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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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21 October 2021 (New datasheets):

LA7530N 1.5SMCJ15 S42WD61SB MCM67J618BFN5 X24F016SE-5 AM29LV102BT-90JI M62455FP 1N4101 SD200R24MBC VI-QUZK-XXX MI5YIW NJL5194K-F20 R1221N21XC-TR R05V05 IDT74157DTP HPC3130PGE M38258M8DXXXGP P6KE300CA AT89S53-16JA 74FCT162373ETPACT MSM51V18160DSL-70JS BS107A 5KP17 2CW37-30B ACM4002F-NLYS-T IS41C16128-50TI 6MBI30L-060 M62021P SA17C OM4031T EHS12Z1 SAA5290PS/128 AIC1680C16CV SST58SM064-70-C-FSI BZX84-Y5V1 AM27C2048-90DCB MB91F155PFV-G TC7W74FK RN5RZ41AC RLS-73 BFY196H 1N5271 CAT25C162U14-28TE13 5962-8767401GA 5KP26CA P4KE82 HYB3164405BTL-60 N74F1832N HD06 HA142B MAX713EPE SNJ54ACT244W TSC80C51CXXX-L16MI/883 DTC115GKA MSK1932S-4 2SK2517-01S 2SK2356 TC74HC257AFN BCX17 SM160 V39ZA1 MM1118XF IRFM214B HL01R12D05Z 74HC58U BT-A555RD M38B71MFH-XXXFP ER1006FCT BZV55-C7V5 M38501MAH-XXXSP MD2402 B1117D-1.8 S83C752-6N28 TX2-L-H-1.5-Z IS61LV2568-12T SN74LS163AMR1 WR305 CY74FCT240TSOCT AM27C256-70DIB 1N5743B S1G M38509F5H-XXXSP MI2VIX Z86E0208PSC1903 S1T8528X01-Q0R0 BM-20688MA BL-HK036A MAX333ACPP 1N5819 M38061EADXXXGP AQY221N1SX L113IDTTNR254 ED306YT 5962-9656401VXC M38038M7-XXXSP JM38510R76506SR M25P05-A BY8106 MC74HC374AH KBPC2501S SM320C40GFM50 1N5267B IDT54FCT652CTPG M38224EB-HP PBYR635CT M38255M2-XXXFP AM29LV040BT-55RJIB

20 October 2021 (New datasheets):

W1724CDDAD YSS903-M P4C1981L-15JC DS75110AN GC70SN9515020R P6SMBJ7.5 CXP86460 M38500MD-XXXSP BB741S DS90CR288AMTD V939 MIC8115TU S2008LS2 MPSW13 BC856ALT1 MT5C1009EC-20L/IT HD14013B MC34074AP AT27LV020A-12JC MX29LV400TMC-55R KBPC1504F/W PJ4800CW UT54ACS244UCA NE56632-45D AS431B2DT MEK95-06DA M38506F8H-XXXSP KBU1001G AGM1232G-RLYW-T 1519-30B BCR5PM-8 PI5L100Q 1N4001L CLL4717 SD253R16S15MV DNC3X3625 BCV46 ZMM5266B SMBJ19(C)A PD55F160 BA7625 WMA-1005B3 CA5260 AGM1264B-FLFBS-T MC78T12BT LP2950AZ-3.3 MM54C373MW8 0662.630HXLL CD74HCT221M96 XCV200E-6FG456I BT136X-800E M38253E4-FS PIC16LF874T-10I/PT MC33201DR2 2SD1750 SN5405J MC88915TFN160 MAX40-18.0CA U10A05 PZT3906 AD790BQ PMBD914 SN74ALVC126D BS-CB45RD SM5829P BZX84C20LT1 TQ2SS-L2-3V-Z XC6204B60ADL FM93CS46LZMT8 E03-14B MB81P643287-60FN ES636N M27C801-150B6X MC14511BFR1 5962-9655601QXC M38037F9-XXXSP M29W004BB70N1 M38C31M5MXXXFS 1N3023B TLC274CNS ACM1602K-RLGW-T 2SD1981 SN74ABTH245DW SB3501W P6KE16CA-T1 PJ2949 M29F400BT MMBD701LT1 CAT93C5624P-25TE13 PSD412A1 IDT74FCT640TEB 1N4741B LC65F1306A TLOE157AP NM93C56LMS8X TSC80C31-40IH UT62L6416BS-55LE PIC16F628-04/P FG3000DV-90DA NTE5248A HA17431PNAJ HLMP-47409.MP7 PDTC124EK IDT54257ATLB IDT7203L20J APL5301-30D5C-TR 2SC1573B E05-34M

