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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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10 April 2020 (New datasheets):

NTE2632 ZPSD303-B-70LI TSC0697 G6C-3SK 1N4936GP DFA20E48D5 SF57-T3 1N205G PS2525-4 MG64PB42 CXA1829N IDT54821BTD P4KE100A XC95288-20BG352I 269-C-170-M-14xx-A Z0402SF0AA2 BZX79-B68 THS4021IDGNR MGFK36V4045 BC179 GNR32D241K SMCJ6.5CA CDC329ADBLE 7429FCT52ATPB 74LCX74M IDT54FCT2648ATE M38257M2DXXXFS HER104L BA6229 SN74AHC373DGVR PT6604B 1N964 MC74LCX543SD SMA837 1.5KE18CA BA6407AF G9612BTEU 1.5KE130C MMSZ5242B SST39SF040A-70-4C-WH TSOP4838ON1 CLM2810U-10 MSM80C86A-10JS CAT65LC40P-TE13 GMS30012 AT29BV020-35TI MC74AC00MR2 AGM2464C-NE-BTD-T C783CS LX8384A-33CP W04G CAT93C4622S-25TE13 MAX6321HPUK37BZ-T LH28F400BGHB-TL12 OPB750T GBPC15W-10 27C010TRPB20 APT30M30JLL MOC216-M MI-P7VX-XXX BZX79-C6V2 5429FCT2053ATPYB TIP106 IDT74841BP PALC22V10D-15PC LN87C52-2 LS7311-S M38039MF-XXXSP 5962H9658101VXX BS-C60DRD CD5353B 28C64A-15/TS L-193GW-TR MT5C1005ECW-25L/883C P4SMAJ45 MCM6706ARJ6R2 TSOP1737 5962-87630012A OPB370N15 CAT93C5721KA-45TE13 SSTA06 WMS512K8L-55CIA M38224M3MXXXFS IDT6167SA20DB IRF1404S BGE67BO/SC DDU66C-50D1 VNV28N04 CD54ACT283F3A 74ABT657N MC10H209FNR2 SMA36 PUP130-12 FST6050 NTE5803 MCX18N00A CNB2301 BY229-200 SMBJ12A P0640ZB U6264ASA07 MRF5015 AZ699-1C-5DEA HMS81016E 28LV64A-F-30I/SO AS431A2DBVA IDT54FCT543TL

9 April 2020 (New datasheets):

KS24C01I SRDA70-4TB SPC-1205P-331 RE5RL42AC LT1963EQ-1.8 SP522CF MAX6310UK31D2-T NDL5421P2 SMC91 MK45H01K25 1N4107 M38C86E8-FP 5962R9659401QXA MAX6316LUK32CX-T ES3D 1N3890 RN5VT15CA-TR EDI88130LPS45LM MJ10021 FX50SMJ-03 MM3Z36T1 UCC5640PW24 X25320PI TC9204M TSOP7000 ISP844-3 GS8160E32T-225 PIC18C601-I/L OPA2652E X24C01SM-2,7 IP2843N M38255M9DXXXHP KBJ25K BZW06-346B UT9Q512-20ICC TK65933MTL UT62L5128LS-100LI IN74HCT574ADW 72UF120AYPD BZW04P31 APR3003-30DC-TR HA13484NT MXD1005C/D150 G83CFC-DC6-Nil L34HDTNR5/7 UT54ACS85PCC A3122LUA BD137 EL5396CS-T13 SR2M MAX4516EPA NM24C04DICE QBS100ZJ-A SB002-15CPA D130/16 BAS35 PK130F120 DS55-0003 24AA01-/SN M38869FBAFS MRF20030 1N5239B SST29LE010-250-4C-UH SN74LS293N 100331QC A426316BV-40L REC10-6712DRWLZ TDA8980 OM5234/IBB M5LV-256/68-7VI MI7RMW SMBJ75CA RH5RL51AA-T1 MAX3325ENI IP117HVK-BSS2 2211-100A SC87C51CYA44 IMP708TEPA MM74HCT74N PCF1303T DD504S MAX4503CUK PDTA144EK MG65PB40 IDT74FCT162543ETPVB 5KP51C IS61SF25632T-10TQ P4KE13C MAX506BCPP JM54AC377SRA-RH IDT74FCT2533TLB PDM31096SA15SOATR AME8501AEETCE28 BLF225 TEA1069H/C1 R3112Q23A-TR XC9572XL-10VQ64I 28C17AT-25I/L QL3004-3PL84M TS941IDT 1N4690 Z893731XVSC ICL7612DCPA M38224M7DXXXGP BAW56 SD103N10S20MC P8SG-247R2EM AD622AR-REEL

