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We have more Special DataSheet than other site. If, There is not a datasheet which searches, Request ! (It will updated in 12 hours.) is a free electronic engineering tool that enables you to locate product datasheets from hundreds of electronic component manufacturers worldwide. All Data provided on this web site and the associated web pages is provided as is. It is intended to be for general information only, and is thus provided without any express or implied warranty or guarantee. It is the responsibility of the user or reader to ensure and confirm that this information is accurate and correct with the original publisher of the data sheet. Most of the data sheets below are in the "pdf" format so it would be adviseable to use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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7 Marth 2021 (New datasheets):

LLNRK4 P87C550EBAA HPR120W NC4D-L2-DC12V AS8S128K32PN-45/XT SN74LS06N CD4023BCSJ PR3002G GC102SN12016012F TC54VN4301EZB IDT7142SA20L48B MT5C1009SOJ-45L/XT M38501M1-XXXSS W24256-70LL T625083004DN SG2801J/883B SED1278F RBV804D TLC27M7MJGB APL5506-B31XC-TR TISP2125F3P SMBJ58 MAX6309UK37D4-T AT27C512R-70RI S102S02 ZRC500N803 FES1F 1N4752 SMLJ33CA TC54VN3101ECBTR 2SK2312 X28VC256KI-45 MS136C XC4020XLA-09PQ208C CD40174BCM M38039FB-XXXHP WF128K32N-150H1I5 SN74HC04PWLE TLC252CPS P6KE13-TB ZPSD302R-B-15J ACM4004C-REFBD-T 1N5949A 2N6517 LM7815 HPR106 AM29LV400BB70RFEB KTC1008 TIP35C VI-2WNIX HD6417708STF60 S24023SBT V18MLE0805LWT MX23L8100TC-12 U631H64BDC45 X40015S8-B VRE3021LS SM130A 1N986D P6SMBJ64 IMP802MEPA KSC2328A TP80C58-1 PI74ALVTC16241V 1N759C 1N753 LXP600ANE M38043FF-SP MT28F320J3FS-12ET ACM2002C-FEGS-T AME8500AEFTBE44 2SC3836 FAR-F6CE-1G8800-L2XA-V STK730-090 GP20A 502AT-11 X28C512E-25 BZW04P256 ERW01-060 6RI30G-120/160 MMBTA14 ZMM55F22 STS12NF30L DTC323TU BZV55-F22 BA6463FP-Y 5KP45 2SC2333 M74HC73M1R HC3HP-AC12V MSK5007TS ADG202ATQ HYB5117400BT-600 CAT93C5621PI-28TE13 P4SMAJ24A-T3 CD240602 LYK389-FO SA08-12GWA S10C100C AZ940-1A-6DS TIP41C LM9617CEA VI-LC1K-XX IDT54FCT2543DTLB NT5DS64M4AW-7K MAX6317HUK38AY-T PDTC144ES XP132A1545SR

6 Marth 2021 (New datasheets):

HCPL-7800 CHFP6KE90 D2547P911 SMBG20A 5KP22A 2SC3643 1N5239B REC10-0912SRWL MC33263NW-32R2 FL24-200500 5KP33C SNJ54S51J CYM1836PM-35C Z2010U G903AS-DC12-2 SN74ACT2227DW SMCJ160A 1.5SMC18C MAX623CPE NC7SZ00P5X SN74LV32ADGVR MC33275D-3.0 MC74HC365N HSH1500CIEO SNJ54ACT74W NMA2415S XCV300E-8PQ240I BA3423S LM78109Z UT69RH051W-PC TDA7297 HFBR-5302 R1110N291BTL M306V0MD-XXXFS M38509M8H-XXXSP PDM31034SA15SOATR H7806BM UT06MRA600 P6KE11A-T3 FDC05-12S05 BL-R2138B CD54HCT251F3A LS509 TLC251CD M5M51016BRT-10LL UPD17005GF-013-3B9 NM27C256N150 TN83C251SB16 MC74HC04AN PT6672G SMBJ45C SMLJ9.0CA BF775A SD500R30MSC M38223E3DFS AS4LC1M16E5-50TI A451PM IDT74FCT827BTDB 1N5357B M38863E4AGP 1.5SMCJ64 IDT74FCT573ATE 2MBI150NB-120 M38204M1-XXXHP M5M5V416BTP-85LI AM7969-175DC AM29LV400BT80SC MBRF2535CT MTSM3302AG-UY PAL16R8AMWB BAV74 5962R8864405ZA PIC17C42A-08I/SP TC54VN6302EMBTR LH28F004SCHN-L85 FB2041BB/0001 GC118BR5012032RD PI5C32X2383B RH5VT36AA-T2 P51XAG30JBBD MC2C-P-AC6 R1122N281A-TR 1.5KE24C MMST4401 ACT4808LDFI MPIC2111P MSK1922 IDT79R3081E25J CAT93C8621P-45TE13 MC74ACT244DTEL REC8-3905DRWL M38504F1H-XXXSP GM71C17800CJ-7 R3130N46DA5-TR UR5HCFJ8-P MSK5115-12TD PA28F400BX-B120 SMBJ18C SMLJ60C TF70724L BZX55C9V1 FRK260R RP-0912D MK45H02K65 SN74LS42DR2 1.5KCD11 MCRF451/WB

