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27 November 2022 (New datasheets):

P87C58SFBB DS53-0001 MAX4135EWG TAP1223 SMCJ48A CAT93C4612UA-42TE13 RT9161-32CV SS1C2400 AZ850P2-5 LF442CD SG7820K PT2249AHN STK4067 HD6801S5P TR2002SF14 BSP304A RE5VT53AA-RF M38030MC-XXXSP RH5VL53CA-T1 M38253M2DXXXGP DM54L74J/883 SN74LS175D FAR-C3SB-06144-J11-U 1N4744A MIB51TA RE5VL22CC FM93CS46TLZVMT8 PZM15NB1 5962-86806012A SD203N14S20MBC CD4516BPW PSA08-11YWA BRR1A16E MLL14KESD14 HLMP-S500 N74F195N LAE675-U2 PCT-1861 M38869EAA-HP SM137C M38C22F1-FP MAX636AEPA MI-RC6V3X-XXXX SM1421 PMST5550 REC5-3412DRW M38258EDMHP M38255M1-XXXFP 5KP15CcA PHX8ND50E 1N4992US E73-12V MM6572F 74ACT241PC NM93C56M RP05-4805SEW M38504FAH-XXXFP MCM32L256S70 HCPL-5231#200 79L24 LD3300-4 FU-68PDF-V520M136B SM16LC12C KM416V4000BS-L45 XCR3256XL-12TQ144I AGM2464C-RL-BTH-T 269-D-210-D-14xx-A LH28F008SCR-V12 DLV-3.3/6-2.5/7-D24S MAS5114FL 269-B-270-D-14xx-B LM4040CIZ-8.2 KD1084V28 AA3022HC-4.5S P6KE7.5CA-T3 MC74AC377MR1 QT161-AS RF2681PCBA CT1991-1-20 IS61LPD51218T-5TQI HER307-T3 U632H16DK25 RT9172F-23CG AMS236BN UPD4714AGT SPC-0603-270 PCF2113DU/F3 AGM1212C-NEBBS-T TL751L12MFKB SN74276DWR CL-191SR AS432CR25DT M38259E7MGP B380S DF005S PU150-16B FS3KM-14A 74F257ASC MMBZ5241BS TC55RP5301EMB SA75A 1SMB5927BT3 FM280 PDU1016H-50 74LVT2241D MA4M2002 TC54VN5302EMB

26 November 2022 (New datasheets):

M38503M7H-XXXFP FXE-3MC MH4S64BLG-7 SJA870 1N987A RH5VL35CA-T2 MSM51V16400A-70TS-K AMS431LBM1 AT24C164-10PI-1.8 MTZJ2.7B MAX891LEUA-T FDF60BA50 BZV55-B10 MM74HC251MTC L53GC PT2128A-M30S REC15-6612SRWB RT9811-48CB DLTS19C HDSP-H153 SRF10A0A DTD123YS 1N5226 P6KE43A 2SD2104 PT5102C ST6262BB6 BF-U412RD MAX742CPP AT49BV010-15TC CHFP6KE15C LM9820CCWMX RD11FMB AGM1232D-RLFTH-T MC44353DTB REC5-6709SRWLZ SN74AS1034ADR IDT74FCT3245PYB MT5C1009ECA-45L/XT UPD17012GF-053-3BE 3KP36C MC54HC4040AJ MT28F004B5WG-8TET AM29F010-70JE APR3011-43BC-TR 1N4746 VI-RUT2X-XXXX G73AS-DC5 SNJ54HC245W IXFK120N25 RE5VT52CC M38B73F4H-FP MI-RC60RX-XXXX BUV48A R5031018FSWA DS1230YP-100 BZV55-B9V1 MAX466CNI BYG10D 74ACT16646MTD LT1351 M38031F6-XXXFP 1.5SMC8V2A BC559C TPS75218QPWP MJF15031 CY74FCT16823ETPVC ST62P32BQ3 BYW96E MSK4322HS SA2007MPA F2W08G SDA2969 HY5610B 5KP110(C)A S93WD662P-B BYR29-700 MLL984B-1 BC849 KSE803 SJ145B NJM78L18EA AGN200A24Z M38C23FF-HP PI74FCT162500TV 1N758A VFC320CG R1800F M38066M6-XXXGP ASX200A03X SMBG58 MTSM4030-B VI-NC3H-XX CAT28F001PA-12TT V29C51001T-90T TK71621SIL 1.5KE82C FR202 GN1L4Z-T2 STP8NC70Z 2SC5551 M38226MAMXXXHP KSC5504D NM93C06EM8X
1.5KE15A MC68HC11K3MFN2 WE128K32P-120G2TQA LE28FV4001T-25

