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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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19 Marth 2019 (New datasheets):

RL152 RSS-0515 BZX55C160 REC5-1015DRWLZ SN74ABTE16246DLR R7011204XXUA PE9301-01 TK1-L-4.5V LM3700XCBPX-290 VI-QUHZ-XXX VI-JNKCX PM5365 74ACT158SJ IDT74FCT533CP MB352 CLC430AJ VI-PUZK-XXX M38227E8MGP IXCY01N90E RSD-093.3 MI-PC6RW-XXX B4250CR-3.5 74LVTH373MTC B125C800 SXI50-0522T 1N5681 JANTXV2N6758 BUK466-100A BLY89C UPM301.2 5962R9655101QEX EH8012Z1 ACT-PD1M16Y-070L4I AM29LV002B-150FCB 1N5369B SR1650C LP2951CDM-3.3 PDTA114ET PCI1420PDV PM8351 R1221N47AC-TR A29040-90 ST72771N9B1 5KP90A P6DG123R3ZS SF1G3 UT6164BJC-12 SA43A L113YDTTNR5/86 SN74AHC374PWR AT-42070 REC15-1712DRWB MBM29LV017-80PBA-SF2 UDA1351H TMC2192 P6KE51A TS556IN NMV1212DA SA2002EPA WF512K32N-150G1UI5A FST16244 MSM7544RS 203GT-1 DS75107M VI-J1WEX AT49F002T-70JI IDT7133SA20PF BZV49-C75 CAT93C5634SI-25TE13 1N5354B SN74ABT16541ADL HA17301P GS84032AB-100 DG411 CL-221FG-C M5LV-512/120-20YI PDTC124XEF FU-68PDF-510M86B IDT70T659S010BCI R5021213LSWA TL750M08QKTER HBCS-A408 UT28F64LVC55PPC SN74S04N3 PBYL1525CT LM2587T-5.0 HUFA75344G3 IDT7005S17F 54AC540FM-MLS TG1.8.102J P6KE27 MI-Q7TX-XXX ACM2402C-NLBW-T ACM1602Y-NLGW-T 1N4931A KV1811KTR BD544B XE5614L TSC80C51XXX-20MA/883 LZ9GF16 RL254 273.010 APL5501-18VC-TR WE128K32P-250H1IA CAT93C5722K-30TE13 5962R9653201QXA D1002UK

18 Marth 2019 (New datasheets):

SC2128C-C20D SMCJ120A 15KP240 AM29LV104BB-90FIB S-29291A-DP MDE-10D102K AQY210KSZ TL074CN Z84C30BB6 AS2431DR25D7 1N2995B RD7.5FB1 LM62BIM3 KM62256CLTG-7 MI-RC2XVX-XXXX RH5RH702B-T1 DLO32F-2.5MD4 M38508EF-XXXFP FU-68PDF-V510M37B THS4012CDGN JANTX1N6777 IDT7140LA55PF PMSTA56 74LCX08MTR X28HC64SI-70 MX27C4000MC-10 2N3715 BM-08K88ND OM5234/FBA CMHZ4616 SMBJ8.5 1N5833 KPY65AK APL5508-45AC-TR ULN2003ADR C65SC21PI-1 PSD954F2-70M TB62705CF M62254FP MC7908CD2T HI-3182PJT APT40M82WVR MC68HC000R12 HB01U05D12Y IDT7216L20CB CD1A40 GC79SNCD15R MC78L24AD VI-M30-XX HPR123W U630H04DC45 MAX6711MEXS-T10 M38036F9-XXXHP 2SK3270-01 ER302 RS1DB 74AC299CW ACM4004C-NLFTS-T IDT74FCT821BEB R1140Q301B-TR U6264ASC10 EH7506B M5M5V208RV-10L G9230-01 M4A3-192/96-7VI E2505H26 R1221N36AG-TR GC89BRCF27RD 5962H9655301QEX H11J1 MC14071BDT IDT54FCT645DTL MAX20-30.0C 1.5SMC120CA IRGPF30F JM38510R76203B2 1N5474 I74F74D RP1P5-1205DA AN79M05 M38B54M7-XXXFP CAT93C6634SI-25TE13 OZ6912T IS421 M38063ME-XXXGP L60S100 SW-425 TK71235MTL BT139B-800F DL-3149-055 GS881Z36T-100I BUK552-60A P4KE33C VI-QUMD-XXX GBU404 S-8101A M5M4V16169DTP-15 TP3054WM MAX4402ASA CY7C1380CV25-225AC SN74ALS621AN MV54154 M38255MC-XXXHP D45H10 TDA8374BH/N3 MPSA92 MRF448 HDD50-24D05-P

