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16 January 2017 (New datasheets):

MC14066BFR1 SN74LS365AN RF2905PCBA-L AD8522AN IDT71256L20P BZX84-C27 VI-MC3V-XX CL-420C SN74AHC74DGVR P6SMBJ40 M38227E6-FS FAR-F5CE-906M00-K215-V PIC17CR42T-25I/JW TN2-L2-H-12V IDT54861BSOB MAX3087CPA AD660BN NM24C09MN VDP3108B BAT54W-T3 APC308KI-TU M38226M2DXXXFS SP802REN M38044F1-XXXHP IDT74FCT543TSO SAA-112200 2SA1772 XQVR300-4CB228V AT90-1263TR RD2.0ES-T4 M38258MC-XXXFS M38505F9H-XXXSS M29W008B CY74FCT2541CTSOC MPS6523RLRM REC5-1905SRW 5962-9855201VXA G6AS-9 WS512K32-15G2TQA BYT41J MPX7200GVSX SN75182N 5KP110CA 1.5KE13CA XR72-24R 1.5KE12A FR256G 1N2831B X28LC512T-20 HD29027FP AGM1212C-RCYFS-T ZXFV201N14TA IRFR9120 CA1458 LM2586SX-12 BZX84C13 HD74UH08 TLC27L2IDR ACT-SF512K32N-37F2M PDU16F-0.5A4 OM60L60SB SD300N25PSC APL5302-27AI-TR APL5503-17DC-TR 1SMB16AT3 HYB3165805AJ-50 MX27C8111MC-12 KBPC2508S 54ACT161FM-MLS UDN2981A UA2-4.5NU M38223MA-XXXFP DM74LS90N M38259E4MFP EZ1117ACM.TR CPI-210 MSM5116165DSL-70TS-L ER2B M38253E9-HP M38227M7-XXXHP MAX6318MHUK40DY-T VI-26ZCX SMCJ78 SMCJ110CA APL5507-A28KC-TR X28C256DMB-35 GZB30 RM250UZ-24 KBPC606 M38C23MDDXXXFP M38221M3HXXXFP LS6J1M-2R/PG-T RH5VL46CA-T2 1.5SMCJ51CA AT90LS8535-4PI STD3NB30 RH5RH691A-T2 EBS25UC8APMA-7AL P6SMBJ100CA M38181MA-XXXFP ST62T30BB6 VG36644041L-8H HT0440LG SMLJ90A SN74LS145ML2 MI-QC61M-XXX 74LCX14MTC IS61LF25632D-10TQ

15 January 2017 (New datasheets):

269-C-150-F1480-A R05X09 M38185E4-FP MC79M05CT BS62LV4000STC XC95288XL-10CS280I APL5505-B23KI-TR RD43M-L MAX295EWE TK11143MCL TLC252BCP SMLJ20C G10F2C-DC6 MSB31DA-3 EC2-6 1N4936G NTE5014A MC74VHC393ML2 TVU100 M38506M3-XXXSP P6KE82CA CF5760CC CAT24WC03P-TE13 GIB2401 MSM51V16800B-50JS BCX18 L1384AL/ID WS128K32N-85G4TMA IRFV260 A3054KU-20 KM681002CJI-12 M38252M1DXXXFP 2SB561 M38201E3DXXXFS MSK4301HD RT9541GCE PIC17C44-/JW 74LVQ00SC MAX6354LTUT-T CD74HCT30M ALP234FCX MI-PC60R-XXX MT5C1008EC-45L/883C 1SMB2EZ13 SB16-100SMD ALE72B18 IDT7025L20PF XC62FP4502ML NJM3774D2 1N6468US BA6302A VI-22TEX 54QHSCT630FD W91F810ALN TK11950MTL LP7612 AGM1232G-RLYS-T 1N4749A MC2C-P-DC48 REC5-2009SRW P4KE27 V437464Q24VXTG-75 APL1087R-18DC-TR MTB52N06VL SMBTA56M M38C32E2MXXXFP MSB51CA-3 P4KE24CA IDT7164S35P M27C4001-80L1X 1N5822-TB EPM7064LC44-10 SFPB-69 ADS-930MC CB1aF-24V ADM691 PCA8516P BAV19W STD30PF03L 74ALS04BN 1.5KE11 1.5KE18A EDI88512CA17NB M38861MBA-XXXHP MC74HC4051ADW MC79L05ACD CS5206-3GT3 GM-180B-70 TC74VHCT367AF BSS50 GAL22V10D-10LP TC281-30 SMCG6053A SC2128C-L83S MI-RC2W0X-XXXX A61L6316V-12 5962-9098501MRA 74VHCT574AM RN5RF34BA-TR SC2128A-M21S AT28HC256F-90PI VN16BSP 5962R8969301V2A 4D470 FAR-C3CA-04915-J00-R 2SC4953 74HCT4002D

