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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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7 December 2023 (New datasheets):

STUP5D0 AM28F512A-200JEB 2N3397 SBL1630CT FARM1T21 PIC17C756-08/PT IRGPH30MD2 MB89663RPF SN74F2373DWR IDT29FCT52BSOB M38C87M4-XXXFP A428316V-25 REC8-3112SRWL A451L AM27C64-90JI SM5624N7 AT17C128-10PC 1N5929B M38C83E5-FP MTV112AV GP-90 AD677JN DS1501-7R BYW81G-200 1N4715 GS840H32T-100 74ACTQ16244SSCX NJM2096D MAX510BEPE DS80C310-ECG PIC17C752T-25/L BZW03-C180 DBL2056 RD4.3FM P83C552IBA CAT93C5724JA-28TE13 309U250P2 SM7346A TEN5-2421 WMS128K8V-15CLMA SJ1431 FQP1P50 CXL1518N MAX3664E/D APL1431LBBC-TB M38257EB-FS CAT93C8631SI-30TE13 TSH151I 1N1203RB MU9C2480A-70DI TX2-L2-H-24V UPC78L05J-T LM1877MX-9 IDT54FCT573CDB X28HT010F-25 TC54VN7002ECBTR 1N750A 1N5819 LM1086IT-3.3 BZV58C43 P4SMAJ13CA MSM5117405F-60SJ 1N4778 HDSP-H158 TFMBJ22A L7809ABD2T HN58V65AFP-10 M30240EA-FP M38227E7MGP PZM12NB MAX281BCPA 5962G0151701QXC MAC15-4FP M38C27F9-HP LH28F800BGHR-BL12 HA16C 1.5KCD22CA D30VTA160 FAR-C4SB-10000-L22-U BZV47C200 REC8-6409DRWL P6MG-244R8E MM1385AN M38C26F8DFP TMS06124 BQ2000TSN-B4TR MI-LJ70-XX AGM2412B-RCYBS-T 5KP9.0A 2SK2911 TDA8718K/C1/R1 IDT54FCT2543CTSO AM29F002B-55JC M38073M1-XXXFP SMCJ22C HZS11B2 VI-22MEX SFH482-3 1.5KE170A FS70VSJ-06 AD7890AR-2 MAZ2360 TSC80C51CXXX-L20CH WS1M8L-17CI ES5106E MHW8292 4N25A REC10-5312DRWL

6 December 2023 (New datasheets):

D80C196MH PU110-23A M38039FD-XXXFP BT138B-500F MA4EX370M-1225 M38193E6-XXXFP CLL5236B TSOP4856XG1 GC70BN12015008FS P6KE20CA RN5RF42BC Z86C93 M38222E6MHP SMAJ64C 1.5FMCJ15A LS5480-K ML4961ES REC2.2-2424SRW FDD01-05S0 SEL1911D 1517-30E ST280CH04C1 2214-100D IP7905AR-BSS2 MIE-324A4 RL1210LGO-711 TZQ5224B AM27S191SALC 5429FCT2520BTSO ZPSD313-B-90UI MC14049BCP Z86L8108SSC TPS60120PWPR MAX6321HPUK30CW-T SJB1449 K4S281632B-TC1L ESML-2-7 GBJ2001 AM29F010-120DGI MSB557TA-12V SMBJ24A AP3216YC 1N6319US MO456A-RD USD245C M38035F1-XXXFP LS6J1M-4D/G SY100ELT21 AM28F010A-200JCB CAT24C082PA-45TE13 PT2128A-B31S ZMM4.3 XC6203E582TH DS1803E-010/T&R OXFW900-TQ-A MC14518BF 1N5818 LGR5660-2 MMFT3055V SMAJ90 R1170H221B-T2 74FCT162646CTPACT IDT7204S50TD ZPSD302-B-90LI CD4014BE RE5RE58AA-RF CY7C016-25AI QTLP650C-IB MI-PC6YL-XXX M38224M5HXXXFP 3EZ28D3 1N6280 AT89LV55-12JI 1.5KCD75A M74HCT257 TLRE1008A AT27LV010A-90JC ACM2004C-FEBH-T 1N5956D M38C36E8AXXXFP IDT54FCT640TL M27C512-45C3TR ZXM64N03XTA SST34HF1621-70-4E-L1P MI64MW PIC16C554A-20/P PCA84C646 R1112N20B-TR N74ALS240ADB SRF1650 WMS512K8L-15FIA AME8510AEEVEFX26 HGTG12N60A4D A-361SR SMBZ-5235B V43728S04VTG-10PC VUO160-14NO7 REC5-3005DRWLZ WS512K32N-100G2TMEA BC238 MAX6320PUK29CX-T SP483ECN IDT71321LA45PF A29DL323TG-90 MSM511000C-50JS BR602 OPA4131PJ

