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24 August 2019 (New datasheets):

UC1525BJ BFN24 UT54ACTS27PCX HCPL-2400#500 SN74ACT7813-25DL VI-NCN2-XX 420LE28 RU3AM FDG6301N OPL531-OC CC56-11SRWA AT45DB080-TC AA3022SGC-4.5SF MAX4373TESA SAA5503PS SST29LE512-250-4C-PN FQI19N20L IDT74FCT162501ETPF MI-P6KX-XXX 1.5KE24CA HIN235ECP FU-68PDF-V510M184B TC620HCOA RN5VL60AA-TL SST39LF800A-45-4I-EK VI-JTFIX M32174F3VFP V53C8128HK45 SM6610BD TLV2455AIPWR TMBAT49FILM P6SMBJ78C SST39VF400A-55-4I-EK R1221N25AC-TR CAT24C022P-30TE13 XE5686L 1V5KE100A SMAJ16 HA17431FPA FQU6P25 SA75 NEZ6472-15D SPX29150T 5962F9322604VZC 110IMX7-15-15-9 SMBJ40 5KP6.0 TPS76550PWR 5962-9233601QXA SCN2681AE1N28 L169XIT 5KP6.0C 74VCXH162240MTD 1N3826 UT8R512K8-15UWC LS21AA-2GT RN5RL32AA-TL PIC16F76-I/SS M5M5408BRT-10HI R1800F 5962D0053601TXC SC1131CT-3.3SB G691L438T23 VI-2T3IX MI-QC62Y-XXX 1MBI600NN-060 74LV109D L-53SRD-H GL8TR42 S5GC SB850D-T3 D70/16 OR2C12A-4BA256I P4C1256-70L32M MAX395C/D PPG33F-8M 269-A-180-14xx-C MSK5206ZD IDT7200LA30TDB KLPC1600 WS512K32N-17G1UC CDLL3040B ST62T20CB6 TSOP2830TE1 GC118SN7012030RS AT93C46R-10SI-1.8 ST083S10PFK0 SMAJ75A PS9701 M38064M1-XXXFP MIE-334L3 UF2010 TLC2274CPWR REC15-0905DRWB SST29LE020-120-4C-WN M38225E3-GP MI2JIW IDT74FCT573E ZVP0545G VI-NTZ-XX MAX6316MUK44CY-T CMPT3646 BS62LV1025DI IDT6116SA15TP STP40N03L-20 IS61LV256-20JI BUX22 ML9261MB

23 August 2019 (New datasheets):

1.5KE47A PCA3352AH SN74LS138DR MJE800 UTCLM2954 TL-SCSI285PWLE 54ACT109MDS FQU13N10L SP800LCT EPM7128SQI100-10 A1750A35FFFC10 RT9543PCE 1N4743A TBP24SA10N M-982-02P ICL7614DC/D MM1331H P6KE47-T3 HIP2100 IDT54FCT2240ATL 1N4715 REC10-6412DRWLZ MC7918CD2T 74LVC109DB LTC1551L 1N4595R MAX917ESA SMBG26 1.5KE9.1CA P4KE170A-T3 GMS81C2012 MB89635RPF 1N6117US TS4040EIZT-2.5 LH1298 74LVX244ASJX PR6004 LM4543VH AS4028 UPC4061C P6KE8.2C-T3 APL5506-B14OC-TR SY10EL51 Z8018006PSC M38259M3-XXXFP U631H256BD1K45 SN74LS686DW HEF4938BT MAX6322HPUK50C-T AD215AY BZG03C91 TPS3705-30D REC15-2724SRWB SF31-T3 SN74BCT2244DWR P4KE150CA-T3 SN74LVTH244ADBR MSK5201TD 2N3904CSM X25C02SI MAX6317HUK45DW-T STU6547 5962-7802302M2A AV9177-01CF52 XC3090A-7PQ160I ES1E-T3 IS61SF12832-10BI 74AC125SJ Z8018008PEC VI-QUHJ-XXX UPC4558G2(5) PDM41258LA10SOATY XC2V3000-5BG728C M27C4001-10N1X RN5RZ30BC RN5VS60CC BTA26-800BW IP117HVR-883B LM8261M5X FBR804 SPX2954AU5-5.0 ULN2003A CXP853P40A MC7908CD2T SD70OC30L MC14013BDR2 MTE2050-OH1 AP1117E30A TIP127 PSD112/12 74LVT74DB BZV49-C4V7 SMS05TC CY74FCT157CTSOCT MX27C4100MI-15 MSM6404VS MSM64155AL-xxx IDT70T651S15DR P3203UA 24AA00T-/ST CLL4623 MAX9041BESA OPB703W CD54HC11F VKA75LS05-1 R1113Z391B-TL HYB3166165BT-40

