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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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17 September 2021 (New datasheets):

R12P12D SL1914 THF45US15 SN65LVDS96DGG PD45128841G5-A10LT-9JF HC1E-PL-DC6V AM26LS33AMJB APR3101-26BI-TR GB4550-CSA CEM9939 MK1442-02S IDT7164L70TDB PT2128A-M50S GC102BR7011012F EDI88130LPS45NI A370-11F AM29F400BT-60FCB CLC404AJM5X LMX2320TM SMBJ9.0CA 1N938B MT48LC32M4A2TG-8E PDU1016H-15MC4 CDLL979B LH5164AH M38251EB-GP KBPC1501GS A3515EUA-TL OPF397D 2N1893 3EZ68D5 WMS512K8BV-15FECEA AT17C010A-10JC XE1401I PI6C2308-2W W04M LF353D DF05122 TL081ACP TLE2064ACD AT93C46R-10SC-2.5 DM74ALS244ASJX SG7915AR 1N5297 KD1084AD2T25R CR6CM TM55EZ-2H IS62C1024L-45T L6571BD VI-LC6H-XX SM15 BA159 TL062VD WMS128K8L-25FIA FST16233CW G901BO-DC24-NilNil BZX55B7V5 UF106S E2505H31 X24C02PI-2,7 GNR40D361K LS6U2M-1R/T AC2626 GMS90L31 UC1904J MV8342 B4300CR-2.3 AD671SD-500 M5M51008BFP-10VL QK008VH3 78602/9 U30D60D SST39VF200A-45-4E-EK M38256E9-HP 5429FCT520BTE KBU6D DM5474W-MLS TIC256S FAR-C3SB-12000-J01-U 1.5KCD39CA TMS4257-15NS OM7602ST 27C512A-15I/P MDE-25S561K M38225M7DXXXFP TN80C51BHP-2 UCC2913D PDM41028SA12TSO BAT54A 5KP10 SIM5-0505S MC34071AD MN2020 M38227E1-FS HYB3117400BT-70 PM4351 PT6211D M38C29M1DXXXHP CAT93C8631U-30TE13 QL82SD-4PB516I MAX328C/D REC5-2505SRWLZ NTE297 AM29F040-150PI TLC226T M38C22M2DXXXHP DGT408BRP4540

16 September 2021 (New datasheets):

MC1458P1 REC10-32905DRWL 3EZ33D3 UZ7813 SF11-T3 FM140L REC3-1012SRWZ PST993I SMBJ20C SN74LVC14ADBLE SMLJ78C CY74FCT2541TSOC LTC1998CS6 FU-68PDF-520M66B MAZ7330 DBL1016 P8079-21 MAX6318MHUK31BY-T MC1455P1 STPR1520D RD4.7E-T2 TMV2415D BSP30 SP2-DC24V PZM6.8N BZD27-C6V2 D571C20F S10C35D U0402FC08C ACT4808LDF MSM7586-01TS-K BUK207-50X ZXCM209LF DSF11060SG56 MAX6318MHUK37AW-T KX500-F5DBNHHN U630H16D1C25 SN74LS151N 1N3039B AM27X010-150PC TK1-L2-12V uPD780055GC(A)-xxx-8BT MPS-A43 KBPC300G MBM29DL324BE12TN APL5153-21BI-TR TL082BCN TMS44400P-70DGB AD7547 SNOA PT2128A-C51 P8278 P87C51-1 TS27M2BCD INA110KU/1K RH5RL50AA-T2 SAA1387 MB91F133PMT2 M38220M2DXXXFP 7429FCT53ATPB MT28F321P20FG-90T MAX6316MUK30CW-T IDT54FCT824AD IXFT60N20 M38863EAAFS UCC2580N-4 PT2128A-M80S 78L06ACZ SST58SD008-70-C-P1H 1N5954C A3240EUA CY62256LL-70ZC TXL100-0512D GRN3 MI-J6NMA 5962R9583403QXA 1.5KE36A IS80LV52-40W SN74LVCC3245ADBR AS29F040-120TC PDM34089SA10Q SD7072-M4 W29C020S-70B PJ1086CZ-3.3 EMB4 KBJ25K CAT28F020TRA-70T FS5AS-2 MAX526DMYG P6KE22 KDR731 IDT74FCT139ATDB IDT72811L20PF WMF128K8-60CLC5 H7809BI HEF4078BD MF-2500DS-T12-191 TLV1543MJ SMAJ130 N74F539N MAS17503LB M38044MD-XXXSP AD532 Z86E3416VEC TLV1571CPW LF2250QC25 WSF512K32-29G2TI ATF1508AS-15AI100

