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16 December 2017 (New datasheets):

23S180 SN54LS245J H1563S MCM6227BWJ15R2 MZP4742A PDU1064H-10M PST9226 PALCE16V8Z-25JC BL-R1131A XC9536-6PC44C 1202FE NT512D72S4PA0GR-8B PT2129A-T34S REC5-1312SRWZ PDU13F-0.5B2 FAR-C3CB-10000-J01-R CS8-08IO2 PDM41024SA15TSOTR AD7892BR-3 MAX6315US47D4-T GC70BN12016012F WMS128K8L-17FI M5LV-320/160-10YI LM158AWGLQMLV HAA46C IDT54FCT162646ATPV 5962-8874402FA AA3020MGC 1N969B 1N6014C CY74FCT646ATQCT IDT54FCT2652CTSOB AGM2412C-MEBTW-T MJ3001 UL6264ASK50 CDLL4761A MTAN4125-AO MDU12H-100M THS4011IDGNR MC79L15ACLP AZ2150-1A-12DE MAX7129CQH STK400-720 TLC27L1IP MOB36CRA BD652 MAX6313UK37D3-T TSH10ID LS9J3M-2UR/G BS-CA32RD BZX284-B8V2 M38253E8DFS CD74HC154M96 REC8-5709DRWL M30622MA-XXXFP E03-43T PT6902C TE4942 AME8501CEFTAA46 AS5C4009LLCW-100/883C MAX329CWE MAX6316LUK38AZ-T APH1608YC TSC6092 TS636ID 1N5298 IRFR024N S-8054ALY OR2T06A-4PS208I QPP-027 LC66E308 5962H9655001QEX REC5-6805SRWL 15KP78A M38221EADFS HT817D0 MAX6335US17D3-T V1724EHBA LD1086V50 BFG93A BL-S3148 DF105 SPC-1606-2R4 NTV1215M AD8022 MXD1000PD75 MZ8813 PN100 IDT54FCT373D HER1606PT CAT24C641JI-28TE13 HL01U24S05YH AT28C256E-20SI MAX8860EUA27 KBPC104 ATF22LV10C-15JC TSOP2230ZC1 MI-251MY CAT93C6633UA-25TE13 SK100E445PJT JM38510/31501BCA GS881E18BT-166 SD103N08S20PBC SST39VF040-45-4I-WH GC79BRCF12RD OM5301RT SA64A 74LVC374APW

15 December 2017 (New datasheets):

WMA-1005D6 LS6J3M-5D/FG TLV2473ID THI1212 PI74LCX16501A SC2128A-C92S CT2577-01-XT-F84 SC26C92AA1N40 US1010CP IDT54FCT16H244ETEB MAX6316LUK43CX-T LP2950CT-5.0 REC15-3512DRWB LM2876TF MJH16004 RL207-T3 RFP4N05 PALCE16V8Q-25PC/4 FQI27N25 BF1009 5KP18CA 1507-100C AM29F002T-55ECB MI-J6PIZ SLD10VAY NM93CS06LZEM8X 74AC11139D GR3031 DM74LS32M 27C256-90I/L 48IMS7-15-15-9 IDT54FCT2652DTLB IP3842D-14 78ST112HC 74ABT240D IDT54FCT162H244ETE ACA5-20PC-14-DC2-RL NDH8301N BSW67A BCP56-16T1 AGM1532A-MLFBT-T GS881Z18BT-250 AMS1084CT-2.5 74ACT11162D M38024E8-XXXSS M4LV-32/32-12JC 5962-87627012A SMAJ48 NJU6362AC GZ27-3 MXD1000PD150 GS880F36T-11I M38250EB-FP REC10-5015SRWLZ M38062E6AXXXGP M38B55M6-XXXFP AS29LV800B-120SC LTC1655L LM1575J-5.0-MPR REC5-4505DRWL FJX3010R XC6203P282TH SN74LVCH16543ADGVR M38506M6H-XXXFP 2SC4484 P4KE13C MAX6321HPUK42DY-T VI-QU30-XXX NTE2329 BZW06-48B RV-2415D R7201212 BY550-200 AM-138PIN IDT542157DTLB MI7JMX A62S8308V-70SI GS8324Z18C-150I MX7506JN BQ2110LB-KT 3.0SMCJ28A 45LF120D IDT7200LA65SOB 5962R9656601QEC HAS060ZH-A P80C51BHP-2 WE128K32N-120H1CA WE128K32P-250G4M ML4872ES-3 QL16x24B-2PL84C ERRATA 1410454 CA1524E D12/12 MCT62 MC100E112FNR2 3SMC33A MI-PC6N2-XXX P6LU-0505EH52 S5C7221X01-V0T0 3.0SMCJ70CA RS805 BDX33C 1N4624 PN2369A CXP86613 SFH204F