5 December 2023 (New datasheets):

SA25F005EMLFFX AT49F001N-70PC AGM1212E-FEBBH-T FM803S VI-J04EX MC74ACT86N ADV473 DLO31F-8 M38503E5H-SP G17VDS-DC12 TEN3-0510 TLV2451CDR OPA637AU/2K5 SN74LS393D PCD5008H 269-B-130-F1480-C 5962-9219401M2A 2SA1015 GS832018T-133 TXS2SA-1.5V-X SAA7216HS/C1 74HCT241N PE4126-00 RE5VL34CA-RR RTL8308B BS-AG01RD AD96685BQ P6KE250 LNJ806K5SRW FM93CS46TLZN CAT93C8632KI-30TE13 IA21140AF-PQF144I BQ-M312RD MR82C55A/B M38867E8AHP AT49BV020-12VC SD850CS FM27C010VE150 MX365P SC321-2 TLC272ACPSR MAX527CCNG SN24 NDS8426 TDA8808AT FST16232MTD KBPC2506 1N6272A DAC908E 28C17AFT-25/SO MI-R6PXX-XXXX 1.5KE18A RG-3.324D IFC200-24B AMC-132SMA L-443SRD LP3964EMP-2.5 1N4982US MMQA27VT3 A290021TV-90 ISD33075E STB6NA60 1N6820 MAX6305UK00D1-T PIP250 NT6861B HD74HC164 BZD23-C22 IDT49C460BG HYB39S16800CT-10 5962R9651201VXX P4KE10A LL55A15 GS816018T-133I RSS-0924 M38226E8-FP MM1065IM MAS1916LS BUZ73L R20410 M38222M9MXXXFP SD253R10S20PBV MBM29LV200TC-70-PFTR 269-A-150-D-14xx-B ADM101E R1230D351A-TL DG212CSE PA28F400BX-T60 TDA8763M/5/C3 MBM29DL322TE80TR BUL510 2N4234 LS6J3M-2D/G MH8S64AQFC-8L P6KE51C U636H04BSK45 IDT54FCT244ATLB MAX7409CPA HEF4526BD TDA8012M/C2 SFH495P SD453N20S30MTC EPM7256AETC100-10 N83L51FC-20 P4KE20 RE5RE37AA-RR SMCJ45CA OPA4137PA

