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26 January 2020 (New datasheets):

M38039FE-FP MPSA14 R1223N492F-TL 1N6140AUS M38030F7-XXXSP DL4151 BT136-500E IDT74FCT139CTP STK15C68-W25 SMAJ26A WF128K32N-150H1Q5A NEZ4450-4D ADSP-2111BS-66 MM3093E ST16CF54_LEVEL_B AM29LL800BT-150ECB SD1080CS SN54LS165AJ VI-N2M-XX ADADC72BD MSM5118165DSL-60TS-L WT8072 APM4542KC-TRL DCR1575SY34 EVAL-AD7854CB ASX210A03 PIP24 SN74HC373DWR U62H824PA35 EM520 1N5226B PP75T120 XC4062XL-2HQ240C TEA1098TV/C2 1.5SMCJ28A 1.5KE250CA BQ2002GSN TPS3828-50DBVT VIPER20SP MM3035F GC89SNCD08F M38223M8HXXXFS DCR1596SW47 LP2980AIM5X-2.8 C65SC02-ACI-3 R1210N511C-TL GBJ20005 GM71C17403CJ-6 BZV86-1V4 2SK2076 MDU14-2.5M MC33078P AM29LV116BT-90EE WS512K32-15G2TMA TDA8395P/N2 M5M51016BRT-70LL XCV100-6FG256I A1751A33RRSC10 L7404A M27W202-200K6TR IDT54FCT2533ATE PS323EUAX 74LVT2241PW SMCJ22 N74F835D CAT93C5633J-25TE13 M38C30E9MXXXFP L584 HD74ACT240 MC74VHCU04ML2 HC55180 XC5215-3BG225C CC611416A LS6U3M-2R/PG-T 5962R9652401QXA CAT93C8613U-30TE13 DDU11H-5MC3 OPB461L11 MC145421P 1.5KE24 STK12C68-S45 1EZ150D5 S42WD42SA ZSR285G SC26C92C1B MU9C3480L-12DC M66257FP SN74LS138DR2 K3413-01 DHC2805SH MT4LC4M16R6TG-6IT TL074ACNS LTC1290DIN DSB0.2A20 JVN1a-12V 5962H9659001QXC SMLJ160CA MJ10001 TPS5210EVM-126 MGFC45V5964A 5962-9652801VCX SF4006 AM29LV004BT-120EC 5962-0151101TXC RB-1205SH JM38510/16303BEA ANCC-154A AS432BR5LP13

25 January 2020 (New datasheets):

IDT742157DTEB TEA1098TV/C1 EGF15F IDT7134LA45F TLC5617IP PMBZ5228B M27C512-10C6TR SP5769MP1S DM9368N M38501M5-XXXSP 2SK1334 MI-PC2VT-XXX M38225E1-GP BCX17R SST27SF256-90-3C-PH V285ME01 OQ2535HP 5KP24 1N6000B ER1000FCT P4KE47 1N5247 WF128K32N-120G1TM5A BQ3285P TLE4905G AZ10EL31T TXD2SS-9V-Z IDT54FCT139TLB HD74AC164 CD6297C M62212P MAX6313UK36D4-T P4KE75A-TB IDT54FCT573CLB IDT79R3052E25J IXFK48N50Q HS880 MAX6320PUK37DW-T BP87C54-20 PT78ST115S IS61LV25616-15TI VI-22NMX OR2C10A-4BA352 CAT24C161PA-30TE13 D45C3 ATF22LV10C-15SI CM3508 APM4890KC-TU 5962H9653101VCX BD242C 78HT233SC WF4M32-150H2C5A 1.5KE30C CD40103BE IS61C632A-4TQ MOB32DR B4600CR-2.0 AT49LV002-90JI 2SC4058 FL28-100250 74LVT16373MEA 1.4KESD75A SBLF1030CT ST62P25CB6 PT2128A-B83S MC74HC574ADW IDT54FCT2648ATEB 269-B-280-M-14xx-C 5KP16A SA24C512LMFX MC10H102L TLC552CD IDT7130SA55JB SMAJ36C HTZ80H20K MMBD4148 UC2872DW 2SC2946(1) 2SC4126 BYW98-200 RKBPC35-08/W AT27C800-10RC FST34X2245 AM29SL800BT-200ECB GNR53D431K IDT7202LA15TD SPC-0603-561 VI-JWFMX AM28F010A-120JIB 5429FCT521ATDB MAX6314US28D1-T TXS2SA-L-24V BD-E304RD-A 74HC648N M38034F8-XXXFP MC74ACT00MR2 MSK5009TS KSC2751 M5-512/120-15HC TZM5266B HYM328020GS-50 PHP60 PMKC03-05DS15 SN75189N MB2510 LT140A REC5-4305SRWLZ