14 December 2017 (New datasheets):

PD110-46-LC MUR1560 ACM1602W-FLBS-T P87LPC764BD AD7893 SD103BW-T3 SMA58 AGM1532A-REGBS-T CD74ACT652M OR3C80-4PS208 BYV26A SAA5262PS/121 TC9021 PIC16LC924T-04/PT MAX5153BEPE WS128K32N-70G1UI DS1834AS TQ4H-L2-24V G65SC21XS-2 PE70F40 AME8501BEFTDA21 VRE204M BZX84C13 UPC1093T-E2 TIP30C UF152 MSM56V16160F-10TS-K LSD20463 UT22VP10C-20WPX BQ2011KSN-D121TR FU-68PDF-V510M51B FIAM2C13 WMS512K8L-45FM XC4028EX-4HQ240C X28C512TM-15 PHW7N60E IS61LF12836-7.5BI 1PMT4128 UPC2775GR MAX6318MHUK33BX-T UG8HT 2SK1592-T1 1SMB5.0CA P4KE110C WE128K32P-200G2TCA 5962R9658701VEA AM29LV020BB-55RPC PL-2351 DS1023-500 DS2154LN AM29LV104BB-120JEB MC74AC11M OL5492L 2214-200D SN74LS126AD AS2431BR4D7 BU2523DX DDTA144GUA P6LG-2409E BYD11M IDT74FCT162500ATEB 1N5741B LH5496D-35 GC70SN9515022R AM29F400BT-55FC SMI-54-390 TK11335BMCL M52771SP BTS555 SS36 PS2701-4 27C010TRT4E12 QES050ZD-A M38C84M9-XXXFP DF200BA80 KBPC801 KHQ05048S1V5BH ASM8406C IDT74FCT240ATLB 1504-300G SNJ54AS181BJT N80930AD4 IDT72404L25PB KBPC1506G 2SJ259 NKE0505D SF20HG IRHN8230 AT90-1413TR SST39SF512-70-4C-UH STTH102 LP62S16128BU-55LLT P4KE7.5A A29L800TV-90U BZW04-58 UFR7280R ACM1602M-RLFD-T TLV2453CDR DF10M 1N5238C HCPL-5201#200 MT5C1008F-35L/XT REC15-3412DRWBZ EDI88512LPA35TM QL3004E-2PL68M MBR6045PT ZRT040N8C2

