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17 October 2018 (New datasheets):

VKA60LS05-61 AH201-PCB-1900 JM38510/31401B2A MSM511000CL-60ZS QT300-D MAX6320PUK26CZ-T LM10V332 TGA1073A-SCC TSP275C REC15-4215SRWBZ MI-QC60V-XXX DAC8229ER KV1851KTR VKP60MT312 PBPC306 5962H9659401VRC TS80C188EB13 HEF4030BT TSH11 MAX6317HUK43DY-T AZ23C3V9 KTC4081 CAT93C8612U-25TE13 RXT-151515 P6KE24A EC2-5T IDT74FCT543SOB 6MBI8f-120 MSM6542-3RS SST39LF020-45-4C-B3K SMBJ5.0(C)A PT3323A AT28C040-20FI KYP74 CAT93C6612U-25TE13 D8032AH 1N5224B CD74HC4518E 2031-6334-00 REC15-7012SRWB ZM33164C 5KP5.0 74LCX541SJ 1N5819 309UR200P2 DS1236S-10 NM24C02UMT8X PT6621Q MBR4060PT M6MGT166S2BWG PDU18F-2M SK10E116PJ 1.5SMCJ75 IDT70T651S10BC MAX3189EEUT-T HA16688MP APL431LABI-PB DNX301-U4G 74VCX162245TTR M93C86-MN6T L7104PGT M38201M22DXXXHP MC12430FN EDI88512LPA45B32M A-392H APR3002-26DC-TR ADM231LAR SN75471DR G902AO-AC48-NilNil TC54VC4601ECTTR MC74HC4053N IRFD110 STPR1520D LB1945H L14C2 T89C51RD2-RLVC-M CHB-03B-05 M38220E2DFP MB358W MM54C901J/883 VI-NUD-XX MTA2064-Y PIC16C554A-04E/SO SMV2175L ACE1202EM8X LC36256ALL-12W RT9172N-22CM NL6EBX-L2-DC12V-1 IDT74FCT521ATD WS512K32F-120H2CEA WMF2M8-150DLC5A QVB21114 APT10086SVR KBP158 4N32-2 TCD1502D M38860M7A-XXXHP AM29F800BB-90SC MI-PJ20X-XXX AGM1212D-RLFBS-T AM29LV800BT120DT5I1 BC807-16W P6KE18C-T3 SMAJ78 QL8150-8PT196M M38193EE-XXXFS Q2008VH3

16 October 2018 (New datasheets):

IS61SF25616-8.5TQ 269-B-140-F1480-C PIC16C620-20I/SO 1N4769 HBCS-A400 LM2595-5.0MDC PCM1702U/2K CL-196G-CD-T ACM1602Z-RGBW-T RZD5024-W M38500M9H-XXXSS SB30-03F LS421 FR1G FST16211GX TPS77633PWPR HV9123NG IDT7206L30DB CY37128VP84-83JC 74VHC373MTCX LD1117V50 RD35600A UWR-12/250-D5 MBM29DL322BE90TN IDT54841CPB SMJ55166-75 MCM6209CJ15R2 GC118BR9516024RD RE5VT11AA-TZ USD645C MC74VHC14DTR2 74HC594D SMBJ5348B UF2K MT48V8M16LFFC-10 IC62C1024-55Q P80C652IBP/04 MN5250 CS4337-BS HER1606 JM38510/30203BCA PT2128A-M53S MAX6310UK35D2-T ADM207 X24F016VI X40014V8-B 3EZ180D5 74LVT244BD ICS1700AN 74V2G70STR CHFP6KE16C TPS3801K33DCKR M38255MBMXXXFS MT28F200B5SG-8TET SL74LS245D RM20TPM-2H EDB102 WF512K32F-150G2UI5 P4SMAJ18C-T1 UFT7140 SMI-40-6R8 SKT5 PI49FCT807ATH M38B75F1H-FP BAT721C E05-23M1 AGM1212B-FLFTH-T SMCJ48CA DH48-5S RH5RI412B-T1 NTE2358 1N5936B M38200M5DXXXFP EL5392CS-T13 F1012 3D7303M-300 MAX6352MSUT-T AS2850YU-5.0 G73MCD-DC12A P87CL881H/000/1 5962-9475805QXC R3131N26BA3-TR RF1K49088 TK11329BUCB R12L09 TPS7350QPWR US1D BDT61B SAA5296AH IDT74FCT162646ATPAB IL0503H SG7905L TLV2465IDR IRFP17N50LS K4E151612D-T UT22VP10E-20WPA SR360-T3 DG211CSE M62290L M38506EF-XXXFP G690L263T22 REC5-5815SRWLZ AT29LV512-25TC APL1087E-25EC-TU CP2501 BYW29EX-200 VKA50MS03-61 AT49F002-90PI

