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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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9 August 2022 (New datasheets):

74ACT16646DL RN5RL49AC 5429FCT53CTPYB MDE-14D101K 1N5404GP MC10E457FNR2 P6KE82CA GC89SRCC12F VI-LJ53-XX LD7215 CMPTA46 BZX85/C5V6 TK71518ASCL SMV1235-004 1A5 RE5VT47CC 1.5KE56A 1N5231 MAZS220 74FR573SC AD827 RE5RE46AA-RF M29W800AB100M1T ST62T20CM3 APL1117R-50UC-TU MBRD320L RP1P5-0512SA MI-PC6MN-XXX WS512K32N-55G2TCA TLC2654C-8D MAX6321HPUK44DX-T APT1608YC NDL7408P2LC XC4052XLA-09BG432C PHP4N60E C-1505Y SN75155JG SKT3S M38221M3MXXXHP XC5210-5TQ176I XC4052XLA-08HQ208C P4C1982-10PC SVFD1V475M SMAJ9.0A MX27C2000AQI-12 DG507ACJ SMAJ30CA SBL2030FCT BZX2C120V CY74FCT163H244CPVC NTE5834 S-80740AL-A4-S IC62LV5128L-55TI ADN2809XCP TC554001AF-85V GMS34112 UPC24M06AHF Z86C6116FEC KHR0515A01 G65SC02-AP-2 MC68B09P M38B53E2-XXXFP PS302CPA LTC1262 PIC16LF874-04E/PQ LLSD101B PIC16LC72-02E/SO MSM511000C-70JS UM4302 SMAJ5929 TG1.8.681K LP2951CN RN5RK291B-TL ADC0809CCV BZW03D27 15KPA54A T-1000BNC 1N981D XC4036XLA-08HQ160I M38222M5-XXXFP BT-A53DRD MSP3465G EM564166BC-70E ELM312P SD453N20S30MSC M5LV-320/120-10YC X9313WS3 AM29F010B-70JI S-80745SN-D9-S M27C4001-10XL6X CY7C1382CV25-250BZC SL5234 TC54VC5502EMB MD56V62800A-8TA EM91220AP KBPC610 MC74HC137D TL431CP WS128K32L-35H1IA REC5-643.3SRWLZ M5M44800CJ-6 PT2399 AL1201 LOT676-PS HC1E-PL-AC24V HUP24-14 GS88037BT-133 OPB380T51

8 August 2022 (New datasheets):

ACM2002P-RLGW-T ZPSD312-B-15J C2719 MAX6314US50D4-T MAX166CMJP SMA28-2 CMHZ4702 MSM5718B70-60GS-K ACT-5270PC-133F17C ADR293ER MSB100DA-0 IDT54157CTDB 74HCT166N C122C FAR-C3CA-04000-M20-R UDN2916A HER1604G EN27LV512150T WF512K32N-60G4M5 GC79BRAA15RD LB1408 TMS320F206PZA 15112GOA ICL7109CPL NE5209D WE128K32P-120G4I 5962-9466308VXA M38079E1-XXXFP TXS2-L-9V-Z KIA7820AP LTC1290DCSW M1MA142WKT3 P83CL782HDH DLO31F-4B2 CHF5KP60A IDT74FCT374ATSOB SL74LS244N EN29F040-70P MAX8215ESD OPB493N51 2SK3013 M38252E5DHP BZX85C3V6 KM48V8104BSL-6 AT49BV040T-20TI FRL230D M38257E1-HP 2SC3583-T2B OM150F120CMA IDT74FCT16373TPV 6A05G 5962-85016013A WMA-1005G2 JSM1-12V-5 VWS100ZG PZM8.2NB2A M38227E2-FP VI-PUZF-XXX PH0814-40 4560-12A UC3825AQ CAT93C8614S-45TE13 1N1204AR M38072E1-XXXFP IXFH16N90Q FX802J M5M5408BKR-55LW SN74AHC1G86DCKR PRC211330/101M TLC2252ID MSGB39W C4880-21-24W BTB08-600S TLSH1102 P6KE18CA GC102BN12015015FS MC14499DW G691L308T96 MH88625 SN74LVTH16501DGGR TDD40-15S2 SAA7134HL SN75175DR P6KE300AC BZV55-B2V4 HAL505UA-E DPS52005 M38254EB-FP LA1806 P4FMAJ150A MAX6318LHUK45DY-T CF004-03 AP1117E32A R3111H311A-T1 BZT03-C9V1 48IMS7-12-12-9 P6KE100 MAX6312UK44D2-T MIC29310-3.3BT KST5179 P6KE300A-TB XC4020E-1HQ208C SN65LVDS051DR MYGB64W MJ11012 USB0415 SMCG17C

