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25 April 2018 (New datasheets):

REC10-6815SRWL L4976 BUX87-1100 CAT25C02U-1.8TE13 LN69 P51XAG30KFBD AME8501BEFTCD44 LM2940CS-5.0 1.5SMCJ190 BCR192W MX27C2000AMI-15 ADSP-2186KST-115 ISD33075P K6T1008C2E-DL70 ACM1601B-NEYW-T BD-F402ND-A DM74LS04CW LC75824W 2SC3902 VNQ600 IDT7143SA45F AD9732 LM311Y R3111H111A-T1 IDT54FCT166H244CTPV E28F008S3-120 R6200650 G17CDC-DC24 GLT40516-10E MRF951 UPC2715T-T1 LT9525D IXFN230N10 BN80C51FA A3054KU-01 IDT54FCT162511ATEB PU110-10-1A MAX502AEWG P4KE440C-T3 AT24C02A-10SI-1.8 ADC08831IWMX PT6656M 1.5KE91CA COP8ACC720M8-RE NM93C66EN 74VCX16374MTD ZMM5231 TX2SS-L2-4.5V-Z 32 BQ2168B-005 EN27C01070PI IRF9240 TSC3592 MSA-0611-BLK RN5RK381A-TL CA72 TL431IN AM28F256A-120FE A42L2604S-45 A3280ELT M5-128/120-7YI MAX122AENG OP800D MAX6335US22D3-T ER3E CY7C1019-12VC MN6460A 1519-120B BZV85/C18 IDT54823DTP CY7C42525JI SMBJ5933 D8SB80 MC10EL33D WMS512K8L-15DEMA TC7SZU04F NTE5461 MXP1039PC-V LC0404FC05C GP101B-DC110-B MB89915P-SH SPX1085AR-5.0 LT1087 C65SC02-AL-4 B500C800 ST62E25BD3 ACM2402F-FLBS-T LM2575-12BT AM29LL800BB-200EC CAT25C041SA-25TE13 FAN8725 CM5S1015 S3P8475 74FCT162501CTPVCT LX6431AILP IDT74FCT162344ATPVB MAX4282ESA SA54CA 2N6497 MAX4163ESA GZ20-2 IDT54FCT374DTD INA2143U/2K5 MJ3281A IDT74157TE SLD233VL 1.5KE110

24 April 2018 (New datasheets):

74ABT646CSPC KIA7442F GS880E32AT-250 SMAJ130CA-TR TFMAJ13A P4KE82A MB25-05 2SC4673 AM29LV200BT-80EIB IDT6116SA25TD SST29SF040-70-4C-PH FS1210BH M38041F6-XXXFP MIC2546-1BM TSC1230 SMJ320C15-25JDM 1.5KE27 ILC5061M-29 M38030M1-XXXHP ZTX321 LS6J1M-5D/Y-T FB2033BB TA16S2CAA PUMB84 MAP110-4002 TC1029EUA CL-201Y-C MC78LC50HT1 REC5-6809SRWL MN3000 EN27LV010B200P M38061MAAXXXFP MCM44B256BSG12 FZT1048A MH54 SNJ54LVC574AW SN74LS48 GAL22V10B-15LJI UT69R00012GCAR SMCG20 AM27C512-200JC 74HCT175U SN74LVC157ADR RD22FB2 VI-LJ1Y-XX SF106 ESP50-0533T GC102SN7011022F BC850CLT1 AS431AR5DBVB RH5RH753B-T2 TGA8300-SCC 24C32AT-I/SN TSOP1533 PIC16C924-08/CL R1223N462C-TR BSP16 AA022P1-00 MMBZ5222B SPX1086AR-3.3 XC6201P462LB JPM80PS15R TL5001EVM-101 PCF8577CU/F3 SN54AS808BJ CY62136VLL-70BAIT HEF4030BD MG75PB30 UG1005M ACM2004D-RLBW-T LTC1063CN8 IDT7025S15G M38254MCMXXXFS MT8841AS LC74730M SNC102 WU100 AME8501AEFTCF42 MDU3C-50B2 FAR-C4SB-06000-L22-U IDT6116SA45SOB SPC-1002-220 QVB21314 PI74FCT16952TV REC15-4215DRWB REC15-6705DRWBZ 73D2248 XR72-16R SMCJ8.0CA MR27V1602EMA XC2S150E-7TQ144C VI-RJ63XX-XXXX PB1001G B4250CR-5.4 MAX3243IDWR D130/16 P51XAG33KFBD BZG01-C36 HM628128DLP-7 1N5295 V30MLA1210LA FQI4N90 UM9602 M5M5W816WG-85HI PST596DN FAR-C4CN-08000-L10-R P6KE160A UPC4064G2-E1

