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14 August 2020 (New datasheets):

GB301X-DC48-SF-L DM4021 EN27LV020B90PI LM4838ITLX SLP-3117E-51 2SB596 SR35 MAX901AMJE LS8J2M PT2129A-S33S DM9602MW8 IDT7204S65TD GS841E18AB-166I PDTC143ES UF1006M 5962R9655101QEC XC4062XL-3HQ240I AGQ200S03 AL251 74LV08PW UC3844DR2 AZ10ELT22D 1519-160C 1SMC26A FAR-C4CB-12000-L22-R TN80C51BH-2 DAC8420FQ S-80745SL-A9-S SA8.0CA MCM6728BWJ10R SF11 JA1a-TM-DC12V NTE1187 CAT93C6624JA-30TE13 KS86C4302 MI-PC2WT-XXX SN74AVC16373DGVR RN5RT22AC N2576S VI-M7L-XX IDT74FCT646CTDB ICS9250F-14-T NTE1135 APL5501-27UC-TR CL-420D WMS256K16L-25FLMA VI-PUMF-XXX HI-3182CLI BDS20SMD AGM1212B-FLBBH-T D45H11 XCV300E-6BG432C DAC7625U/1K M38207M8-XXXFS L793SRD/H MC74HCT144ADT VI-273IX HJ2-L-AC200V-6 BL-HS135A BZW04-8V5 TSC80C31-25IC AD590LH APA3544JI-TU APL5507-B13KI-TR DTA114TSA IDT74FCT823ASOB BTS542E2 FU-68SDF-V802M106B GBU1004 1N4370D UT54ACTS190PCX MAX6310UK41D4-T P4KE13 M38204E7-XXXGP 74LCX112MTCX AT29C256-90JI HA121C UM6606 SMA7029M BL-R4135B IDT74FCT161TQ SMJ320C80HFHM50 P6SMBJ70CA MAX6322HPUK43C-T EDI88130CS15NM ISP1107 PI90LVB024Q RS1A SN54LS14J MP352 RH5VT33CA-T1 OP297FP P4KE300CA BYQ28E-100 SN74AS08N IDT74FCT540ADB 3KP28 G41601AA-DC6-SM QL8250-7PS484M LNP175011 M38503F4H-XXXFP ADR290FR-REEL7 MC74HC165AF AS8F512K32P-70/883C 74AC191SJX SN74LV14APWLE HTG1390

13 August 2020 (New datasheets):

BZW04-15B ER1002 1.5KE22A WS128K32N-120H1C IXSX35N120AU1 MM3Z4V3T1 G902AO-AC220-NilNil LT1012S8 MC14555BFEL MSK5202TD JANSR2N7400 REC3-4612SRWZ TZS4705 SEL6210RTH12E 3D7303H-15 MC74HC161ADT TLV320AD11APZ AM29F200AS-55EE MX29LV400TXBI-70 MI74MX APL431LBYC-PB HUP45-11 MAAM12021RTR DAC813AU MI6NMY CLC436AJE SST4118 ADE-3001PLFI CY74FCT574TQCT KSP10 IDT74FCT540CLB SY100S363 APL431CEC-TB M38062M5DXXXGP M38862M8A-XXXHP A29002UV-120 R1110N251ATR WMS512K8L-85DEME R1223N202A-TL 1N6137A AD8182 BQ2031SN-A5 CAT93C5632U-28TE13 MPC941FA Q5015RH6 HM514400AS-6 IDT54FCT16373TEB DA24-15D 1N5250 FST10030 HJ2-L-DC12V-6 74ABT534D M38031MC-XXXHP DB25-06 74ACQ244PC MAR9264T70FB MC74HC14AN TSH24IDT FDC10-24S05 X9316WSI3 D12/16 ST6263BM1 74ACTQ16543CW XCV100E-6CS144C MSM514221B-60JS M38259MBDXXXFP 300U160YPD ICX249AK RH5RI332B-T1 CY7C1049L-20VC Z6120U A1750A52FFFC10 GS8170DD18C-250I APL1087-UC-TR 1.5KE51 IDT7140LA20L48B CAT25C161SA-25TE13 S-80716AN-DD-T2 5962-8776001S2A WS512K32N-100G4TCE AM29F200AB-150EC MAX3237ECAE L514-G HPR116/H UCC3941D-5 NTE2967 AME8501AEETCF46 MA48706C PHD55N03LT PDU18F-3C5 1.5KE180 BAT45 AZ821-2C-12DE SAA7126H/V1 LLSRK70 C460-XB290-E1000-A OET025ZEJJ-A AM28F020-120EIB 1.5KE170A 2SB0644 AM29LV010BB-120FEB HCNW136#300 1.5KE27C CY7C199C15VC LTC1290DISW G90NilCS-AC220-Nil2 PSD301-B-90JI LA1781M