5 Marth 2021 (New datasheets):

STB7104 P80C550EBAA SG2824J/883B A67L73361E-11 LM2904VN CM1501 IDT74FCT3574APY 5962-8762401DA AS2850YT-5.0 NJL5171K BZV85/C51 1.5KE11A MZ0912B100Y BQ2057CSN-C1TR 24C08BT-E/SN LM211D STK4044II MAX6322HPUK29C-T MAX406C/D HSA1459 LA7841 WF4M32-150H2M5 GS88219AB-250 LP8752BH IDT74FCT2245CTQ TSC80C31-12AH NJM431L AME8501CEFTDE24 RT9172F-31CM5 M38020E6-XXXFS 1517-75G TL431AIP GC70SN5013015RS PR3004 25LC640T-/P MI-J5TMA P6SMBJ75CA ARS50K MK45H11N12 UT62W1024PC-55L MN86351 74HCT160N TCM29C18N L4006D5 SMAJ8.0 ZXRD1050PQ16TC A1751A51FFFC06 1N957B TEA1094A/C1 SN74ALVCH162244GR SO2907A LNBK13SP-TR CS8952 MM74C922WM R3000 OP999 SMCJ45 ACM2004D-FLBD-T SA43CA MT5C2561C-55L/883C M5LV-512/192-6AC UC1842AJ883B M38076MA-XXXFP PCD3352AT/054/F4 C65SC150XI-1 CD54AC74F3A LNG277CKA BA3935 SST89C558-33-AC-TQI AT27C800-10TI 2N7002 LF48212JC25 SL74HC86D SFI9Z24 HZM6.2ZFA GP1U902X GC70BR9515010FS LX6431BCLP MA2Z784 CAT93C8614P-28TE13 GH3-R009FL5 R1121N171A-TR RFL1P10 AGM2464D-RC-YBD-T SST29EE020-120-4I-WD SN74LVC06ADR FR207-T3 MAX6318MHUK47AW-T 3D7105K-0.75 TSOP1136CB1 SD103R20S15PSC PZM3.6N 05WS11C RB209 MSM54V16258B-45TS-K DS481M P4KE27 ADS900E 74FCT162H952ETPAC PDM41028SA12SOI TC7SZ05F AS4C14405-60TC HT7544 PIC16C58A-10/SO GN1G AT27BV256-15JC SS13 74ACTQ14MTC

