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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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30 April 2017 (New datasheets):

AT90-0263-TB SB820FCT M38C30E6MXXXFP APR3023-29BI-TR TS87C52-2 CAT93C5722UI-30TE13 SGL50N60RUFD M93S46 R1111N321B-TL BA159 ISP1122D NJM2506V M38038M3-XXXSP XC4028XL-2HQ304I LMX2352TMX TS87C58 PHX2N50E MAX538BC/D MX7576KCWN SN74ALVCH162334DGGR 5962G9475405QXA QL82SD-7PB516C 269-B-200-14xx-A PIC16LF873-10E/SP U630H04SK45 MLX90210C M38C20M5DXXXHP SN74GTL16612DL DS2009SF44 IDT74FCT162373ETPVB PI74VCX16240A MAN5950 ES1A WMS512K8-15DEM RT9161/A-18CX M27256-35 M38033MD-XXXHP PIC16F874-10/PQ IDT54FCT827BTPB MX29F022NBPC-12 KSA215AC8 SPX2700U5-5.0 MD56V62400-12TA GY4102ACDA P4KE220A SPC25JAN LN66L AM28F256A-70JIB R1112N46A-TL ZMM5230 CL7128ATI100-10 DNX301-U3B SG7824T BQ-N531RD MC14415FL 1N6149US GBU8D RT-121.81.8 K4S280432C-TC/L1H RP10-4812SE M74HCT14 DSF20060SF58 TEG0511 GBP206 MI-P50X-XXX AL875 TSOP2836YA1 R6011625XXYA ST300C20L3L V62C1804096L-85B XP04316 JM38510/76201B2 M38062EB-XXXGP MC-4R256FKE6D-653 139RPFB SI-5151S IDT54FCT534CSO SD153R14S10MSV IDT72261L10PF FT1208BH IRG4BC20SD IH5142C/D EL1509CL NTE5680 SNJ5497J TL074CNSR UPD784928YGF-XXX-3BA M38020M8DXXXSP KM416S8030T-G/FL PN3565 M38255M6DXXXFP LA7808 ULCE16A MUN2213T3 BS-A81EGRD 28C64ATC-3 M38257EE-FP SPA-1218 TBP28S86ANW 8039AHL TS68C429ADESCxx SNJ54ALS520FK PD65-13LA FAR-C3SB-11000-K21-U LE47ABD E05-34P3 CAT24C043JA-42TE13

29 April 2017 (New datasheets):

MC14584BCP MI-27NIV BM1001-7R VVZ12-12IO1 CL10K30AQC208-3 M38507FCH-XXXFP ISPLSI2192VL-150LT128 KF2010-GH10A LMC6484IN SD103R10S10PBC RGP10B SS25 SN74F253D TSC80C51CXXX-44IE V68MLA1206WH MV7842 M37920FCCHP M38862F3AHP IDT71V35761YSA183BGI KSH07048S1V2AH LP2980IM5-5.0 CAT93C4632KA-30TE13 1.5SMCJ36C IDT7383L25G MMBZ5236BS L78M09ACDT TC911ACPA M38224M8-XXXFP IDT49FCT805SOB SMLJ70 HUP60-10-1 MC54F85D D20LC40 AT90S2313-4PI DCB210 AS7C3256-12TC KRA571E 1N4616 K4F641612B-TL60 ARS35GJ ISTS822S 1N5999A SA33CA Z02UL BA887 P89C51RB2FP ENH050Q1-500 AD6426XB M38250MCMXXXFP IN5400 P6KE130CA-T3 S87L51FC-20 LNJ206R5RRX IC62VV25616LL-55B ZMM5246A IDT74FCT244ATE MC74LCX373MEL X25646V14I-2,7 TSH94ID APL5507-A25XI-TR KHQ05048S3V3AH AZ726-1C-12A P0602ZC AT24CS256W-10SI PCF1174CT AZ763L-1C-36D 5962H9658001QXC ACM1601B-FEGW-T VRE310JD ST19RFRDCS910 CDLL4776A 6N136 MI20MX MC10E416FN UT54ACTS14UCC 2SA1766 ZM4732A MX29LV400TMC-70 D320/16 MMSZ16T1 IDT54FCT652ATQB MMSZ5222BT1 MBR1530 PIC16C63A-20I/SS KM416V1004CJL-50 M5M5V216ART-70LI BFY181P 1N3341A UT62L64CSC-35LL BAV99 M38252EC-FP HA12177 JM38510/00701BC UC1705J883B MX7548JCWP DG305AK L819SRSGW/CC APL5506-A34KC-TR PM200-18C 1N5945A FSS107 1.5SMCJ64CA KID65553S RH5VT32AC CAT25C021U14I-17TE13 DKX2-9 IDT54827AEB