23 April 2018 (New datasheets):

FSJ9055R OM5223DA VI-L1M-XX AS8E512K8CW-150/883C SA36C CY74FCT162501ATPAC TSC5070 HS12390 HUF76013D3S P4KE16 AM29DL400BB-70EIB AM28F010-90EI UC2855BJ TSOP2838YA1 2SA1745 MX7536JN 422E M38860E7AGP IS24C01-3G COM20020ILJP G70LS2B-DC3 MC74HCT374AFEL 5KP170A AME8520AEEVCFX22 P6KE20CA INA104AM 1N5360A LLZJ27A MC74ACT00N PIC16F877T-10/PQ HB288192A5 IDT7204S120TD XA-G49 WMS512K8L-20CC BL-R9132H MAX1111CEE 1.5KE43CA 300HFR40PS 5429FCT2521BTLB RN5RZ32BC MC33202VP ST180C18C3 LT1117IST-2.85 2SC3503 UC1842AJ883B M27C4001-12N1TR AN79L15M GB301X-DC125-SF-B IS80LV32-24WI RN-1512SH STD1NB60 GH3-P006FNil2 RP20-242.5SF MC12016P MC54HCT00AJ ZTX453 CAT93C6624SA-45TE13 P6KE20A WS512K32NV-15G2TCA CP800 1N5146A XPC860DECZP66nn X06SL AD871JD IR51H320 1.5SMCJ33CA UT62W256CLS-35L NTE5585 SMA51 D8SB100 MAX6316LUK47CY-T REF02DSA TIL191A 5962H9654801QEX APL1117R-33VC-TU ZMY82 ILD74 SMBJ6.5A OFGP011288064F XM28C010PMHR-20 REC15-3415SRWB DS2436 74ALS573BN WM8736EDS IDT54FCT151TD MOC3010 E28F002BV-T120 AM29LV002T-120EE NEZ5964-8D 5429FCT2053BTDB NTE5253A UC1843J PT6656B 100301CC 25AA160-/SN ICS9148F-32 PT2128A-C31S 2N6387 SY100S351 M5M29FT800RV-12 UT62W1024PC-55LL ST62P15CM1 DF20AA160 AS273G1GT SS1101C TX2SA-L-1.5V-X MAX6328UR28-T