8 April 2020 (New datasheets):

M38040M9-XXXHP PBYR1060 PST3330 IDT7140LA100PB MAR31753FL 1N6282A CAT93C5612S-25TE13 AME8500CEETDF26 TF861S LF298MX DDTC143EKA PIC16F627AT-I/SOxxx PSD303-B-70U 74LVX14SJX A8405SLH-38 NTE1900 SFR152 MX29LV400BHI-70 RE5VT46CA-TZ APT2X100D40J APT1608HD CHB-03B-04 74ALS651-1N VI-RULJX-XXXX LM3620M5-8 WE128K32N-140G2TI CAT5114PI-50TE13 MCT277 DK2a-12V 1.5KE82 QL82SD-6PT280I S-80740SL-A4-S BZW06-102 K1300S UF1510 HMX1225 ICS9148F-10 CD54ACT533F3A MC1489M MI-PC6R3-XXX 28C64A-15I/VS M38B59E9-XXXFP 307UA80P2 RT9808-50CX HUP80-13-1S HG62E130 MLL14KESD40A B8220K6-4.7 JV1a-12V NTE874 M38202M3DXXXFP 1N4371C SAA7125HZ SB1660FCT XC4003E-1VQ100C TLC393CPSR MDE-40D112K IDT54FCT166244ATPFB LF55ABDT RF2494PCBA-H CD4692 SE567D RH5RE57AA-T2 PEEL18CV8JI-5 MX7530JN APA2020ARI-TU A62S6308V-10S CY7C1021CV33-10VI HD6803-1 AT89C55WD-33AC CAT28F102PI-90T SFPA-53 BY359F-1500 TSOP1737SE1 A1750A59RRFC06 U631H16SK35 ACA-20PC-2-DC2-RL P4KE15A M38257E8DFP M38197MC-XXXFP SN74LS107AN 1N5540A IRF720 LCX007BKA IDT74FCT166H244ATPVB KM684000BLP-7 AM29LV004B-80FEB KS24C021CT CY7C128A-45DMB 1N4701 LC7230-8221 MAX4534EUD UCC2813PW-2 SMI-75-330 2N6740 APM2318AC-TRL AM50-0003 R1223N222D-TR M38200E8-XXXGP X24C04PM-2,7 AGM2464D-RC-YTS-T GP1S30 TC54VC4101EZB WS512K32NBV-20H2ME MAQ9264T95FL MC-4516DA726EFC-A10 74LVT574WM

