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17 May 2022 (New datasheets):

F16C10A M38025M3DXXXFP CS6422-IS TSB80L188EC16 MACH211SP-10JC PIC7527 R3112Q39A-TR TSH93IN MCM69F817ZP7R MM3093B AGM2464C-ML-GBW-T APL5502-18VC-TR MDU28C-30M 30BT-5 BZX84C68LT1 VI-J42MX HSM106 ULCE51 TSA5512M DS1809-010 PHP50N03LT 2SJ198/JM AGM1212C-NEGBH-T PQ09DZ51 RL-093.3SH SN74AHCT158DBR 74LVX112SJ 5962F0151601VYC BYWB29-200 TDA7552 3KP16 LS6U3M-4UR/G-T M38C30E1AXXXFP SN75372D TL070CP GS81032AT-150 TG1.8.100K CAT93C6614UI-28TE13 NJM2368V M27C4001-90XC1X IRFD120 TLV986CPFB RDD05-15S1 MAX4610CUD 2SK949-MR MX27L256QC-12 GS840H32AB-150I CH1809A TIBPAL20R6-20MJT ACTS161MS FCX619 MC7912BD2T DL-3038-011 1N4755A(DO41) KX500-F3ABNHHN CPS140 LST2827-S4-B-SC IDT74FST16163245PV GS71116U-15 RN5VL46CA-TL STK405-090 HP3-ML-AC220V IDT723622L15PF PCF8578H/F1 74F27PC SM6T30A LMV981MF CAT28LV65P-25T G70HF3B-DC9 MAX4174BMEUK-T 1N5393 PI74LCX244H MT8952BP 5962-8862801VTA LH543621P-25 MM74HC244N M5M465805BJ-6 MX7535KCWI MC1495DR2 IDT7204S12J MC10101P 1.5KE51C P6KE7.5CA SAA7165WP BC368 RL157G 03906GRF 74LVCH244AD LT2A07 W91590AL SIM1-0505D-DIL8 74LVT2244WM B2100 BC847AWT1 DS1010S-450/T&R 5962-8754901DA RKBPC25-00/W MAX6364LUT26-T SMDJ160A BB135 V150ZA20 SN74ALS520N IS80C51-40WI MSM54V16272-70GS-K MO136C F08A60P DS8921ATM

16 May 2022 (New datasheets):

25C320-E/ST LD2985BM28R 29C010TI-2 M38863F7A-XXXGP SST89E554RC-40-I-TQJ MAX6318LHUK31BW-T SFH6186-4 STK15C88-P45 MC33023DW IDT54FCT162501ETPVB TX1-9XFZ V26MLA0805LA R1223N342A-TL HV9103P PM100CSA120 PT2129A-S82 AT24C08A-10TI-2.5 CAT93C5712U-30TE13 M38255M6DXXXFS TV2214FM IXFN25N80 IMP692AMJA REC5-7009DRWL D20XB80 FBL2040BB NE33284A-T1 M27C256B-10C6TR QL8x12B-1PF100M SN74F260DR GP103BG-AC120-L MBFR1560CT PSMN004-55W HD74LS293 BYW29Fseries EBD11UD8ABFB-6A 1.5KE400C 74LCX543WM PIC16F873T-20/SO PDM41256SA12SOTR CEP6060L MC74HC390ADTR2 HD74HC149 2N5460 V120MLA1210WA MAX6310UK44D1-T AT45DB011-XI HUF75343G3 PIC16C923-04/PT SAA7183WP TK71632SCLH PIC18F4320-I/P SB220-TB HP3-ML-AC240V MAX4508MJE DM74LS09M P6KE68 M66242FP UT62256SC-70L PIC16LC620-04I/P M38C37E3MXXXFS CS8412-IS PIP120 ACM1602M-NEGW-T BS-CD55RD CD5529B SC1131CT-1.5DB HI1-0201HS-2 BZV55-C4V7 IN74AC86N 1N5921D DGP12U5D12 EKIN2-150WTR MR5460.MP4A M38C25F9-HP CAT93C4621UI-42TE13 CDCVF2510PW MLL5260B DTC144ERLRP EDI88256C70CB G41801A-DC12-BM 36HSA FS6051 XC6204A40AMR AM29F002NB-120PE REC3-3205DRW MP35-14 IDT542257CTD ATV2500L-30LM LP2953IM IDT7MP4095S20M PT2128A-C24S P6KE300-T3 RD3.0F-T8 MURHB805CT P6SMBJ24C KM68257CJ-15 FX851 1MBH50D-060S MT9044AP DDU8F-5125 LM3622AMX-4.1 ML4890ES-3 LP62S1024BV-55LLT IDT7206L20J BC856BF ST203C10CHH3L ZTX558 M38041MF-XXXSP