15 September 2021 (New datasheets):

TDA7269A FR154 SMBJ75A SDA2D0A 5962H9654101QEA 5KP22 5962R9655801VXA SR1560 MX7672TE05 TPS3125G15DBVT AM27C010-90JI M38277M8MXXXHP 1.5KE170 CAT93C86K-1.8TE13 P4C198L-45DM SN74LVU04DBLE 1.5KE10 CL-280LY 1N5950D 5962F9684504VXX VI-JWBMX NDL7605P2D MB251D MJ10000 CD74FCT543SM D2587P8775 BD682 AT93C57-10PI SST29EE010-150-4C-UN SR206 AD590JH HD74LV240A 5962-9657601VXC SD233R36S50PC HIM052424S REC3-5612SRWZ SIM2-1205D-SIL7 BPW41N MC74F256D L1394GD MX7548AQ M38023E1DXXXSS SA572N PZM4.3NB3 SST39LF010-45-4I-B3H 23S221 1N4935 UPD754244GS-XXX-BA5 LC512MBG1-25Q SP8808DG MAX702CPA M38500E7H-SS AT49LV002T-12PI TIBPAL22V10AMFKB Z2010 MAX809SEXR-T10 MC100LVELT23 JM38510/33902B2A QL2007-2PL84C APL431BIC-TRL KM681000BLT-5L U631H256CSC35 A-5580G PS383ESE CAT93C5711KI-30TE13 AAT4650IHS-T1 SMBJ24CA CAT25C021S16-28TE13 5962-8775801SA PSD50/18 SO2222A UTCMC34119 G911TD4T 5962-9475808QXC HMBZ5240B MH16S64DAMD-8 WMS128K8V-25DRC MCM32L512SG70 CAT24C041JI-30TE13 M38044MF-XXXHP OPA2132UA 5962-9466308QXA MM1592F DDU8C3-5014A1 FXE-9GC OPB667T IS61S6432-8PQI SA58A DN6847S SMAJ58 TM1641B-L 5962-9217701MRA MTZJ18B VRE3050CD S2L40 P4KE120 BF861A MX27C512TC-55 5962-9325001MRA STR30130 M38257EBMFP AS5C4009LLDG-55/IT M38504M6-XXXSS PIC16LC924-08I/SP AS431B1ST 5429FCT52CTP D2587P57