25 November 2022 (New datasheets):

L7892-31 3D7303-200 SST39VF080-55-4C-EK SSH10N60B IN74HC258D Q6012LH5 PT79SR105H IDT54841BL WF4M32-150H2C5 74ACT244CW ML2032IP FAR-C4CG-16000-M12-R AME8501AEETBF29 M34514M8-XXXFP A29800UV-70 LM4820MM-6 AD8541ART MC74HC7266N SD3019F P4C198A-25PI STK11C88-3P45I MAX6313UK26D1-T MAH28139NS ATF22V10CQZ-20XI B1117D-3.3 SWD-109TR SMBJ51C TFMBJ16 M38041MD-XXXFP TDD054805S MC14558BD WS128K32N-15G4TM M95128-DL3 UC3525AQ DD204 IS61LV12824-10B P4SMAJ40A-T3 PT2127A-L40 SN74ALVC3651-15PQ TM90RZ-24 TL084I UC5172QTR SMBJ54A PWB-5005 CL7128ALC84-10 74ACT11032DR LS7083 TS419IST SMD99F-5040 SRP600B 74HCT243DB CHB-03J HT7150 ACM1602R-NLYD-T AD9822 SA10 GC70SR12015005F CDLL4124 M38222M5-XXXGP ILX503A BD244B M1T2HT18PL64E CAT93C6624JI-30TE13 R3112Q15C-TR AME8801KEEV A416316BV-40 NC4D-DC12V H1084-3.3E GLL4763 BZX79C120RL RD30EB2 L816BYD TSC1278 3EZ47D P80C51HFT IDT54FCT162244ATPVB TDA4685 BU323Z 74AHCT1G08GW KBP204 1SMB3EZ120 MAX6327XR30-T LM385BMX M38222E9DFP PI74FCT863TP SC4040AZTR AT27BV010-70TC CAT25C04U14A-TE13 AM24SGC03 DS877C550-QNL SI-8202L IDT54157TSOB AM9128-15PC M27C4001-15XF6X MI-251MX 5962D0053604QUX AD7884ABP R1230D241B-TL ST72324J4 LS6J2M-5UR/Y DL4753 V62C1801024LL-70B 5KP10C CD4010BF 40HF80 TIBPAL20R8-7CFN LH543621M-35

