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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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27 October 2021 (New datasheets):

3KP54A GH3-P005FK2 UTCTEA2025A SP813LCP M38039F8-HP WMS512K8-35CM RX-0515S IDT7201LA65PB MAZS068 SA5.0A SN74ACT7808-25FN SN74S225N CY74FCT163646CPVCT UCC5631AMWP SD400R08PBC DDU66F-125 IDT74FCT2373TE PT2127A-C52S ZY13 M38502ED-SP RD120EB ACM1604D-FLYS-T KK110F120 IDT54FCT2646DTPY M38252M5MXXXFP PST993F NM24C16LEM8X MAX4580CWE KPY62RK 1N963B CA66 CAT28F001P-15BT SMBJ10C SMCJ6V0A-TR CLL5249B PDU1016H-2M M38201M5-XXXFP 1N4001 RE5VT29CA-TZ 1.5KE30CA FAR-F5CE-906M00-K215-U CH-138 HIN208ECA-T M5M51008BP-55L IDT54FCT540CD IDT74FST1632384PV WPS512K8LT-85TM AS7C31024A-12TJC LH28F016SCS-L100 1N5641A ZR431LC01 GC89BNBC12FS 5962R9659501VXC PIC16LF84T-20I/SO MAX6306UK50D2-T BAW567DW MC10H102L HEF4072BD 1N4744D PT2128A-B24 AME8500BEETBF42 KTA2012E XC4036EX-3BG432C P6KE160CA ST72T121J2 CS5516-AS KM68257CLP-12 SMBJ6.5 RK-1205S BZX97/C22 BT136F-800F M306V2ME-XXXFP 1N2977B PIC17C42A-25/L BM-07657MD ER1C IDT54FCT166244CTEB SST29EE010-70-4I-UN MT4C4001JCZ-10/XT ZMM5222B ZMM5260 GL8HS25 MAX4621CPE 1N4934GP P4KE43-T3 HT-32 VI-J5VIX MC74F138D 7429FCT520ATLB TS1220-700H APC-5D BF-AB0FRD Z115 LC33832P-10 R1141Q171D-TL CL-190FG 269-C-230-F1480-A 28C64APC-4 MAX2235EUP SN74LVTH16952DL MX29LV800TXBI-90 P6KE120C GC79BNBC12RD GAL22V10B-25LJ 27C64AI12N TMS370C250AFNT SB82375SB

26 October 2021 (New datasheets):

LM124WB 5KP12 MSK4360ES IDT54FCT2541TP MC74HC4052AD M38062E4DXXXFP 1H7 LSFB20-469-001M0 BCR6AM-12L BYD72F MAX7705EPA OPL800B SF301C SAA2879 M5LV-512/160-15YC MGP20N14CL M-985-01S VI-PUKB-XXX P6SMBJ160 G17BSS-DC24 UPD784036GC-XXX-8BT PSL5A11-7R XWT1205-12 5962-9653501QCC AM28F256A-70JE DS75X CD4052BPWR P87C575EHLKA BZV55C4V7 VI-JW4EX AT28C64X-15JC REC3-5609SRW AT27C2048-12PC JANTXV4N23 IRLL110 MS7202AL-50PC GT4123BCDA MAX20-85.0CA MTD981AF GC118BN7012030RD TDA8945S LM74CIBP-3 REC15-4015SRWBZ GS840E36T-180 RT-3.312 KBPC3502 SB540 BF996S 05WS1C LA5607 SD200R16MSV TL072CD 2SC2324(K) IDT54FCT2244CTPY M38207E1DXXXFP UCC3831DWP APL5154-32BI-TR KBPC1000GS SST89E554RC-40-C-TQJ SN74ACT32DBLE GKC-24N NT128D64S88A2GM-7K MN3860 SST58LM024-70-C-FRI MLL14KESD160 PSMA64A SN74HC241DW MBM29F800TA-90PFTN MAX8214AEPE BL-HG434A NMAQ31750AB X25401PM ZX150 HM62V16256BLTT-8 R1221N37AH-TR OM1830NCM GC4713 BGY2016 IXGE200N60B UC5604Z RTC15048M42 1.5KE7.5 SNJ54BCT574W OPB942W51 1519-500G 1.5KE300CA BZG03C43 ADXL150JQC MC74LCX2245M AME8530AEEVGFX31 FZT549 RN5RK282A-TR ABR1501 PT2308 BL-BEG201 PSR242.5-2 CNZ2253 P4KE91A STD60NF06 SST29VE020-200-4I-WH P6CG-2403E SA8.0C AMS2911-1.5 WS512K8-25CQ SN74LS648NT LB11880 HCF4071B FL400

