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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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17 June 2019 (New datasheets):

M38206M6DXXXFP CD40105BMS CD4028BCM Z2068U ACM2402B-FLBS-T 5962-9564004Q2A P4SMAJ120 MIE-516L3U PIC16LC62X-20I/P MAX385EPE 1SS270 IRKL50014 TDE1787ADP RH5VT50CC SY24 SN74AS181ANT FXE-10 KM416V1000BJ-7 15KP90C GC89SRAC15RD M38860M1A-XXXHP STK16C68-S20 IDT74FCT139ATSOB SMAJ78C BDW23B M38026M2DXXXSS 6RI75E-060/080 UZ5827 GBPC1208 R12SS15 GS880Z36AT-250 HCF4001B RN5RZ36AA-TR GC70BR9512010FS Z7D180 LM1292N 269-A-120-M-14xx-C VI-J0HIX M38C26FDDFP AAT4644IAS-B1 S974T AGM2464D-NE-GTH-T BS62LV8000BC SNJ54AS823AW VS3244Q TC54VN6002EMB PBYR2040CT VI-RUPXX-XXXX P6KE130A PI74FCT153TS MTD1P50E M38227E2MFP MCR72-4 M38503FEH-XXXFP N74F656AN ADS7817E/250 MC33465N-45CTR IDT74FCT162543CTPF AGM1212B-FLGTD-T RD2.7ES-T2 M38181MF-XXXFP RZD2524-W 2N4125 M38022E2-XXXFS M62273GP AD7224UE MC68HC000P12 AS431BR5D7 TC2054-3.0VCTTR IP1R19AK-12-BSS2 CMM3030-BD-0048 VT8363 SNJ54F02FK K4S281632D-TL75 NX29F010-55PLI 5962R9652401VCC PR1004 V437464S24VXTG-10PC REC15-6815DRWBZ TLV5639CPW VKA100MS02-8 P4C1982L-25LMB SK38 UN2154 HPR118V 301UR120P4 UF3J-T3 DS75453N BAV202 AGM1264E-FNFTH-T HYB511000BJL-50 FS3B UPP1002 HA-2841/883 REC10-6405SRWLZ NFV14D821K BL-T4134 EL2006AG/883B LM6172AMWGRQML MC10135FN REC3-1205SR X28C513J-20 MLL1.4KESD26A M38023M3DXXXSP 74ABT16245BDL LM431B RT9161/A-35CZT

16 June 2019 (New datasheets):

NJM2120D KM48C8004BK-6 A-301E-11 ICS9112M-17-T UC3707DWTR MT9076AP EDI88512CA35TM HI-8105CRI HER801 FMP-G5HS FA7612CN TK71618SCL TC110501ECTTR QL82SD-6PQ208I AME8501BEETAF40 VI-P31X-XXX XC6204B532ML HEF4059BT MAN8010 DS2007/40 MAZ3110 SN74LS641DW VSC9670 PPG33F-3C3 GL1PR112 TC55RP3401EZB R1122N351A-TL RF2643 MAX6318LHUK49AY-T X28C010EI-12 TK71644SCL LMC6062IM DT28F320S5-110 MAZ1056 GT28F160F3T95 IS61LV25616-12TI AD1816AJS W9951TF PIC16LC72-04I/SS PALCE22V10Z-25PI IDT7142SA100J TC74A3-5.0VAT UT7C139C45GCA G901BS-AC220-1Nil NTE5966 OP467GS WS512K32-45G1UM MK2049-03S 1.5KE68CA RBM-1.824D M38258EEDGP MI-PC6VV-XXX 1N4681 APT8043BFLL VI-PU0N-XXX 1N4581A-1 MCH3309 FS0204BN SNJ54HC04W REC5-1615DRWL FMMTA13 5962H9658901VXX 1PMT4105 CAT25C128K-1.8TE13 SC431CZ-1TA LTC1098ACS8 1N1187A BZV86-2V6 2N3714 SMAJ24 HSA2817 UPA1731G-E1 RFG40N10 ALZ12F05 ZMY8.2 269-A-200-F1480-C ALD2303ADA B1581T-5 MAX4588CWI S-80747AL-EB-S CAT28C64BT13-15T MMQA13VT1 2SD1820 TIBPAL16R8-10MWB CD74ACT20M NTE1767 CLC5526MSA CY2308SC–2 REC15-3412DRWB M38860F3AHP LT1506 FST8445SL JM38510/34105BRA FU-68SDF-V802M169B KBPC300 XC4006E-2PC84C 54F779LMQB SMBG9.0CA X10SL SA2532C CDC586PAHR KSV1405 MX29F022NTPC-55 CLL4714 SPX2951ACS-5.0 LMC6494BEMX CY7C4281V-25JC L-110LB5C-TR

