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29 August 2016 (New datasheets):

PT8215-S SN74LV594ADR AD7418 GM71CS17400CJ-5 EDI88512CA17NI G902AS-AC220-Nil2 ST72753 INA132PA SN74ALVCH16244DGVR A1750A24RRSC10 AM29LV004BT-90EI TXS2SL-12V-Z G17WNilS-DC24 MC74F157AN SMB11A BU806 PS21342-G CY54FCT240ATDMB VI-PJTYX-XXX PSD311-B-70M MV8313 BV-M54DRD NM24C02LZM8 HC2HL-AC6V AM29F010-45JC APA3010SYC BIR-BM07J4Q-1 APL431AIC-TB 1N4749A G70LS0C-DC5 UB2-4.5NU-L ADS805U/1K SMI-90-181 PIC-2058SMB EL2073CN PT2261A-S18 AT-255TR M54125P SN74AHCT373N M38220E7MGP X28C010KI-12 MUAC4K64-90DC DDU4C-5150M 2075-3000 QL4090-3PQ208I BS-A606RD M38074EA-XXXFP AM28F512-120EIB BR158W AD74322DAR BM-10657ND S-80742AN-D6-T1 LC8913 ZXM61N02FTC GS82032AT-133 RP20-483.312TE SD103N25S10PSC 1MBI400F-060 ARX4418-FP 1.5KE6.8C 74AC157SC 2SD780-T1B MC68HC705C8ACB G17WDC-DC24 P4SMAJ75A-T3 DF04M REC8-1112SRWL AZ971E-1A-24D TLC549IDR 2SA1022 P4SMAJ6.0CA DSEP29-12A IS61LV632A-6TQI IH5140MJE REC5-1615DRWZ SGL25N120RUFD BM-08488MA DAC7801LU/1K MIC5245-2.7BM5 LM2592HVT-ADJ RT9169-18CCB AD7376AR10 MRA1000-3.5L FR605G RS1M BD-A516RD CY7C4211-10JCT MAX7409EPA TLV1544IPWR PSMA10A 74LCX16543MEAX 1.5SMCJ20CA CD14538BNSR P6KE12CA-T3 MAX4256EUA NDL5421P1 DD502S 5962H9475401VYC TC54VC3102EZB MI-P6PX-XXX IDT79VR308125PF 2SB1592 YSS222-D SY100S307 NM93C66ALM8 1N4770A ST3384ECDR

28 August 2016 (New datasheets):

IRFU9214 T320/12 JANSR2N7281 DRD3 UF1G TU24C08BS3 MAX490EEPA DTC114ESA LM317MBT TDA9170/N1 BDW63B PT6605G LLSRK10 SGR117AIG LM3420M5-12.6 P5KE18A DCR1020SF61 YG902C3R NTE1408 IDT7007S20PF M38251M6-XXXFP MAX6317HUK27CY-T M38066M6AXXXFP R1230D281B-TL MAX6317HUK41CZ-T 2N3019 MUR480 PM300CVA060 IXGH41N60 BCR3AS SA150A GS816037T-200I IS61SF25618-8.5TQ MN103000 MIE-536A4U DDU7F-300MC3 1N4584AUR-1 LND3845B MC74HC4316FL1 MTIL117 BUK9535-55 RSZ-284.85P MSM7578VRS AM24ID03 SD7072-M6 LNJ906W5BRW TLV1571EVM 100344QCX 100324SCX WS128K32L-17G1UM BZX84-C39 MAX5101AEUE M38C25F4DHP TWR-5/1000-15/250-D48A LM340G-12MDC 1MB30-060 IP7812AR-883B MM74HC423AMX CD40163BF3A BFP81 SGP20N60RUF P4KE18C BA892 74LCX38M MSK4360D MI-RC2TMX-XXXX MAX4530EPP AT24C08-10SC-2.5 PIC12CE673-10I/JW AM29LV004T-70REE M38C20F6-HP SNJ54LS541W RURU15070 M38074MA-XXXFS CY74FCT162245TPACT AK25HB160 PCK2020DL T9G0221003DH BL-B3134G-1 IDT70V24S25PFI 2SC4955 FBI1.5J4S1 SPX1129U-3.3 M38033F2-HP HPR105 RFP50N05L ICM7211AIQ M38C34E8MXXXFS DLP05LC LC3517AS-15 TMPG06-20 AN77L12 UC3637Q DLO31F-5.5M MC54F158AJ KA7905 DS1010S-150/T&R BAV70S 5962F9689104VYA SA12A SNJ54LS645J M38194E7-XXXFP SAA7201H/B/C2 MAX6321HPUK28DZ-T S2EB-5V LS22AA-2D/FG-T ACM4001A-FEBD-T RT-1209