15 October 2018 (New datasheets):

MV5353 M38191EA-XXXFS BUT18A 1.5KE13CA SAA7201H/C2 3.0SMCJ43A S10C45A SD150N14MC 2N5551RLRP SA17CA R6100225XXYZ M5M5V4R01J-15 H16C20C DPAD5 TZA3034TT ATV2500H-35PI 1.5KCD30 74V1G08CTR MPC2106SG66 SMI-0806-100 T431616A-7S BL-XD0361-F9 R3111E181A-TZ MI-26YMY BDX47 IS62LV12816LL-70BI SD303C25S20C MC74VHCT14ADR2 ADS-929/883 CL7128SLI84-10 MSM27C401CZ G65SC21EI-4 BS-C866RD C441PD FQP46N15 269-A-220-14xx-B 5KP8.0CA TL074C MAR17502FB FST6230 SFH522 SNJ54LS244W X28C513JI-15 TSOP4830WE1 BZX84-C6V2 CM15MD-12H AQY210LSZ BU2508A TIP132 MSM5118160F-50JS P6SMBJ24 SMBJ7.0 SBL860 MOB77D VI-P12X-XXX GS72116AT-8I SNJ54ALS05AFK IS41LV16100-50TI CLC5523IN FCRN3031003BA MAX735CSA 74HCT147N IDT77905D PTB20145 IV1215S NTE4911 AT49LV001T-12TI A1751A21RRSC08 FAN5092 XC4028EX-3HQ304I R1223N262C-TL M38030M9-XXXFP SB1R5-24-5S GLT7256L08-8J3 MG64PB26 CAT64LC10JA-TE13 GF1A KV1851ETR SMDJ24A S5J SST89C554-33-I-PJ MT8952BS uPD1703C-015 M38503MCH-XXXFP MG64PB22 BZT52C6V8 ICM7555IPA VI-21XCX AM29F400BB-90DPI1 MST5960C GS880E18BT-225I NTE214 IDT74FCT2648TPB M68710UL SNJ54ABT373J MAX750ACPA GAL20LV8D-3LJ 1N5227B MT8814AE AME8500CEETAD29 MX7534SQ MRB52C 1N6030C LM3822MM-2.0 UPD16732AN-XXX CD74HC4053E PT2129A-S42S

