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25 June 2022 (New datasheets):

2SD2635 ZMM5229 E2580 BAT46SWFILM AT24C16-10SC 2N6517 DG381BWE LMC7221BIN ML40123N UT54ACS27UCC UT54ACTS169PCX UT62L5128BS-70LLI PZM2.7NB AP1117T39A PDM41024LA15TSOTR PJ2931CY-3.3V FL5-200400 VI-26ZMX PBYR1640 MH8S64DALD-6 SJA2870 ERC06 SNJ54F27FK BY329-1200 G936T65U 15KP240C PIC16LC558-04/JW M38503E7H-SP 20ETS16STRL RN5VD37CC UC3635Q AD9020KE ADM232LJR 1.5SMCJ78CA A29L800UV-70 HER153G MSM27C401CZ CL-190PG-CD MG63PB18 AM29LL800BB-200FIB 1.5SMCJ16C A1751A38FFFC08 PIC16C620A-20I/P IDT74FCT16652CTEB LA6517 REC15-6012DRWBZ AD7538JN AVF450 LS6J3M-2UR/FG-T M38035M1-XXXHP TLV2252MFKB REC5-1312SRWLZ IDT54FCT377DTSOB PZM43NB ZCA6H09PHM BC879 LS6U1M-3G/T DM74LS74AM 5962-8951103EA CD4051BPW HC5517B TX2SL-3V-Z 5962-9958302QPA MB90T553APF KSC1507 X86C64SM RT9169-27CV TPA0112PWP LM3480IM3-3.3 HT6P20B MC74HC4016D PAC470/330TQ VI-J5PIX BZX85C82GP M38862M4A-XXXHP AZ10EL58D MAX6320PUK43AY-T HD14011B W29C020CT12B ATS177IWA K817P2 M38185EB-FP MC78L05ABD RBV-40C 2SC5473 ICS9250F-32-T P51XAG30KF BD AT28BV16-25JC 74ACT16863DLR M38045FA-SP HMS87C4360SK RT9169-31CV 28LV64A-T-20/L UC3175BQPTR FM150 M38C85MD-XXXFP DG309DK M29F010B70K1 1N977A SMPA2010 SN74HCT32DBR GP1A67H GC102BN9515015F IDT74FCT807BTE AMS1086CT-1.5 NTE909D LK112SM24TR

24 June 2022 (New datasheets):

CAT93C5611S-45TE13 SN74LS06DR DS4E-ML-DC9V G692H308TC CD74HCT259E SS16 WE32K32N-150H1I KBP150 LC863324A FR157-STR P4SMAJ45CA-T3 M38026E8-XXXSP DI102 MC-45V8AB641KF-A75 CY7C025-15AC SN74CBTLV3857DBQR AAT3236IJS-3.3-T1 MC74AC652DW AT49F040-70TI MIC5236-5.0BM GS8324Z18C-166I S1J VI-QU2L-XXX AME8501BEETAF28 M38066E6DXXXFS IDT7203L20P SM130 10A1 APT40GF120JRD TLE2061AMP G5851-103 W49L102P-55B DMC6830 REC5-603.3SRWL V62C2164096LL-70T PRC299560J680K L934NC MI-RC2ZPX-XXXX 05WS12A IRFPS43N50K B190/B HYB39S16400AT-8 ADG529ATE uPD65658 ISL5640 GF10Y GP101CG-AC6-L OR2C15A-4BA352 M38226E1HFS NDL7408P4L TLC393IP UT62L12916BS-100L AM29LV800BB120SCB TSC80C51CXXX-25MA/883 Z86U18PSC 1.5SMCJ90CA M38253E6MHP TPS767D301PWP FR307 ZM4757 V53C16256SH BD-A535RD DS1487M 2SC3645 UL634H256BTK55 MSM56V16800F-8ATS-K M38023M7-XXXFP BZX85C36 V62C1162048L-70M RN5VT22AA-TL K9F1G16U0M-PIB0 J110 ESML-2-7 SMA9.1A CL-270HR 2N4860A M27256-20F6 2SJ188 KBPC802 GNR60B781K IDT54FCT162823ATPAB APL5308-31DC-TR VI-N7Z-XX PT2128A-L52 TFMCJ10A MP352 R1223N252G-TR CA3306A S-81215SGUP-DQK-S APL5883-28EC-TU 1N5930B MIC2526-1BM BF588 74LCX162541TTR MI-RC63WX-XXXX SP207ECP M38063E7-XXXFS QL4058-3PQ240I P4C422-10SC Z1150 AMS2954CD-3.5 AGM2412C-REBBW-T TP8833BP FFM10W LTC1731-4.1 SA04 GS880F18BT-5.5I BY398GP