15 June 2019 (New datasheets):

CY74FCT163501CPACT KFM220M PWR6005 MSK121-2 SD210DE EDI88130LPS15CM DM74ALS165MX TC7107CPI SN74LVTH16835DL ST330S12M1 LM1458H SN74ABT541BDWR MI2VMW STK730-080 BTA08-800BRG TLV2771ID IC62VV25616L-55TI TIP142 VI-MCW3-XX SN74CBTS6800DW SMBJ6.0A M38220MADXXXGP 1SMA160Z UC3909Q A1750A27RRSC08 IDT74FCT162H245CTEB R1230D221A-TR ADV453TE/883B IDT71321LA35TF MAX6313UK39D3-T BDV64C RKBPC810 1.5KE440CA LTC1197LCS8 CMOZ4L3 3D7205S-100 AT002N5-00 MAX5354MJA UT28F256LVC-65PPC SN54LS241J uPD45128441G5-A80LT-9JF MAX6320PUK38DZ-T AD707BQ RT9169-49CX HS379 269-B-130-D-14xx-B LH28F004SUT-LC15 RF-0515SH ML2259BCQ TLC7524IFN RGP15M VI-PUXP-XXX FU-68SDF-802M79B MAX953ESA P6FMBJ33 CY37512P208-125NC MI-J6ZMZ LM3875TF IDT54FCT2240CTPB MX23C1610PC-10 TPA005D14DCAR VI-PUP1-XXX NNCD12E GLT725608-20TC TK11321BMIL M38221M8DXXXFP MM1065FT AS273H1GA MI-25RMW BZG04-75 AAT9123IAS-T1 AA022N1-A2 GC79BRAC20RS IP123K-15-BSS2 APL5505-B31OC-TR MOC8108 HPR117 MI-PC2MN-XXX M38257EBDGP SST39LF040-90-4I-NK SMV20433-06 P5KE100C SN74LS07DBR P4SMAJ85CA MAX8868EUK33-T GNR05D201K CMDZ5233B AQW215 SA26 FS3VS-16A P6KE10A KBL406 GOB94023 S1WB(A)60 CAT28F102T14I-70T SN74ABT823NT PVA3324 B8250XK6-3.8 M38066M9DXXXFP RB154 TLE2144IDWR FQD9N08L BS-A816RD MT5C1005EC-40L/IT TCL1585-1.5CEB RJ-0905S LDC900

