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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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4 July 2020 (New datasheets):

WMS512K8-55DEI TR16-700-125 GC89BNAA10F APL5509R-45AC-TR G17WSS-DC24 TQ2SS-L2-4.5V-Z AT89C51-20QI NTE2361 IDT7381L35JB PI6C2308A-1WI MC2C-S-AC220-TF FEP16BTA ON2509 B4250CK3-2.8 UR3HCGNP-001-RH CAT93C4632U-30TE13 SM144C Z84C4406 XCV400-4BG432C LM3705XDMMX-463 UTV040 UT54ACTS153UCA STPSA42-AP TSC80C51XXX-44AE P6KE9.1CA-T3 MX29LV400BMC-90 SN54LS280J BL-R4132J PIC16C554T-04/P MYB31C QT113-IS RN5VL30CA-TR KIA79M15T CAT93C5733JA-42TE13 KBPC4001W AM29LV800BB120DP5C1 VI-NC3Y-XX AAT4601IAS-B1 FX365AJ MI-QC6KT-XXX CNB1009 AM27C4096-105DCB M38504M9-XXXFP 1N4120 RC4194K MLL983B-1 UC3517N MAC5114CS LH4002AH 1.5KE13CA AGM2464D-RC-GTD-T DDU66F-12D1 M38184EB-FS BYQ28E-100 BL-XX1361-F9 LM1117-2.85MWC 3D7303K-200 APL5507-A31KI-TR CY7C1021V33-15ZC ST333C08CHK0 24AA64T-I/SN AM29F040-120FI SM5820B BS62LV2003STC ACM2002C-FLYS-T AT93C66-10SC-2.7 MAX6322HPUK45A-T 1.5SMC20CA TCYS6201 ZXM64N03XTA GRTD SMA2821 M38226MADXXXFP P6KE62 STK401-020 TSC1577 STDD15-05W 1.5KE300 CAT24C642JA-28TE13 ADR425BR GS70328TS-8 EB2-6T FX30KMJ-3 TMS44400P-70DGA BAS20WS-T3 RGL34J MC10H186P MID400 MI5PIW LM4882MDC PT2128A-L84S GBU808 D572-22NS IDT74FCT827CTD BZX84C6V2 CAT93C5712SA-45TE13 5KP11C MM74HC4066M ZM4747 AT49BV002NT-90TC FGB20N6S2D AM29LV116BB-80RFCB ST778ACN REC5-1312SRW SG7805K MSK5175-00ZD MAZ3240

3 July 2020 (New datasheets):

APW7055B-NC-TR IP7912AR-BSS2 KTC1020 PZM15NB2A P6SMBJ160CA MV5C164 78L08ACZ SMS3927-023 LM2798MMX-1.5 CD4066BCN 1.4KESD26C MC12148SD X25644S14I-1,8 SMAJ5.0CA-TR PIC16LC923-08I/L XN01119 MAX780C/D ISP1130 GS8162Z18B-250I CAT93C4624JI-42TE13 MUN5211DW1T1 BAT15-090D DS1035Z-15 EC2-24T 2SK771 THS4081IDGNR R24J09 TB1800H SMCJ160CA MMBD3004S CAT93C8631K-45TE13 RURG30100 MAX4213EUA P6KE24C M38187E7-FS PIC16CE625-20I/SO 2W04G M38184EA-FS P4KE150A AT24C01A-10SC-2.5 SD600N20PC P4KE47 MSP3460G MAX4427CSA ML2020IS LN80C54-2 AME8500BEETAE21 IDT54FCT16240ETPF P6KE51 ML774F11F MM74HC174N HD74HC175 SD103N25S15PSC CL-201SYG P6KE16CA BAS20W ML6674CH IDT74FCT16244ATPF 1N4122 CMZ5365B MC74F366D 2SK3023 BZV58C27 NTE3029A MC14066BFL1 ATF16V8BQL-25XI DA24CL VTR17D1 TC54VC2401EZB US1BB VI-RC3KXX-XXXX D45H8 PCF2113AH/F2 MSM514223B-40RS P6MU-2415E A80960CA-16 FR152G SVC384 M38227ECDHP L4931CDT40 FH203 KHQ04048S2V5AL CD74HC4015E ZTX618 BAS16 TC649VOA PT2128A-C30 AT28C256E-20DM/883 M38503E6-XXXSP 2SC1654-T1B AD22100KT FAR-C4CB-14746-L12-R UAA1041B IDT72V3650L15PFI IDT74FCT2543DTD HER503 1N4003G 5KP24 IDT54FCT533CP M38063E7AXXXFS SPX2815AU-3.3 Am29LV400T100SI SST29EE512-90-4C-NN 279.800 M38065M1DXXXFP AZ948-1A-5D UD61256DC07 BZX79-B68