14 January 2017 (New datasheets):

M38506MA-XXXSP 1N5391S SAA3004T M5M467805BTP-5 SMLG85C MAX5302CUA LC73862 P4C188-20LM M38B55E2-XXXFP LOC112P M38509MFH-XXXSS BA6852FP MC14411P WS512K32L-35G4TC TC3682EUATR IXTH5N100A DU1P0-15S12 AT29LV256-15TI C-2570G BAS70-05 MT28F200B3WG-10BET R7400U-20 CD54HCT00F LA7390N 5962-9160901MKA AT24C04N-10SC-2.7 SN54S135J GS880F36AT-7.5 PVX-2505 SMV0128A QL7100-5PT280C MB40178 OM35F120PB CAT24C161PA-45TE13 M38022M1DXXXSS FX6ASJ-2 M38B57M4-XXXFS UPD703017AYGC-XXX-8EU MD1372 M38064M6DXXXFP MC-4R256CEE6C-745 TLC274BIN AS1431DR4DBV13 A42L2604S-50 SPX1521R-2.5 EP2540-7R P6KE200CA AWS5503-S15 M38259EFDFP 1.5KE9.1CARL4 WF512K32F-120G4M5A CD4042BDWR PDU18F-4 SD1050YT REC5-5305DRWLZ 5KP14CA P5KE8.5CA MH8843AE X24001PM-3 CAT93C6612JA-28TE13 ADS574KU 0662.250HXLL MT5C1005C-55L/883C K2EBP-3V-1 XC5210-3PC84C XC6204A182MR SAA-112100 ACM1602E-RLTH-T HEF4104BDB SA5214D MBM29LV017-12PBA-SF2 R1210N351C-TL ML6424-1 GC89SNBC27R 1.5SMCJ210C SN74LV374ADW IDT74FCT299CP MAX327CEE TC4424EOE SMBJ170CA S1K-T3 UWR-5/1600-D5A 74ACQ374SCX BZV81 BC849ALT1 KA278R05 100364QI MMPQ6502 M27C256B-60C1TR N83C152JA 27C256-15/P SB1040DC-T3 AIC1117-50CT REC5-3309SRWLZ P4KE250 TK71632ASCLH XC5204-6PQ160I HMBZ5238B MAX6316MUK34DY-T XC2V8000-6FF1517I IC61C632A-7PQ DSDI60-14A M27C256B-10XF1 TS482ID APM2095PUC-TR GBPC15W-005 MX10C8058FI