14 June 2019 (New datasheets):

M38C36M8AXXXFS CA1524F UC2727DWP DLO32F-2A2 SNJ54ALS10AW AGM1212C-NCGBW-T M38022E1-XXXFS SN8P0212P 273004 R4430PC-F10-MCM MAX6325EPA AM29LV008BB-90FC CY74FCT240CTSOC TC74VHCT367AFN PAL16R8-D/2PC PT2272-L5 UC3572D LC75821E G902CO-DC5-12 EDI88512LP85NB TS4041DILT-1.2 MSFC12-85-026K1 BM-41657MD RN5RT45AC MBR1050CT USD245CR SM704 269-B-220-D-14xx-A CAT93C5723JA-30TE13 NE5204AD R3112Q10C-TR APT2012HC ISP1122ANB TFMBJ9.0 HPR110V/H IDT54FCT574DTPYB XC95288XV-10TQ144C LMC6061IMX 28C256TRPFI12 AME8500AEFTBE29 AT93C56W-10SI-2.5 EM638165TS-7 269-A-150-F1480-A 1N4946 L4008D6 BL-T4131-T WS128K32N-35G2TMA IS61NP25632-5BI MAX220EJE G8343-21 MA4BPS301 TC54VN4501ECBTR M38250M4MXXXHP 74ABT541CMSA RS1B DSA2-12F ZXRD100APQ16TC APR3011-39BC-TR HA12002 BCP69 P89C58UFAA SN74AHCT00DGVR SR3010 MT4418-O DS1233A-10 SN74AS163N DDTC123JCA GTLP16612MEAX LM431BIM3 QL16x24B-1CG144M 3N251 V62C18164096L-85BI 181RKI100 AMS3102AS-3.5 AZ764-1CH-18DE BZX55C33 BZX84-B27 MPSA42 LPC662AIN M38220M5MXXXFS TMS320LC57RBKA80 IC62VV5128L-70BI AT28LV256-25JI R1112N29A-TR R1221N46XF-TR PBYR10100 T15N1M16A-70J M38259E8MFP 1N5232 CD5545B IXDF409CI AMS4041BM L-593HD G940T21B MC10H159P P4KE20A RS1D SNJ54ALS10AFK CAT93C5733PI-42TE13 IS80C51-12PQI ZMM5229D MK3235-01S RN5VS44AA-TL PA26 S24022PI-2.7T CL1K50QC208-2 APR3102-23BI-TR

13 June 2019 (New datasheets):

SB140 LC4102C GC89SNCE15FS OP282 U6264AS1K10L SAB-C517A-LM 5962-8769101EA ISD33150S BU2616F BSP135 RH5VL37AA-T2 F12C10A DDTC124EE M5-512/256-20AI A-5582Y M38190M9-XXXFS IS61LV3216L-20KI SN74ABT16373ADL UC3842AD MLL4121-1 SNJ54LS75W A1750A49FFSC08 APL5332-KAC-TRL M38253MFDXXXGP DS1811-10 LDA200STR RN5VD49AA-TL IDT74FCT16500CTE IDT74FCT162H501ETEB P87C54SBPN MX7534KEWP 15KPA75A LM4863M PJ2960 HA2879 M38865E6AFS H1563P P6KE120 70IMX7-24-24-9 AM29LV010BT-70FC RP40-480512TG L4949ED 15KP28 1N4127-1 SPA25JAN S-29L294A-FS FR604-T3 SMBJ7.5 MI-RC62RPX-XXXX ZPSD312V-B-20J BTB08-700A 1N4002 L7812CP B4251CK-2.9 PFKC03-12S05 ML4790ES A3054KU-02 BC858B WMS512K8L-35DJC 1N5417 WMS256K16-20FGMA MI-RC60JX-XXXX CD3022B STGY50NB60HD GC70BR12016003FS BC856W STP5N30L AME8501BEFTAD26 GC89SRBD15RD ST730C18L2L WS512K32L-45H1MA WE128K32P-140G2TCA SA13 MC74HCT244ADWR2 BAL99 N74ALS253DB 1N3155-1 WS128K32L-17G2TQ PC849 SDS60UT03C 1N4913 L293DDWPTR TL431ACLPU CD74HCT14M96 LTC1098LACS8 FM93C46TLZM8 NJM2255D 1N4003ID MC10EP105FA HYB3118160BST-70 OM4411ST TOP201YAI 3.0SMCJ75A PIC12C671-04I/P AT49F001NT-55PC AD7858AR IDT74FCT240CTL TXD2000MFKFLLNH TXD2000MFJFLLNH MAR9264T70CB MI-25XMV RE5RE22AA-RF SBT6045 AME8510AEEVAFE23 M29F160BB90N6 HYB5116405BJ-700 CAT93C57KI-TE13 CAT25C322U14I-25TE13

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