17 Marth 2019 (New datasheets):

AME8501AEETCA46 UPC1099GS VI-27WCX 1.5KE350A VI-RUNVX-XXXX AGM1232D-NLGBH-T R1121N461B-TR INT201TF1 R1111N401B-TR TMS320C57SPGE57 IDT71V35761YSA183BG LM185BH M38505E5-XXXSS M2R210 CY7C43666-7AC HSM390J MA2SV01 STK11C48-P35I 269-C-240-F1480-B SMV2020 RH5RE40AA-T1 DD203S UT62V25716BS-100LI WS512K32NV-70HM AGM2412B-MCGBW-T IS1J SN7408J STPS160A BC178 MC78T15ABT AT28HC256E-12TI M5M5W816WG-85HI ILC7010C5-50 UT69R00012GCCG ML4827CS-2 R3130N30EC-TR TXS2-L2-H-3V-Z 15KP17CA TEA1097H RN5VS21CC AM28F512A-90FE TD87C51FC MX7845SE AME8500AEFTAE28 AM28F020A-90FEB SPC-06502-2R0 AD7853AR PBYR2545CT M38070MC-XXXFP TLC2274CNS IS41LV32256-35PQ UF4001 OM4220SC NMV0505D LTC1265 MAX693ACSE HS807 1N973C AN7905T FAR-C4CP-04000-M01-R VC-TCXO-208C AP432AQ SG7815AR/883B MTZJ7.5A AM28F020-70EE IDT74FCT166H245CTPFB DA03-11HWA VI-J32MX DF107-S R1221N30AG-TR HT49C10 TC18C46MJE M38250M1DXXXFP UT54ACTS240UCC SP5848KG TCL1587-3.3CEB XC4036XL-2BG352C VUE22-12NO7 HEF4516BU FU-68PDF-V520M183B 74LVQ02TTR QTLP651C-B GP102A-DC24-LB MUN2112T1 AM7968-125/LKC 78250MV OPA642UB KSC388 GP101CG-DC6-L LM1086IT-ADJ N74F382D TLV2474ID 5962R9655001VEX AR2508 ATV2500L-30LM/883 BYM36C LNA2603F ST72E311J4D0S REC15-3524SRWB 74ACTQ32SJX REC3-4615SRWZ VI-253CX IDT74FCT2652DTPB REC5-7205DRWL BY251 TLV2262AQD TLV5625CD

