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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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19 November 2019 (New datasheets):

IDT54FCT374CSO R1223N172D-TR E277 AD8039AR-REEL7 SP690TEP 28C256TRPDB12 IDT74FCT162373ATEB MC14011BDT R3131N22EC-TR BF258 HY5600 ST72771R5Q1 BUL52B GC118SN9513030R HCPL-2232 TL082C A1750A56FFSC06 SMV2101-01 U0406FC08C AT27C040-90PI EXO-3-16M BZX79-C33 REC5-2515SRW LM2592HVSX-ADJ SG109K DG441C/D SMDJ54 25LC080-I/P M38044F1-HP AT24C256C1-10CI P87C51FA-2 MIC38HC42BN SMBJ14C BGD504 DDU11H-300C3 2N4117A 1N5270B AME8500AEFTAE42 M66281FP WSE128K16-35G2TCA 2SC2627 DBA250 TX1-10XF RH5RE56AA-T1 MMDF1N05ER2 24C04A-I/SN CMPZ4616 KDZ24V E15-12 UCN5810LWF MM1181CT MLL4745A PBD55/10 SMCJ30 R1230D221A-TL MCP2150-I/SO 1N5384 IP137MAHVH-BSS2 JAN1N6771 KSC839 OP37 STUB018 VSC9111 DM74LS175N WF4M16-90DTC5 HL01R15D05Y P6SMBJ6.0 V61C31161024-15T UPG139GV-E1 NWK933 1N5821 ST62E18CF1 SJ1420 MH16S64APHB-6 PBR951 LD8052AH 273.031 SMCJ170A GC79SNBA20RS HM514400ASLJ-6 GS832236C-225 OP266A RF2361PCBA-L LS6U3M-5SD/PG PCF2114AU/12 BZA109TS SB5100 BZV90-C75 FQI5N30 CXP823P24 WF2M32I-90HM5A BZX79C20 CM4208A2 1.5SMCJ11 74HCT112N PIC16F84AT-20I/SS CAT93C5712SI-42TE13 P6KE51CA RA-3.315SH MAFRIN0166 IDT74FCT162841ATEB VI-J01MX RQ5RW21BB AS1117R-5V LT1009S8 MAX6317HUK26CW-T MX27C2000PC-70

18 November 2019 (New datasheets):

MLL5943B LX1662CD M68769H WS128K32N-45H1Q R1111N481A-TR AM28F020A-70EE 74ACT174SC FS1B HSP48908 HD74HC4518 1206L150 CPT200100 DS1135U-8 MAX3316ECUP MB351W WMS128K8L-17DRI uPD6951G X28HC64K-55 269-A-200-F1480-B XC2V8000-5FF1517I 1N6347 FDS8926A L8015 PDM41258LA12SOA KBPC1500PW Q8008R5 BYV36A P6KE130CA SN74LS540DW GC70SN9515003FS NTE273 M38181MC-XXXFP FU-68SDF-810M17B CPC1150NTR SN75ALS191PS UF3080 MAX4292ESA RN5RZ36AC 1N4765A V575LA10 PDTA124EU REC10-4605SRWLZ MC74F168D REC5-1812SRWZ PST3439 M57957L F06C30 TCET1106G 1N4132 LP3984IBPX-1.5 RM400HA-24S V18MLA0402A BF469 CAT28F020P-70T G902BO-AC220-Nil2 ZMM55-A27 1N6103A BT136S-800F MC73110 66004-011 VI-J0FCX PT2271A-M4S MC14557BFEL EM73982AH TLC193MJGB AD639SD/883B IS62LV25616LL-85T RM4Z TMS320LC53PQ50 P4KE16A UCC5639FQP 2SC4138 MT9125AP LB-402VF PGB0010603NR HEF4071BD 1.5SMC56A PZM3.6NB2A GPV-63 V29C51004B-90T VI-QUVT-XXX IDT29FCT520AP MC74HC4316FL2 GC70BR7012005FS STY16NA90 5962H9659001QRA MAX6320PUK42DY-T B4150CK5-2.4 P6CUI-050515Z M10007 IS61SP6464-117TQ RT9172F-19CG HC3HP-DC48V RT9169-43CCB RO-3.305S CMSZDA33V AD8072JN W6NXD3K-0000 ADG528ABQ XCV1600E-6BG560I M38867E8AGP WS128K32N-35G1UQ G70LS1A-DC5 TG-191 IDT54FCT2543DTSOB 1N5822 S-4544A RE5RE53AA-RF