7 August 2022 (New datasheets):

STB60NE03L-10 AMS1587CD-3.5 UGB10DCT LTC1096LCS8 SN74AS00D R1230D341A-TR G90NilBO-AC220-1Nil WS512K32N-17G2TC M38C36M1AXXXFS VI-JNYMX AD7418AR M38257ECDHP IDT54FCT88915TT70LB 1.5KE200 IDT72105L25TP R1221N24AH-TR IDT7005S35PF GC70BR12015010F MAALSS0012TR IDT54FCT162500ETPFB WS128K32N-70G1UMA MSM64431-xxxRS OPB493N55 PFC250-1015 ST7FLITE05Y0B6 S-80744HL-U8-T1 AZ23-C51 P4KE24A 25AA160T-/SN uPD65646 FR21-0003 MAX6318MHUK44AZ-T MC78LC50HT1 M38B54M3-XXXFS 3D7110S-8 VI-LWL-XX X24C04PI-3,5 1N6765R V62C1804096LL-85TI GS20AC-12 DMS-20PC-1-GS AT49BV001N-12JI Z170 UC1871J LC7883K SN74ALS533ADW PCF8548U/2 HC1E-L-AC6V MGB34C VI-JNDMX CD40174BF3A B8220K6-5.2 2SD2466 MT46V32M16TG-75L 1N5928B MAX3111EEWI MWI35-12A7 CD5337B M38258EBDFP CXP84548 1.5KE75 RH5VL35AA-T2 LAM676-Q R1120N491B-TR IDT54FCT273CDB G902BS-DC5-Nil2 93LC66A-I/SN HCC4047BF PIC16C62XA-04E/P HYB514100BJ-50 JH3a-DC6V M38065E4AXXXGP AD8019AR-REEL TN2-L-24V 3.0SMCJ17CA SFH300FA-3 P4KE110 ILX508A MI-RJ7JXX-XXXX M38865E3AHP KRC666U 5962-9653001QXX MI-J6MMY AM29F017B-90EI IS63LV1024-8KI PIC16C711-04/P AME8501BEFTCF28 EIA1718-1P M27C4001-35XL1X FR106G SA51A CY7C4241-25JC 61055-003 BZX399-C3V3 GC70SR9513003F LH28F008SCHR-V120 1N989BUR-1 S83L51FA-20 MZD16 M32000D3FP KV1951A CDLL4734A S-80719SN-DG-S MBB31TA SN74LV139ADBR RKZ-243.3D ST083S10PFK2L TLC7705QP