19 October 2021 (New datasheets):

KSB1022 WM5621LED 1N6508 MP02TT800-16 ST93C56CB1 WM2331CDT/V D240SC6M MC74AC240ML1 5962-9650301QEA X40011S8-B ST330C12C3 LM323KSTEEL N74F283D AGM1532A-MLYTS-T M38257MD-XXXFP 1N4758 P87C58SBBB BL-B3334M-1 PSMA16A 2SK3047 WS512K32L-55G1UIA UC2825J DS1336 BZW04P188B MX10C8054PC SPX2815R-5.0 SMDA05C-4-2 STP80NF55-06 HZS4A2 20KW232 SNJ54ABT623AW 5962G0151601QXC LT1502G PLL2001 OPB854B3 M38252M1DXXXFS RTS-0912 R2000F SN74ABT8996PWLE AGM2464C-NE-YTH-T CAT25C042S16-28TE13 SD233R30S50MC BS616UV2021AI10 RS806 2SJ196/JD MAX4052CPE IS61LV5128-12TI SN75ALS056DWR MC74ACT138N SN74AHC374N MM74HC08SJX HFBR-1412HB IXGH12N100AU1 PDU108H-2C3 M38062M8-XXXFP MAX389MJN AME8501AEETAF42 V42100TR TP80C32-2 P4C1682-20SC SN65LVDS31/32 TZA1027HL/V2 2SC4632 74ABT821N 5KP26A PT2127A-B41S PT2128A-M31 ICX258AL DS1023S-50 MX23L6410TC-12 MMBTH81 3.0SMCJ28CA GS840E36T-150 HG3-AC6V 1N5267B MX27L512QI-25 GNR14D301K IDT54FCT533CSOB M37510E9XXXFS IDT54FCT162374CTPVB MPS6652RLRB IDT74FCT521EB DDU66F-100ME7 LM431AIM3X TDA6403AM/C1 SMC82 1N747A BZ85C56RL ZRC400F03 M38507F7H-XXXSP UNR4210 1SMB3EZ39 GL1HS112 BZW04-26 OPB365N11 HA16103FPK 2V250 AS300D13 TG1.8.680J TSC3770 MDU14-6M FAR-C4CG-08000-M05-R P4C1681-15JC MMBD2835LT1 CAT93C4622UI-30TE13 1.5KE47 U636H04BSK45