24 November 2022 (New datasheets):

NJM2263M PIC16LF83A-20/P IDT74257TE 5962R9658001QEA M38184M1-XXXFP SK100EL11WMS 74AHCT1G02GW A29002U-90 M38062M9-XXXGP AT202S08 Am29F040B-70JC IDT54823DTD OR3T125-7BA352 KBP208 MR5004L LM140MH-05 DM74LS151M UT54ACS11PCA SMH4042G-BKN 2.4BS UPC2749TB-E3 IS62LV1024LL-70QI L78L05CZ ZXRE125FN8 DM74S153CW MC74VHCT541ADT IXFN55N50 G65SC51X-3 MSK5040-5H FU-68PDF-520M18B GLT6100L08SL-85TC RUZ-050909 FAR-C3SB-10000-M21-T IDT74FCT16646ATPAB VI-ARM-H2S SPX1086AR-1.5 2N1797 AM24LC04N8 FR104G GBL01 AMS2951CP-3.0 DS1E-S-DC24V M24C01-S BYM36E APU0071-002WE-TY M38860F2AFS 5962R9655401VXA XC4052XL-3HQ304C LS22BB-3SD/Y-T F16C20C M38251M7MXXXGP BB629 P6SMBJ78CA L4955 AS6UA25616-TI FST8135SM RF2513PCBA-M 1N4936 2N6395 M38501E1H-SS P4KE33 IDT7025L25G BQ-M281RD M38067M4DXXXFS SNJ54HC27W C30619G IDT54FCT162H244CTPA GH3-P006FNil5 CAT25C04UA-1.8TE13 GP102C-AC220-L DS1267S-050 TPS3836K33DBVT P6SMBJ78 IDT54FCT245TPB IDT74FCT824CSO PDSP16330BCOAC 1SMB5916BT3 1SMB5940BT3 MC74AC540MR2 OZ990S TL084ID SNC111 EFJ2803H 28C17AFT-25I/SO A62S6308V-10SI MI-QC2KY-XXX HGTP10N120BN SS3A UCC2805N FU-68SDF-802M17B HLMP-K105 OM4219SC M38250EDDFP Q6025R6 KSA3010 H16C20 SEL4225R MAX858ESA SN74AHC595D V436632Z24VXTG-75 MZ4620 STP11NM80 DDTC143TCA SP207HEP P6KE33A SN54LS626FK IDT54FCT648ATQ MC79M05BDT-1

23 November 2022 (New datasheets):

BL-HJF36D CAT93C5621PA-45TE13 PIC16LF877-04E/L NNCD8.2A SNJ54376J A62S6308X-70SI BTA08-700B CPH3304 SD150R12MC APL5509R-18VC-TR MN5150H/B SN74AHC573PWLE M38225M6MXXXFS GS3015 1A2 MCT5211 VUB160-12NO1 BC848ALT1 IDT742157ATE UC3844BD1 TPSMB36 1N6295CA M38860EAA-GP MBM29LV004BC-70PTR FSYC9055D WF4M32-150H2I5A UVS-313AE D2525P901 PRN111243300J IS24C02-2GI PST600IM REC5-6405SRW TDA7021T THS4082CD MT5C2568ECW-100L/XT 74HC374N LT1223 3EZ100 CAT93C5733J-28TE13 MX7543BQ 20IMX35D12D12-9 GS8180Q36D-167 1.5KE30CA 2SK2371 LX1661CD 2SA1608-T2 LM2576J-ADJ M38199E5-XXXFS KLC15 TKU80L186EC16 AM29F040-70EI BZX399-C5V6 DLTS30C 2N2324AS AT49F080-15CI 93LC56BXT-/SN 2SC1473A ZCA6H04NBNEM GS881Z32BD-166I MAX6315US46D4-T ADG528FBN IC62LV1024AL-45TI AN8847SB SVFD1A476M AD7245AAN RN5VL39CA-TR R3112N12C-TR UCC3752DTR LM224N SG117AL TC1055-3.0VCT ACM2402C-FLFW-T 5KP43 S-29L394A-FS BY8404 LP3965EMP-3.3 G83ADC-DC24-K MT28S4M16B1LLFG-8 MG75PB34 SMBJ20CA-TR G65SC02-AES-6 FAR-C3SB-08000-K01-T TDA7326D SMZ22Q P4SMAJ51C-T3 1.5KE36CA IDT74FCT2640TDB Q7008RH4 M27C512-45XN6 SK37S CAT25C021S-25TE13 V804ME03 MC14106BCL MP04TT500-25 U630H16DK25 MAX6807US46-T INA-54063-BLK BA6196FP URAM2CN2 5962P0053601QUC TXS2SL-L-4.5V-X CLL4756A CHFP6KE78A T15N1M16A-70S BT137X-500F LM78L08Z GZ6-C3

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