12 August 2020 (New datasheets):

BS-CD1EGRD MAJ64 3.0SMCJ160C LM3722EM5X-4.63 VI-27TEX V0402MHS12WH P2V28S40ATP-7 HG2-DC110V PIP440 BUXD87 LFDS040 GC118SR7013032RD MLV-10-4R-6G AME8500BEETBA21 UPD17012GF-055-3BE ER2C MI-PC62V-XXX SA16(C)A TSC80C51TXXX-12AC 1.4KESD78C 1.5KE350CA M1N1 HEC4585BDB TXD2000MGGFLLNH BZX55B3V6 LD1086D2T50 P6SMBJ15CA TS555ID FR106-TB RT9261B-34CX SM15T10A M38040F4-XXXHP CD14538BMS MI-PC6JX-XXX PCF8576CU/12 FDI038AN06A0 74VHCT574AMTCX CAT93C8624K-28TE13 S1M-T1 CMPD4480 UNR2215 SN74AHCT594DR V62C1162048L-85B RT-3.324 IDT54FCT533CLB TEM03-05S12 5962-8768102VEA BA283 KBU6B PD110-16LA ACM4002E-NLYW-T ST62P28CM1 WS128K32N-55G4TQA AM29F800BB-90FEB IDT7201LA65SOB F2202 MAR9264C95FB 5962-9172501M3A SMLJ75 1N4623-1 NM93C06VN P83CE558EFB COPEKH988N MANY254C MAX6317HUK39DW-T TLC272ACDR MAX6318LHUK50CZ-T MAX6318LHUK46CX-T BD-A306ND MBRS140 OPB902L55 BUK553-100A ES1869F OP166A ACM2402B-FEYH-T AME8501CEETAF42 DS1230AB-70 BAS21 VTO-9050 SN74BCT2244N BL-R343Y M38066M7-XXXFS MUN2231RT1 JM38510R75002S2 TDA1013B/N2 M38226M2MXXXFP RL154G SB30-40-258RM MC74HC00AFL2 ES2A LM340KC-5.0 M38868EAA-GP S524AD0XF1 PQ09RF1V A29002TV-55 BA-8H6UW HT1380 XC4036XLA-08HQ160C HGTG40N60B3 74HCT1284D M38509F9H-XXXSS M38063E5DXXXFS PC812B DG387AC/D BL-R1331T MT5C6405EC-35L/883C MC54HC533AJ