27 August 2016 (New datasheets):

UT22VP10T-20PPC ESJA59-12A M38C32M9AXXXFP REC5-2305SRWLZ 1N4124-1 LC503MHR1-06Q PIC16LF77-I/PT CAT25C128SI-TE13 MAX6317HUK45CY-T 1N5937A EDI8L24129V12BC ML6691CQ MS4C-S-AC48-TF-L S10M HEF4070BT MAX6321HPUK44CZ-T BM-41257MD X28C010K-20 REC15-2924SRWB 2SB624-T1B LST2825-T-DN KRA223S TLC1543QDB MN63121 MAX195BCWE S-8053ALB IP7905AK-BSS2 SM15T30CA R1500F LL103C IS80C51-24W BT152-600R LM2586S-12 CAT24WC128K-TE13 27C512A-12I/L IDT70261S55PF IDT54FCT543CPB 5KP33CA PSD312-B-70L 1N6294A TDSG3160 SMCJ13CA 74HC243D UPC1237HA BZX55 - C36 MI-QC6J2-XXX G90NilBD-AC220-1Nil HI-8588CRT-10 SMDA12CTB G9202-512R PCD3755AH A617308S-10 LA5586 BL-R4132L AGM1264E-RNFTD-T UC3633J 5962-9656301VXA 5962H9654401VXC H7711-13 1SMC5356 PEEL18CV8TI-25 BT-C401ND MN3867S OPA602AM BH3541F MAX6307UK31D3-T UPD703035AGC-XXX-8EU CAT25C161U14-42TE13 SN8P1707A OPB482P11 PDM31532LA10SOTY DS3884AVX MVL-663TUOLK-S P4C1981-35LM M38066M7DXXXFP MI-M7T-XX H30D30C OPB360L15 PIC16CR72-10E/SP TQ2H-L-12V MAX6318MHUK39DZ-T PDM31564SA8SOTY 74ABTH16240ADL 1F6 IDT74FCT2543TQ MI-L6K-XX M38868M7A-XXXFS 1N4743A SHV-30J NE5209N SNJ54LS145FK CD74ACT623M96 M38257ECDGP VI-PWMX-XXX RP03-1205SG IDT74FCT161ATQ 74ABT00DB BS-AB46RD JH2a-L2-DC24V TMG10C40F UCC3918DP MICRF022BM PIC12CE518-04/P X25642PM 30HCC IXGT30N60B Z86E0308PSC

