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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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19 April 2018 (New datasheets):

UT54LVDSC031-UCC B8220K6-2.7 LMC6462AIN IP120R-12-BSS2 IDT7205L50TP 1H4 200HFR80PV UC3824DW HEC50-48S3P3-P G902CD-AC12-NilNil MAX6314US40D4-T 5962P9960704QUA ST15-24-5S IS61LV12824-12TQI PCI2250PGF MC145707DW CAT25C02PI-1.8TE13 UF100G TS4900IST SN74HC365NSR 801-1 SL74HC323N MAX4053AEPE VI-2NREX 1.5KE10A IDT74FCT652CTEB TPS60203DGS B-1C2CY M38048FF-HP RD33JS-T4 HSA399 TIS600-124 S21MT1 M38B58E6-XXXFS LT1011CH CLLRH-04 NM93C66LZM8 L519-G MI2YIV NMH1209S IDT74FCT2374TPY SBL1645PT CD74HCT86E PS2761-1-E3 IRF5M3710 IDT72201L35J V18MLE0603H CAT25C041PI-42TE13 M27C512-25XC3 MJ10008 MAX878ESA BYV116-20 TEN5-1213 SD300N08PC IN74ACT157N M6MGT166S4BWG MC7812ACT BAS70-04S XCV1000E-8HQ240C X9221WSI 1PMT4615 TBP28L86AJW AT49F002N-90JI MLX90314ABL S43100 FRE9260H MT55L512V18PB-7.5 PT-308F-A IAM4820C1S BL-HF534A-2 CAT24C162PI-28TE13 DS1013M-100 WS512K16-20DLM AM29LV004BB-90FI MAX6328UR27-T CAT93C5633JI-30TE13 MI-22JIX SZ253D SN75157PSR DMS-40BCD-RL P4C422-25DM ALZ11B48 NTE5027A RH5RE25AA-T2 SN74F377AN 3302UF IDT54FCT240AE 20IMX15-12-12-9 HY-3246 TL072ACP WE32K32N-150H1IA CY7C109-25VI MI-LJ22-XX CAT93C6634P-25TE13 M38B78MEH-XXXFP PT2129A-S34 D2525P869 CHFP6KE17C CAT93C5711JA-25TE13 PHT4NQ10T TPSMA27A PIC17C752T-33I/PT IDT54FCT166245ETPF MA4X714 DG301ABWE LA7845N 1519-90E

18 April 2018 (New datasheets):

NTE2708 MOC8102 P4C187-35DM FST20035 FAR-C3SB-06000-J21-U S4025R HD14532B SJ871 SMBG78A SST39LF010-45-4I-WK PA88 SMAJ54 TL7702BMJGB SN74ACT534DBR N74ALS163BN 1N5419 BZX84C18TS REC5-6409DRWLZ DMS-30LCD-1-5B 25LC640X-I/ST A45L9332AF-7 PS21553-G TLV2422AID RTH22ES100K P2AU-1505E ACM2004G-NLTW-T L79L15ABD A451PN DAC1220E PT2127A-L44 P4SMAJ75CA ZMM5240 PIC16C62XT-20E/SO IDT70V24L55JI BS123 LD512 STPS80H100TV MAX366ESA TC54VC2601EZB NJM062D AD9220SIOCEB VI-J0XMX BFG93A PT2129A-S32S CDLL5248B P6KE6.8 UTR2360 PD110-12MC SN74S133N IDT74FCT543TEB AGM3224D-NC-YTW-T APX9141DEE-TB 74AC151SC SMBJ110CA RQ5RW34AB AME8520AEEVIFX23 CAT93C4611K-45TE13 1N754A AD768-EB AM29F200AT-120DTC1 M38076M3-XXXFS BT138-500E IDT74FST1616209PV 100363QCX LL4448 P7849H WS512K32F-70G4TCE OPA501AM R5101010XXWA MAX6346UR39-T SN74AHCT02N 2SK2488 1N6289 XC3190A-4PG175I CD54HC74F TSC3837 A3123EUA 688-18 PT2129A-T53 1N5221B MS4C-P-AC48-B RE5RL41AA-RF GS840H32T-150 UL6264ASG50 RD8.2ES FKBP202 SJ292C R1221N30XA-TR RH2F PIC16C62X-04E/SS LT1085 LD5003 ICS508MI CMM3020-BD-0192 MAX368CPN SN74BCT646DWR FR201G V62C2184096L-85T LCE150A KF284S ATV2500BL-20KM G902BO-DC6-Nil2 BGY87B MCM69P536CTQ4 P4SMAJ36-T3 VI-QURK-XXX XC4010XL-09PQ208C 301UR160P3