22 April 2018 (New datasheets):

1.5KE43 AM29F040B-70FIB SS16 GC1508 SNJ54LS592J SNJ5495AW VI-RJ32XX-XXXX UD61464DC08 KS0676 KDZ2.2EV SAA7373GP SMA6512 1.5KE51A 12IMR25-15-2 MT28F004B5VG-8BET R1223N242B-TL IDT7025L55J SAA4700 MCM6206BBEJ15R CAT24C643JI-30TE13 UDN2984LW 2N3773 AD9042 PCM1720E/2K HI-15530CLI MAX1706C/D P4KE62A VI-PUTK-XXX M4A3-256/192-12FAI MI-RC2MZX-XXXX SAA7197P 74ALVT162240DGG SFI9614 MAX333AC/D IDT54FCT299CSO NM24C04VN IDT72235LB25GB SM6T39A SK35 PDU1016H-0.5 MP354 GMS90C52Q40 WE256K8-200CQ PCF8584T CAT93C4624PA-30TE13 BAT54C M5M5V408BFP-10LW SPC-0603-120 AT29LV1024-20TC L78L12ACUTR 1N5406 M38024M3-XXXSS ADC0804LCJ SB1080DC VI-LTY-XX BF483 MC74ACT244DT P6KE62A MDU3C-100M C431PD1 GC79SRCE20RD 1N4686 B29153J-3.3 DA24-12S 1N4743B MN3020 MC74ACT74ML1 RTS-243.3 AD1864N M100SG SN74ACT8990FNR ST303S10PFN3L SAA5265 MTAN2180-CG 303UR250P3 IW4023BD R1230D271A-TR 28LV256JC-5 U635H256BD1C35 LM318MX ZUMT807-25 RS3GB MGP11N60E BA7780KV IDT29FCT53BSOB XC3190A-09TQ176C MC74AC257ML2 74LVTH245MSAX C-502Y-10 FX316LG TK1-L2-4.5V RD120E-T2 HCS138T WS512K32N-85G2TQE SJA145C SA9602FPA MI-RC23TPX-XXXX RM-1224S LL55C13 APT60D20B TPIC6A259DW NTE1578 RX-2415D V29C51002B-90J 4N23AU PT2128A-C94S 1N5817 UNR221L

21 April 2018 (New datasheets):

B4252CK5-3.6 TSOP4838RF1 B4300CR-5.2 P6SMBJ64CA X24C04S8M HS-65647RH ACT-PD1M16N-070L4I MAX6320PUK42BZ-T FT0808MH X28HC256JMB-70 M27C256B-70XN6 EP1F-B3G2S LT1377CS8 TC55257DFTI-85V TC55RP3601EZB SMBJ5380B BC807-40LT1 305UR250P5 KBL408 PF5008 5962F9583402QXC CM100TU-24F ML4826CP-2 GAL22V10D-7LP K4E160412D-F UG2B BS616LV2011TI ISPLSI3256A-50LMI ERG28-12 P4KE24 IS62LV12816BLL-55T FR605 K6T4008U1C-GB10 3.0SMCJ70CA QL6600-5PB516M 2SB1361 FU-68SDF-V810M192B 55C60B N74F373N LM285BYM-2.5 BQ-N532RD MAX6317HUK50DZ-T R1223N352G-TR SB1640PT IDT74FCT2374ATP APL5505-A22KI-TR M38034M9-XXXSP DMF5001NY-LY-AIE 1N757A TIBPAL16R8-10MWB M38250E4-HP MAX923C/D 5962H9475405VXX KD1084AD2M15R D2587P893 UT22VP10E-20WCA CCK120 TISP7082F3SL IDT723612L15PF M61504FP RT9161-43CV ADC0804MWC MAX6318MHUK48AY-T 2SB514 SN65LBC173N FM5822-A MCM32L256SG70 TLC2254CDR M38048FD-HP S216S01 P6KE91A EL5410CS MAX6316LUK44CZ-T SF14-T3 CAT25C321SA-17TE13 ML4801CS MC-4R64FKE6D-653 BAS40 MT3118-Y 1N975B 28LV256SI-5 BF245B 5KP51 KRA105M OR2T26A-4PS304I MXL1179CN TDM15004 MI-L53-XX TSC80C51CXXX-L20ID 2SD1198A SMI-0806-221 WF128K32N-120G2UQ5A MT48LC8M16A2TG-75IT TIC256N GM62093A SMZ62 74AC74MTCX M38225MBHXXXHP LMV431IM5X GC102BN9513020RD IDT74FCT2540ATE OPA682U/2K5 BC847B UT22VP10E-25PPA AS432B2SA ACM2004C-NEFW-T HFBR-5105T

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