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28 September 2016 (New datasheets):

SMJ320C31TBM40 FQA34N20L G4160NilC-DC12-P R3112Q15A-TR PIC17C42AT-33/JW MC1490P TLV2442MUB S-80729AL-AS-S SC2128A-M82B MI-RC6VTX-XXXX SMI-75-271 M5M5V216ART-55H BS-C362RD DP83953VUL LS6J2M-5SD/Y XC6204B532MR PDM41258SA8SOTY AGM1264F-RLYH-T CAT24C023P-25TE13 FT1211MH CAT24WC04JI-1.8TE13 V700ME04 C-402H-10 AGM1532A-NEFTW-T LE25ABZ AD7417ARU SW-207 RBM-093.3S AT49BV002T-90JC BA6859AFS P4C164-20JI RURU150100 ATV2500H-25DC DS92LV1210MDC M38869E7A-GP A3141LUA R6200230 R1121N351A-TL MAX3260C/D CD74FCT574M96 1N4772 SBT30S QL5732-33BPS484C SD103N04S10MSC TDA8566TH PSK3616-7 LD267 SD650CS-T3 TSC80C51CXXX-25CF SFM16 W78LE52F-24 74ACTQ16245SSCX P83C652EFPN CAT93C4613KI-28TE13 E-452 ATF20V8BQL-25XC XQ4013E-3CB228M LA7681 KM684000LTI-10L SA85A BT134W-600E AT89C52-16JC STPS3030CG S-80738AN-D2-T1 MTAN7185M2-11BW BR24C16F 5962-9658101QXC SD203R20S15MBC MAX687EPA CY37192P160-83AI DG303ABK BTA12-600BW SN74ALS623AN3 M38066E9-XXXFS UCC3580N-2 WS1M8-45CMA PIC16CR72-10E/JW SMJ320C40KGDM50C HLMP-2500 TC510CPF GS881Z36BT-250 M38067M1AXXXFP 74HC7046ANB PI74FCT163373V BZX84C5V1LT1 FS10VSJ-2 IDT7130LA35L48 GL8T100 CM1001 CY74FCT2245ATSOC IDT54FCT162652ATPFB AM29LV116BB-120FI AGM2464C-MC-GBW-T NM27C256V90 PI74FCT273TQ LM393M M38864EEA-FS MAX1232CPA 5962G9855202QZA W29C020-12B SMP1302-001 DF08S EXO-3-12.8M MK2772-01STR UT54ACTS165 AME8811CEFT K4E171611D-T SFH618A-4

27 September 2016 (New datasheets):

PIP120 NM24C02UFLMT8 UC2843AD8 BS616LV2013AC XP01114 SMP5460 IDT74863AP THS3001EVM 24AA32-/SN AD9807JS APL5508R-45AC-TR MAX194BEWE P4KE12 LM1877N-9 MAX6319LHUK42A-T PTB20081 G4130NilA-DC6-SBM 5962R9658301VXA ADC08034BIWM CAT93C8632JA-42TE13 IDT54FCT2244TSOB CY74FCT244CTSOCT GS8324Z18C-200I ZPSD303-B-90MI PIC16C770/JW JM1aN-TMP-DC24V BD441 AN3358SH AD8400AN1 PDU53-200C3 MG75PB22 MT2318-AUG VTL5C3 ER2J LF40ABPT-TR MBM29LV017-12PTR uPC339G2 HMS87C1302A FQS4410 REC5-2309SRWLZ HEF4006BT TN80C32 15KP110C DS92LV040ATLQA 1.5KE6.8C SR14 JM38510/37701BEA GP101B-DC24-L MPX2200DP RF2642 MC14067BCL CL-190PG-CD-T PCB80C31-2N M38222MAHXXXFS AT49LV080T-15TI V436664X24VXSG-75 NT256S64V88A0G-7K PD40-31HC BQ4013YMA-70N SMV2110-08 MAX6315US49D1-T PT6671G HD63A01Y0F ST280S04M2V CXP874P60 PZM3.3NB P6KE160CA ALD1116DB SPF-2086TK IDT72265L15PFB KM416C1004CT-5 ZPSD312V-B-25L ADG526AKN CL-196R-CD-T BZD23-C240 P4KE130C U631H16BS1K25 MXD1013UA100 BAV99 RQ5RW28AA-TR R4000 P6SMBJ22A TPIC6C595D 2SC4485 MMSZ5230B IDT74FCT2534TDB UT62L12816MC-70LLI N74F350D 5962F9475402VXC B4250CR-3.9 CGD914 OPB665T UPC29L04T SN74LV161284DGGR ST180C04C2L 15KP110A W83627HF-AW A1750A25FFSC08 SK25 28C64A-20I/SO SN74LVC245ADW P6KE51C MC74ACT125ML1 TC1044SEPA MM3Z51T1 IRF6602 AM29LV002T-100EC