17 April 2018 (New datasheets):

CF5009AL2 ARZ140M24 AZ672-1A-5D EDI88512LPA55F36B SST29VE512-200-4C-UH M38505FCH-XXXSP SN74LVTH652DW FX609L2 DF01S MI-M61-XX CAT93C5612UI-28TE13 1N985B MACH111-10JC MX29LV040QC-70 SN74S241DWR DDU66C-175D4 G65SC21PW-2 U631H16BD1C35 BZW03-C10 TC54VN6002ECBTR RD2.4MW CAT93C6622SA-28TE13 MSM5238GS-K PHF14NQ20T VUO80-18NO7 SG16AA20 VI-J30MX IN74HC00AD CHFP6KE48 BDX34C CYG2100 VSC7807WC 5962R9656401VXC RN5VT17AA-TR R1200 SN74BCT240DBR BZG03-C100 APL5301-16AI-TR P6KE56A RP03-12005SH SST29SF010-70-4I-PH UM9415 SST29EE020-250-4C-PN ACA5-20PC-4-DC1-RL 74HC597U JM38510/33203BS IHB100T480312 NTE944M LP2987IM-5.0 MI-QC20Z-XXX AN7561Z GTLP6C816AMTC ADG333ABR M38064M1DXXXFP G901AO-AC12-Nil2 MA3X727 HER608-T3 TPS3838J25DBVT P6KE100C XC4036XL-08PG411C MX29F002NTPC-55 AD589TH W08M ER100 LC75842E AN6657S PT2127A-B93S EPM7160EQI160-15 ACR44U10LE HFBR-2406M T1210MH TU25C128SI-2.7 S-81253SGUP-DIJ-T1 ACM1602A-FLBS-T LM137HVH-MLS TLC073CDR M51981SL STK10C68-S25I MAX233AEWP RQ5RW52BB MPC2107SG66 P4KE110CA MAQ31751AS SBL1030 IDT74FCT162H272CTPAB TL052CP SMCJ45A ST777ACD SLA24C04-D/P SMQ400PS27-C AP1117D47 1N5927B IDT74FCT2245DTSO MI7WMY X28C64SMB-25 AD7892AR-2 CAT25C322S16I-25TE13 HCTS160T MB15F02PFV MX7542J/D SN74HC32PWR P4KE110A P4SMAJ110CA BV-M30DRD M38040FF-XXXSP PDM31548SA20SOITY V436616Y24VATG-75PC