15 May 2022 (New datasheets):

TSOP1836SF1 EL4584CN OP304SL M38033MB-XXXSP UT54ACTS165UCA 1N1183 P6KE20 TSOP1533XG1 SS22A PDU15F-8MC4 XCV100E-7PQ240I ZCD6C08NGL MAX4554C/D 3KP48 IDT7007L55JI RN5VS12AA-TR MMBT6428LT1 CLL4738A AT49F001N-55TI SP674BB X24641S8 DMC16128 TL16C550CFNR ST62P10CB3/XXX NTE5640 DS8922N TS556CN SMA81C PHP21N06LT TSC80C51CXXX-36IG IDT72811L35PF SAA7201H K4E640812B-JC-5 IDT54FCT2645TLB IDT74FCT16646TPA SN74CBTLV3383DWR NTE2944 SPX432AN CMPT6429 SD203N25S15MSC R1221N17XG-TR SIM1-0524S-DIL8 MAX6316MUK26CZ-T 54LS279DM M38043F5-XXXFP LS7560 BC856B 74AC175MTCX ADS1211P BQ-M324RD LD1117ADT28TR MC1489AP GB301YG-DC125-SF-L SN74AHCT02DBLE PI6C2309-1HW 74HCT423D P4SMAJ10CA-T1 KSC5502DT SN54LS47 AM29LV200BB-70REE SN74HC165NSR G70LS0B-DC12 FAR-C4CB-10000-L12-R CMHZ5265B ZSR500N8 TK11230BMCL TSC80C51XXX-25MH/883 NTE7152 CD54HC163F3A APT6010JLL 2SK3029 THI0511 UDN2559LB P6KE130CA P80C31SFPN MBR3035CT NMH0512D RN5RT30AA-TL V62C5181024L-45W M38B71MEH-XXXFP TS83C51FB NTE4973 HFA3860B 74VHC123AMTC DSP1628 AGM1212C-FCGBD-T KS88P4632 5962-9452601Q2A 1N4917 G65SC22PE-2 AT24C08A-10PC-2.7 P6KE30A M38037M6-XXXHP D2547P55 TQ2SL-L2-4.5V-Z M68757H SN75ALS1177N 1PMT4621 WS512K32N-55G1TMA 1N5249 SN75C1167DBR PD70F160 M38255E8-HP M38022M8-XXXFS AN7259S MK45H01K12 WE128K32P-300G2TQA