4 December 2023 (New datasheets):

BS-A315RD JANTX1N6775 1SMB22A AP3216PBC EDD5104ABTA-6B 74AC11646N GC89SRAB20R DRV101T SMBJ5927 IC62VV25616L-100TI DB151S SMQ500PS27-C AQY275 MC74HCT374ADWR2 BG-A511RD LA-601DL A290011TV-70 CAT24C162J-28TE13 HEC75-48S15 APA3544KI-TR ICS9148F-58 ML63512A-TP BZT55C3V3 P6KE160A ICS9248F-96-T TGF4112-EPU SPAKMC332MFV20 R1110N291BTR W91540AN M5M5V408BFP-10L P1304UA ILC7362CP-30 PIC17C42A-08I/P WP06R48D15NR NTE5280A GS816019T-166I REC10-2315SRWL PRF957 IDT54FCT16H501ETPAB AM29LV200BT-70RFC SN74LS161AD MLL14KESD45 MAX6316MUK34CW-T MC10H332L 2N5179 LC338128P-70 ER803D-T3 DDU11H-8C3 GBU6K MAC228-10 M38036M2-XXXSP SD2921-10 3.0SMCJ24 BC259 Z150UFG ZMM5222C SN54LS688J FDP7045L IDT71421LA25TF M37272MA-XXXSP M38501M4H-XXXSP Am29LV400T100WAI K4R271669AN-CK7 2N6253 M38063MAAXXXFS BZX284-C56 ZVP0545G 2SJ302 RE5RE20AC LC7538JM 3EZ100D5 LZ0P3642 SST39LF200A-55-4C-B3N MAX6041AEUR-T IRFD1Z3 MCX18N00B FS30ASH-06 2SK1506 NTE1249 MRF3866R2 MC145030P MI-QC22X-XXX M95160-MN3 37LV128-/SN BUL382 P6KE30CA D45C7 TK11547BX MTAN7124M-21C MC33470DW BC847B TMH0505S NKE0512D A62S7316G-55S ENE241D-05A SY100ELT20V P4C187L-45DM NTE5604 M38501F2H-XXXSP BD-C304ND SST29VE512-150-4C-EH MAX866EUA REC10-3912SRWL MA4ST558 NTE105 MC33174P XC95108-20PQ160I

3 December 2023 (New datasheets):

SN74LV174AD REC3-2115SRW NSPG520S TZX8V2B NM24C08LZM8 WS512K32N-85HQEA AS2431CR4S13 IDT54FCT640TEB S93VP663SI-2.7TE7 BDX33A RM20TPM-M EP1S-B3G1 SPX2810R-3.3 A8181SLB LSYA676-P+R WE128K32P-200G1UQA VI-RUNNX-XXXX HC4DHL-AC220/240V LGA672-LP S2004VS1 TC427COA R1110N291ATL MAX5012BEQI R1120N331B-TR SNJ54AS169AFK EPM7256EQC160-12 A29400UM-90 M38C33E3MXXXFS IDT74FCT533ATSO SSW2N60B SN74ACT7882-30FN BD242A MI-RC2YXX-XXXX ST72321J7T6 FLQ8 93LC76T-I/SN D100/12 KBPC3508GS MAJ110 H24B3 NTE5028A LP3360-J CAT93C8622UA-30TE13 IL1212 3KP30CA M38066MFAXXXFP CB1-12V LA7440M GTA3P-400 IDT5416H952ETEB LM293P EDI9F416128C100BNC M38038F7-SP G902CS-DC12-1Nil RH5VL48AC PZT4403 MB89625P-SH PT2128A-L52 MAX6317HUK33DZ-T AS5C512K8EC-20E/XT ZPY75 REC15-6824SRWB WE128K32N-200G1UC M5LV-256/68-10VC CD74AC109E RT9261A-37CX MC74F353N CL431S 5KP14C MM74HC4052CW OP497AY BZW50-18 IDT74FCT377TE NTE1376 CL1431LP FRM9240H RD15FM SA170A MC78M24CT SN54LS642J HYM322160S-70 MHW7142 LS6J2M-5SD/G MSP3455G ST62T42BQ6 Z84C0006FEC NTE102 IN74AC32D MM74HC174M AD7224CQ ARX1209 MAX789CCK SST39VF080-90-4C-B3I CAT93C6623PI-30TE13 SN55976A1WD MX29LV800TTC-70 AIC1570-CS MA4P4000B BS-A41DRD FEP16ATD CXP85112B GSP9107C-17CS08 ZRT062A1 SPX1086AT-2.5 93LCS66T-I/P DL5227B MR34519.MP8B CXA3222AN

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