6 August 2022 (New datasheets):

LM1084IT-5.0 HL2PL-DC24V AG101 AIC3842CN BDX54B CAT24C641J-45TE13 74VHCT00ASJX WF4M32-120G2TI5A AGM1232D-RLGTW-T BCF32 IS61LV6464-100PQ 3EZ62 HLMP-D401 PD57006 MI-J21IA LP621024DV-70LLT TIP41 HCPL-4200#500 JX5819-1 20KW96 MSK5006TD AT28LV64B-25TI HE2aN-Q-DC24V LS6U3M-5D/Y IRG4PH20K SMAJ170(C)A 1N960A ICS9148F-11 AD7896BN TPS61003DGS M38220MAHXXXFS XTR104BU PLD08UDA EZ1085CT-1.5 STK12C68-L35IM SN74BCT8245ANT L2481-02 L7113YD G901CS-DC48-1Nil PS2533-1 TP3420AV308 XMT5170B-155-SC 1.5KE68C SMCG20A MA2H735 S93662SAT 74VHC32 LD-LLC-0001-050 MAX809ZEUR-T10 SF40KG 4MBP75RA060 NE56610-29 SL74HC323D 5962R8969301FA AZ936-1A-12D REC8-3809DRWL RTH42ES152K 1.5KE100 APR3021-17BI-TR IDT54FCT841DTD P6KE15CA LM340G-15MWC SB120 C65SC02-AE-3 JV1a-6V AME8500CEETBF24 MC74ACT138DT XC6204B58ADL 74LVT244BDB P6KE120C-TB MAX4601CPE 269-B-150-F1480-C 93AA46TP PDU53-2500C3 M24512 UPD703041YGM-XXX-UEU MMBD4448W MC68HC11KA3MFN3 FST3383WM 2N7052 IDT72021L30GB PBYR1540CTB SMBJ20A AM29LV800BB120EE AM29F016B-120E4IB PT2128A-B94S W77E58F-25 SLD10VED 93LC46AXT-/SN SF1G2 M30240S3-XXXFP RL205-T3 MX7538TD AMS3107CN-3.0 PDU18F-10C5 TLC1078CP JM38510/11703BX Z84C0020FEC CDB43L43 R7202009 HVM14S 1N6357 AM29LV400BB-90EI SP8544KS 1.5SMCJ8.0 IRSF3031 LM311MX

5 August 2022 (New datasheets):

P4C198AL-35PI MB89PV890CH DMC60C52 LP3966ET-ADJ FAR-F6CE-1G8200-L2TD-V P6SMBJ43C 74F1071SC 2SC1342 EGP10C CAT93C6623S-42TE13 1.5KE120CA SK100E131PJ LT581 8403001SA P4KE130 FAR-C4SB-11059-K12-U APL5308-19DC-TR ADS7825U MC74HC244AH INA110KU V53C16258SLT45 TIBPAL16R8-30MFKB M38222MC-XXXHP U30D50A SN74ALVCH16269DL 54154FMQB PIC16CE624-20/SO OM7626NM MAX634CSA SN74ALVTH16244VR RH5RH301A-T1 Z86C8912PEC 1N6634 WMS128K8V-25DRMA SA24C1024LZMFFX LL55A3V6 W78C801F-24 M38065MFDXXXFS UPM502.5 DAC2815DE WPC10R24S03NR UA741CN SN74AS138D SST89C558-33-I-TQI 28LV256SM-3 PIC16C54-XTI/P CY7C1316V18-200BZC 1N5399G AT49F080T-90RC AME8814AEEY SPT5216CCU SAA7103E UP0651S-02 MX7576KP M38063M4-XXXFS SF16-TB X25324V14I-2,7 BC848BW TC962IJA NM24C32UN BZW06-15B DZ23-C6V8 L6004D5 M27C4001-45N1X SD103N20S15PSC MM1253AF M38500F1H-XXXSP OPA124UA/2K5 VI-RU4RX-XXXX PHP50N06LT 5962R0252302QXX AME8500BEETBE29 2.4HCB A1750A29FFSC06 A3280LUA BZX2C16V M38004E8-XXXFP TC54VC3702EZB HEF4008BD CAT25C32U20A-TE13 AS431BR5LP13 G902BO-AC110-NilNil BZV85-C22 BZX55B62 P6SMBJ70C TL431ACD NM27C256QE150 LX8383-00CV MC100H603FN UZ7745L CLL4119 XC6204D592DR DB12-12D KBPC4008W GBPC2506/W SNJ54AS194FK MAX6316LUK27CY-T E80 RT9169-47CV 1.5KE110CA ACE9040FP1N BZ55C62 QTLP690C-E UA9636ACD IDT74FCT374DTQ VI-RJ4MXX-XXXX KS57P4104 S2065P

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