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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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14 November 2019 (New datasheets):

TL072CDR G73MAS-DC12 UPD6461GT-XXX MJD3055T4 TL16C750FNR FDN361AN M24C08-W PIC16CR72-02E/SP MC100EL59 GS74108AJ-12 M38502F7H-XXXFP IXFP3N80 LD2981CM28TR MAX6318MHUK50BZ-T FM93C46LEMT8 BZG05C56 AZ765-1C-3D MM74HCT273WMX EN29LV800JT-70T TK71650SCLH IDT74FCT2574DTQ A3964SLB SST29LE020-150-4I-WN MSC1163GS-BK GS881Z18BD-166I AZ2150-1A-70D TL343IDBVR NX29F010-70PL UPD750066GT(A)-XXX MAX6315US45D1-T SD300R20MC WMF2M8-150DLM5 42051-065 A290021T-90 TC1264-1.8VDBTR RK-1.809S HEF4104BU H3B3 301UR250P2 74LVXU04MTR SN74ALVC126DR REC15-4805SRWBZ WE128K32N-250G2TQ 100301SC AGM1532A-REBBD-T M38020E7-XXXSP DD505 CAT93C6622S-30TE13 G690H400T71 AM29LV400T120SE CAT93C8612K-42TE13 MAX739CWE AD977AARS IDT74FCT162H244CTPFB KBP207 SN74LS163AML1 IS61SF25618-10B PIC16LF877-10E/PT SMBJ8.0C PT2128A-M22S LG5460-J EB2-6 LM34CAZ MK45H13N50 ARE1309 T10C270EF LM2638M SD153N08S15PV P4KE68C 12IMR6-05-2 P5KE60CA SN74ALS151D SM5K4 2SA1607 KBU402 GS71116AJ-8I BA489 AME8809HEHA MT8952BC M38B55M9-XXXFP BZG03-C27 RN5VT14CA-TR HSA827 FDC15-48D15 74LVTH373WMX AME8501AEETBE40 SPX2937U3-15 BZW04-102 STPR805DF MC79L08A CAT25C042U14A-45TE13 TLC7225CDWR M38023M8DXXXFP DAC312 VUB120-12NO1 UC2726DWPTR ST62P60BM3 VI-MC6T-XX DR1P5-24S12 RT9172N-22CG B4251CK-4.0 SLD10UDB IDT54FCT88915TT55JB GS74104J-8I IDT7164S20TPB M38223M7HXXXFP OMA2541SKC

13 November 2019 (New datasheets):

ADC08161CIWM HC4E-L-AC24V BUL310 NTE1729 EPM7032TC44-6 ALD4212PC TS301R IDT71342LA20J PIC17C43-33I/L TK11547TL NJU6453AFC1 KTC4520F D2587P29 M38225E5HGP MMJT9435 AGM1212E-RLFTW-T M38192E9-XXXFS ZMM5255B DSS2X61-0045A REC5-5205SRW EM56400A G41601C-DC6-B LM2901N 8102306CA SA1137-2 25C040T-E/SN 3EZ14 PCM61P-K MHW8182A TC2500 PP300T120 FQAF22P10 OPB696C PT2128A-M32 1N6489 L53BT25.4/SGD BL-BEG204-B RD-2424DH VI-PURF-XXX RS505 301URA80P5 SN74F258N 1N4148WS-T3 ST24W01 HGTP2N120BN CAT93C5713SI-42TE13 7250 WF512K32N-90G2UM5A M5M5V208RV-10LL ZMY43 CHFP6KE28 KM684000LT-5 IDT74FCT646CTPB 3EZ27D3 ACM1602N-RLGD-T UZ5708 LST2525-B-FP Z86L4308VSC MAX6309UK25D3-T 74LV4051D SFH300FA TEF3718SSP BR101 XC5206-5PG191I SEC1703C UT61256LS-15 AGN210S12X MSB49TA-4 VBE17-12NO7 XWS6015 1N5292 MB3510 R3112Q38A-TR CY74FCT652ATSOC CY7C199L-20LMB VI-24PIX MC34280FTBR2 A62S8308M-55S 24IMS7-24-24-9 MMSZ5247B 1N5269D M38048FA-HP PDU54-250C4 W83193R-02 KBU12J BAS20-T1 FAN7000D TZS4679 M38061M9AXXXGP M38204M8DXXXHP TLE2064AID PF506L P172PBCJ PIC16C554-20/SO WS512K32L-55G2TQ 3EZ120D5 BT131W-600 M38222MAMXXXHP AMS1505CMV-1.5 SN74CBT3253PWR 1N4717 G690H463T71 BT-M554RD 3EZ400D5 PI74FCT162952TA MOC215 M38025M4DXXXSS 1.5KE36CA