26 September 2016 (New datasheets):

M5M29GT160BWG SN74S194N3 AM29DL400BB-120FCB 1102UFD BYT60P-1000 MT5C2564EC-25L/IT REC15-1715SRWB BDW73C MH4S64DBKG-7L SN74LVC126ADR R1111N201B-TR RL153 E2505H30 TDD402415S P4KE62CA-T3 IH2412D P6FMBJ43A BL-R1133A R3131N47EC-TR AME8500BEETBF40 M38224MBHXXXHP MPS6652 AGM1532A-FEYBH-T PH1090-175L UF600J JM38510/75202SD OP37BZ PAC003DTFQ UPC393C ADQ13Q012 VI-24TIX TC1027COR NM27C128N90 M38041F2-FP BPX43-6 UPA1725G-E1 MAX6317HUK46BZ-T IC62C1024AL-45TI UC3584DW LM369DM MV2115 2SJ356 FEPB16AT ST90E158M9LVG0 Z86L0408SSC STK11C88-3W45I BAT14-014 PI74FCT162H827TV RN5RL32AC SM8521 SMB180 TDA3675 OM185SM 1N4105 1N6044A CL7128AELC84-6 VI-J0LIX SMV20411-10 SN74LS298N VI-FPE6-CQX ACM1604B-FEGD-T AT27BV020-15TI DG406CJ MAX6316MUK50AX-T B4600CN-4.7 M38C29M8-XXXHP M38256MFDXXXGP VI-J5DCX MB3769A M38185M2-XXXFS TUSB2077APTR CAT93C8634SA-42TE13 M38B53M3-XXXFP SMU300PS15 MH16S64APHB-8 CS4297-KQ BA15FP GS88032BT-250 M38509FAH-XXXSP VUO105-16NO7 PS7241-1B WMS128K8V-17CCA 6A4G A1751A54RRSC06 CY62256V-70SNC S6070W GN1F4N-T2 VKA100LS02-81 LM317LZRA LM4051AIM3X-ADJ AN7915T SN74LVTH241NSR BL-BX1141-L JH3a-DC24V GBU4005 IDT54FCT824AEB AM27C020-70DIB M38186E4-FS IRFU5305 Z86L0408PSC AM29LV020BB-120PC MAQ9264C70LL ZXMD63P03XTA PHV12-1.0K5000P IDT54FCT521BTQB LTC1046MJ8 AM29LV008BB-80EC MPS6715