13 December 2017 (New datasheets):

WF512K32F-60G2UI5A PT78ST106H K4S640832D-TC/L1H MC74AC32N RD4.3E-T4 LIA100 FQPF630 CHF1.5KE30A M27C516 IDT74FCT540P LM1295N MAX6317HUK35CW-T REC15-1812DRWB MAX6317HUK39DX-T M38C28F9DHP 5962-9080801MPA CEB6020P TM1.4.220J DM74ALS14SJ SB880D CDLL4567A 1N5448 MAX383C/D P5KE8.0 MAS1916CS FAR-F5CE-942M50-K237-U NM93C86AM8 IDT72402L10SOB TSM1011AID 2SD1724 2SD2123(L) TC55RP3702ECB M38224M5MXXXFP TXD20008JAFLLNH M38256E2DFS SG7815K/883B UPSD3233 NJM2035M M38861M3A-XXXHP MSM80C85AHJS M38046MF-XXXHP DSEI60-02A P87C750EFPN MAX4616CSD IS61C64B-10T IDT5416H952ATE RN5VT35AC M38220ECHHP V62C18164096LL-85B MAX20-14.0C 1N4002G 74HC132PW SN74LS323DW MC7906CD2TR4 M38253E9-FS RD3.3ES-T4 LTC1261L 74HCT153N TPS76527DR GNR60B680K TISP4080H3BJ M38203E6-XXXHP WS512K16-35FLMA 1N753A AME8500CEETBA24 STPS40H100CW TML05115 AT93C46W-10SC-2.7 R7S00212 SNJ54LS280W FAR-F5CP-820M00-D202-V IDT6167LA55PB SN74CBTLV16800DLR IS61NF12832-10B CEB4050A LF48212QC20 UPD75108CW-XXX REC5-5709DRWL H11D2 AD536AJD AT24C02AN-10SC-2.5 TLV2475IPWPR A1750A49FFFC08 X25020SI-2,7 M38501E3-XXXFP 24LC16B-I/P BAX18 5962G0254301QXC MT8931CE UDZ3.9B LL4151 FBL2031BB MC54HC86AJ IC62VV5128LL-55HI PCD5091H/C94/F4 RN5VD17AC MCM69L737AZP9.5 UT9Q512-IPC A1751A62FFSC08 BS-A31DRD-B 5962-9314901QSA K4E660812B-TC-5 SB230-T3 MBM29LV002TC-70PTR N82586-10 IDT74FCT645DTEB PWR1110 VI-P5LX-XXX

12 December 2017 (New datasheets):

CHFP6KE60 P6SMBJ17A SMAJ5933 MSL-174SO TRB6542 1.5KE250V ST330C08L2 TC7126ACPL SMCJ6036 TMS320C53SPZA ES1A C450P BYT11-1000 V700ME04 ST230S12M0VL BZX84C5V1S TDA9850T/V1 LC19001A010 LM2682MMX FU-68SDF-V802M157B HD74HC85 NTE5105A SD640CT 5962-9658401QXA 1.5KE160 AS8E128K32PN-200/IT CAT93C5634SI-45TE13 PT2128A-L80S MC74AC86M TEA1205AT MI-27YMW TISP2310L PBYR2080CT ZNBG4000Q16 WS512K32-35H1CA PI74FCT2240TP MC74LCX374ML1 RS1B DG406AK NT512D64S8HA0G-7K Z0844206PSC RH5RI253B-T2 KBPC1506W TLE2072IP STLVD111BF APL5152-50BC-TR EN29F002B-55JI M38C89EC-FP SMBJ43C ACM1602A-NEGH-T 74VHC132SJ GS840E36AT-100I DS1245Y-85 KBJ401G 2SD1226M CD5374B ST90T158M9LVT1 AT28C040-25BI UCC3813D-2 TBC20-11EGWA KLKD2 PT8501P20A TK71527ASCL LLNRK350 W78C54P-24 5962R9855202QZX AT27C1024-90VC IDT54FCT138ATQB A3056LU MAX9698CPE DIM800DDM12-A000 RE5VL40AA-RR SN74AC241DBLE JANTX4N22A LM3420AM5X-8.2 SN75C188DBR ADS-927MC RM30TA-H 5962G9689103VYA M4A3-96/48-10VC Z8L18020FEC LTC1199CMS8 CAT24WC16P-1.8TE13 BZW06-8V5 LC130A B4600CN-5.2 S10A50P SNJ54LS590J MX7542SD 3.0SMCJ20CA P6KE13CA MDE-25S431K GBJ1002 A23L1616M-70 IDT74FCT646ATP CAT25C01RI-1.8TE13 P2405 M306V0E9-FS OPB706C SC2128A-L42S VWO80-08IO7 M38255E2MFS VND920 AM29F017B-150FIB PDM31034SA9TSOTY MCM6729DWJ10R TR2007SF36

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