24 January 2020 (New datasheets):

1N5400 SST89E564RD-25-C-PJ APL5501-14UC-TR MI-J54MA 2025-6017-06 LZ0P3625 SMZ3.9 SST39VF800A-90-4E-UN MT4LC4M16N3TG--6S MMBFJ112 M38191E4-XXXFS TK71639SCLH SL1714MP1S FRS430D SMA283B LT1009IZ AS431CR5DBVA IDT54FCT2827CTLB IDT74FCT541CDB HYB3165405BT-50 XC95216-20BQ352C R1221N18XA-TR SMBJ5918D IDT74FCT827BTEB Z89305 LM4832M OM6102ST ER1002F R1111N431B-TR TOP245G AS431B1S7 LF30CV OP497FS TIP105 IXFK100N10 MIE-554A4 HBS033ZE-A CM200TU-5F BD-E406RD GS882Z18BD-250 AME8500AEETDE44 M27512-F6 BZX384-C8V2 LM320H-15 2041-6204-00 P4SMAJ20C-T1 STU2071FN VG36648041L-7L MC14584BFEL PAC390/221TFQ 2SK3046 MIE-11RG1 MI-PJ2JX-XXX RU3 WMS128K8L-55DJC MT2030-HRG CAT93C5631P-28TE13 APL5302-22AC-TR 5962H9659101QRC MB354W SC2128A-C22S STT3PF20V IDT54FCT16H952CTPV MC78T05CT BQ2014HSN-A309 S0320L RD39JS-T4 X25650S8 SN74LS640ML2 W29C020S-90A ADP3307ART-3.3 SA5753ADK P4KE47A TC55RP1102ECBRT BAL74W 1N3349A AT24C08-10TI-2.7 M4LV-64/32-12VI NTE2336 MSK5040-3.3H MAX6316LUK48DW-T EP1-B3G3 ZRT040N8A1 P4KE75C UT62L5128LS-70LE MI-QC6MK-XXX MM74HC4049M MT9160AE RD7.5ESAB ACM1601H-NLTD-T S93463PA CAT93C6614UI-42TE13 BA9755S FAR-C4CB-08000-L12-R LM75DM-33R2 FCRN3031003GB VI-L5M-XX 54AC251FM-MLS REC5-3305SRW AGM2464C-FC-GTW-T 3KP6.5CA TP87C54-24 APL5309-15AC-TR NM24C03MT8 APE34024 MTP20N06V NTE231 PD65P31MA