12 November 2019 (New datasheets):

VI-J2LCX 1N4685 NTE998 2N3904RLRE PJ7906CI AT27C020-90TI EGP15G HER106 5KP P4C116-25SC EPM7192EQC160-15 M38074EB-XXXFS AM29F100B-120DTI1 MAX495C/D GC89BNDF12RD IDT74FCT533TD P6KE8.2 AZ8 IDT54FCT2240DTD TD-62 TDA1060B TS372CN 74AC241SJ 305URA200P5 MBR0520LT1 RN5RZ49AA-TR OR2C06A-4J160I PALCE16V8H-25PI SF23-T3 TG1.8.330K K4S561632A-TC/L80 M38202E3-XXXFP M38864F5AGP TYN1008 MAX6321HPUK50AZ-T MX93000KC PST573HM 2SJ554 DA0879 MMBR941T3 TPS76525D PIC17C43T-25/JW D1C2410 G90NilAD-AC12-Nil2 FX507 AS7C31025-20TC M38225E1MFP KM684000LGI-10L TXD2SL-L-1.5V MC74HC163AD 5KP7.5A PT2128A-B94 RQ5RW60AA-TR SD1030YS AT28HC256F-90PC RH5VL53AC ACM1602V-RLYS-T M37902FCCHP Z86C0208PEC HGT1S3N60A4DS G90NilBO-AC48-1Nil ERA38 EVAL-ADV7194EB LP62S16512U-55LLI GS8160E18T-200I APT3216YC WE128K32N-150H1CA M27C801-120K6X G9204-512D VSC838UG FKC05-12D15 VI-MCWD-XX MAX6315US37D4-T U632H16SC25 PE250GB40 MAX6309UK33D4-T MAX214CPI APL431ADI-PB MAX6306UK43D2-T MJD45H11 CL-270G-C-TS PI5C16225CA MAX6317HUK36AY-T X4005M8I SST29VE020-250-4I-EH P6SMBJ160C IDT54FCT574ATEB MB86615PBT FDC20-24D12 TPM15212 AGM1232C-REBTW-T M38071MD-XXXFS TC4428ACPA ZCA6H15L CAT93C8632U-42TE13 SMLG60 TDA4662T/V3 3D7303K-10 KBPC1010 BCR08PN UC3823ADWTR ER2D PI74FCT534TL AT45D081-TC MC78L08ACD UC3886N SC9102D

