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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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23 May 2019 (New datasheets):

NZT560A BC550 BZ55C58 1N4779A AZ833 HGT1S20N35G3VLS TL061ACDR LF27CV GQ1101-7 S10A30R IC62C1024-55W DS1005S-100/T&R DM74ALS240ASJX RT9172F-18CG DDU4F-5008M SN74ACT08D NTE2536 TC835CBU CAT93C5714K-30TE13 NTE5154A SST29VE020-150-4I-WN ST230S12M2V BF998R AME8501CEETCE27 IDT74FCT2646TLB IRU1010-25CP LAG640D RM75TPM-H GC118BR7013024RD CP2502 SC87C51AGA44 MCM67C618BFN7 MMBZ5231B ED1003CT G65SC02-ACI-5 XC5202-6VQ64C MAX902MJD PIC16LC554-04E/SO IS61LV3216-20K AT93C46-10TI-2.7 RN5RK432A-TL BZX84-C62 5962-8767902XA FU-68PDF-V510M92B BAT15-113S HCF4038B 2SK2413 C5331-05 U633H04SC25 REC5-6609SRWLZ P4SMAJ6.5-T3 ICS9154A-26CN16 R1111N461A-TL PIC16C661-10/TQ A617308S-15 AM152 2N3904RL1 VI-RCWBXX-XXXX WMF2M8-150FLC5A LTC1144 M38C22M2-XXXFP UT22VP10E-15UCC RD33M-T1B PCF1252-8P M38259M8DXXXFS UCC3921DTR PT-30DFT/B M1P1 28LV256JC-4 SSM2056 RD3.9EB1 TL16C450FN MXL1076ET P6KE51CA SMCJ16A IDT79R3051E25J MSC23437A-80DS9 1N5349B ISL9N302AS3ST P4SMAJ7.0C-T1 V53C16258SHK40 ST300C12L0L M8R210 IDT74FCT2373CTQB 24S180 PIC16F873T-20E/SO MC74ACT08MEL ST223S08PFN2L BS616LV4015EC PCA1624U 10EZ17 SA33 IDT54FCT162H501CTPA ZTX690B NMV2412D SMV2022-001 IDT74FCT162646TPV MAX749CSA GC89SRBC20FS 2N1711 IDT54FCT2534CTLB IDT54FCT2245CTLB VI-PUJY-XXX HL02U12D12Y IS61C632A-7PQI PIC16LF873-20E/SO 2SK1636(S)

22 May 2019 (New datasheets):

BZX84-C2V4 IDT74825ATDB KBH2J X24645S8I-2,7 2SJ407 309URA120 KHQ03048S3V3BH BL-C5130N IDT54FCT162244ETPV 74AC138MTC IS61SF25618-12TQI QL8325-7PT280C GS84036AT-166I AG303-63PCB MV6300A SDA2010 D44C8 UCC3916DPTR NE566F B1585J-5 NTE291 MT8809AC KSC1187 SBA500AA160 AD7723 SMLJ30C MH4S64BBKG-7L STK11C48-S35I MC10189FNR2 M38253EBMGP 74HC365N V30MLA1210H MT4C4001JC-10/IT KBU1004G RD3.0UM ZRC400Y03 CAT93C4624UI-28TE13 BUK206-50X P6SMBJ18C SB250 GC102BR5011022RD 2W10 AT89LV55-12PC GS-R415 SA45A TPS7301QD CLM4121N R1170H391A-T2 MH16D72AKLB-10 5962H9656301QXA REC15-2215DRWB M38C25FE-FP AM29LV400BT90SIB VI-27YIX MBM29PL3200BE90PFV M27C256B-45B6 PS11035 PBYR30100WT MAX394EWP AT27C512R-12JC G690H308T91 MI-PC6NN-XXX BY251 M93C66-BN6 R1120N341A-TL G1216B1N000 SMAJ8.5 1N5819 SA606D SN74LVU04ADR ATF22V10B-10SI LS7212 SMD99F-5075 JM38510/65302BCA CY7C006-25AC ISD1420P SA50-11SGWA PLD08UDY ILC7062CP-46 CD74HC74M 1.5SMC16C AS7C1025A-15JI MIC2525-2BM AT27C010-15JC SAA5297PS/nnn P6KE68A SA60 X24C16S8M-2,7 V805ME04 CY74FCT162373CTPVC CY74FCT374CTQC DS1804X-100 ACM1601B-NLFW-T GS-R1012 VI-QUXV-XXX DM74S04N M38C23M7DXXXFP UT54ACS283 VT5F9MN0007 74VHCT05AM CXK5V8257BYM QL7120-6PT280I MMAD1103 PIC16C642-20/SO 5962R9658001VXA SR260 SNJ54ALS688J SST32HF401-90-4E-L3K