23 June 2022 (New datasheets):

M5M5408BTP-10HI CD5236B A1750A26RRSC06 SN75176BP PT2250AN IDT54FCT645ASO PIC16CE624T-04/JW UF5402G HUL175-46-3 VI-JWMMX STV0042A 74VHC86M A290021TV-70 1N5253D BT300B-600R BS-C525RD P4SMAJ51CA-T1 PZM9.1NB3 P4KE56CA MX7541ABQ C781L RN5RZ43AC AD8108AST STS8NF30L APL5501-15U5C-TR R1221N45AC-TR WF128K32N-50G1UM5 1N6000C HT48C30 PGD015S030BSA01 1N6157AUS AS431AR5D13 PCD3332-3T P6SMBJ18 MB90611APFV IMP30-10 M38507E7H-FP VI-QUZB-XXX R7000204XXUA TMS44400PDJ-70 M38221E1HFS ST300C20L0 G901CO-DC48-Nil2 HUP24-13-1 BU808DFP WMS512K8-17DEC CT25AS-8 IS61SF12836-7.5B 24LC32-/SM GSP90C65V ST280S06P1V BAT54S-T3 UPC1853CT-02 1N6491US NTE6407 CAT93C4611JA-25TE13 SN74LVT16500DLR TPA0122EVM AGM1532A-FLFBD-T BQ-N533RD R1111N331B-TL CAT93C5721UA-25TE13 M38064EBAXXXFP SN74AS823ADWR IC62VV1008LL-70D CMXT3904 S-1340AF A29040AV-90 WS512K32L-45H1IA FB1500L UC2838AJ LP87C54 VI-J2MNMX GC102BN7011012R MX7548KN IRFW620B FAR-C1SA-04000-M00-U WMS128K8L-17FCA APT4016BN XC6201P602TB 74AHC245D 74LCX257MX KBPC808 1.5KE250 L-839EGW 28LV256TM-6 MC2833P ACM1602S-NLFS-T AS431A1LP7 UGF15B H7808AI MB84VA2006-10 V18MLA0805A BAS19-7 MC74HC164D SB170 MLL4753A RV-1524D NET1-4325 M38204E8DXXXFP M38224M3-XXXFS 3N246 494R7 EP1-4L3S LVT22V10-BD IDT54841ASO MB156

