972YN8 CD4617 GMS34140TM PCA3352CP MX7548TQ MAX779LESA MLL4135-1 SB860 MT5C2564EC-15L/883C M38500E7-XXXFP GC70SN9513012F KM44C4100CK-5 FB5004 BCC200PS03EL TEA1062A RD75E-T4 TLC084AIPWPR SN74LVTH573DW AGM1212B-RLBBW-T

1 June 2023 (New datasheets):

A3281LUA 14KESD70 AME8500BEFTAF44 TP8482BM TCDT1100 MC14078BCL MI-PC6V3-XXX Am29SL800CB150FCB LM4040DIZ-5.0 P80C552EFA LM2879T 1.5KE350CA 5962-9164001M2A EMIF03-SIM01 C7020 AD561KN SN54AS804BJ TLV2783ID MOB51CAS-3 M38257E8FS 74ACT377SJX MAQ9264T70NL UGF20F S-81252SGY-B OR3C80-5BC432 1.5KE39CA OPA1013DN8 SN74CBTLV3245PWR MT5C6408EC-70L/XT BZD23-C220 ZM4740 PL-2507 1N6009D MA3X704 SA110C 25C640-/SN AGM2464D-RL-GBD-T MC68HC711E20CFS2 15KP54 AQV224NSX ST62T15CM6 TDA8763M/4 PBH26/14 1A444 BZW04P8V5 PM9311 TX2SS-4.5V-X IDT74FCT2540CTLB SP8855E IDT74FCT162500ATPA KBPC1006 PZM3.0NB2 FM5819 MSB31DHS CD74HC4514M IRF453 PCD5091H/D94/F5 SN54LS14J LCE18A BFR35AP IZD1521 AZ954X-1C-9D AQV212 RE5VT23AA-RF SD300N16MV MSB31TK-0 VI-PUYD-XXX BS-A826RD Z8036CMB EA207 CS7410-CM TIL113 1N4150UR-1 ispLSI1032E-70LJI V53C8128HK50 TXS2-H-24V-Z REC8-1505SRWL KBPC604G M38060M2DXXXGP ICS9107C-11CS14 PIC16LF877T-04I/L M38043MC-XXXSP NS32FX161AV-15 SN74LS85N SMAJ14(C)A M38036F3-XXXFP MI-QC6N1-XXX SN74LS258BN3 SP8542JS 78H12ASM REC10-3624SRWL FAR-C4CQ-12000-M01-RR XC6201P562PR AT27LV256A-90TI SA5211D SN74LS393DR VI-QUPM-XXX MXD1013SE025 RT9177-24CB CXL5507M PS2707-1-F4 M38224E5DFS E03-04B 1N5347B TDA8740 SA9102HPA A170D AT49LV080-12RI

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