21 May 2019 (New datasheets):

RE5VL52AC CAT93C4611UA-25TE13 AMS1503CT-5.0 ZVN2110G ER1A WS512K32-15G1UI MX7847KR TC850CLW DSF20060SF60 E2505H54 M38199E7-XXXFS KM416V1204CJL-45 NM24C65M8 M5239L 2N3500 48IMR3-1212-2 AGM3224D-RC-BBW-T TIP48 CY7C1021-15VC TN8752BH NM93CS66LEM LM320K-5.0 M38250ECMFS M4LV-128N/64-12JI BZV85-B7V5 SMCJ6040A PT5023C NM24C03LEM8X E03-12P3 ACT-F128K32N-120P3Q PAL16R6-7JC AMMCL004AWP-150 NM24C04ULEM8 WME128K8-300CQA LM2937IMP-8.0 CAT93C5711J-28TE13 P4C1981-15JI HCF4018B SR39-T1 AV9148BF-04 MSK5150-00TU PHW14N50E HAA16C S83C654IBAA PT2128A-L94S NM93C46MX KD221K05 P5KE14C AN78L08 TC302AL/CL 5KP13 AZ943-1CH-48D ENH064V1-1300 EDS2516APTA-7A TSH110ILT SB08-48-5S S10WB20 AZ948-1A-12D ULQ2004D1 74ABT16260DL MGB34D KA78R08 M37735EHLXXXHP M38063MCAXXXFS RH5VL38CA-T1 DFM1200FXM18-A000 SG7912IG/883B STGP10NB37LZ SNJ54LVC138AFK M38181M3-XXXFP TC653BDVUA 74ACT16245TTR M38505MFH-XXXSS AT49F001N-55PI M38C35M9MXXXFS P4KE12CA BD242 PT4610F CD5361B UC3711N ULBM2TE 1N5261A MAX7413CPA REC3-4315DRW S-29331A-FJ LS22AA-2R/FG-T 1.5KE16C TS7211BILT ACM1602A-NEYH-T SGF80N60UF TSC80C31-12MF/833 CA3085 1N646-1 RT9261-46CB ZM4757 PIC16CR72-20I/JW RP60-2415SE M38204M5DXXXFP SF21 D2005UK PM5346-RC VI-RUDBX-XXXX BM-20F88MD TPS3125L30DBVR AM29LV008BT-70REI REC10-7112DRWLZ DWA010