2 July 2020 (New datasheets):

FCRN3031003B R12C09 VI-PUKW-XXX JM38510/34201B2 BZX284-C16 74F245MSAX M38258M8MXXXFS SML-210MT PT2127A-M81S UC2845BD1R2 CXA1561M IDT6198L20YB PDM41256LA12SOA M38504F8H-XXXFP IDT5416952CTE UHR-5/4000-D48 MT5C6405EC-35L/XT M5M5256CKP-85LL QL7120-7PS484I TPS2832DR MSM51V16405A-70TS-K ISO120SGQ JM38510/32404BRA LP2956AIM FAR-C1CB-12000-M01-R PDM4M4110S25M SMV1266-011 74AHCT573 MC12026BP WS1M8V-70CCA GMS97C2051 B500C1000 M38061M4-XXXFS IXEN40N120D1 2SK2941 AM29LV008BB-120FIB LT1171CK STB8NC70Z LC876580B MSU2957C40 RH5VL39AA-T2 MC74VHC1GT50DFT2 PI90LVB027AW 1N5274 28C17AF-20I/VS BL-HK034A SK34A R3111Q281A-TR G90NilCO-AC48-1Nil B8390K6-4.7 MAX4275BEEUA RFP7N40 LT1963AEQ-3.3 AGM1212B-FLYBW-T LA7976 AQW210EHAX REC10-5005SRWLZ MMBTA92 PIC17C756T-08/P REC10-6312SRWL LT1E53A 3EZ39 P4SMAJ24 SMA1531 GS880E32BT-150 MAX820SCSE REC3-4815SRW PIC16F84-10I/SO BYG90-30 DM74LS193M 74LVT2244SJX ZMM5234B NM24W04EM8 SY10EL32V LC503MYL1-06Q S-80854ALNP-EEJ-T2 PCF85103C2N CD4085BMS MSC23436D-60BS10 M38502M8-XXXSS SMCJ7.0C S11ME6 FAR-C4SB-14746-K02-T IFC350-23B UPA1726G-E2 UGF10B CXD2308Q S-24S30IF10 STK4230K5 MLL14KESD20A M38035M6-XXXHP CMHZ5227B US1881E FA1L4L-L MI-27PMV MAX164CENG WS128K32L-45G1UM SD1477 SC91214/15D HAL629UA-K DAC0890CIJ WS512K16-45DLIA SP150UF 1N4114 DTA114YRLRM MDU12H-10C3 GP103A-DC12-LB