22 August 2019 (New datasheets):

NC2D-JPL2-DC6V APL1087-18EC-TU BAS85 HER3001 IDT74FCT16240CTPVB TIBPAL20R6-7CNT IDT7025L55JB M74HC241HV PU110-40A AT49F020-70TC L433IDT 2SB0767 ACR400SE18 AME8530AEEVDFX26 PIC16LF83AT-10/SO 305UR160P5 MI-QC61Z-XXX SMDB03 RURD4120S SMV1400-13 3.0SMCJ5.0C XCV300E-6FG456C SPX2954AS-5.0 CD4068BE 74HCT04DB TC54VN4301EMBTR SA08-11SRWA WR406 MC10H131L JM38510/07904BEA CXK581000AP-10SL BF771W MSV101D B34063AM WMS256K16L-25FGI STK12C68-S35 AM29LV160BB-80RFI BGD814 3KP26 GL34K IDT54FCT827DTLB WS512K32-17G2TIA MN6450 UA7812CKC DF02 MC10195L MAX6318MHUK45BW-T HS809 FU-68SDF-802M83B FAR-C1CB-08000-G01-R 5962-9656801VXA 2SC5192R MT5C6404C-45L/883C DDTC144WKA KM684000BLTI-5L HLMP-3365 FAR-C4SB-06000-M12-T AM29F800BT-70FE MDA72-16N1B 74V1T32STR N83L51FB-1 JM38510/75503S2 RG-243.3D PS2571L2 LX8384-15IDD LM2575S-3.3 UC3825DW AN8730SB MXL1001CS8 SDA2121-2 M38045F3-FP SDS120PT01B FAR-C4SB-12000-K22-U EL2411CN SAA7310GP M38509M9-XXXSP REC5-4915SRW M38865FBA-XXXGP XC4013E-1HQ240C WMS512K8-15CLI QSD123 TDA9615H 3SK135A-T1 MAXL001 BTA08-800BWRG MXD1005SA175 BAS516 SMI-50-220 B360A BZD23-C390 HA12134AF RD2.7F-T8 CLC115MDC ADS-EVAL3 MX27L256TC-25 GLL4754 PI49FCT807TS VP80C31BH FU-68PDF-V520M158B BLF2047 NMV2415S DBI25-10 PC97307-IBW/EB IDT542157CTP MCR703A1 MCH3401 APA3010EC BXY44-TP