17 November 2019 (New datasheets):

1N5355B PC714V PBYR1045CTD RH5VL60CC IRFB9N30A KLKD25 74ABT244CSCX SJA282A TC54VC3401EMBTR 1.5KE100A SN74LVC652APWR PT2128A-C80 CDLL5283 HPR118 P4KE91 SN74LS641M M38065EBAXXXGP M5M51R16AWG-15L CAT93C4611KI-25TE13 74LVT245PW STB8NA50 BZG04-180 AS431AR25D7 1N747C 18225 74F162APC TEA1504 R3111Q141A-TR IDT74FCT162373ATPF AD7845JN MAX6321HPUK32AZ-T LC3517AS-12 FS1VS-18A BSFZ68G66 DAC16GS AT28C010E-20LM/883 QS7779CM HC4DHP-AC110/120V SMAJ7.0C AT24C04A-10SC IDT7205S120TPB M38047M6-XXXFP HCS132MS AD9850BRS AT49F008-12TC SN54S251J VI-RUPBX-XXXX AM29F040B-150FCB MB151 MJ10007 UZ8706 SNJ54ALS1245AFK 1N4729 LN80C52-2 UT69151CLXE15WPC AS8S128K32PN-17/XT EXO-3-24M MSM66P54-04GS-K HCPL-0600 G4160NilA-DC24-BM 2N6547 HYB314265BJ-45 M38038MA-XXXSP A1750A35FFSC06 MMBZ5240BTS G17CSC-DC6 DG300BA OM1322NMM ADC100M HD4074719H AZ100EL16VSD X28HC256TMB-70 VRE302-6BD SG117AIG UZ8833 PGA205AU/1K UF1505 SMAJ8.0A XPC860DPZP50nn 74HC648U SMAJ14A 1N3154 IDT74FCT534AD CAT93C46JI-TE13 AGM2464C-NL-YBW-T PT2127A-B90 S80C652IFAA PSMA48A MC1458D UM4306 HKA2910 P6KE170 LM2574N-ADJ UPC78L07T-E1 MSK4202KRHS PMBD353 1N4114 RN5VS22CC 5962-8687401SA 2SK1086-MR AD8073JR-REEL7 GC70SR9513010F MR856 KA278R12 SMCJ24A X28HC256SMB-12 MI-J22MY