1 July 2020 (New datasheets):

5962R9172201MFA 1SMA5932BT3 P4SMAJ20 KM416V1000BJ-6 CD936A 1N5393G RHRG1560CC GKC-24T M5M5408BTP-70HW M38C28MC-XXXHP SN74AC244PWR XC3195A-3PQ208I SMBJ17A BZV55C6V8 1N4759 M38504MCH-XXXFP S3V60 GC89SRAC27R PIC16F874-04/SO CY7C1012AV33-10BGI HSA1538S MAX4104EUK-T TDA7294V SN74F2245N BZW03-C18 MI-PC6KN-XXX HYB3116160BST-60 HER154 HS881 1N4756A APR3003-26BC-TR B4251CK5-4.9 CXD1171M W24257AQ-10 RT9167/A-28CS DM74ALS14MX NAD-3002 E05-30B APT50M85LVR IDT74827AP K4S560432A-TC/L75 SN74F10N3 LM741CN MAX800LESE HD14520B PHP30 ADV7176 M38025E4DXXXFS UCC3800N 74ACT715APCQR IDT54FCT2543DTPB BRX46 TC4467MJD GBL02 HMC204MS8G RN5RL24AA-TL 82C215 DAC725KP IDT74FCT2645DTD M54677FP MBM29F200TC-55PFTR IDT54FCT640AE SB850 1N3328B HT9032D MC68HC711K4VFN4 MI-RC2NPX-XXXX SP3220EEA PG150 S5F425NX03-LDB0 GS74104ATP-15 MT5C1009C-70L/IT 74HC40105PW MPSA92 XC2V1500-6FF896I M38C29M4-XXXFP AT49F002N-90TC MV6053 MIM-0KM2BSF L14G1 FU-68PDF-V510M173B FAR-C4SA-04194-K11-T M38258M1-XXXFS AD534KH/+ H11AV1 SAA4700T/V5 AGM4832C-FL-FBH-T HLMP-GJ17 B4252CK5-5.8 APL5301-19AI-TR MC33204DTB UWR-5/4000-D12A TXD20008GBFLLDH HYB3165400J-50 5962-9750901Q2A 26S100 AN6721 IDT7201LA25TD G41801A-DC6-B MC10H174P GC102SR7013015RD 2SC4968 MMBZ5253B KM44C4000CS-6 PCM1727E MH89792-1 SK14 A1750A48RRSC06

30 June 2020 (New datasheets):

MX10C8051PC TSC80C51CXXX-L16MF/883 M4LV-32/32-10VI MAX667ESA DS90LV031BTM HY6264LP-10 M38195E8-XXXFS A1751A43FFSC06 RF-2415SH TK1-L-H-12V UPD6450CX-002 CAT25C042P-45TE13 G901CD-DC15-12 RS-672 RP-0905S NMA2405S AT16373F-25YC DS1135U-6 STR30113 PBYR2045CTX HL01U12S15Y BD-A405ND KBPC108 309UR250 B1086T-ADJ SMCJ36C M38047F4-FP IP117R-BSS2 AME8500CEETDD24 HEF4044BT 14KESD16A LM2590HV5.0MDC CY7C197-45VCT SP4425UEB MAX517BCPA AS432CR5DBVB IDT54FCT16244CTPFB REC5-493.3SRWLZ IDT74FCT2646ATPY TIP135 LB1415 M38866M2A-XXXHP KBPC5010G M38061M6AXXXFP M38C22M5DXXXFP IXGP12N100 376 DAC8228 AGM1212E-FLBTH-T RD3.9EB MAX3243CUI MAS1916LL ATF1508ASZ-25AC100 MC54F181N AME8500CEETAF40 SMCJ45A LT2079AC AD621SQ/883B M38224M4-XXXHP NEZ5964-3B MY73D MAX6316MUK41BY-T PDU14F-1MC4 MC74VHC393D REC8-0909SRWL BTB10-600C HER106 5KP51C TK11132MIL AME8500AEFTCE21 MIC2981BN SN74ALVCH16835DGVR VI-LJ51-XX LM2936HVBMAX3.0 PIC16F874T-04/PQ RU-1.815 P4SMAJ60C-T3 PIC17LCR42-33/P UZ8714 ADC08031CIN ST303C04HK0L MC74VHC02D RN5VD41CA-TR CY74FCT16827ETPVCT SEL2111W 48H1601-2R APL5835-18EC-TR R1210N502C-TR V42MLA1206T STS2DPF20V WMS128K8L-35DJI V26MLA1210NA PG5393 MSC23837A-70DS18 P4C174-20JC 3.0SMCJ26A M38C22F5-FP MT90737AM SMAJ20 PM9315 ZMM5255A UTCLM7906 PST573IM AGM1264D-FEYBD-T CAT93C5634K-25TE13 VTL23D0A21 SNJ54AHC00W

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