20 May 2019 (New datasheets):

SD101A MIC2505BM MM1226XF 1N825UR-1 HSM890G TSH321D 5962-9651701QXA M38505M5-XXXFP PC3H7A M5-512/192-12AC Z8913929ASC SA08-11EWA 5962H9659501QRX RE5VL44AA-RF AS7C4096-20TC MB54503PFV SN28835FS-X X24645VI-2,7 MMSZ5254BT1 NM93CS56EM8 MAX692AMJA M38868E8A-FS PT2127A-L51 SJA1429 VI-RUVJX-XXXX AGM1264B-RLYBD-T IS2705-1 28LV64A-T-20I/L MAX368C/D HPMX-5002-TY1 AD7528SQ GC89SRBD24RD DCR1279/40 AM29F002NB-90EEB 1.5KE36 5962H9657001VRA TRB6545 APL431ABI-PB LD2980CM28TR L4931ABV120 CT2578-02-IN-P119 M1T1HT18PL32E STD17N06 BR2506 MAX495CUA ZPY5.6 TDA9614H/N1 BA6266 SN74AHCT138DGVR lCM7217BlJl X28C010DI-20 3EZ17D3 PIC17LC42A-25I/P P6SMBJ150A DS1803Z-100/T&R FAR-C1SA-04915-M00-U KBL10 STA203A SAA-322300 FAR-F5CE-820M00-K204-V M38020M4-XXXFP TDA8758G/C1 T-51410D104-FW-P-AG MB84VD2108X-85-PTS MCM72F8DG10 MAX263ACWI NM24C08LM8X IDT7203S50JB 93LC86T-I/P P6KE47 PST9338U MM1292HF 2SB1639 S16S60D GC102BR7012022FS TPS3125J12DBVR P6KE220CA APL5507-A28OC-TR LT2079 P6KE20C-TB A29040A-90 LL41 BZW03-C110 P87C51FC-4B BZX97/C3V0 BFR93AT PSD112/18 MC10EP16D E05-20B Z15D391 P4SMAJ110CA-T1 STV-6301-E01 TK15411MTL MAX6318MHUK34CZ-T 14KESD45A AT49F080-15RI ACM1602B-NLTH-T M38225M1HXXXFP HD14521B MG75PB06 FESB8BT MC74HCT541AN BL-B5134-L CAT28C65BPA-12T ES5106Q M38509M3H-XXXSP M38036M3-XXXSP AM29F010-120DWI

19 May 2019 (New datasheets):

GP102BG-AC24-B TEA5711T IDT74FCT640TL P6KE8.2-TB MN6450S/BCH RH5VT16CA-T2 AS8E128K32Q-200/883C 2SA1404 MAX6317HUK50DX-T SFR201-T3 RL151 WSF128K32-22H2I SF20SC3L MAX4174AKEUK-T P89C51RD2HFA TZA3031U UPD753104GC-XXX-AB8 SMCJ40CA PI3VT3245L A3209EUA-TL IRGPC40FD2 MC74HC86AFR1 TLC3702CP V42100 SA56614-44GW MCM69L820AZP8.5R SK22-T1 ADM237LAQ KM416C1004CJ-L45 BS-C315RD-A ST6255BB3 AME8510AEEVCFE31 B-3034G-CA ADS7808U/1K PM110-14A M66850FP NMV2405S M38220M8HXXXGP SST89V554RC-40-I-NJ X28HC64FM-55 ACS125MS M38020M6DXXXSS G8371-03 TLC074AID P4C198A-35DM VI-RW4XX-XXXX IDT7205L65TPB TMS320C53SPZ57 NM93CS56M8 MAX6321HPUK41CY-T TXD2SS-24V-Z TC427COA FMMT413 IDT74FCT2652TSO BBY42 MAX6317HUK41AZ-T APT10026JN MLL1.4KESD51 REC5-2109SRWL PDM41258SA10SO UPD6122G-001 66015-203 BZX84-Y4V7 BYG50M IS61LF12836-8.5B BQ3287MT-SB2 BZX84C24LT1 APL5309-29BC-TR ER1002FCT DM74ALS1000AMX MC10H159ML1 SBH15-03 SY10 BL-HE1G033F IDT54FCT16652ATPFB MAC15SN AM29F160BT-90SEB AM29LV800BT120SC G83ADS-DC6-Nil LM9811CCV HER156-TV TX1-8 IS61LV3216L-10K ACM0802C-RLBH-T X9313ZSI3 AD6623AS 7429FCT2520ATPYB P4KE100C MAX1270BENG GP102BG-AC12-L MAX6316MUK35CW-T PST595G 1SMC5360 R1221N23AC-TR 1.5KE62 PIC16C923-04I/CL MC-4564EC726EFB-A10 PIC17C44-33I/P M5M5V408BRT-70HI MIC29301-12BT STTA1212D V61C3181024-10T X28C256TM SC1565IT AM29LV040BT-55RFE CC25-12YWA 1N5950

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