25 September 2016 (New datasheets):

M5-192/68-7YI HM62W8511HLJP-12 M38033F6-HP VI-253-CU-BM SST39LF040-45-4C-B3K MAX6320PUK37BZ-T G691L463T72 QLA694B-2H M38061MADXXXGP 5962R9651501VCA M38225ECDFS EDI88512LPA35B32B R1121N391A-TR MAX6303ESA MC74HCT245AH DG407C/D ADQ23Q012 SMBJ70A RT9161/A-29CZL IRFBE30 AQW414EHAX TX2SS-L-1.5V 3.0SMCJ36CA IDT54FCT244E AD396KD BZV55-B4V7 UC2825ADWTR MTAN4170-22C CD4066BCN MI-PC2LX-XXX EC10DA40 V165ME01 MAX6318LHUK43BX-T CD74HC73E M38506E3-XXXFP SMP4416A A3054KU-26 M38227E1HGP BQ-M31DRD A88 TMS320C53SPZ BZW04-85B DN8897S DG401AZ AN7190NK WS1M8-20DJM PT2127A-C41S 54LVTH162245RPFB MAX6318LHUK36AY-T VI-RUJHX-XXXX ST16RFRDCS910 5KP8.0A 74VHCT541AMX R1230D271A-TL MST4110C SN74LV4052APWR L-53SGD CST3.84MGW P5KE11 SD453N20S20MC SDC20-48S15 FG2000JV-90DA M38191M4-XXXFS AM29F200AS-55SE STUS068 IDT74FCT540TQB CY74FCT273ATQCT MAX225CWI APL5502-21DC-TR LS6U3M-2SD/G-T X25648V14-2,7 PDA54-12YWA REC5-4415DRWLZ TL074BI MAX3183EUK-T SST39LF100-45-4I-B3K MI-RC2V0X-XXXX JM1aN-P-DC24V ZY36 SL4020BD P8156H-2 2SJ230 CD4571A 2N2907A Z8939120VSC 24LC128-I/ST LLE18100X MC74LCX16373DT MT5C1009ECA-15L/883C SST39VF800A-45-4C-EN MB154 APL5505-A13XI-TR MC-45V8AB641KFA-A75 SPX1085AR-3.3 AS432AR25DBV7 MC74VHC1GT00DTT1 GS88236B-66 5KP14CA SS36 FAR-C1CA-04194-J00-R 5962-8855001RA GS881Z18BT-200I HF10-12S AGM1232C-NLGBS-T LC-31 SFH628A-3 NM24C04ULMT8

24 September 2016 (New datasheets):

WMS128K8L-25DJCA 25C080T-E/P M38506M7-XXXFP AS2431C2S7 CL-190UR-CD SN74AHC273DBR 5962R9475403QLC OPB492L55 GS840FH32AT-8.5 RE5RL60AA-RF MAX4275ACEUA SSM2164 7429FCT53CTPY 30KW39 M38C25F2-HP VC20437 3.0SMCJ70CA SN74ALVCH16271DL GP1A57HR AQW414 FQNL2N50B PEEL18CV8SI-15 IS61LV12816-8LQ M5M51008BKR-55LL HPR117W RE5VL29CC DLG2416 uPD65646 MMSD4148 CXP82600 SAA5665HL HD74AC04 M38C22F7DHP TLC27L2MJGB CD54HC541F TS83L51FC-20 FM4735W TZS4704 CL-150LY-CD-T M38868E1A-GP MC33039D M38202M1DXXXGP DCA407S EN29F002NT-90T 5KP16C 5962H9656801QXA FLM4 MMSZ5239B SN74AS885NT3 PMLL5239B BRT12M T10B065T NTE2322 THS4051ID GZ12-B3 WM2608CDT KSD1691 2SK1593-T1 SFR103 NEZ1011-2E SFR156-TB Z85C3016VSC EA15-58 ICS9148F-60 IDT74FCT543DTLB SD600R08MC BYD17J/DE BD-A434ND M38B54M4-XXXFP CDLL938 TDA9331H T620W TLE2022AMD GL610T LE27CZ M38866E2A-HP 25C640T-/ST HAT1026R RA13 VRE202M MAQ3691NS M5LV-320/184-12HI XC6203E602PR XC4005XL-1PC84C ARJ22A12 IDT54FCT807CTP MT5C1001F-40L/XT ADS-937/883 NTE1779 OM6517SA 15KP30 PCD50922H L7104SRD/D A-562E Z89313 AD8132ARM-REEL NTE1539 AN608P M38034F5-HP SAA1437 PT6302C BA3826S MA40257-276 HD6305X1P AN78M09 AME8501BEFTBE44 LTC1659 MC74HC00ADT

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