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21 January 2021 (New datasheets):

SN74LS298ML1 MAX909MJA PCF8576U/5 U630H16D1K35 PDT1446-DI-D4 LCX026AL RN5VT59AA-TR 5962H9651601VCX SPX3941U-5.0 ADC08038BIWM CS5541-BS AT93C46-10PC-2.7 REC10-3812DRWL MR5360 AD831 RT9263CCX5 FAR-C1CB-16000-M01-R SB2540FCT PST9125 KRC121M MRF141 BFG590 1N5519B M38C32EAMXXXFP SSR1N60B MC74HC4066AN SL4025BD LP3965EMP-1.8 M38508E8H-SP V18MLA0603H MSP3415G SNJ54ALS574BW MC7918CT M37753FFCHP REC3-4605SRWZ 70HF160M MAX6318LHUK36AZ-T MC74ACT377MR2 25C160-I/P M38B58E3-XXXFP NFV14D471K AV9148F-03 ADC84-10 25C640X-I/ST P6FMBJ39 2082-6043-13 OL597N-3 AT28HC256E-90TI MM1365 LC13 74VCX245MTC CM15S1015 1N5818 ZMM5226 CD54AC541F3A MA1065-1 REC5-543.3SRWLZ LM4050AIM3-5.0 IRLZ44N M5M4V64S40ATP-8A GS881Z36BT-166 1N5255B BAV102 UPG101B TLC555CPS AM29F400BB-90DWI1 REC10-6712SRWL P6KE9.1C MC92308CI P6KE47C-T3 APL5308-34DC-TR MI-QC6N2-XXX VI-Q32X-XXX 1N4702 CD6284CA TR2007SF37 MX29F100TTC-12 H7155-20 AGM1532A-NEFBW-T REC5-2512SRWL N80C51BH BZX384C2V4 SA15(C)A ST5R30U P4C1981-25LMB TZX6V8C XC62FP2302PL TS1852 APT10025JVFR AD1816AJST KM684000CLTI-5L BXY43-TP MJ3000 FM307 RBV5006 74LV423DB M38221E5-GP BD-C30DND-A LM2937IMP-5.0 S6020L IDT74FCT2240DTPY WMS256K16L-35FGIA SN74CBT16861DGGR TC55RP3002ECB M38863MFA-XXXGP MAX6315US33D4-T MBRB2035CT

20 January 2021 (New datasheets):

SMLG160A PT2129A-S53 AS432A2D13 CLL457A STUS5B2 TEA1095/C1 ZVN3306F UVP-1457AC MC74HC73D HUFA76413D3 SMLJ64 M38508FAH-XXXFP WF512K32F-100G2UC5A LT1008MH TSC80C51XXX-25CF RS405M SN54LS77W CL-191UR-CD STUB5G0 KBPC4000W BAS70BRW BZX84-C20 M5M5V408BFP-85LW MAX6321HPUK43CY-T AZ23C18 PDM41028SA15TSO UF3K HSB276AS M5M5255DFP-55HL TS421IDT ATV2500BQ-25DC MI-22WIW XCCACEM16BG388I AME8500CEETCF31 M37210E4FP BF-CB3FRD STU8NC90Z 1.5KE440 UF1K-T3 TPS7325QPW LS6J3M-3G TLE4207G AM29LV800BB80SI PDTA143XE MI-J20MY MN3881S AGM1212C-RCGTW-T SR28 MAX4241ESA 3D3215Z-40 TDA4884 BZX85B30 AM29LV010BT-120FEB GS880Z36BT-133I APR3002-43BC-TR WSE128K16-42H1M M2K9 G691L293T26 MG50N2YK1 M38067MCAXXXFS M27C256B-20XB6 PT2128A-M32 AGM3224G-NC-YTD-T RE5RL52AA-TZ 1N5277B ST93CS47 TK71631ASCL VSX50MD23-1U PBL38640/2SOS REC8-4915SRWL CLC109MDC MPS6520 ZM33064N8 IC61C632A-6PQI AM28F512-90JE HLMP-S600 AGM1212C-NLGTD-T FB3504 M38031F4-SP M38223EA-GP 2SC3648 TLV0832CDR 1812L160 TPS77601D 1.5KE62C KBPC302 74ABT16245CSSCX JM38510/34604BR HI-8482CT CD420860 2N4117 ER1C PD25F120 HM2007P MI-RJ5LXX-XXXX 74LCX574TTR 74FST3245QS P4SMAJ15CA 12H3040-2 AMS1503CT-3.5 gmZAN3T TSC80C51XXX-40MA/883 1N4735A RH5RI472B-T2 HIN207ACB B4151CK5-2.2 DS1868S-100/T&R RSD-093.3