26 August 2016 (New datasheets):

8640 PIC16C924T-04/SP G1-200P-85-1.6 PIC16C556AT-04E/SO 74F845SC P83C652EBAA 1N3766 PIC16LF876T-04/SP BYW75 GC70SN7013022R MB35-8 AGM1232D-FLGTW-T MM1302GF 2020-6605-10 IRF830 DPL3519A MIC833BM5 DM74LS30N MT4C4M4E9DJS-6 GC4211 HT815D0 CMZ5955B 1SMC5388 SP485RCN M38861E2AHP CP1006 AT29C040A-12TI LC83015E CDLL4701 SC2128A-M44S PWR6018-HVH MBM29DL322BD12PBT SM142B 5KP43C AMS385CN V240ME02 UCC39422PWTR PZM18NB P4KE51C HER304 2SA1025 P6KE39 SD400R24MC AME8510AEEVFFX23 MC1201A-P ST72254G2 UA78M20CKC MC74F194D MG74PB14 BR504W SMB6.8C HIN208E TEL3-2422 HEF4052BPB XTR110AG MLX90224AL QL2003-2PF144C MC74F174D LM324ANS CD74HCT27E uPD65626 MI-RC62RX-XXXX M38225M9HXXXHP E03-22B ZTX558 GTL2000DB BC487 DLO32F-7A2 AM27X64-120PC US1208CM 2SK2185 WM2623CD CAT93C6823PA-25TE13 1.5KE75A 3110UF MH32V25BST-5 MD51V65165-60JA TSC80C51XXX-12ME/883 74ABT16827ADGG IAM4810T21 HD14194B LC4103TAB-01 1N4714 SN74LS623DWR W149H TN87L54 APL5505-B30XI-TR LM2590HVSX-3.3 IDT74823DTSO P4KE250-TB PT2127A-L84 M5-128/104-15YC WMF128K8-50CI5 GS841E18AT-150 15KW240A DGS10-025A PD55F120 TSOP1240UU1 FZT788B 1N5256 M38063MF-XXXGP MX29LV401BXBC-90 UPC78L05J-3(HS) S-80718SL-AF-S GC102SR5011020RD TSC80C51XXX-36AA HC4HL-AC24V NJM2503D

25 August 2016 (New datasheets):

SA100 2EZ36D5 MP02HBN175-10 SNJ54LS02J PT78NR152H MAX362CPE REC10-7405DRWL UT62256CLS-35L AM29F400BT-120DGI1 TM1.8.680K EL2280CS-T13 LH28F016SCN-L120 NLHV500C MAH1916CL LLZJ5.1B RT9172N-30CM MT7318A-UR 1N5917B MC79L05ABP 301U160 IH2412SH 1N4001 KM432S2030CT-G10 303UR80P3 AM7201-50RC MT28C3212P2NFL-11T V53C8129HK35 UC3584N LM348N OPB865N11 MAX6316LUK36CY-T MB84VD2119XA-85-PTS P6KE47A FR257G ACM2002C-REBD-T G690H438T73 R1111N371B-TR IDT54FCT534CTL M38500MA-XXXFP MA08509D ESP50-0533T TZS4682 SN74AS885DWR A180RB FAR-F5CH-947M50-L2EV-T HS11 MAX6316MUK33DZ-T AGM1264E-FNFTS-T BUK203-50X MPS3705 LM78M08S NT128S64VH4A0GM0-8B SN74ACT7802-40FN OP413FS SMC82CA L72CB1STA-2L MI-RC6TLX-XXXX IDT54FCT2373CTSOB TLC2262CDR TX2SL-L2-3V-X MAX130EQH MMBD7000 ST6235BQ6 MX839P AV3032 1PMT5926BT3 UC3876N CY7C4421V-15JC DL5226B LF18ABPT MC74HC4051ADW 3EZ110D1 M38501MCH-XXXSS UPD75512GF(A)-XXX-3B9 MA4M2300 APT6025BFLL M62002LFP M2V64S40DTP-8 3SMC45CA TLE2062CD SN74HC245DW PIC16F877T-10I/PT XC95288XV-10TQ144I 1N6116AUS HD74LV10A P6KE9.1C LNJ218C8ARU1 UPD75402AGB(A)-XXX-3B4 CDC2536DLR CXP86216 BZT52-C27S MC68010RC8 XN04216 WF2M32U-90G2UC5A D1C120D WE512K8-250CIA EA2-9S TSMBJ1018C MMUN2132LT1 SN74HCT08PWLE IDT54FCT162H501ATEB MAZ7130 LX1555CM VUO80-18NO7 A1750A39RRFC08 CAT93C5713JA-25TE13 1N4784A

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