18 October 2021 (New datasheets):

28LV256SM-6 CS4235-KQ P5KE14CA BZX97/C22 MI2WMY WS512K32F-85G4TCE PBYR1040D MC74HC390DR2 LNJ107W5PRW UCC3830DW-5 PCF1252-0P AM29F400BT-150FCB AM29LV200B-120ECB APR3023-30AI-TR STD10NF06L M38022E4-XXXFS M38066M2DXXXFP 1N977B SN74HC74NSR TPS3825-50DBVT PT4203A R1230D151A-TR ATV2500BL-20JI ZHCS400 BM-21257ND AM29F002T-70PJIB BS-C815RE IS61NP25618-5TQ D8LC20UR 74HC299D HP3-M-DC24V DB102 H7A3 WF2M32U-120HM5 OM7900SR FAR-C4SB-08000-K12-U 5KP78 MM1165ZM XC95216-15HQ208I S-8321ALMP-DNL-T2 5962-9570901QXA VI-QUXW-XXX AM28F512-200FC AME8817AEDZ330 CY7C42120JI ST780C04L0 P6KE300C GOG94015 IDT74FCT373DTPB SST29LE010-90-4I-WN APR3013-29BC-TR MG136C FS10AS-3 OPA4243EA/2K5 CD5347B VRE302KD TML30515 SMV1412-01 PBPC802 NJW1300AFG1 PN4117A SNJ54ALS86W TSAL4400 CAT25C321S16-45TE13 P4C198AL-20DMB 2082-6042-07 R1122N421B-TR BA-4H7UW-C M38861MEA-XXXGP VI-ARM-M1S CY74FCT543TQCT TS512AIN W83195R-08 MAX6332UR19D2-T 3KP36CA UF380 IDT74FCT16373CTPFB NX29F010-55TI TDA8703/C4 ICL7621DCTV GM71V17403CJ-5 IC62VV5128L-70HI M27C4001-70F1X APL5153-285BI-TR WMS512K8V-15DJCA P6KE16A-T1 MC14012UBCP G90NilAO-AC110-1Nil AGM2412B-MCBBD-T PDM41256LA15TTY UT22VP10T-25PCA AZ10EL16VOTR2 REC5-0905DRWL M38033F6-XXXFP W91414 DS26LS32CMDC M66240P REC5-5905SRWLZ LC86E7248 REC10-3405DRWLZ FK16UM-6 HT49C50 AT27BV1024-12JC M38048F7-SP BZX55/C0V8 PK25GB40 TXD20008CKFLLNH M38C31EBMXXXFS

17 October 2021 (New datasheets):

VKA60LS05-61 AH201-PCB-1900 JM38510/31401B2A MSM511000CL-60ZS QT300-D MAX6320PUK26CZ-T LM10V332 TGA1073A-SCC TSP275C REC15-4215SRWBZ MI-QC60V-XXX DAC8229ER KV1851KTR VKP60MT312 PBPC306 5962H9659401VRC TS80C188EB13 HEF4030BT TSH11 MAX6317HUK43DY-T AZ23C3V9 KTC4081 CAT93C8612U-25TE13 RXT-151515 P6KE24A EC2-5T IDT74FCT543SOB 6MBI8f-120 MSM6542-3RS SST39LF020-45-4C-B3K SMBJ5.0(C)A PT3323A AT28C040-20FI KYP74 CAT93C6612U-25TE13 D8032AH 1N5224B CD74HC4518E 2031-6334-00 REC15-7012SRWB ZM33164C 5KP5.0 74LCX541SJ 1N5819 309UR200P2 DS1236S-10 NM24C02UMT8X PT6621Q MBR4060PT M6MGT166S2BWG PDU18F-2M SK10E116PJ 1.5SMCJ75 IDT70T651S10BC MAX3189EEUT-T HA16688MP APL431LABI-PB DNX301-U4G 74VCX162245TTR M93C86-MN6T L7104PGT M38201M22DXXXHP MC12430FN EDI88512LPA45B32M A-392H APR3002-26DC-TR ADM231LAR SN75471DR G902AO-AC48-NilNil TC54VC4601ECTTR MC74HC4053N IRFD110 STPR1520D LB1945H L14C2 T89C51RD2-RLVC-M CHB-03B-05 M38220E2DFP MB358W MM54C901J/883 VI-NUD-XX MTA2064-Y PIC16C554A-04E/SO SMV2175L ACE1202EM8X LC36256ALL-12W RT9172N-22CM NL6EBX-L2-DC12V-1 IDT74FCT521ATD WS512K32F-120H2CEA WMF2M8-150DLC5A QVB21114 APT10086SVR KBP158 4N32-2 TCD1502D M38860M7A-XXXHP AM29F800BB-90SC MI-PJ20X-XXX AGM1212D-RLFBS-T AM29LV800BT120DT5I1 BC807-16W P6KE18C-T3 SMAJ78 QL8150-8PT196M M38193EE-XXXFS Q2008VH3

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