28 April 2017 (New datasheets):

CD3045B H21B5 Q2S30ZC RD2.7ESAB1 T320/08 1N4947 CXP921064A D2587P8805 PT2127A-M80 SP490ES SM145B DS1706S MAX321EJA BAT15-020S MC74VHC573ML2 1N4115 SA11CA SC9235 B4150CK5-4.8 16BS M38865M1A-XXXHP ADS8344EB/2K5 XC6204C36AML AGM1264B-FEFTS-T FR606 IS61SP12836-150B RH5RE52AA-T2 LS6J1M-3SD/T M38196M7-XXXFP BZX55/C36 SF14G TLC7725QPWR CAT93C5632JA-28TE13 KBPC3508I SMV20413-06 XC6204A30AMR IDT54FCT273ATP 1.5KE16CA 3EZ16D5 PI6C2509-133 Z8624316PEC S4055M SPT7710BIQ M38226MAMXXXFP PIC16C554T-04/SO IDT6167SA20D 25C040-I/P 1N1128RA 1N4927 M38200M8-XXXFS AM28F512-70ECB SLD343YT LND2931-8.5 REC3-5109SRWZ L-110YC-TR UT54ACTS169UCC Z86K1805VSC X28HC64D-55 1.5KE51CA SC87C51CYA44 SNJ54AHC574W RE5RL32AA-TZ AME8501BEFTBF24 MAX6317HUK27DW-T SST58LD032-70-C-P1H P89C51RD2BA SDB152L DS1813-5 IDT74FCT2652CTSOB RF2469 STU6082 IDT54827CLB IDT54FCT521TQ UT22VP10T-25WPX FS50SM-2 MH88615-1 MK45H12N35 M38041F1-SP AN1432MS MAX6318MHUK36DW-T AM27C256-120DC 3EZ13D4 TSU05B60 FP150S TU24C02BP MC7905BD2T G17VDNil-DC6 CXG1024N 54F2620DMX MC79L08AZ RF-0524SH FR106G ADC12D040CIVS M38C82ME-XXXFP 5429FCT521ATP V360ZA05 FU-68PDF-V520M159B GP200MLS12 TL082AM XC4013E-1PQ160C LFCL350C6 TC54VN4801EMB PDU13F-40B2 KTA701U ZM4756 TXS2-L-H-3V A1751A34FFFC10 SN74ACT14D