25 October 2021 (New datasheets):

5962-9462201Q2A WMF128K8-120CLI5 REC3-1005SRWZ MC74LCX245ML2 M38064E8-XXXFS CAT93C5724PI-30TE13 1N3611 R1120N201A-TR ACM4001A-NEFS-T 7429FCT2053CTPY SZ554H SN74ACT10PWR CR2202AC DG508ADJ F-51553GNBJ-LW-AB SST29LE010-250-4I-NH LM139J 1A5 UT22VP10E-15PCC MX7541KN SL4052BD WS128K32N-25G1UM AGM1232D-FEYBH-T FRS3A 78ST112SC MAX201EPD SST39VF400A-45-4E-EK IR2111S CD4028BPW 74ACT823MTCX M38025M3DXXXSP AS5C512K8DJ-25E/IT BZV55-B15 M5M5408BKV-10H SMBG5352B GT28F008B3-T150 ET014 DSBT2-S-DC12V SMV20433-08 1T368 IRFI9530G NTE4952 MMBZ5223B TC4423EPA GS2M ADG506AKN 74AC174PC P4KE440C-TB US3B VTL13D5-20 SML100H11 CL7512AEQI208-10 HV5530PG LD2979M28 SST37VF512-70-3C-NH TLHK4400 AT27C256R-55RC 2SC2960 22R473 MR856 MCM6226BBEJ25 ICS9154A-10CN16 BQ-N315RD M38252ED-FS IRF540NL MC10158FN ZXT13N50DE6TA M38221MBHXXXHP LM137H MC78M06CT IDT74FCT573DTQ P6KE120-TB R5111010XXWA UC2843ADW DL4731A 1N4775 MAX1296BCEG ARX4407-001-2 P6KE350A SAA-111200 VUM85-05A WS128K32N-85H1IA RTD-0909 M38258M9MXXXGP TLV2324ID SW-425TR SN74LS251D IDT74FCT162952BTPVB 27C256-15A CLC412AJP MCM6265CJ35R2 MC14504BD 93LC56BT-I/SN WS128K32L-15G4TIA TCET2100 DJ48-24S FST8035 B4500CR-3.7 STR-F6672 1SMC5359 MX27C1024PC-55 676-1S OR2T08A-4PS240I M38866F2AFS AT49F001NT-55JC BFY280S QL24x32B-2CF208I