21 August 2019 (New datasheets):

D2570H902 EM78805AH IS61VPD51236-166BI 5KP51 HI5728 K6R1008C1A-JI20 M5M4V4405CTP-6 MCM6729DWJ12 MC74VHC1GT66DFT4 1N5349A AS4C1M16F5-60TI AD8116 BL-B1134N-1 AMS1510CM MBR870 ZHB6790 TM25CZ-2H M5M51008BRV-12VL LST3521-DN UC1823BJ EG1Y SL2411D 2SC3970A 5962-9305606MYA CA3140AS BAT74 SN74BCT543DWR P4C422-15LM TIP100 HGTD3N60A4S M38196M5-XXXFS M38062M8DXXXGP ACM2004E-RLTD-T UFS150G VI-20YIX ER3A-T3 D2555G58 SNJ54ABT543AW MLL1.4KESD36 TK11321BUIB TM1.8.222J BY299 PL-2301 P6KE24C BM-12F88MD TSM112CN FDC37C932FR IDT74CBTLV16245PA M38223E5MHP PT78ST165V XCV100E-6CS144I HER3003 IDT7130LA100L48B M38062M7-XXXGP MCM63P631ATQ66R MAX9003EUA RN5RF31AC TC54VN1601EMBTR MX7538AD NDL5421P1SC AGM1264D-NLBBS-T 74LCX16244MEAX MR852GP BR62 MX581KESA HIN234CB G950T66U 74VCXH16240TTR MXR9745T1 MSM13Q0840 M5LV-128/104-10YC RN5VL31CA-TR L70S70 FX346LG 40IMX4-12-9 HEC100-48S2P5-M APL5501-23BC-TR CY74FCT16244TPVC ZNBG4001Q16 LMZ1301-7R TC1412NEPA 1N4934G XCV1000-5FG680I MAX6316LUK49CY-T M38861FCAHP ZNBG3114Q20 NT3965 ST173S10PFK1L N80C32-24 SAA5261PS/105 LS5380-G AJ80C196KB AM29F100B-120DWE1 REC15-6415DRWB SMS3924-004 MT90820AL SC2128A-D23B 1SMB5946 3.0SMCJ18CA CXA1843Q FT0404DH RN5VL27CC SPC-06503-470 24IMR3-12-2 PDM31096SA20TITY AM29F080B-75FC PIC16LF874-04/L

20 August 2019 (New datasheets):

AM29LV800BT120ECB MXD1000C/D75 RB-0509DH MH4S64BLG-10 PCF2116GU/10 IDT74FCT162373ETPF LCE8.0A OM3911NTM PDM4M4050S15AM MAZ5240 AM29LV400BT90SEB AD9058AKJ M38B72MDH-XXXFP HYB3166165ATL-60 KBU4G 5.1HS HG62E75 5KP43 SN7404N3 ULN2003 AGM2464D-FC-GTS-T 5962H9475402VLX SY20 P4KE15CA-T3 RH5RH452B-T1 MAX4265ESA SN74CBTLV3253DR MB89627PF RM3 P80C51FA-2 WS512K32F-85G2QEA Z86C17 SN74CBT16211ADGGR FQPF3N25 MSK4202RHD VR-60SS IXEN60N120D1 NTE6240 CAT93C8612S-42TE13 HER254 CAT93C6631K-25TE13 CAT93C6621SI-45TE13 KSC3114 3KP64A DSP1628 LM340T4-5.0 SSM2005 2N2326A VKA60MS05-8 LHR5320-2 VI-RJ0MXX-XXXX TG-7 1N2830A JM38510R75002BD QM50HY-2H XC6204A24AML AGM1212D-FEGBD-T LM78M08CT UT22VP10C-20WCC BL-HJB35 N74F539D ST7FLITE20F2B6 M74HC14 MOB68D UC1706J883B RH3G ISPLSI5256VA-100LB208 M38193EB-XXXFP CY7C182-25PC 2SK1482-T/JD AM29F100T-70SE IDT74FCT16H952BTPV APL5308-45DC-TR 28C16A-15/VS 74ACT14B MUR120 CAT93C4612J-25TE13 MC10160L M38258MB-XXXFP SW-222 RAA-2415D PIC16CE623-04/P EMIF08-2005QEJ ADV453KN66 DMC5002NY-EB VHF85-14IO7 WE256K8-150CC CGY2030M/C1 M5M5V408BTP-70L REC10-1415DRWLZ IDT7134LA25FB ISO120G MAX6316MUK36AX-T MT28S4M16LCTG-10 VPC3240D SMBG110 P7752-10 BAS40-04 REZ-0912S 28C011TRT2FS20 F1020 CAT93C4611JI-30TE13 LS6J3M-4UR/Y TLC2942IDBLE AGN200A4H PCK2000DL IDT70T651S012DR SMLJ7.5

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