14 May 2022 (New datasheets):

RH5RI701B-T1 CD611616A HCF4022BC1 GNR10D181K NJM2204AD 1H6-TB AM29LV104BT-70FCB TEA1064B/C1 MMBZ5236BLT1 BZX79-B7V5 GOG96012 NM24C04EM8X 5962H-0153401QXC CY74FCT163245CPACT MLL14KESD11 AME8520AEEVEFX26 LM3812M-7.0 GL603USB M30201M4T-XXXFP 2SA1330-T1B 74LCX16374CW SJC144A PD54008 TISP4180F3DR LF85ABV SG2524BN CM30TF-12H V292BMC-40LP UPC8110GR-E1 MK45H02K12 LC74794M M38259E3MFP 1.4KESD170A SG1825CL/DESC EZ5Z3-TADJ APR3011-26BI-TR COPEB888V TLV2771CDBVR 74VCX162373MTD PZM2.4NB SAA5496H/nnn MXD1005SA60 ISTS832S P5KE11C IS61LV256-15JI HT614 HMM5230B XRD4411 37LV128-TI/L 2EZ47 CAT93C4611U-45TE13 APT60GT60JRD 2SK3365-Z-E1 SMS12TG WME128K8-200DEM MC34262DR2 SST29EE512-200-4I-EN G73MAS-DC24A ST72F521R9 93LC56B-/P UNR921K SD15CTC FPNH10 MPC2105PDG66 269-B-130-14xx-B 2SC4420 R12C09 IDT74157DTD BYQ30EB-200 P5KE85CA KID65001AP 2SD633 SN74LS244J MCM6323AYJ10R LX8584-33CP BPY63P M38074ME-XXXFS 2SD1511 5KP51A A390N L292 PSMA24A PJB649ACK TD-10 ER1000F RN5VS26AA-TL REC15-2212SRWBZ PPG33F-3MC3 MX27L256QI-25 M38B50M6-XXXFS M38251E5DFS MC10E196FNR2 SLR-342DC AME8800CEAT G911TD4D C65SC02-ADW-6 74F02SC RP03-4815SG UCC5673PWP BZX79-B18 EZ1587CT-1.5 REC3-1715SRWZ A8233SLH SG3626M U20C20C SR830R DE1a-24V

13 May 2022 (New datasheets):

IDT54FCT823BD 309UR160P2 MP02/280-16 MAX4428EPA 1N5224A 33C408RTFE25 AT49BV1614AT-70CI M38062ME-XXXFP TFMBJ17 PIP250 SDMK0340L P4SMAJ9.0C-T3 UF4007G VI-JNTMX FAR-C4CQ-10000-K11-R ED1006CT AGM1532A-MEFTS-T HA-4905 SMCJ10 WF2M32U-150HI5 Z06SLL TQ4-48V ICS9161A-01CW16 IDT74FCT16H245CTEB HCS360T-I/P M38067M8DXXXGP MAX6318LHUK40BW-T MDU28C-75A1 XC6203P232PL VI-LCNL-XX FMG-22S AD9020SZ/883 VC-TCXO-204C2 S-29391A-FJ AD7376AN100 MAS28151FD UC3854N 1.5KE8.2CA M38869FFAGP HB01U15D12Y M38277M8MXXXFP HS1209 AGM1264D-RLBTW-T R3130N40AA-TR M38500M8H-XXXSS PT2127A-C92 AT49HF010-45PC MAX6313UK25D1-T LMH6702MAX RH5RH613B-T1 RP20-243.3SF IDT7202LA120XE TML30512 ADS-943MM TC1173-5.0VUA TEA1095TS MAX3532EAX AM29F160BT-90WCCB BAR18 15KP150A AM29LV020BT-70JIB HA16117FPBJ CD4052BCSJX SMCJ22C SF50BG RN5VT59AC MK1449STR 1.5KE130CA MC14572UBD TYN625RG SN74AHCT00D MAN5460 STPRF1615CT NTE8085 UPD78F9177YGB-8ES KM681002CLJI-12 M38222M8HXXXHP DHD2805SE MG74PB24 ZXMD63P02XTA TL084CNSLE S6A0090 MXL1016CS8 P6KE110CA R3131N46AA5-TR SMI-25-502 IDT72274L15G UGP10G TG-169 MPX2100GVSX M27C256B-20XC6 TD87C54-2 AS2431C1DV LM217D2T BS62UV1024PI SF1601G MCM6209CJ35R2 HCS300-/P MC74AC125DR2 MBR1030 1N5392GP 1PS59SB15 74F151APC SN54180J 1N4607 TSOP4838WE1 MC33178P VI-LC6V-XX

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