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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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30 May 2023 (New datasheets):

SA04-11GWA IS93C56-3PI M38036FD-HP MG74PB40 P4KE130C SMBJ28CA LS6J1M-5R/G-T APL5509-27AC-TR XCCACEM32BG388I LD511 M38868F4AFS AM29F016B-150F4E GT28F160B3-B120 PIC16LC554T-20/SO SN74LS38N BL-B1131V TSC1539 MAX144BEUA APT2012ID MD54-0005 SN74AC244DBLE 2SC4186 HDD60-24D12-T BZX79C62RL MSK5275-5E HM628511HLJP-12 UCC3585M AZ954X-1C-6DM GI250-2 ACM1601B-FEBH-T IDT742257ATQB IDT54FCT573ATE UFR7270R MX205AL SBL6050PT TCM320AC36CDW MC10H164L TIBPAL16R6-15MJ AGM1264E-NNBBS-T 29C010TI-2 AME8520AEEVLFX26 ADJ14048 LC75834W LM2402T MC1658L AM29LV102BB-55RFIB AT29C020-15PI STD10NF10 SPX1117R-3.3 SST28SF040A-200-4C-WH MSB33D ST92F120JV1Q MH16S64BAMD-10 MAX6319LHUK37C-T 1N6299A JTA1048S15 LT1270A DLZ-12 MAX6321HPUK44AZ-T SE567D 1SMB6.5A SG3526J P6KE10 IDT6168LA15SO 74ACT18825SSC TLC074CD NTE280 SMI-0806-2R2 TCDT1110 M38B50E8-XXXFS 269-D-260-D-14xx-A ER1004FCT TXD2SL-3V-X ATF22V10B-10GM/883 IRG4PH30K HT9032C WS256K32L-25HM L4992 MSM64162-xxxGS-BK-F M38034M2-XXXFP GP800FSS12 ICS9148BF-04 1N5524BUR-1 LSPP370-N UCC3813PWTR-1 MSM511000C-70ZS M37480E8T-XXXFP 24C65-I/SM M38866EDAHP WMS512K8-20DJMA M74HCT165 D2587P8665 GC89BRBA14F PIC17C756-25I/PT AD7542BQ MSK0032 2SD1236L HEF4585BD U630H04DK25 SST29VE010-200-4I-PH MSV201A K4S281632D-NL7C M74HC74M1R U630H64BD1K35 M38253M6DXXXHP IS61LPD25636T-133TQ BAT54RALT1

29 May 2023 (New datasheets):

S1J MAX236CWG HC3HTM-AC12V PIC16CR72-04I/SP AT49F4096-90TC 1N5738C VI-2NDCX OM6012SA GC118BN9513030R PIC16CR72-02I/SO LT1011CN8 VI-2WWMX TOL50-24 DB101G R3130N27EC-TR MC74ACT162D MJ11019 CPH3313 REC5-3205DRWL 1.4KESD14C AM29LV020BB-70JC SF54 SD153N04S15PSV HZS22-2 BY228 S3D-T1 KSC5502D TIP151 SVSP0J475M RL153G MS1690 STL6NK55Z 2623CS AME8500CEETBE46 HI-8051PQT SMCJ110 1N4157 M38255MFMXXXFP AT27BV1024-15JC M38225E7DFS 1N5261B SMLJ64CA PD110-45-2LC PSMA5940B UC5603DPRTR 5962H9655201VEX LPV358MX RQD-3.305/0.25 P6SMBJ75C AAT4650IHS-B1 M5M5256DFP-70LL-W IDT74257CTSOB A180RPE Z33M221S 1N4772A 5962R9659101VXA A1750A41RRSC10 P4KE24C P6KE43CA ST72F63BK1M1 V320LA40B TDA1311AT SMV20435-10 LM4050AIM3-4.1 M38066ECDXXXFS TDA9332H BS-C323RD 269-B-220-F1480-C LG3360-KN RTH42ES271K SFH485 RN5RT21AA-TR UT51C164JC-60 OP224ESA-B1 CAT93C6623SA-28TE13 S-81233SGUP-DQF-S IS61LV632A-6PQI UC3844D MAL5114LB FU-68SDF-V810M120B CY7C1041CV33-12BAI IRC640 AT89C2051-24PI V18MLE0805WT KK40F40 APL1086-25UC-TU 676-4S TLV2464CD SST29LE020-200-4C-NN ML6430CH AZ764-1CH-48D M5LV-128/68-12YC IDT7143SA70FB M5M51008BFP-70VLL-I PT3321N IDT71256L30PB ALE75F48 M38223E6MHP APL5835-33EC-TU 2SK3030 CT25ASJ-8 VI-PUWY-XXX MMBT2484LT1 DAC16FS SMBTA93 M58WR064EB S10C30