24 October 2021 (New datasheets):

SPC-0603-681 NTE311 BUK454-200A M5LV-512/194-12AI G70LS2B-DC24 CGY62 SM320C30GBM33 M38C24MBDXXXHP KD1084AD2T15 1.5SMCJ120CA P4SMAJ120A SPX1084U-5.0 Z1018 M37531RSS BULD25DR TL431CN SD600R28PC TK11240AUBX FR203G NR-SD-42V CS5330A-KS TC626050VZB 2N6518 1N5343B GMS90C52PL40 VSC6048QV 3EZ120 GC89BRAA15RD IDT54FCT245CTPYB WMS512K8-35FCA MC78M15ACT STP4NB50 TSB80L186EC16 BYW29ED-100 CPT40050 ED502YS-T3 2N5820 M38224M4MXXXFS TLPGE262 M38501MCH-XXXSP 74VHC4052N 2W06 BU2522AX SMI-42-1R5 LA8630M SC84520BP CAT24WC08JA-TE13 HJ4-AC200V-R-6 FDU6644 NM93C86AVN 1N5932B FMB-G12L OPA4340EA/2K5 SMP1304-019 STK4142II X25045VI AME8520AEEVKFX31 QEB100-48S1P8-K HEF4093BP XC6201P472ML 74VHC244MTC ST223C04CHK3 5KP51A LF13202N WF106U FX429AL2 APL5331U5C-TRL VKP100MT315-6 MI-J52IA TC54VN2502ECB P6KE9.1CA-TB SN54HC132J KBPC4010GS AGM1264E-NNFTW-T CY7C1021BV33L-15ZI M62398P SCN2652AC2F40 M62706SL MSB81C AS4LC4M4E1-50JC WS128K32N-100G2UQA FS5KMH-2 M38507M4-XXXFP HC1HP-DC110V M38036MA-XXXSP SK13 AME8530AEEVKFE46 G960T43D PIC17LC44-08/P TZX10C AME8501CEETBA24 CMDZ5249B BUK106-50SP 74ACTQ16373CW P6KE7.5 TMS320LC53SPZA50 R1223N372A-TL SMBJ5941 SM5133DS BLV33F NTE171 VI-PN1X-XXX 1SMB3EZ18 LS6J2M-2D/G AME8501AEETDA24 S24022S-AT NJM2534M LS6U2M-1R

23 October 2021 (New datasheets):

HD63A05U0F M1MA142KT1 2N5397 X28C512P-90 IXUC120N10 GMS81C7008 KBPC3508P V62C2802048LL-85T ZMY16 P6KE30A TPS2834PWP WMS512K8L-55DEM TISP4072F3D APL5503-15VC-TR WMF128K8-150CC5 LM139AD P4KE62C SK19 ICL7109 M38254M9DXXXGP C65SC02-AP-5 M38066M3AXXXFS AN7710SP MAQ9264C95CB SMA18C TES3-2411 OM5284EB IRF322 1.5SMCJ51A FM93CS56N KHQ05048S1V2AH NMV0505S SN74AHCT574DW L78M08ABDT Z84C4006 MMBZ5234B HMBZ5257B 1.5SMCJ7.0A SMV1204-104 FAR-C4SA-04915-L21-U SI-3122N XC5215-3BG352C IDT54FCT16H244ETPAB W183 IDT54257DTP 2SA1404 BTA216XseriesE BL-HD033 CXA3235N 1519-100G HL01U15D12Z AM27C4096-120PC BS-C51DRD CD5290 XC40110XV-08BG432C OR2T04A-4M84I APL5302-13DC-TR CD4025BNSR RB153G TC3404VPE TXD20008JBFLLNH TDA2581 APL5507-A34KI-TR MS830 2SA1450 MV8104 M38253M5DXXXFP X84041V-2,7 M27C256B-80XB1 P4SMAJ110C-T3 AP1117T49A GH1-3K MAX6378XR43-T LM4040BIM3X-10 DS1007S-6/T&R CHF1.5KE300A TLV2473CN MC74LCX00M PSA121.5-7iR SD1680 HI-3282CDM 1N6382 G90NilCD-DC15-NilNil MBM29LV004TC-90PTN MC74HC4053FR2 M38C26M9DXXXHP CD54HC125F RT9811-38CB G902CD-AC24-1Nil FU-68SDF-V802M112B 1N751A-1 CA3140M P4C1024-15J4C 1A2 PCF8578H 62000-101 AD260BND-2 APM4947KC-TUL MSP3405G SC142C K-02601GX-P IDT74FCT162H245TPA SST39LF010-90-4I-B3K MOC8101 BS-A541RD APL5509R-31VC-TR RMPA1751-102

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