22 June 2022 (New datasheets):

CY7C4215-25ACT LTC1096LAIS8 ADC0802LCWM IXFH180N20 5962R9322603QXC V846ME02 MAX303MLP TL3016IDR MC145512P ZSM300C PHP6N50E KDR368E REC3-3812DRWZ CD74AC374M96 SN74LS75D NJM78L05EA CAT24C161JA-30TE13 MV6752 SN74LS73AN V584ME08 CLC432AJE BZD23-C75 M95128-VBN1 LMC6682BIM 66193-001 AM29LV020BB-120PE VI-LJW3-XX MI-RC2PMX-XXXX ACM4004C-RLBTW-T M38226M5HXXXHP GC102BR12016022F APJA2107SEC SST39LF400A-45-4E-UN CD4576A AME8800GEAT MAR31753FB AN7289NFBQ TSC6032 RH5RH733B-T1 Z8420BD2 5962-9957001QRA FU-68PDF-V510M15B P6KE30A LC4100C AIC1526-1CN 1N968A MBI5001CN 5962-9466308VYX STR2024 P6SMBJ54 M38509E1-XXXSS IDT79RV4640133DUI 74LCX240TTR EH10008Z1 AD8522AR MAX324MJA 79L15ACD FAN2513S26X PHB18NQ20T MN6557AS DS-4-4TNC SA180C AT27C512R-45RI TSC2097 MC74HC4051FL2 LMX2332LTMX RH5RE24AC RN5RG50AA-TR KM4470 PI74FCT163240V BF1100R AD5583YRU-REEL7 CD54ACT138F3A HY-61 IDT6116LA120TDB L56BYD X25F128SI-5 R5100215XXWA HJ4-AC100V-R IDT54FCT821ASOB ARD15112 P6KE10CA 1N5386A ST62P65BM1 MXD1000PA50 5962R9654601QEC D572C22GS REC3-3112DRWZ MAX737CWE IDT54FCT374ATSO SMAJ10 MH88612K 29C010TC-3 SN74LS107AN BCV29 DS1E-ML-DC9V STE10/100 MI-QC6Z0-XXX TSP275C L1005A DCR1277SD33 M30201F6TFP MAX6318LHUK33BZ-T 2N4923 MC74VHCT373AM NX29F010-45PLI NGA10S15050S SST29VE512-150-4I-NN

21 June 2022 (New datasheets):

WS512K32N-100G4TCEA FAR-C4CN-04915-M22-R 269-C-270-M-14xx-C LNM414KA01 P6SMBJ16A NM24W02UMT8 HL01U15D05Y AM29LV200B-150FCB 100371SCX 1N5392 CD54HC574F IDT74FCT534ATL ESJA82-14A SMV1204-13 RN5RT38AA-TR KM684000CLRI-7L MSM7509BJS AM28F256-200EI PWR5907 THS4042EVM DS-113 REC8-4905DRWL 28C64AFT-25I/SO AT25010-10PC-1.8 GS832036T-166I 1N5404 PBSS2515VS P6KE15CA-T3 M38077EA-XXXFP X28C512EI-25 SNC333 MOB49TAH IDT54FCT2373CTPY PHD96NQ03LT JM38510/07106BEA MC14519BD IS61LV2568-8K SPT7936 SP481RCN XCV2000E-6FG680C WMF512K8-120DEI5A A-4001G 2N5373 MC74ACT534DW DMC40457NY-LY TPS71H01QPWPLE AT49F8192-12RI TC1073-3.3VCH M38C33M2MXXXFS GS816036T-200I DCC205 CL7256ATC144-7 NAD-03 GP101A-DC48-LB TLC2252MJGB M74HCT08 SMBJ5956 T15V256A-85PI ST180S12P0VL P4C168-35DMB JQ1a-B-24V 3KP48A SN74AHC595DBR TPS77701PWPR 2SK2809-01MR UF1D 5962H9657501VEA Z86E6120PSC KM48V8104CKL-6 BL-R2115 FR154G 74HCT147U MAX772CSA AM27C1024-90JC GS84018AT-166 M38222M8HXXXGP LT1141ACSW ISPLSI5384VA-125LQ208 SMCJ6071 MXD1005PD60 5429FCT2053CTQB MS2C-P-DC12-L 5KP10CA SN75175D SZ2539 5962H9654301QCC MAX635ACPA TISP7125F3SL TLC2652AMJ EVM710AHF BZX84C30 IDT7202LA15TP 1N6100 M38020E4DXXXFP P83C751-2A28 SST29LE512-250-4I-WH MT7403A-UR IDT7130LA25J KA5S1265-YDTU PDU10256H-5MC5 ZMM55C33 5962-9657901QRX PLB150STR LT1014ACN TMS320C242FN M38865E8AGP ADM231LAN

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