23 January 2020 (New datasheets):

1.5KE250A DDU18-24 J201 S25VB20 MT8930CE IDT7217L65JB LA1862M IDT74FCT2374DTEB HER207-T3 TC54VN4501EMB DS4E-SL-DC24V LNG316GFG UC3854ADW 2MBI300L-060 TXS2SS-L2-6V-Z AGM2412C-MLYTH-T TLC2262AIPWR AT28LV256-25TC 2SA1540 MU210 IDT70121S55J PD110-45-1LC IDT54FCT138ATLB SN74LVCH16244ADGGR WS512K32N-55H1IA UT61L512JC-10 BC548ARL1 BCR569 MN5211 M38025E7-XXXFP MAX407ESA 2SC5184-T1 74AC11374NT M37510E6FS SP4414UEB M38258MF-XXXHP AD5532 FMMTA92 BAS16-02W P83C51FC-33 LN162S VI-N51-XX IN74HC164N SN74LS196N 1N4748A GC70SR9515003FS DE275-102N06A IDT54FCT166244TPV SN66090 RN5RY202A-TR M38258M7MXXXHP MAX6321HPUK41CZ-T MSK0002H MT5C1009ECA-35L/XT VI-J7LCX D2525P912 AZ695-9 C-3571G REC5-5912SRWZ MUR810 WT202 HDSP-8605 CP1006 MC74ACT253MR2 TPS77501DR AM29LV001BT-90EEB IDT49C460J 1N4151W-T3 AME8501CEFTDF42 2SJ316 AK2304A AME8500AEETAA26 SP705CP DD84SCLS DE1a-6V RFP12N20 TC55RP5002EZB X20C05DM-45 2082-6043-12 FR253 S0308R L53SRC/DW DSF11060SG60 Z86K1505FSC IDT54FCT16H245CTPA MSM9803-xxxGS-AK V5.5MLA0805WA PI74FCT163245A IDT74FCT162841BTPV 1.5KE18CA MAX844ISA IDT49FCT806APY GC70SR12015012F WMF128K8-60DEI5A P6KE16C MMBZ5221B ED603CT TXD2SL-2M-12V P6KE10CA VI-2NNCX IDT5416952ETEB 1N5831 P4KE220A LNM336AA01 LC75883W IDT74FCT273EB R1221N44AF-TR

22 January 2020 (New datasheets):

MI-QC6LJ-XXX GL5HJ8 SST39LF200A-55-4E-B3N U6264ASK07 CD74HC75E BZX84C39 AD573JN MAX319C/D S1A0067X01-X0BO VI-J5WIX BZX84C33-T1 PMBFJ210 AM29LV102BB-55REIB PT6506R 5962R9655601VXA X24012SI-3 CAT93C5722PA-42TE13 IDT54FCT540TPYB DT65-0006-TB STP5NC70ZFP TC55RP4302ECB WMS128K8L-100DEIA BAT15-064P TLC254CNS EM83040H RL-0924SH M38222M5HXXXFS SN74S51DR JM38510/31512B2A XC3195A-4PC84C P6KE91C 1N5393 WMA-1005E4 SMCG6040A 1N5525A RE5RE58AA-RR CXK58257AP-10L CAT93C5611PI-28TE13 LNQ70502 NTE5569 PCD3353AP/013/F4 GP2W1001YP HDMP-1646 WS128K32L-25H1MA ST333S08PFM0 SPX2957AU5 CAT25C081S16A-25TE13 SD330T ASM2012CB PT2272A-M2-S18 GC102BR7014012R TDA7052A MAX6316MUK49DX-T MC68HC11E20VFN2 3EZ17D5 IDT72103L50J UZ7716L 1N4079 R5323N331B-TR M74HC133 QL5130-33APF144I BL-HG032A CD74HC157SM FM207 LMA422 BQ2056TPN OP42EJ 74LVC86ADB SMLJ120A 5KP43 HL2L-DC12V PIC16C641-04E/SO 269-B-230-D-14xx-B 5KP48C HV214PJ M38506M5-XXXSS IP7815AK-BSS2 CAT25C03UI-1.8TE13 ZPSD303V-B-25L CL-201TD3 24S330 2N5087RLRA PS11037 PIC16C924-04/SP HL02U15S12YH 5962H9689103QYX U62H824PC35 ZV931V2TA IDT6116LA55YB GS880Z18BT-150 RD39EB EM73A83 MC100EL07D BGE884 2SK2347 MT5C1001F-25L/IT P87LPC764BN PAC250/101TFQ P6SMBJ45CA M30802MC-XXXFP UT06MRA300 P4KE68C P6KE180CA 5962-9654101QEA H24B2 5962-9217601MRA MG63PB24 BZ55C38

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