7 April 2020 (New datasheets):

FAN2512S28X WMS128K8L-35FEIA OM6009SM LNG321GFG AKBP200 AS3845D14T CAT93C5614U-25TE13 1N756AUR-1 PRC200400K/500M KM68257CLP-15 A6173081SW-12 STV-6410-R01 P4KE170CA BQ2150HLB-KT MC68HC11K4CFN4 RN5VT40CC AM9128-70DEB ACM4002D-FLYS-T IDT70V24S55GI U2008B-xFPG3 BL-HG436A S2008R 74LCX00SJ MH32S72APHB-8 BT258X-800R VI-PJ5MX-XXX AZ763L-1C-5D P4KE15 2SC2938 AGM1232D-NLYTS-T DS1004Z-3 XC1702LPC44C GC102SR12015012FS ZMM5230B JM38510/30901BEA SNJ54ACT240J IDT54FCT16H952BTEB 3KP40CA ST280S04P0V P6LU-0512E 1N990B M38B59E2-XXXFS TPS76901EVM-127 BZX55 - C27 PC837BD BL-RX1139A IDT7202LA15XE NE5209D VI-NT1-XX SF18 IDT74FCT16245TPV DD201 269-B-180-D-14xx-C 3EZ5.1D5 MAX6318LHUK46BZ-T 1N4489 UT54LVDM228UCA 1.5KE110CA TC54VC2701EZB SN74LS136D AGM1264D-RLBBH-T ZR431LC02 KBPC106 FU-68PDF-V520M208B AS2431AR5LPB X9312UP DS26LS31MWFQMLV R1140Q361B-TL XR72-2.7R 200HF40MSV M-980-02T QM50DY-24B LX8383A-00IV SL74HC367D PALCE16V8H-5JC/5 CHV2243-99F/00 MLL5933D 1N6296A SA7.0 Z86E0208PEC1903 1N1204A LLZJ8.2B RH5VT20CA-T2 P4KE120C LD2502 MAX4187ESD 185-1 RTH22ES122K LL55F20 X84041P-3 Z1SMA8V2 STK11C88-3N55I 1N5379B TPS767D325PWPR 14KESD43A XC5206-5PQ100I 1N941 GC1310 E28F004S5-85 1SMC5367 LP2980IM5-3.1 ATF16LV8C-15XC SN74AHCT245PWR SA120 KSA1242 MC1403DR2 28C256AJC-2 HFBR-5111FDB

6 April 2020 (New datasheets):

FR151GP MX27C2100PC-90 FMU-26R 1SMB7.0A RMWL38001 TK11330BMCL M38255E9-GP OM5209SC FDS6614A PIC16F84T-20/SS DM74ALS157SJX ADS-943MC APL431BII-PBL NM24C65ULZM8X 1N5223B AM29LV800BT90RDW5C1 PT2128A-B92 CXD2463R 74ACT86TTR PI5A318AW SAA5542PS IR2112-2 MI-QC6PP-XXX GBU8J TMS320LBC51PZ57 TC500CPE GC102BN9514012FS SC2128C-D51S MPX200A MI-J64MZ BYD37D LLNRK2/10 AM29LV104BT-90EC ACM1601D-FLGS-T MACH4-96/96-18YI TDA9874APS/V2 IAM4820C2N MCD56-14IO1 TK71633SCL AS432A2S13 XC4010E-1PQ208C SN74ABT540DWR BR151 X24C04PI M27C512-60XC3 Z0844404PEC M27C512-20XF3 KM44S32030T-G/FH A8229SLM TS7988 TL084BCN SC1038 CD4556BE WMS512K8-45CM MAX6316MUK43BZ-T CD74ACT258M96 DG381ABA LC895198 AT24C04-10SI-2.7 XU426 HCF4070BM1 ACM2002P-FLTW-T 1N1205 DTA143TE 5962P0053601TUA LM101AD LS22BB-2D/G G950T64T 1N3503 UZ5780 NM25C640LZM8X JANSR2N7403 74HCT154U GC118BR5011024R CMBZ5240B OPB847W51 VPH03 X88064P-60 5962-9475808QYC 1N4454UR-1 AME8500AEETAA29 M38866ECA-GP AME8501BEETAF24 MX29LV401TMI-70 BU4551B 5962H9653301QXA AME8500BEFTAA40 OET025ZGJJ-A XC4013XLA-08PQ160I VRE302-6KD SMBJ8.0C 5962-8956101EA M5M5V408BFP-10HI MTN2130-13A M38194M9-XXXFS SFM11-M P6SMBJ60C FU-68PDF-V520M122B IS62C1024L-35TI C-502E FDC05-24D12 TSOP4836YA1 TDA8006H TMS320C53PQA40 P6KE13 M38259EF-FS SMBJ26A

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