11 November 2019 (New datasheets):

M5M467405BTP-6S DS1867E-010 IDT54FCT574TPYB MAX149BEPP D2587P876 M38860F6AFS RQ5RW34BB G90NilAD-DC24-Nil2 KIA3842AP HD74HCT126 NFV10D470K 1N4084 MC74HC86AF 2N5307 NF4EB-24V-1 VI-2TKIX NNCD6.8MG-T1 SD24CTG M38201E2DXXXHP MM74HC273WMX REZ-1224S MC74VHC1G135DTT3 X2N5114 5KP5.0A MTA1164-HRG AH2 V62C3802048L-70T SB520-T3 KRA568U K4H281638B-TCA2 VI-22VIX TIP41C MAX477EPA AME1084ACCS BZX79-B16 CD6288 MAX485MJA TEA1066T AM28F512A-70JC MAX6310UK49D4-T LS7266R1-SD MAX786RCAI TDA1001B ZMM3.6 S83C752-2A28 PWR72 SM5617HF M38226E1-FP MC14585BD VI-23FMX RMPA29200 MAX4537CPE K6R1008C1C-JI10 74VCX162240MTDX M38505M4H-XXXSS 1N966A LD2980CM50TR TSC80C31-40IE BUW11W SST29LE020-200-4I-NH M38864E7AGP UPC1658G MAX905C/D 1.5KE75A TS3010R SMLG11 MAS9162AST8-T TK11322BMIL TPS3305-25DGNR MC3403DR XCB170STR 5962-9858701QXX XC6203E202PR LP62S16256EU-55LLT BS-C411RD MN5201H/B HCS14MS APT7844OI-TU VI-27KEX 5962-8975601SA 54RHSCT630CD 5962G0150201VXX 28C010TRT1FB20 CY74FCT16543ATPAC AD7572AAN03 ST300C20C1L VI-QU4D-XXX 309UR250P4 SNJ54LS541FK SW-279 RB155 PT2128A-C42 FM93C46TEMT8 LP2950CDT-3.0 TSOP4838XG1 OL392N PI3L100L CL7256AFC208-7 DAC08ES VG36648041DT-8H OPB360P15 ZY180 SMJ44C256-12 SMBJ13CA AMS3107CN-2.5 H21B2 L6202 PBPC1005

10 November 2019 (New datasheets):

SMH4803CEMP LM340G-15MWC BZG03-C62 5962-9099401MPA BY9318 BUK436W-200A FAR-C3SB-06000-K01-U SE1K FX4400 N8259A SNJ54LS373J NM24C16LVN UTCM2100 C2741-03 ADS6616A4A-6 PE130F40 A1750A35RRSC06 SA13A APT1608SRDPRV UPD16634AN-XXX MC74F139D LT1025 TEA5581T C-542Y AGM1212B-REYBH-T SNJ54LS598J TSOP1230 1N4150 M38256EBDFP MPTE-18C PC358 KLC450 XC4036XLA-09HQ240C R1223N472G-TL LS6J3M-3D/T P6KE91A IRF460 LT1124 BDX54B MMSZ4695T1 DDU8C-5250 IDT7143SA90PFB MI-RC6RVX-XXXX 2N3771 MG75PB14 P4KE300A CAT93C8621J-28TE13 UNR-3.3/12-D5 IDT54FCT373DTL 2SC3336 CD54HCT30F3A 172-1 NJM2228S 23101 1N5398B CXTA27 REC5-5505DRWL RD82EB IS61SP12836-150B WS128K32L-20H1MA BZW06-7V0 SAA6581T MAX6317HUK31CY-T M38C34MAMXXXFS AMS3102AM-3.5 PHPM6B10E60D3 AM50-0004SMB IDT7143LA35JB CM82C59A 1N4912 FAR-F5CH-942M50-L2KM-T 5962-9221802MRA PCM1760U-L/1K LT1076HVCT-5 MD87C51FC-1 RT9172N-26CG M38C37E4MXXXFS Z86E7216PSC BD236 T89C51RD2-SMSC-L TLV1562CPWR MT4C4001JCZ-12/XT SB1620DC-T3 1.5SMC36A JM38510/33202BRA KBPC606 TMX320LF2406PZA AM28F512A-200PCB TC1800H DS3884AV VI-21RIX TSC80C51XXX-12IF AMS317ACM-1.8 P4KE300A BRY56A 1N6295 LD1117DT50 P6KE7.5A 3D3215Z-60 M38506MBH-XXXSS TLC272IP NJM4562D MGB32C MT5C2568CW-45L/XT TSOP1756SE1 MC74LCX374DT AM27X040-120PI

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