14 September 2021 (New datasheets):

N80C452 IDT7202LA35D SC2128A-L52S OMR183 1N5546B M5M51008BKR-70VLL-I M38078E3-XXXFS 28C010TRT4DI15 SK510 M38043F9-SP LF33ABPT-TR PSMA5930B AD7390AN PJ1082CZ-3.3 MAX6321HPUK38AX-T 1N5408 MH32DS64APFH-7 SST29LE512-200-4C-UN ADM203 SMV1146-011 NJM2534V IRFI840GLC SN74F161AN AN78L05M IDT7204S65SOB CY7C4201V-10JC M64893AFP QL7180-5PT208C CB-09G VI-PUZ1-XXX 1N4899 M38253M7DXXXFS HUF75343S3S FR101-T3 BBF2803SE PHP125 KA3524 LNG201CDR Z84C0020PEC AMS1510CM-2.85 BSM50GD120DN2E3226 SPR-54MVW 1N5403 1N5818 L7113YT CAT28F102T14RI-55T BA-12S3UD SCN2661AC1A28 MC74AC240DT M38C29F8DFP AS4024 IDT54FCT541ASOB CD74HC221E SP3490EP IDT74FCT827DTSOB SN74AHC02DBLE X24640S8I-2,5 TC4423COE 3EZ39D5 5962-9220302M2A SD103N14S15MBC ZV933V2TA N87C52-24 IDT54FCT163652CEB ZXMN2A01FTA SR845R TLC0838IN CY74FCT2541ATSOCT RD4.3UM FS3KM-14A FU-645PDF-W1M1B X24320S8I-1,8 VN31SP13TR GS8162Z18B-166I C-564H BZW04-5V8 BL-R3122Z MI-27WMW CD5378B MMBTH10LT1 SB180S BZX79-A5V1 3.9HCB EDI88130CS55CI M38060MFDXXXFP LF13202D REC8-4115DRWL NT91215A SBL4030PT ICS9169F-01 M38044M4-XXXFP M38226M5MXXXFP MAX607EUA PT2128A-C50S MMBT5551LT1 HLMP-4700 AM24LC16VN8A L-314LRT SN74ACT7805-40DL RD20ESAB1 AN5304NK LPC660IMX MAX4680CAE M38020M1DXXXSP CS611616A ZM4743 28C256TRT4FE15

13 September 2021 (New datasheets):

MBR2535CT CAT93C8631KA-45TE13 UL6264ASK25 MC33264DM-3.3R2 MAX176ACWE BUZ91 CP3502 TLC2254CPWLE CAT24C021JI-45TE13 G90NilAO-DC5-1Nil MAX467C/D RF2322PCBA 2N3707 BZX84C6V8W LS6J2M-5SD/FG-T A45L9332AF-7 CAT93C5724SI-45TE13 BD-F405RD NJL5164K-F10 NTE1383 OPA658UB/2K5 VI-NC6V-XX CAT93C6623JI-30TE13 MDA72-14N1B 93LC46X-I/SN P4C198-15JI IDT71024S70TY RU-2405 Z8001BB1V IDT7203S35D ICS9150F-01 EL4584CS M38253EC-GP 1N4747A PBYR1020CTD M38259EAMGP GC102BN5011015F 1N5821 CD4029BMS UP0651S-03 EMDC-13-2TR 74ACT251SCX FU-68PDF-V510M53B P4KE6.8-TB SN74CBT3125DBLE AD7836 REC8-2405SRWL 5962-8863401YX GP02-35 UBA1707T CL10K30VBI356-3 TPS61005DGSR VTO-8090 S524L50D51 MAX2424EAI ICX254AK ZMY16 2SC5490 2A06 LSFB44-440-400K0 S-4562A TLC3704CPWLE KBPC602 KA2101 TEF2412 LMV1012UPX-15 SPC-1204P-4R7 PT2129A-T52S M-991 MAX6316LUK32AW-T TK11240BMIL AD7729ARU PSMA15A M38064EBDXXXFP M38023M2-XXXFS LS7212-S MC68HC11K3CFN3 M5LV-128/104-7VI BZG05C62 P4KE220 PR6007 DDU66C-250 P5KE45 IDT70T659S012BFI SNJ54LS90W LM385BDR-1-2 SMCJ54 SMDA12LCC RS407 1N4742 1N961B ST173S12PFK2L BZV90-C7V5 AM29LV020BB-70JCB MMBZ5235BTS NTE5077A AIC1680C60CX Z06SL L78L12ABU TXS2SS-24V-Z RM119JRQMLV 469-1 SAA5262PS/149 PSD303R-B-90JI 5962P0153201QYC M38256E8-HP P4KE300 MAX333AMJP

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