4 Marth 2021 (New datasheets):

VI-J5BEX LT1792 WMS128K8L-17DRMA MAX4205ESA 15KP60CA SN54LS280J AS431CR25SB MAX6321HPUK38CZ-T M38020E5-XXXSS MC33468SN-20ATR TLV2324IDR 74ABTH16501ADGG KRX105E LRZ181-CO MUR10005 AGM3224E-FC-BTD-T DDU8F-5008MD1 DS1220AD-100-IND H11C1 PST7023M MAX20-24.0C RL151G AN87C51B MAX162CCNG FDS4953 CL-280R-C-T 74ABT16373CSSC WPS512K8C-20RJIB L25S175 C50M SG7905.2T/883B K847PH SMU300PS36B TC55RP4901EZB V620TE01 G4160NilA-DC6-B HYB3166165AT-50 RT9261A-20CB 7429FCT2521DTLB PDM4M4040S15M BUK9618-30 AME8500CEFTDF29 A1750A54FFFC06 LS7560-TS THS1030EVM M29W800AT90M1 TLC1549IDR MT5C1009DCJ-55L/XT A2536EL HAL571UA-E 5962R9653701VEX FT0411BH SR202 XR72-18T GC79BNCC20RD IS61NP25618-150TQ 79L08ACZ LA8518NM CAT93C6632JI-28TE13 3EZ27D4 1N4003E DS14C89AM CMHZ5274B SMCJ64CA CLL4116 LN87C52-24 TDA8787AHL BC817W M38046FC-XXXHP SN7407DR FXO-61F MIC5842BWM MM74C240WMX PDU10256H-4C5 VT23N3 LT1W67A A1750A60RRSC10 1N6072 AME8800OEFT TK71633ASCLH SVC222 BC847BT 54F533DMQB FT0816MH SMBJ5945B VES1848 5962R9655501VEX NDL7701P1D TLC083CDGQ FQP4N50 FAR-C1CB-07373-K01-R MY63C GH3-P005FL2 CD4577 CXB1456R DS1107/24 24IMR40-051515-2 5962R-9583302QXX GS882Z36BB-200I IRF9130 WS128K64V-15G4WC M38201M7-XXXGP MC79L05AD LDC300 FM2G150US60 WS512K32N-35G1UCA LM6261MX

3 Marth 2021 (New datasheets):

100398QIX DS1040Z-B50 BZX79-B2V7 74AC521MTC TC54VC4502ECB TSC80C31-20MB/833 MPS6523 LP3470IM5X-4.00 IDT54861BPB SN74ALS564BDW V29C51400T-90T UT22VP10E-20UPX TMS370C712AFNT HEF4014BDB M38195EA-XXXFP SMAJ11A ER800F CY74FCT163H245CPVC IXTH67N10 ZXMD63C03XTC GC118SN9515022RS L1503ID G902BS-AC48-12 VI-PC6XX-XX MC10103FN DL5818 EL4451CS SMAJ18C SST39VF020-45-4C-WH T89C51RD2-RLTI-M AM28F512-90PI ACM1602T-RLFW-T MAX6321HPUK27CX-T BT137F-600 MAX6321HPUK44DZ-T CD4051BCMTC SNJ54175J MAQ28139FC SMCJ75C KSF30A20B TC54VC2302EZB LC89971 LP3961ES-3.3 GP101BG-DC24-LB S3C80E7 LME0515S SF208 APL5501-13DC-TR LCE28A CAT93C6633S-25TE13 SNJ54LS09FK MC74LVQ32D 15KP280 M38C21F1DHP L9230 RAA-0505D SCA142C START540 LM133SS1T60 GS880E32AT-200 93LC46AT-I/SM L-180LRC-TR9 NTE5826 MAS1175ATB1 IDT7130SA20F SNJ5407J IDT54FCT245EB M38865EFAGP 269-A-210-D-14xx-B REC3-6612DRW HM514400ASLT-8 R1210N472D-TL PIC16CR54C-20/SS APL431CAC-TBL IDT54FCT162841CTPA AM26LS33ACD SFPB-62 PDU14F-20A4 SEL6710KTH10D SD1050YS-T3 HD6303XP MG63PB28 VI-MUJ-XX Bt878KPF IDT74FCT166H245TEB DAN217 RN5RG48AA-TR M38066E1AXXXFS M38039F7-XXXHP MAX6337US24D3-T EDI88130LPS25CM SMCJ17C APT2X101D20J UA78M05CKC PT6626F BDY57 PI74FCT377TQ H6B1 M38C24F3DHP U631H16S1K35 L3WEGW CY7C1011BV33-15ZI AM29F016B-120FC 1N5234B IDT7210L65F NTE573 SJA807 TBP28L22MJ

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