16 November 2019 (New datasheets):

ZDT1049 3SMC36CA ACM4001A-FEFD-T IDT74FCT373TLB PD110-14LB PSD312-B-15U MB3769A GVT71256D36B-6.7 M38255M4DXXXGP 1090MP CLM2950ACN-3 VI-JWKCX MAX6318LHUK25DY-T 67023-103 54HHSCT630FC AS7C256A-15JI N74F574N LM393MX BZW04P376 CL-201TD-C-TS LS6J3M-4R/Y-T AGM1212B-RLYBS-T BZX55B56 L7924CP TMS25105C 5962-9321604QPA 1N5270B M27C4001-12N1X 2SK2489 IDT742157CTEB AGM6448E-MC-FTS-T M38258E9-GP MC74VHCT245AMEL SN54AS832BJ RE5VT26CA-RF MX23C1610YC-15 BUK7506-55A Z10SG M38191ED-XXXFS AZ948-1A-6DE 2SJ328 MI-J71IY G17ASS-DC12 MDU13H-4 GC15014 MAX6315US27D2-T IDT74FCT3574ASO L15S40 BA3963 ACM1602K-NLFW-T LP62S2048U-70LI TFMAJ75 MAX1482ESD M38C88ED-FP MC74ACT174D 5962-9652901VCX 74VHCT08AMTR L113EDT SL74HC02N 2N3421 IDT74FCT162501ATEB LMA2009JC45 SD203N04S15MSC LTC1064-1CJ WS628128LLP-70 DG202CJ CHFP6KE13 L934YD5V TA2600M INA154U FMMT558 R768PJAA GS816033T-166I TEA1062AT/C3 REC10-4212SRWLZ HGTH20N40E1 CAT33C704P-TE13 WS1M8L-55CM TXS2SS-24V LTC1290DIJ FAR-F5CM-902M50-B263-U M38060M7DXXXFP BC846S UM3758-084AM IDT74FCT2573ATPB DCR1279SD46 PT2127A-L42S TGC1439A-EPU CY7C1041V33-12VC MT5C1005EC-55L/883C CR3002AB CLC415AMC HUP45-36-3 1N5231B RFT1P06E DC34 L7685 KM62256DLG-7L AS7C33128PFS36A-150TQI M38866MCA-XXXGP IDT74FCT841DTQ RM-1209S MTZJ6.2B AGM1212C-FLGTH-T RKZ-1215D M29W008AT M38026M7DXXXSS BA-12G3UD-A

15 November 2019 (New datasheets):

UC1707J/80900 ADC12L032CIWM 74AVCH16245 CTM8B54E FAR-G6CH-1G8425-L224-R L469SRSGW/CC 1N6115 PDT1442-BI-SC STPR320 1N4937 M4LV-32/32-14JI M38254E5DHP GBPC602 L4812CX X28C010TMB-15 AM29F016B-90F4I MT9076AB 74LVX273MX DBF250 UNR4112 MUN5214T1 MI-QC2X2-XXX VI-RJ43XX-XXXX PHB27NQ10T M38026M8DXXXFS GP1S10 P4KE91CA CLL4113 PIC16F877T-10/P AT43311 CAT93C6632SI-42TE13 NTE5841 IDT74FCT273ASO PBPC605 Z5W27V V18AUMLA1206H CAT93C4613S-42TE13 SN74LVC126ADBR VI-PU4L-XXX AT27C4096-55PC MC3303D LB1967M AGM2464C-RC-GTH-T SG120-12T/883B RN5RZ45BA-TR VI-QC6WX-XX M38020M5-XXXFS APR3022-39BI-TR SMBT2907A MC74HC4053DWR2 TMS4256-10SDL EPM7256AEFC256-5 L53F3C BZX84-B16 A62L256V-55LL VP0106N3 74ACT175SCX LM2575D2T-5R4 MTE108CL-J CY7C4841-15AC APL5501-28DC-TR MAX6336US16D3-T CY7C0251AV-20AI M38079M7-XXXFS RN5VL52CC Z8002ABQA HJ2-DC24V AME8501BEETDD42 AS8S128K32Q-20/IT LTC1393 PLS101N CY74FCT2574CTQCT MX27C1100PC-55 MT55L512L18PB-7.5IT ICM7555IJA SNJ54LVC32AJ MBM29LV160B-80PBT-SF2 ACM2002C-REYD-T SGH13N60UFD VN03SP BGE788 M27C512-15F3 M-991-02SM IDT7016L15G 1N4739C CAT24C322PA-30TE13 G901BO-AC12-Nil2 M38254E9-FS SM5038RF BAS386 R36120 AS3845D8T SPT7870SIQ AD9057/PCB SMBJ24CA PCA8581T/F6 KBPC4010W LM318H MSK5010-12TD XWM9707CFT/V A1750A49RRFC08 P4SMAJ15C IDT74FCT2640ATLB KS0070B KDD40-12S01 HIN202A U633H04DC45

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