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18 February 2019 (New datasheets):

CXA2515AN uPD45128841G5-A75LT-9JF M38040M5-XXXSP M38C24F6-HP QCB75A40 AT27C1024-90JI N83L51FC-1 BC237 1N5821 TSOP1830SJ1 ZPSD312R-B-70M LM748CJ SMCJ160A PCF80C51BH-3H LA214 1N5253B 5962-9655201VEC REC2.2-2412DU AD829JR-REEL7 JANTXV2N7221 M38506F3H-XXXFP QL3004-0PL68M PD65-10MA HER204G DSEC60-06B BYD13M/EB 015Z3.0-Z SMBJ160C OPA2658P 5KP100 LC3012PGC-022 C-811Y REC15-4905DRWB RN5RL21AC MAX690TEPA MSM51V18165BSL-60JS ST92F150CV1 EN27LV512B150TI PT6506G WME128K8-200CQA ICTE-15 BF488 SMLG58 CLC012AJE R5080PF 79L12ACF TDA7313ND CMZ5387B 74HC194DB G70HF3C-DC9 AGM1212B-FLGTH-T MC14073BF CAT93C4634J-42TE13 CF5006AKB-1 REC15-2515SRWBZ CAT25C021SI-28TE13 AIC1521-0CW UPD6325G-T2 FQB5P10 P4SMAJ51 SC15-11YWA M38C21M4DXXXFP 1N4947G RT9167/A-19CBR 74ABT16543DL GS816272C-150I TM90EZ-24 100353QI VWO80-12IO7 M38226M4DXXXHP 5962R9654101VXX MAX9042AEUA HI-8685PJI-10 UPD7554ACS-XXX MC14LC5480P VI-PUX0-XXX IDT74FCT162245CTEB EDI88512LPA25B32B R1140Q221B-TL SNJ54LS245W LXT331E1 PD110-45-1MC VI-J5XMX AM29F010-55FCB FMMTH10 MC74LVQ240SD CD3038B VI-PU3B-XXX IDT54FCT162374ETPV IDT74257CTEB UF1002F AGM1232D-RLYBD-T MC74F657BDW M38045F9-XXXFP LME1205S RG3M MAX525AMJP W04M SMCJ7.0CA LP2951ACDM AGM1264F-FLFD-T RH5RE30AA-T2 P6SMBJ6.0A PIC16CE623-20E/SO CAT93C6612J-28TE13 SST29EE020-120-4C-UH 5KP16A IDT74FCT16543ETPAB

17 February 2019 (New datasheets):

GS8322Z36B-225 AMS3107-3.0 BZW50-47 MT8920BP CAT93C8614UA-45TE13 IDT72230L35TC 1N4734A(DO41) AM29LV040BT-70FIB V116MC01 LT1080CSW RD3.3ESAB2 1N5539 SN74HC7032DR FRS200CA120 UDQ2982A MN5200H/BCH CHA2066RBF/24 PDSP16256B0 MAX6318LHUK27DZ-T TLC272CPW MAX6316MUK29BX-T LM3915N TL750M05CKTE 3.0SMCJ78 S3C9014 IHB60T240312 SST29VE512-90-4C-NN M38044FE-XXXSP SMBJ43C TSC80C31-30IG ZPD68 TMS320C51PZA80 MAX6318LHUK33DZ-T BL-S4133 HPA72R SN74ALVCH16334DLR TCL1585-1.5CAB WS512K32NV-85HQA AT28C17-15PC MI-QC2N2-XXX NTE6208 M38259MBDXXXHP 1N4762C WF128K32N-120H1Q5A SN74LS33N IDT71V35761YSA200BQ 74FCT374ASCX GS84118B-100I L78L06ACUTR PDU108H-40M MH16S72BDFA-8 TDA8375A/N2 LGK380-Q DB105G IDT74FCT2374CTPB RE5VT33AA-RF FQAF44N08 PE40F120 FU-68SDF-V802M181B 74VHCT244AMTC LC866408A AGM1264B-FLYBD-T LM4130EIM5X-4.1 SST34HF1601-70-4C-L1P TR1107SG39 61055-101 S3C9414 RI-1215 X25F064VI CDLL5236B K6T4008V1C-VF85 CD74HC158M M27C256B-20XF6 DK1308FMM APT2012EC RURP650CC SN74AS241ADWR MAX4663EAE IDT74FCT373D P4KE18 M38041F8-FP MPS8098 GP103AG-AC6-LB IXFX44N50F NTE5089A AM29F100B-120EIB RH1011 74ACTQ00SC MB3813APFV A8188SLT-32 STTH5L06B IDT7205L35J KS86P4208 2SA1593 TDA8762AM/8/C1 GC79SNBC12RS IRF237 ADM232LAR TSOP2830ON1 AM29F400AB-120EIB 5429FCT2053BTL AP1117D34 MC74ACT153ML2 TDA8204B AD9631AN NJM2521M 5962-9475805QYX