27 April 2017 (New datasheets):

AS2431DR5VSA P6DU-4805Z M4A3-128/64-7YI EF6 SAA4981T/V1 SM120 L63YD VI-LJW2-XX TSOP1838RF3V MSM548263-70JS 1A229 uPD65646 SN74ALVC162835DL 2SK1920 MBR40035CT CAT93C4614P-45TE13 AM28F512A-70JI CD74AC86E AM55-0023 PTB20004 CTM8B55EN LS-U403 R1210N252C-TR AT49LV1614AT-70CI M38869E6A-FS CM20TF-12H MC33260P CMZ5945B VI-LC13-XX CDLL943 MAX6320PUK44CY-T UZ7718 MSK4462D MC74HC373AFR1 MU310 FFM205 2N3957 BZV58C75 MCM69R818AZP8 PBL38812/1SO:T 305URA120P5 SF61 IDT74FCT16827ETPVB RN5VS15AA-TL MC74HC374ADW 74LVC541ATTR RT9164-28CG MAJ7.0 CXL1506N TSOP1840SB3V PBSS5350X MI-PC6ZK-XXX AT28HC256E-12PI UFT7130SM AM29LV001BT-70ECB L7113NC SST89V564-25-C-NJ BZW04-171 CLM2930AM-3.5 BYM36B IDT72205LB15PF WE128K32P-250G4MA SC08-13EWA UT62L25716BS-55LL MT305-SLY PM200DSA120 APL5506-B14OI-TR 2SB1448 GP1S25 MN3850 SNJ54AC374FK S3P70F4 BZW03-C13 V56MLA1206H SE1G FR2A MMBZ4708 TSC80C31-36ID LC75410W AGM1232D-REFTH-T Am29LV160DB-90WCI M38038FE-XXXSP MC68HC05B4FN 89C1632RPQE25 27C256-90E/SO KBJ8B BPX43 MJ15002 P3602AB PST3246 S87C196KD20 C7942CA 1.5KE200A IS61C1024-15H S8070W AGM3224D-MC-BBW-T DMS-20PC-3-RS TQ2SL-L2-24V-X FRL230R BA17809FP VI-QUZW-XXX 1N4741A 5KP33CA WS512K32L-17G1UM PCD3310AP APM4220KC-TUL SBL3050PT

26 April 2017 (New datasheets):

D2525P893 XE88LC04ME026 DSEC16-02A MAX6346XR35-T BYW55 REC15-3312SRWBZ BA08ST KM416V1000BTL-5 LTC1450L SMAJ110 HA16117FPCJ LT1086-220M LL55A12 AT28C64X-12TI GZB6.8 CAT93C5613KI-42TE13 BL-HJB33A IDT54FCT543DB M37471M8-XXXFP QL6250-5PS484C LF298FE M5LV-320/192-7AC IDT7099S25PF MAX8885EUK30 S87C51FA-2 AT49LV001NT-12JC RM2-L2-24V SL2017 SNJ54F10J I74F257AN 3SK252 IS61LV3216L-15T IDT54FCT16245CTPV 24LC025T-I/ST TIP42D M38067M4-XXXGP P4KE120CA RL3Z CP1500 60R040 CD74HCT165E SD166 302UFR160APD AM29LV160BT-80RWCEB GS1545-CQR SNJ54AS867FK MGP21N60E GH3-R009FNil2 BDW63 SMCJ14A TIP146 SN74CBTLV16210DLR RT9172F-26CM5 TSTS7503 S1A0234B01-Y0B0 ZMM55F3V3 1N5617US PST7032 AM29LV008BT-120FI CPT40060 ZMM5233B NKA0315D MLX90215E MC74ACT640DWR2 SMZJ3805A BZV90-C8V2 ZHT2431C02 UT28F64T45PCA M38193E4-XXXFS MC74VHC244DWR2 BL-R4131 RKBPC15-02/W 1N4704 KM416C1204CT-50 D20XB20 TEA1099H/C1 SNJ54S138FK MAX6318MHUK40CZ-T UA78L12AQDR AS8E128K32PN-300/883C CHFP6KE22C REC5-3215DRW AD7837BQ PIC16CR72-04/SO P6KE160C M38504MF-XXXSS MC74AC157ML2 STR7102 MC3487P 2N6498 S3640 SN64BCT125ADR AA026P1-00 AD8048AR GP103B-DC6-B AS4LC2M8S1-10TC MJD112RL ACA5-20PC-7-DC3-GS 1N6642US SP516CF MMSZ5235BS KF35BD ACM1602R-FLFH-T S-80827ALNP-EAQ-T2 SB820F DL4746A MJ4034 MMUN2235LT1

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