28 May 2023 (New datasheets):

VI-QC6HX-XX IMP805LCPA 587B062LPE IAM4820C2S HER206 BF324 SMV2106-01 ACM1604D-NLGH-T NPH10S4815i TC74HCT04AFN M38256MF-XXXGP MC33463H-30LT1 RA-3.305SH 15KP220 SS32 SMBJ5933B M38501ME-XXXSS HM3-6116L-2 SA58C SMAJ28CA KBPC4004GS BGY85A NM93C66ALMT8 SN74ABT3612-15PQ AZ948-1A-24D F2813-22 ZPSD303R-B-90JI AGM1264F-RLGH-T 1N6132 BDW94 GS9009-CKB CDLL4109 MAX187AEWE MCM6227BJ35 SA8.5 M38065ECDXXXFP QS7785CF P6KE8.2A RT9261-20CB HL01R15S12Z MAX6316LUK50AY-T IDT54FCT139CDB CY22392FI IDT54FCT374TE SB850D BAV26WS MI-J2NMZ SN74LS684DWR2 MR5461 2SA1469 MAX6316LUK50BZ-T 54LVTH162245RPFI MAX6309UK31D2-T MAR9264C95LC R1141Q181B-TL PIC16C715-04I/SO APL5152-23BI-TR TD-22 MAX40-70.0C SB530-T3 M38225M2HXXXFP VUM33-05N MI-260IW LNM233AS01 TSC80C51TXXX-20IF X25FG IRHN7130 MU59 DA56-11GWA UT621024LS-35L PT6501C AZ23C8V2 MPD100A VUO54-16NO7 P4C1682-12PC VV5410C036 SPI-335-34 REC8-4309SRWL 1.5KE68CARL4 CD4013BMW/883 CY7C057V-20BAI R1221N31AA-TR ACT-F128K32N-090F5Q TK73247MCLH GL5EG43 BD-E815RD PMP130-17 AV9170-02CS08 S-80727AL-AQ-S 1.5KE400CA SMJ4C1024-10HL FU-632SEA-3M89A M38863F1A-XXXFS SIR-34ST3F ST330S12P1L KBPC5006S FR806 KF15BDT-TR G70LS2C-DC12 REC5-6309SRW PT6212E M38065E2AXXXFS MC1455DR2 CL7256EQC160-15 28C256ATC-2 DM74LS126AN V12MLA0805LA 5962F9475401VLX