11 August 2020 (New datasheets):

REC10-4115SRWL M38201M8DXXXFP DS96172CN KBPC808 MTAN4150-11A BZX85C4V7 CY74FCT162244ETPAC PPG36F-6MC4 IDT71V321L35PF REC5-2709SRWZ TDA8374/N2 P6KE10C AA107-310 DMC24227 HD68P05W0 CM531213 PI74FCT540TL IDT74FCT2244DTPB SN74LV123APWR 3KP26C IDT54827CP MC74VHC1GU04DFT1 V14MLA1206H MG74PB14 LTC1421 QM30HY-2H TMS427409ADJ-60 PHT6N06LT MC10186FNR2 MIC2178BWM FAR-C3CN-08000-J11-R TLV5619IPW MAX351MJE UA741N G902AS-AC24-Nil2 3EZ7.5D10 LF45CV K4D263238A-GC33 GC89BNBB27R B4252CK5-2.1 MG73PB34 E28F016SC-120 3T064B AD9281ARS HCPL-5500#200 XWM8729ED LB1929 NTE5579 BST-15/85-D5 SN74LS132N PCM50US12 3KP120A NM24W02EM8 IDT7201LA35P ZTX323 MC10105L TPM10105 MI-J2PMZ GP102C-AC24-B PIC16C641-04I/P MI-R6LXX-XXXX AT90S2323-10SI 1A359 WS512K32NBV-15H2IE S93VP663SI-ATE7 QL4009-2PL84I IS61SF25632D-10TQ PIC16LF877-04E/SP LH52256CD-70LL P6KE30 SPX1121S-5.0 2082-6043-17 AN8780SB GC79SRCE15RD GMG316D10LL MAX6321HPUK37AW-T WS512K32F-70G2QEA LMV431BCMDC JM38510/75602BR JANTXV1N6772R PD45128168G5-A75A-9JF IDT7383L40G SMAJ45A ED606CT ZXMN3A04DN8TA LM16255 SN74LS194AN 1N5225B MC10H103P MS4C-S-DC110-TF-L 5962-89734012A M38250MBMXXXFP NJM12903E XC17128ELPC20I 2SK1588-T1 REC15-4805SRWB REC5-1609SRWL CY7C1021V33-15ZCT ACM1602A-RLYW-T R1112N42B-TR FAR-C4CB-11000-M12-R L7912CD2T GS816037T-225I SST39LF020-70-4C-WH SN74LS348N SST30VR023-70-C-WN-R FS0402MD 74F258ASC

10 August 2020 (New datasheets):

P6KE15 UCC3626PW VI-JTREX HER1606PT AGM1264F-NLFD-T HEC50-24S2P5-P 698-1 MAX6319LHUK37A-T MAX6322HPUK30A-T FU-68PDF-V520M117B 3.0SMCJ26CA IP117HVG 5962-8957601XA BAS28 B4500CR-4.8 XQR1701LCC44V BL-S4136 1N748A PC817X AT25320-10PI S6010L AGM1532A-FLBBH-T MSC23132C-70BS8 SMCJ16A S8065J BL-R4532W TFMAJ9.0 uPD70116HLM-16 SN74LVT244BDWR M37532M4-XXXGP R3111E401C-TZ M38025E7-XXXFS THS6062ID AM27C64-120DC ISL9N318AD3ST MAX6316LUK28BY-T OM5010ST 74LVX273TTR S-80835ANNP-EDZ-T2 M38860E7A-FS BB824-2 X25045V MSM27C852CZ BB154 MM74C42N ZMM30 SMBJ8.5CA TDD124812S MSB51TB-0 LS22AA-3UR/PG FS3SM-14A SC28L202A1D SL12-M NTE2597 MI72MV KM48V2100BSL-7 VI-RU3VX-XXXX PLD08UCC M38B74M2H-XXXFP M38194E3-XXXFS AD7891YS-1 IDT54FCT16373TPA 5KP22C LM358DR OMR7815NH TSLM5585 MX5304 AM29LV104BT-120FCB MTAN2140-12A PS2701-1-V IDT54FCT162260ATPA AME8500BEETDF29 SL75232N ADV7127KR140 2SD1484K GBU8G WE512K16-150G4MA FS16SM-5 LS4448 2SB0621A SST39VF020-55-4C-NK M38504E3-XXXSP MI-R5RXX-XXXX MAH3691FS WS1M8-100CCA SMBJ5344B ES1A 2N5088 M38063E7DXXXGP SA612AD Z8932320FEC BZX84C3V9LT1 PT2128A-L53 NTE5226A IV0512S MAX135CWI MAX2622EUA AT6003-4AI BZG01series 3C92CTXV UZ4707 DRA2T NDT452AP 2SA1037AKQLT1 OZ6833B TC4426ACOA APL5301-15D5C-TR

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