16 Marth 2019 (New datasheets):

BF422 LNM476KA01 L132XGT P4KE51C IS41LV16257-60TI RL205GP V285ME10 AGM1212D-RLFBW-T 6A1 CAT93C4624P-25TE13 MT5C1009CW-70L/883C SMBG40A IDT7216L75FB CY7C42525VI 1SMA20CAT3 KBPC5004P 1.5KE22A X25164S8-2,7 M38505MEH-XXXSP DG305BA SPX1587AT-5.0 AT24C32N-10SC 40IMX15-05-9R GP10Q DS0026J-MLS FU-627SLD-F1 NE5512N MMO110-12IO7 R504140 CMBZ5229B FSF9250R WMS512K8L-25DJC CD620815A ZX110 RP03-4815DB MI-PC6PX-XXX MAX410EPA T15L256A-35J M38063M6-XXXFP GS880F18T-11.5 M5M5V208FP-70L-W MI-PC62M-XXX MMBZ5256B M38B50MD-XXXFS M38864E1AFS SN75ALS056N HI5628 TSC80C51CXXX-25MG/883 IDT7005L35G MMBZ5230BLT1 IN74AC132D SCC2692AE1N28 SP674BA MC14415FP LMC1983CIN MAR28151LE PDM31034SA20SOATR RP05-4824DE AMS2502CS-2.5 KIC7WU04FK IDT74FCT2543ATE 5962G9855201QXX DD202S MC14051BF H8569-03 M4LV-96/48-10VC 1N5821 C-521Y M38185EA-FP AD5551BR DDU11H-100C3 P4SMAJ150-T1 MC14597BCL WS512K32N-35H1M AS7C3256-20TC M38860E1A-GP LS352 R1221N31XD-TR AS273D5G13 IDT74FCT807CTD GS840E36AB-180 PQ05RF2V BAV99-T1 PT2127A-M44 REC2.2-2415DR HLMP-7000 AM29F100B-120DTE1 1N5408G IN74HC393N OSC-0.7L UCC2570N IC61LV256-15T TC1264-2.5VEBTR CSB480E35 G902AS-AC220-NilNil M38192M1-XXXFS TLV2545CDGKR SNJ54AS10FK LP3964EMPX-3.3 FAR-C4CN-16934-K22-R LUCL9214GAJ-D IXFN50N50 WFC02R48D12L LME0509D PIC17C43T-16I/P MUBW20-06A7 BZX85C3V3 MV5094A

15 Marth 2019 (New datasheets):

MBM29LV160TE12TN PZTA14 TC646VPA PSMN155-200K SP9504KP HC55142 5962-9656801VRX KAQY210B 5962-8779401SA VUO35-12NO7 SK10EL07U AZ821-2C-24DE MJE181 REC5-563.3SRWLZ TC651BEVUA NM93CS56M AS5C4009LLECJ-70/883C QL4058-0PQ240I AME8803MEEY MSC23136CL-60DS10 LS6J1M-3R PDM4M4030S10M SBR8040 FM27C010V120 LTC1799IS5 BF421 93C76-I/P BC327-25 P4631 EN27LV512200JI X40015S8I-B 74HC7266DB XBB170 5962-9321701QRA ATmega128-16AI TL084CNSR H11AA1 DS1013S-45/T&R AME8501BEETDF42 MEM8129J-20 5KP12 Z8420BD1 HUF75631S3S CS5532-AS IDT72V851L15TFI F2048 VKA75LS15-8 V82658B04SXTG-B1 SN74LV574PWLE ICL8069DESA SMCG40CA CAT28C512HTA-12T VI-23FIX 2SB1436 P4SMAJ130A-T1 5962-9457901MYA 74ALVT16953DL IS61C12816-15KI M38867F4AGP IRF9240 EPC1064TC32 D45H5 AD848SQ JANTXV1N6762R PIC16C924T-04I/SP CD74HCT4051M96 WEDPND16M72S-250BC IDT54FCT2374CTLB LCE54A R1121N361B-TR BZX55/C3V0 BC307BRL1 SG7905.2IG/883B M38B57ED-XXXFP TSOP2238ZC1 DM74AS161N DAC8800FP MT4LC4M16R6-5 CAT93C46SA-TE13 M38256EEMGP AME8500CEFTBD29 M38222E6HFS 74HCT423PW MI-QC201-XXX T8102-SC-DB ACM1604C-FLBS-T RN5RT25AC CD74HCT109E ADM1014JRU NM24C03FLM8 REC5-213.3SRWLZ SB240-T3 GC79SRCE12RD P6KE100C-T3 NJM7800DL1A ADADC71/72BSC BL-R5141H MP7612 HPR112V SN65LVDM31DR MC68HC705KJ1CDW IS61LV6464-8PQ P4KE22 7369 MC10116FNR2 M38227M1-XXXFP SN54HC688J

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