27 May 2023 (New datasheets):

FXE-6MGC BD-F305RD-B RT9161A-32CG 1.5KE120A 5962-8670403PA P6SMBJ40 IDT74FCT162374CTPAB GC102BN7011022RSD IDT74841APB LH28F008SCHN-L85 EPA060B-70 15KP28CA TIP145 X9514WP AT29C020-90TC CS2660-7R VI-RUFHX-XXXX ZXT10N15DE6TA UT22VP10C-20WPA AS2431B1DA AT28C16E-15SI SN74LS30N MAX6321HPUK35AW-T VRE303CS 5KP60(C)A U16C10 MC74HC374AN TLUR2400 3EZ16 SA36CA MX7847AR BAV70 MAX6322HPUK35C-T S2EB-L2-48V NM93CS06EN MI5PMV HRW0502A NTE1390 MC68HC000RC16 1SMB3EZ20 AS8E128K32P-150/883C SPX1085T-1.5 MAX6318MHUK40CX-T ACM1604B-RLFS-T APL431ABC-PBL SBG1635CT PSMN035-150B HP4-L-AC6V CAT25C128KA-1.8TE13 JPM120PS05 LMH6715MAX D2525P54 SCC2692AC1A44 74V1G02STR CAT24C082PI-30TE13 M38021M1DXXXFS Z0844104 RE-0924S PZ5CU-0512Z KRA729U K4S641632F-TL55 5962G9475401VYX LM628N-8 PI6C185-01Q TLV2264AIPWLE DMC16230N L4004V3 MCM69Q618TQ8 XC4028EX-2HQ304C M38020E3-XXXSP VI-PU4X-XXX XC2V1500-6FG676C NFV14D101K AQV214EHA UZ7775L RIVA128 SA26CA HSA137A SN74LS151J MACH131-7JI/1 LCDA05TE MTZJ20A LP621024DV-55LLI PCA3352CP CD982B MAX20-20.0C MAX147AEAP G9212-512S SN74BCT8245ADWR LM3201921 M38500ED-XXXSS LM1117LD-ADJ 74F828SC FDD05-12D1 74LVX132TTR 28C256TRT4DS12 SN74LVT16501DGGR CMHZ5228B LA5528N 1N4005G MX7523KCWE FE1A AM29F400BT-120DWC1 ADC0802MDC MTN4141-AO AGM1212B-REBTW-T HM514400BLZ-7

26 May 2023 (New datasheets):

CXP87540 CAT511P-TE13 COP87L42RJN-3N DS1135U-6/T&R M38251E4MGP SA16 SLA24C02-D/P MH88615-1 TDA7451 KBU608 APL5835-28DC-TR R05C15 A29512L-70 AT49LV002T-70JC FCRN3031003JB AT24C02-10PC MI2YMY SN74LS74AD APL5507-A18OC-TR MH16S72VJB-6 TEA1065T IDT54FCT2240ATQ SLA24C08-D-3/P IDT74FCT162H245TPV PS8701-E3 TE102R CD74HC85M96 AT49BV040T-20CI 2SC3938 CAT25C161SA-25TE13 300UF160AYPD SR1545 MBM29LV016T-80PTR CAT25C021S-17TE13 LXT904PC SMAJ28C MMBD1705 E346 UF2G AME8500BEETDE28 GB301X-AC110-TF-B 48IMR25-05-2 AIC1086-50CT ILC6380AP-50 FX105P 74F37SC CD5300 SB03-24-15S EXO-3-32M ADG507AKP 5962H0254301QXC FR106 MC74HC390F SB260 MAX156ACWI THS3001CD R5323N271B-TR REF01CJ FV100 MAX6317HUK46BX-T AD623ARM SM15T36A K-05205GX-P PI49FCT3805DQ RS2507M SA56-21EWA MC33033DW BD-E522RD M38252EEMGP PMBZ5244B M38C28F9-HP AD7828TE Q8006VH3 DS2401P/T&R ADM1022 TDA16847G ZMM5246B P6KE27CA ST280C06C2 BGY67 NTE2090 AS273F1LP13 R1250V371A-E2 A1751A29RRSC10 HM628512CLRR-5 TLE2037MD 5962-9651501VCX MC74AC574M GH3-R024SK2 LC508 WM5620LCN MDE-14D271K IDT74FCT16823CTE SP8528AN P6SMBJ160A MST5460C M38203M3DXXXFP TSTS7301 MBM29DL324TD80PFTN BZX84C2V4TS R1223N152G-TR H6780-06 MC54F174J R1140Q371D-TR VG26V18165CJ-6 SC4041CSKTR MSM514260C-60TS-K 3N259

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