16 April 2018 (New datasheets):

M27C512-25XF3 X24128S14I-2,5 2SD1251A M38504M8H-XXXSP ZY62GP MC-4532CD647EF-A75 MC100LVEL01D M38033F1-XXXHP MAX6321HPUK29BW-T 7429FCT521DTSO PBYR3035WT SMAJ5942 AGM1264E-NNGBH-T 11DQ10 CAT93C4633P-45TE13 NTE0503M X9313TM3 AME8501BEETCF26 BS-C856RD M40Z300MH1 1SMB16A IDT74FCT162240ETPFB M38255MA-XXXHP 420LB60 TC1054-3.6VCT IXTH1N100 KX500-F5CBNHHN 1N6857-1 PBYR1045D M38503FFH-XXXSS BWS0512 28C256APC-2 TC7117ACPL TSOP1736CB1 A-363Y FAR-C4CN-09830-M12-R M38027E3-XXXFP LS6U2M-1SD SFR102-TB RE5VL50CA-RR SMCG6055 M50945-XXXFP 5822SMG HV209FG BFS20 2N6497 AS273G5LPT TPS76715QPWP MAX819LEPA MC44007P L493YC MDE-25S112K BZT03D220 NM27LV010BT300 NTE2307 RA-151.8S LCE33A UT62V25616MC-70LLI PT2128A-C83S M38C33MCMXXXFS UC5607DWPTR EP2S-3L2 1N6109AUS SN7408N 27C010TRPE20 P4KE47 SA30CA PBYR2040CTX SD603C14S15C 0662.400HXSL RT9543BCE IDT74FCT16652TPA TP3061 CS8221YDPR3 ACM1602Y-NLYH-T P6DU-2405Z TSH113IPT NTE6027 R1221N19XE-TR HI3306 6MBI8k-120 MAX6307UK39D3-T ATF22V10BQL-25XC SAA5231 ESAD25-C GC89BNCC20RD REC5-2605SRWLZ GS840H32B-150I G17WDNil-DC12 BZX84C15W CAT93C5722J-25TE13 AM29LV200T-90RECB LV1702 DSP1629 DS1250AB-100 FXE-24 M38222EAMHP MLL746A 1N5270 TSMB1022 IC61LV2568-8TI AD7851KR P6KE13CA-TB PCE84C487 M38067EA-XXXFP SFR153-T3 G90NilAD-AC24-Nil2 5KP18

15 April 2018 (New datasheets):

AM29F010B-70ECB RHRD460 P89C51RC2HFP M38195M3-XXXFS K1V5 ISD4002-240X PMKC03-48S05 TCM129C23DW GMS34004TM SA25F010LEMLFF 5429FCT2052DTQ AM29F040-70EE 3EZ75 ST6265BB6 MT4C4001JC-10/XT HCT7000M STPRF1620CT C430B AS1117R-3V P4SMAJ28CA-T1 FM93C46TLZMT8 BAS40-04 FQP5N20L FU-68SDF-810M17B MAX6307UK46D4-T LH28F400BGHE-TL12 BZX84-B9V1 TZX3V3B NTE1744 NTE5164A UG3007M SN74AHCT32D MC68B40P IDT74FCT2645TPYB KM416V1000BT-5 MAX6314US46D2-T V29C31004B-90T AS7C256A-15TC RN5VT32AA-TR IS61LV6464-8TQI SC1453-15ISKTR 1N4617UR-1 MH32S72PHB-10 CAT93C8611J-28TE13 LM3352-3.3EVAL 3.0SMCJ13CA IS61LV5128-15K P0720SD 1N6106US GCA200AA120 1SMA180Z HI-8482DT SMP1321-074 ADS7807PB WS512K32L-15G2TMA ZMM5228 TLV2464AIDR CD6297CA SD203N14S10PC M38507M7H-XXXSP R1200 OPB360N51 1.5KE6.8A FA3629AV M38B79MDH-XXXFP S-80738AL-A2-T1 28LV010RT4DI25 MRF10502 L70S450 PIC18C658-I/L UT54ACS373 UPD4715ACY M38255EAMFS IDT74FCT2374TPB P6SMBJ5.0CA ZMM5245 EGF20M M38033M6-XXXHP AD744KN KBL04 MSK5040-5E 1N6127 HS281A UT62L2568LC-70LL SA45 MSM5116165D-50TS-K P4SMAJ60C-T1 P87C52-1 NFV10D180K IN74AC74N NTE3311 1.5KE13 UPC4093G2-T1 AME41AEHA WS512K32N-20G4TQA LL46 MX29F002NBQI-12 LC110 AV0932B A1750A24FFFC06 LQ080T5GG01 FR154-TB 74VHC240MTC 78602/1 ACE1202N 5962R9654801QEC SML4754

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