16 February 2019 (New datasheets):

PIC17LC756-25I/PQ CLM4040EN 15KW17 ADC16071CIWM NTE5854 MI-QC6M2-XXX IH5145C/D SN74HCT574DW DS26LS31MJ/883 GAL20V8B-15LJI TSOP2230PM1 HS821 5962-8957701QZA UT8130 G65SC21ES-3 AM29LV020BT-120FI P5KE10CA BC860B INA-51063-BLK PDM31532LA20SOTY IDT74FCT2540ATDB M38253M2DXXXHP 74VHC153SJ IDT54FCT162H952BTPA P4KE15A PIC16C62XT-20E/P M38C26M1DXXXFP UF1J AME8800FEEV SMAJ33 1.5SMCJ11C LT1376IS TCM129C13DW IDT74FCT16H952ETE 1N5260 STD2NB60-1 269-D-160-D-14xx-B R1223N282H-TL M38027M6DXXXFS MC78L24ABPRA BFN20 LM-1256LB MTP3N100E TC426EPA APL5525-BKAC-TRL 54HSCT630FL KIA78M15F E902 AME8817AEDZ475 5962H9657501VEC LM4040AIM3-4.1 PQ5TS1G 1N6317 SN74AC573PWR DM74LS02CW SNJ54ABT8652FK GP1S58V BZW50-56 MAX1682C/D P4KE250 M38061M5DXXXGP 5962-9232404MYC SA22C BZX55C13 UPD703004AGC-25-XXX-8EU AME8501CEETCA40 7429FCT52DTL G4130NilC-DC24-B APL5835-18EC-TR 54ACT244DM IDT54FCT162501ATPV R3130N37EC-TR SC2128A-C22B BZT03-C18 678-5 AIC1730-23CQ BUZ110S FR157 COPCH912-FDM/N CAT93C8623KI-25TE13 SMA2871 1N962 MSB49TA-5 X28C513J-25 MMPQ2907A NC7WZ125 FQPF70N10 G90NilCO-DC6-1Nil RM3C AM27C64-90DE Z84C4106 JANTXV2N6800 MAX157AEUA MS4C-P-DC12-TF-LB WMS1M1-35DEI REC5-1809SRW WS512K32N-35H1Q TIP146 CY7C167A-45PC MAX692ACSA VI-2WZIX VI-RUJPX-XXXX PG154 GM62093A APL5503-14DC-TR R5320G001A M38195M9-XXXFP 84042012A