19 January 2021 (New datasheets):

KBPC4002GW DN3535NW M38503E6H-FP IDT74FCT162701TPA FH2164 IDT49C460EJB JM1aN-ZTMP-DC6V JBP28L22MJ 7429FCT2052CTSO BZX79-A9V1 MLL3828-1 TDA9102C 269-C-220-F1480-C GL2HY6 A-413H SN74ALVTH32373KR A1751A25RRSC08 BU508A SDA2C09 TM1.4.562K AME8501CEETDD21 NEZ6472-6B SN74F161ADR MI-J5RMA AN7809R PS411825 2SB1266 SD150OC04L L1581S-3.3 IDT54FCT543CLB AGM1232C-REYBH-T NE56631-29D SZ103G M38197M4-XXXFP VI-LJ14-XX CAT93C8621P-30TE13 SA14 1N5939B 1.5KE24CA PBYR1540CTX XCR3384XL-12FG324C LD2980ABM33TR AM29LV002B-90RECB R5312L001A PSD302-B-70L AM29LV081B-120FEB IDT74FCT16952CTPFB M2GB120DA-3 5962H9654301QXA BZW04P128 2SK2423 1N6120A CXG1117K GB301X-DC24-TF-L IXGH40N30S 1N1200B AT45DB041-JC ISD1016API LC89977M PT2127A-M92S MP254 RBA-406B PF507 1N5819 CDP6402D LM4050CIM3X-8.2 P6KE120C-T3 TX2SL-L2-24V-X IDT74FCT388915T150LB 20DL2CZ51A 309URA250P5 XNE5224CK LM1117T-5.0 SCAN18373TSSCX AM29LV400T80WACB RBM-1205D BZX84-A8V2 MC74LCX02MEL RH5VT10AA-T1 UGP15A M27C256B-20C6 REC15-6205DRWB CD74HC299M96 G90NilAD-DC24-12 IDT74823ATPY 5962R9656501QXA SN74ALVCH16260DLR TLC080CDGN BC369 P4SMAJ6.5A ZMM5246 74VHC240MTCX STB7NK80Z 1N4005L SMH4803BHK A37 1.5KE13CA SG1844Y GS880Z36AT-150I MC145041FN1 SN74ABT273N MT5C2568F-15L/IT CAT24WC05P-1.8TE13 ACM0802C-FLFH-T LF12ABP SG143Y ZR431F005