13 January 2017 (New datasheets):

FAR-F5CE-881M50-K235-W LP2950ACP-3.3 AD7776 1N4746A T1210NH R5031418FSWA M38C21M8-XXXFP M54133FP HAA2871 GZ7-B3 1SMB30AT3 NX29F010-90T BC857B CXG1060N KPY67AK AV108-59 MAX809MEXR-T SJA879 P6SMBJ24C AME8501AEETBE21 74ALVCH32245LBR SNJ54F10J BZX84C12 MBM29F080A-55PFTR TEN8-4812 DDU12H-150 TDA1596T pLSI1032E-70LJ IXDN414CI VRE204CA RSZ-1403P CAT522P-TE13 AGM1212B-FCBTS-T 5962-9657101QXC ACM1602M-NLBD-T MAX773MJD K6T4008C1B-DL55 AS8S512K32P-35L/883C AT27C040-90TC 5962R9475407QLX VI-PUHY-XXX K9F2816U0C-DCB0 PDU18F-5C5 TSA1203IFT FAR-C4CN-08388-K10-R IDT74FCT163543CPA HT48R06A-1 LD7263 BGY205 K2400S G65SC02-AP-5 SMAJ30 VI-LJN2-XX TB3100M PDM41024LA15SO SN75LBC180D GC15015 1N5551 AME8800JEAT M38075MF-XXXFS M38201E7-XXXHP IDT54FCT273CTQB IDT74FCT2645CTQB M38257M9-XXXHP PT2127A-B84 1N4449 IDT74FCT543CPB TLHK4200 XC9536XV-7VQ44C GC70SN12015020RD R1210N501C-TR MAX243CPE HI-3183CLI DS1284 HCPL-550K#300 AME8500AEETCF42 VI-LC3V-XX PT2129A-T93S TSC80C31-36IF TK11244BUCB KS221K05 BDX37 SN74ALS518DW CD4066BM ESJA19 IC62LV12816DL-100TI 5KP64A CRS03 SSS3N80A SMBJ13A NME1205S FST16045 AM29LV104BT-120JIB R1223N162G-TL IS61C632A-6TQI 1N5938B Z8536DS BZX55-C9V1 M38254E9MGP PS7241-1A RD6.2E-T4 1.5KE82C 1N5648 CMPZ5232B XC4036XL-2HQ160I ZRT062A1 Z86C2112PSC AM29F016B-120E4CB

12 January 2017 (New datasheets):

FU-68PDF-V510M33B REC3-5105DRWZ COP8ACC528M9 ACS132MS F30D30A CHX1094-99F/00 HYB3165805AJ-60 XCV2000E-6FG1156I ST491ACN AT45DB081-TI L4X8E3 CAT24C01BRI-1.8TE13 5962H9684504VYX MCM69F618CTQ8.5R TSC80C51CXXX-40II BZX55 - C3V3 XC61CC1502LH BZX84-B51 CY7C1020L-12ZC NM93C06LZEM8 MSK5005BTS SNJ54LS54W RS-380 FYV0203DS WMS512K8-45DEI AS8S512K32Q-35L/IT 3EZ5.6D1 U6264ADG07LL PDSP16488MA TL1800M SMV20422-09 RJ-153.3S PHP10N40 SN74ALS1005N3 MAX326CSE RH5RI632B-T2 SD70OC45L IDT74FCT162543ATPF M38032FA-XXXFP 269-B-130-F1480-A SN65LVDT2DBVR HD4074329FS UNR4111 MAX4265EUA MAX6320PUK27AZ-T PI90LV024L MM54C14J/883 C441N ACM4002E-RLFW-T CAT93C6623PI-25TE13 BC338-25ZL1 26S470 SP805RCN 74ACT175SCX VI-PULV-XXX 2SK1491 P6KE350A ZMM3.3 M38061ECAXXXGP MDR250A30 M306V0ED-FP TMS320C203PZA MAN6730 ST303C04CHK3L S60D50 S-80746AL-EA-T2 AT28HC256F-12SC A1751A24RRSC10 MAX6312UK39D2-T GS84032T-150I UT62L2568BS-55LE M38021M7-XXXSS HS282A Z8002AB1V C-3580E DS96F174CN REC5-4712SRW XCV800-5BG432C PQ1R27 M74HCT541 LP2951H-MCP PIC16LC62X-20/P FS0203BN MAX5353ACPA MBM29LV002TC-90PTR AD590MH SMBJ5952 MC74VHC139MEL ULN2803A MI-PC6VP-XXX MBM29LV004TC-70PTR M74HCT30B1R LM239D PT6652L R1210N382D-TL UF1J PDM41257SA15SOI MJH11021 IRLS620A RH5VT51CA-T1 W29C040T-12B TSC5072 R1121N331A-TR REC10-7005DRWL ST72331J2 M38186ME-XXXFS IDT54FCT2652CTQ

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