15 February 2019 (New datasheets):

BGY887BO/FC1 SMCG6063A A80960HD50SL2GH EL4094CN 15KP120CA TXS2SL-L12V-Z MC78T12ACT TPM15515C IDT7203L120JB 74V2T04CTR P6DU-0505E REC3-1809SRWZ Z1SMA27 BYC10-600 STP8NC60 KD1083D2T33 AGM1264D-FLFTD-T CAT25C33U14-TE13 S60D100 SFH521A CD3827 Am29LV160DB-70EI F12C40D M38203E5DXXXHP MC74VHC139DTEL TSC80C51XXX-25AD R1210N252C-TL BCR1AM-8 G90NilBD-AC24-Nil2 1N4001 UPD178004AGC-XXX-3B9 3.0SMCJ33CA LM2005T-S gm3120 PSMA75A HMS81016E SN75LP196PWR E30-32 MBM29DL162TE-12TR MAX2623EUA ACA5-20PC-9-DC3-RL BAT15-020D TSB80C196KC20 WMS128K8L-25FMA US1JB R1110N481BTR TSB80L188EC13 NTE7051 JM38510/65708BEA SN75LVDS31D GP103B-AC24-L R1122N431A-TL SMCJ90A IDT54FCT138CP 74LCX86M A8184SLT MAX6316LUK26CY-T MB89146V1P-SH FED20-48S1P5 P2AU-1215E uPD789154GS-xxx M38063EDAXXXFS LM1117ILD-5.0 MMBZ5248B PHP45NQ10T 1N753D 1.5SMCJ20C SD153N14S15PBV AGM1264D-REYBS-T FM27C512VE45L MM3035B FAR-C3CN-16934-F01-R GP1A34LC RE5VT26AA-TZ MURS360T3 EN29LV800JB-70TI IL0505H IDT72205LB35TFB SPC-1205P-180 M5LV-320/160-6YC SMDA05CTB XTR103AU/1K M38195M4-XXXFP 2082-6194-15 AS8S512K32Q-20L/IT EM78806AAQ W06M PDU15F-1M MAX649MJA MMUN2231LT1 M38022M4DXXXFP LC8213 VI-RUK1X-XXXX GC70BR5012014RD WT304 BL-B2137M AD708SH/883B STPR820DF SAB9083H/N3 CAT22C10PA-30TE13 M38C88MB-XXXFP TWR-3.3/4250-15/500-D24S F10P40FR TC12-11YWA MAX636BEJA TC4426AEPA 5962R3829435SXX

14 February 2019 (New datasheets):

TGA9083-EEU MT8972BC BZW03-C39 ACM2402F-NLYH-T M38048F5-HP MT5C1001EC-25L/IT SMBJ5945B BZW03-C270 HCF4023BC1 1N5406 FAR-F1DA-1M5440-G201 CS5106LSWR24 MAQ3691CS CY37128P160-125AI MC74LVQ04D ACS9010 XCV100-5CS144C GC70BR7014015RD NTE15021E WPS512K8LT-15RJMB M38251MFDXXXHP MC68HC705P9MS LMC567CN MH16S64BAMD-10 MAX6307UK25D4-T P5KE40 S40D60 1N5364A H78M05AT MT46V64M8TG-75ZL T4224B-CF MCM72CF32SG66 SN74ALS648ADWR TISP3320F3P M38043F8-FP XT2116-1401 SGSD200 GS74108ATP-7I EWD1212 SA48A FS5UM-5 1.5SMCJ11CA PT2128A-C94S AM28F020A-90FC BL-B2441X APT8018JN BZX84-B43 IDT74FCT573P MC10ELT28DR2 MAX793SCSE IXFK24N90Q BC140 RF2627PCBA TLV2470CDR LT1130ACNW A67L83181E-10 M38220M5HXXXGP AS4LC1M16883C UPD7564ACS-XXX PDU1016H-2 74F574PC LS80C58-24 CAT93C8614JI-42TE13 DA15CL APL5526-AKAC-TRL 1SMB5918A GB301XG-AC220-TF-L CH-130-4SMA SM5L2 40IMX15-05-9RG M37470E8-XXXSP MTAN4121-CHR KTD1824 M5M465160BJ-5 TLC1543CDBLE SMI-42-681 M29W002BT TPS7150QDR X25128PM-2,7 PT2127A-M53 1N4749 MS7200-80NC P6KE300A Z86E0208SSC ZRT050C1 CMR1F-10M 1.5KE110A SC68C562C1A WMS128K8L-35DJMA AT1228S32 ACM2004C-FLFS-T CY7C182-35VC MAX6194CESA BYW95B SI4412DY ED302YS-T3 P6KE33A JANSR2N7438 M38255M2-XXXHP AM28F512A-200ECB P6KE130C 25C080T-E/SN GM71C17400CLJ-5 MI-22YMV NTE7103 MAX6307UK44D1-T CAT93C5733KA-30TE13

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