18 January 2021 (New datasheets):

ADR293GRU-REEL7 DDU4F-5004MC2 MM74HC04MX KA7525B 5962R8864405XA PI3B162212 1N4733A LTC1199IS8 AP1117T13A P80C552IBB SPC-1003P-100 AME8800HEEV BD900 RN5VT18CA-TL X40015V8I-A HM6167LP-6 AM29F160BT-90FCB CD4027BPW AGM1264E-FNGBD-T TZMC13 AT49F002T-12PI APL5505-B25XI-TR AME8530AEEVDFE23 MAX820RESE R1110N561ATR AN78L18M TLV2264QDR TC54VC2301EMB MH8S64QFC-10 REC10-2824SRWLZ 1.5KE100 M38221M1MXXXFP VKA60MS15-1 BZX399-C4V3 SN74LS365AD 2N4339 LM239AD M38045F8-XXXFP R1141Q321B-TR LM3302 ACM1601B-NLGH-T RF-1209DH EGP20J AGM1264F-FLGW-T UCC2895DWTR 1PMT4626 UF801F SAA5250T REC2.2-0505DR LCE22A G70HS1A-DC5 BS-C285RD-A 1SMB12CA LH28F160S3HB-L130 M5M5256DFP-85VLL HI-3187PSI 5962H0150202QYC SMBG100A 1K5S-N005 SMBJ5V0CA-TR BA3170 BAV99W 1514-70E AGM3224H-MC-YTW-T G901AO-AC24-12 M51996FP IDT54FCT151ATP U15A10 KM4132G271BQR-8 SN74HC4040D APM4800KC-TU KF2008-GR10A SR29 MT9172AE STGD3NB60SD DS1806S-050/T&R P87C575EBPN CAT25C162SA-28TE13 AM29DL800BT120ECB VI-25MIX AD8519 PT2127A-M91 SN74ACT7804-25DL LM2575T-ADJ TLV2773CDR WS256K32N-35G4IA MAX139CQH LMC6035IM M68732EH LM057QCTT03 IS62LV12816LL-100BI LS6U2M-1G SGH10N60RUFD HSA830 X68C75JISLIC TLV1571EVM SMDA15CN-5TB UC5603DP AME8808MEGT M38023M5DXXXFS 1N4755 HKA2907 BDX53 SMBJ10 SJA160 MDU14-12.5 VI-RUPLX-XXXX 74HCT161NB

17 January 2021 (New datasheets):

AAT9125IAS-B1 NTE389 SNJ54ALS652FK MIC4429CM RN5VD17CC MC74HC393D P4C164L-25DM CMR1-10M AME8501CEETAE21 UT61L256CJC-10 MC34025DWR2 IRFP044N MTN2143-CG M38864F4A-XXXHP D572C20GS SN74ALVC16835DL MSM5117405C-70TS-L HYB3165805AT-50 MC145162P IRF353 KBU1002G OR3T80-6BA352I K4S281632M-TC80 AGM1264D-FEGBH-T UPC1458G2-T1 HFBR-2416M MJD127T4 MT28F322D20FH-704T UT69R00012GPAG SN74AHC174N REC5-1709DRWLZ M38502MB-XXXSS 5962D0053602QUX BSP106 UBD600 TC54VN2701EMB PDTA144ET ASM3112C DDP3310B HD6301V1F MSM54V16255A-45JS KA248 R5031218FSWA 1N978C HFM303 SN74F245DBR GD80960JD-50 CAT93C5723K-45TE13 MK3711B VI-P4MX-XXX 74VCXH16240MTD ST6263BB6 GC70SN12016005FS 54F11DC SMAJ10A LTC1473 M38060EBAXXXGP PCF8579U/7 2N4373 XC6204A40AML AZ2280-1A-24A CLL4618 M38506EB-XXXSS 3N253 TPM15105 FM120M DDU8C-5175A1 XC6203P582FL A420616V-45U WS512K32L-25G2TIA BZX79-B4V3 PD110-46-HA MCC162-12IO1 TL051IP TS27L4ACN M38027E8-XXXSP 2SD2150 P4KE11C STE70NM50 WME128K8-200DEQA 5962L0053603QUX AM29F800BT-120ECB U631H256CDC25 1N5955A SK28 1N5243B 1.5FMCJ33A DKX2-10S 74HCT595D VI-RJ11XX-XXXX S592T GMS97C56 IC61C3216-20KI 5962-9161101M3A HSA1437 GH1-9K MC-4R192CPE6C-745 CAT24C022PI-45TE13 GNOM ADG407BN KA7500B 70HFR140M FST16035 ID242DXX PMP130-13-1 QK012NH5 LCA125LS

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