14 October 2018 (New datasheets):

MAN8040 FL05-0001-G XPC860DEZP66nn CAT24WC16J-TE13 QL3004E-3PL68M WMS128K8V-15FRI EDS2508APTA-75TI MA2S367 VI-24FIX XC6204A432MR ZRC250Y02 NTE2003 A-562SR-10 M38C82MF-XXXFP SSH5N90 RE5VT27CC MB89145V1PF BAT43W TZX22C PG154R PIC16C662-20I/TQ BYX134GPS ST232CWR ZRA245N801 ILD32 M27256-1F6 AM29LV800BB90ECB CD54ACT151F3A KIA8200AH MC14520BFR2 UPD17147CT(A1)-XXX SP6829EK SAA1101P MSP430P325AIPG EP2S-3L1S SST29LE010-70-4C-WN 6A10 GOB94020 1.5KE200A AT65-0263-TB P4KE10 U632H64SK45 OP297C KF448S LA7852 FR303 GC4431 ACM1602E-RLGD-T TLC2262MUB AME8500BEETDD29 MH8S64BBKG-8L DLO32F-9M JM38510/07301BDA MI-QC212-XXX FRM440R MC74AC32MR2 PDM34088SA12QA MB3510 NTE1934X VI-22JMX MJE2955T N28F010-90 TXS2SL-3V-X M2K5 APL5153-31BC-TR 7429FCT52CTP 73K224L-IH 1SMC5360 MX7845JR IDT72831L12PF TC7SZ02AFE PS2706-4 LN1WBA60 CXA1737R HLMP-2870 XE2476 S-2900-FE 42094-024 48IMR40-051515-2 BC847 L4931CV120 M38222M3HXXXGP E28F004BL-B150 1N5919D ZRC400R02 TC54VC3601ECB MX7542TD 5962-9656901QXC P6KE220A WMS128K8V-17CMA RGP15J MPC9120SD OR3T20-6S240 PD160F40 MBM29F002BC-55PD AT49LV002T-12JC WMF128K8-60CLM5 AME8520AEEVLFE26 CAT93C6623SI-42TE13 RGP30JA P6KE56A MG136A VI-J1HCX P0900SA WS512K32N-35G2TI 5KP90A 74LVQ125SJ

13 October 2018 (New datasheets):

RT9172N-19CM ALZ21F18 MT5C2568C-70L/XT PCA1606U/10/F2 74AC11181N AZ942-1CH-48D 1N4734A APA4801JI-TU AS273G1GA 1SMA4742 MLL980B AGM3224G-MC-BTD-T GS74104AJ-8 PIC16LF877T-10E/SO 2N5370 TD80C51BHP-2 TSOP2237WE1 PB-CMM6004-SC-00C0 WMA-1005D4 MMBZ5258BT CP806 PQ160QH06N MOC8102 IDT74FCT533ATE DRS4805 IDT54FCT645AP UPD16833AG3 M38031FF-XXXSP B4252CK5-5.5 DM74LS75MX SN74ACT04DBR MSB90TA-2 FN1F4Z-T1B RD12ESAB3 BYV34-400SMD UPD3799CY MLN2033F KA2141 LWR-1601-6 SN74F258D MMBTA42LT3 W78E51BF-24 MF1173V-1 WS512K32N-85G4TMEA SMCJ48A VI-PU1Z-XXX SB10-09F HYM72V4015GS-60 S-80745AL-A9-S UWR-3.3/4850-D48A SG7918AR 1N4937G Z86L8708FSC LS87C52-1 M37221M6-XXXSP GLT6400L08LLI-85FC LM385BCZB-2.5 PT2127A-L44S BV-M505RD OPB821S3 MI-QC2NJ-XXX AM27C010-255DI AG303-86 XC4085XL-09PG559C M38503E7H-SS HSA1457 M37225M8-XXXSP TQ2SA-L-9V U634H256BSK45 BZT03C8V2 Z8400C1 P6KE47C DAC7802LU QL5232-33APQ208C IDT71256S85TDB 1N5829 IXFH13N90 AGM1212E-NEGTS-T PD480PI1 P89C51RC2 TK11250AUTB MPC991FA 2082-6043-15 SMCJ8.0 LLZJ8.2C CMHZ4625 MC1489AD Z8420D6 M38180M6-XXXFS BDT60B SC2128A-D81B G90NilBO-AC24-12 SMBJ160 3KP60CA 1N944 UCC2585MTR RT9261A-49CB BZX2C30V CAT24WC128JA-1.8TE13 MAX243ESE SD1134 AGM1232C-NEBTS-T 2W10G VKA60LS15-81 IDT54257ATSO 74LVC04ATTR ZRC500A01 LD261-5

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